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  1. Here's yet another hatchet job on Rand. It comes from the left and lies in so many ways.
  2. Rick Perry is just a typical neo-con son of a bitch. He actually signed an order requiring HPV vaccines for girls. That, of course, was at the behest of pharmaceutical companies. He has not gotten very good ratings from Cato either.
  3. In 100 years, are these countries going to have any people left? Australia 1.79 Austria 1.42 Canada 1.53 Czech Republic 1.24 Finland 1.83 Ireland 1.96 Netherlands 1.72 New Zealand 1.99 Switzerland 1.42 Meanwhile, let's look at some religious countries: Afghanistan 7.07 Yemen 5.50 Mauritania 4.37 Iraq 4.26 Sudan 4.23 Haiti 3.54 Saudi Arabia 3.35
  4. Sometime on Sunday, a rope in a flagpole broke. This left a flag flying at half-staff outside the Hampton Inn in Springfield, Ohio. Later that day, Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was dead. Unfortunately, TADA (Typical American Dumb Ass) was quite upset by the "gesture" of the hotel allegedly mourning the death of bin Laden. The hotel reportedly received dozens of phone calls. The flag was fixed on Wednesday morning, and the calls finally stopped later that evening. Reportedly, "dozens" of TADA called the hotel over this flag. Is there any hope for this godforsaken country?
  5. This is no different from "a hungry man is not free". The notion of financial coercion is central to the socialist's mindset. Have you made any kind of headway with this person on any subject? If he's not open to changing his mind, why do you bother? I don't like to quit. Like it or not, we have to deal with these jerkoffs. How do we deal with them?
  6. This is no surprise. My first response is a non sequitir.
  7. As a free-market advocate, one of the fundamental problems that I have to deal with is people who redefine words which, to me, have clear meanings. Consider this statement by a socialist: "...offering a large payment to a welfare recipient isn't voluntary either. It's financial coercion, different scale, but exactly the same kind that keeps bankers doing reckless things." This was in an exchange in which I suggested that I would like to start a charity which would pay people on welfare to have themselves sterilized. I suggested offering any person welfare $10,000 in exchange for their ability to reproduce--this would also include paying for the procedure. To this jackass, offering money to a poor person is "financial coercion." How does a rational person respond to this guy?
  8. On another board, someone made the excellent observation regarding the actor playing Hugh Akston. He is the same actor who played Danny Noonan in Caddyshack. Of course, the actor who played Doctor Potter is Armin Shimerman. He was also Principal Snyder on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
  9. I agree whole-heartedly that people should see the movie a second time. When I saw it the second time, I was able to watch it without making comparisons to the novel. I paid more attention to the movie and liked it more.
  10. I think this is a very interesting observation. There are many similarities in the languages of Scandinvaia--Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, and Faorese.
  11. You did your son a huge favor, Michael. Anyone who can get dual-citizenship should get it.
  12. For anyone who cares about creating a rational and free society, this is a very interesting discovery. The gene means that like "a "yes man, who is flexible to a fault, the brain is more likely to be influenced by what it is told than what its experience tells it," the report said. This study seems to back up something that I have long believed. It confirms that some people are simply unfit to live in a free society. Rand correctly observed that the choice to think or not to think is one of the most fundamental choices that we make. If genes are the reason that some people choose not to think, then it is obvious that those who do choose to think have to separate ourselves from those who do not. And that separation has to be permanent.
  13. I honestly couldn't care a less. Will anything be different tomorrow?
  14. I imagine if that had been published during Rand's life she could have sued. I think I have read that before. I have not read anything by Rand expressing admiration for this guy.
  15. Most of the time, the video was not loud enough. I had my volume turned up all the way, too.
  16. It is quite weird. First and foremost, the radical left is extremely misandrist. Islamists are known to be extremely misogynist. This is one thing that is forgotten by those of who desire a civilized society. The Islamic world will actually be an ally in the war on misandry. And misarndy definitely is a threat to civilization.
  17. Is there any evidence out there that any libertarian has ever advocated giving any kind of money or weapons to Hamas or any other group that opposes Israel? I already know the answer to that one. The answer is no. Libertarians are opposed to interventionism--period. To a civilized human being, it means that when Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy are fighting, anybody else should just let them fight. Bundy and Dahmer were both murderers, and there is no rational justification for taking the side of either person. So, there it happens with Israel and its many enemies. The Crips and the Bloods are fighting. Both are murderers, and it is in my rational self-interest to stay out of it.
  18. I am happy that she was able to get it. The only concern I would have had was all the booze and a scene involving a married man with another woman. I guess I would have said: "Well, sometimes people marry the wrong people."
  19. My kids are grown, of course, but I always let them read or watch anything they wanted to - no exceptions. If I thought something was "age-inappropriate" for them, I offered them my advice on the matter. They didn't always take it. This is how young people learn. I am unable to detect that my advanced ideas did them any harm. JR When my nephew was 11, I took him to see American Pie. I'm glad he saw it with me. Of course, it's one of the most sex-charged movies you could ever watch. And it still has a moral message at the end. My nephew already knew everything anyway.
  20. Her mother has cut all ties with her. I wonder what will happen when someone in her family needs money.
  21. The second weekend is going to be the real test.
  22. According to the fan page on Facebook, today is the 75th anniversary of Macmillan's publishing of We The Living.
  23. I realize that this kind of goes off topic. But if you ask me what the characters in any novel I've read look like, I would not be able to tell you. How many people pay attention to such things? On another board, a guy posted that he wondered what motivated them to make Dagny a blond in the movie. I pointed out that they probably didn't think about Dagny's hair color at all. This may have something to do with the fact that I am much more auditory than visual. Thank you to the person who pointed out Rand's comment about Katharine Hepburn. I have long wondered what Rand thought of Hepburn. Rand seemed to admire women who were strong and feminine at the same time. I imagine this is the reason why she liked Charlie's Angels. The show featured women who were smart, tough, independent, and capable. They also never forgot that they were ladies, although I don't ever remember any of the angels having boy friends or throwing themselves at men.
  24. How much lower than the Objectivist movement sink? Now I see an "objectivist" stumping for the likes of Mitt Romney. Heaven help us.