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  1. Well the could have fooled me. You too, I bet. Why should either of us or any state have to live under their rule?
  2. That was a great post William. Yep it will be harder for us to get independence than it was for Latvia; on the other hand it's already easier to get freedom since we already have more of it than them....maybe even more than Estonia. Part of the reason it's still worth doing is that an NH independence drive doesn't have to achieve independence...taking even a baby step in that direction or getting publicity triggers self-contained benefits. The publicity we're getting, for example, should tend to spark more liberty-migration here.
  3. They also ruled that black folks were not allowed to ever become citizens and that you have to speak in order to have a recognized right to remain silent.
  4. Was there a practical legal way for Latvia to secede from the Soviet Union? Were there a lot of Russian immigrants in Estonia when she escaped? How did regions like Chechnya fare...when they acted cautiously instead of declaring independence early? Thanks for the response though Baal.
  5. Glad to see OL has prospered despite all the years of Fedbook. I haven't posted probably since about 2013, but your survival has brought me back. Maybe also the high speed at which the world is beginning to turn. What are your thoughts on this: http://www.concordmonitor.com/Manchester-NH-Foundation-for-New-Hampshire-Independence-NHexit-secession-3029464 which was sparked by this: http://NHexit.com which was sparked by, well, me.
  6. Guardsman faces unconventional questions from a free stater during Bedford, NH disaster drill. Want freedom? Move to NH! http://FreeStateProject.org
  7. Nothing really came of this afterwards except the video remained "long term viral." At least... so far.
  8. Concord, New Hampshire: Medicare expansionist rats out fellow demonstrators for carrying signs that disagree with her...only to have cops break the news that her opponents have the same right to protest.
  9. April 9, 2013: I visit another World-Affairs-Council-promoted event...again it's in the 3rd floor auditorium of UNH Manchester. It's more a UNH event than WAC. In this case, UNH organizers ban most individuals from recording the speeches! I take up position as usual *outside* the auditorium. I want to interview all three speakers on their way in. The speakers are there to denounce sex trafficking. But all are apparently connected to organizations that commit human rights abuses. At least one speaker is a sitting government official. And the authority of organizers to forbid me from using a camera, even into the auditorium, is officially in question. But watch as one tries to restrict my interview attempts *outside* the event!
  10. One of New Hampshire's *actual* rulers visits his province. And to our surprise...we get to speak with him briefly.
  11. Although I'm not sure anyone in Washington really qualifies as a spending cutter...
  12. NH: During a presentation to Manchester's government-school board, principal Lizabeth MacDonald provides backhanded confirmation of libertarian allegations. Freedom folk say public schools are wasteful, unsafe and incompetent. Here are some excerpts from this "educational leader's" laundry list of simple things her school has failed to do for kids. Even though the district receives ten THOUSAND dollars of your money, per student per year.
  13. Back in the day, you could barely get a person to watch a liberty vid if it didn't have the word Ron Paul in the description. Now, apparently the word "cop" has become the most viral liberty-related word on YouTube.
  14. Racist Obama zombie lambasts congressman for referring to Barack Obama as "Barack Obama."
  15. Dennis you do bring up an issue that need addressing. How about we address it with "bazooka freedom?"
  16. Crowd confronts bureaucrat after indie journalist Adam Mueller is sent to jail for recording...bureaucrats.
  17. Dr. Doom was in New Hampshire for the more-or-less annual Liberty Forum. I question some of his projections in an interview but also get his advice on how to get OUT of gold when its prices near peak.
  18. You are correct that these guys were very gentle with her...and I was too. But that's a subtle tactic you might find useful. Don't overplay your hand...exercise rights frequently in a circumspect and probably popular manner. Then get video of their over-reaction. She didn't really over-react in this moment, but watch the next video in the series.
  19. Man chases me down public right-of-way, forbids me from being on public sidewalk, then tries to stop me from taping him! At a Republican presidential debate! How do you think that went?
  20. Well... I was there, it looked like a mob to me (though maybe a peaceful one) and they stormed into the restricted area to get close to him. Maybe I should call it "Somebody doesn't like somebody" to ensure fewer views.