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  1. apparently someone did a study that showed a 95 percent market success rate if you do exactly the opposite of what CNBC headlines (maybe just their crypto headlines) are indicating you should do. those headlines tend to be something along the lines of "bitcoin is dead." The difference between the U.S. and other empires is that the people in those empires know their media is state run.
  2. It's right to say that open carry is inferior if you need to achieve tactical surprise on an aggressor in certain situations. But it's superior for generating discussion and general long term deterrance in a given area. Or if concealed carry would be illegal for you. Each type of carry has its place.
  3. No, the headline is not missing any zeroes... New Hampshire lawmakers really do get paid just 100 dollars a year, plus mileage. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is trying to keep it that way by opposing a proposed constitutional amendment that would open a path to increasing this amount. This amendment would, in their view, threaten the state's tradition of a what amounts to an all-volunteer legislature. If you live in state you can contact the committee that will vote on this, at HouseLegislativeAdministration@leg.state.nh.us I'm projecting that February 4th would be roughly the deadline for contacting them before they decide. Does your state have an organization that tracks and fights nearly every anti-liberty (not just anti-Republican) move by your legislature? If not, move to NH where we do! http://www.gencourtmobile.com/Bill/Text/2019/CACR2 - Text of the proposal http://NHLiberty.org - The Alliance
  4. apparently there is a crypto coin now that is supposed to be gold backed, the DGX. it's hard to find on exchanges thus far.
  5. i'm now hearing that they did this last time there was an attempted ban , tho maybe less openly
  6. https://www.coindesk.com/new-hampshire-bill-would-... The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (http://NHLiberty.org) is backing a bill aimed at widening crypto adoption in the state. It is the only institution I'm aware of that comprehensively rates a state's bills and legislators for how pro-liberty they are. I believe at least one of the sponsoring reps is a free stater (a person who migrates to NH for the purpose of liberty activism). The number of free staters in the legislature has been hovering between 10 and 20 over the last decade; most win election as Republicans or Democrats. The Alliance is encouraging in-state supporters of the bill to make their position known by emailing relevant legislators before roughly Feb. 4, 2019: HouseExecutiveDepartmentsandAdministration@leg.state.nh.us
  7. With U.S. police killing about 1,000 people a year, compared to German police who kill about four, the spirit behind this bill is noble enough. But what problems do you see if any in the actual wording? https://legiscan.com/NH/text/HB218/id/1833526 Some folks are upset that the bill comes from "liberty Republicans." In New Hampshire, Republicans tend to be more libertarian than in most places; some really do want to limit govt. Want freedom? Move to NH http://FreeStateProject.org
  8. I think the ringleader is a guy who has joined my open carry litter pickups around Manchester :) https://www.concordmonitor.com/Group-of-New-Hampshire-lawmakers-vow-to-resist-House-gun-ban-22616660 Move to New Hampshire for freedom http://FreeStateProject.org
  9. Well the could have fooled me. You too, I bet. Why should either of us or any state have to live under their rule?
  10. That was a great post William. Yep it will be harder for us to get independence than it was for Latvia; on the other hand it's already easier to get freedom since we already have more of it than them....maybe even more than Estonia. Part of the reason it's still worth doing is that an NH independence drive doesn't have to achieve independence...taking even a baby step in that direction or getting publicity triggers self-contained benefits. The publicity we're getting, for example, should tend to spark more liberty-migration here.
  11. They also ruled that black folks were not allowed to ever become citizens and that you have to speak in order to have a recognized right to remain silent.
  12. Was there a practical legal way for Latvia to secede from the Soviet Union? Were there a lot of Russian immigrants in Estonia when she escaped? How did regions like Chechnya fare...when they acted cautiously instead of declaring independence early? Thanks for the response though Baal.
  13. Glad to see OL has prospered despite all the years of Fedbook. I haven't posted probably since about 2013, but your survival has brought me back. Maybe also the high speed at which the world is beginning to turn. What are your thoughts on this: http://www.concordmonitor.com/Manchester-NH-Foundation-for-New-Hampshire-Independence-NHexit-secession-3029464 which was sparked by this: http://NHexit.com which was sparked by, well, me.
  14. Guardsman faces unconventional questions from a free stater during Bedford, NH disaster drill. Want freedom? Move to NH! http://FreeStateProject.org