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  1. Michael, It's not such a tall order. People from all over the world are travelling to Peru to go to retreats where Amazonian plant medicines are served in ceremonies. The biggest problem might be that the plants can only grow so fast. It's starting to boom, and some of the retreat centers are raising their prices because they can. The demand for medicine is definitely ahead of the supply. For example, kambo comes from a frog venom. Some people tried keeping the frogs in captivity. They found that doing this changed the frog's diet and thus changed the venom. It was no longer effective. I'm not really interested in jumping through the legal hoops to do this in the USA. It's been a herculean feat just to get marijuana legal in medical contexts. Why should I go through this when I could just go to Peru and avoid all the hassles in America? The most effective way people have gotten around the legal hurdles is to declare themselves to be churches. I don't know of any company which sells these supplements. If they are out there, none of my associates have mentioned them to me. I do know there are places who sell plants, which can then be brewed into the medicines. I know one guy who is going to spend a year with a foundation in Peru. I am Facebook friends with another guy who has been running a "medicine house" since the 1980's. I've also been to Peter Gorman's house twice. He used to be editor of High Times and first wrote about Amazonian medicines for the magazine back in the 1980's. There is also medicine activity going on in Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. "Mainstream" doctors in South America are also starting to take notice of what these Amazonian medicine men are accomplishing. I'm not sure of the legal status of the medicines in other countries like Chile. I'd like to apprentice somewhere in Peru. That would be the best start. The center of all this is in Iquitos, a town of about 400,000 on the Amazon. It's only accessibly by plane or by boat. The USA is a dying nation which doesn't seem salvageable at this point. South America will likely be the safest place to be in the next 100 years or so. Europe is totally screwed. Africa will still be Africa. I still remember Rand's essay "Don't Let It Go." Things have went way downhill since she wrote that.
  2. Peru is where most of the world's Amazonian plant medicines come from. That will be my business. Do you have any helpful ideas or suggestions?
  3. I'm thinking of going to Peru and starting a business there. I really don't know where to start, of course. Does anyone here know anyone who is there? Is anyone there now? Thank you.
  4. I'll always remember that many people who call themselves Objectivists wanted to go to war with everybody after 9-11. Tibor was one of the few voices of reason, and thus a voice for peace as well.
  5. Also, I'm looking to split the cost of a room with someone. Email me or Facebook me if you're interested: chris(at)chrisbaker(dot)net
  6. I booked my flight and will be flying from Austin to attend the evening at FEE on Saturday 23 August. This will be the last event ever held at the FEE mansion in Irvington. They appear to have finalized their move to Atlanta and are auctioning off many items from this beautiful landmark. The mansion was FEE's home from the late 1940's. I'm very sad to this wonderful place go, even though I understand why it's happening. I attended my first seminar there back in July 1994, and it was the best week of my life. The mansion was very much a part of the experience. A seminar at a hotel or a college just isn't the same as a seminar at what was something like a frat house. I could walk from the classroom to my bedroom in about two minutes. They let us take books back to our rooms and trusted us to pay for them on Friday. Sometimes we even left our doors wide open--they were no room keys. Even if you don't have all these happy memories of the FEE mansion like I do, come out and give the mansion the kind of sendoff it deserves. I hope some other VIP's will be there, realizing what a special event this is. Go here:
  7. I'm actually sorry that I never got to meet him. That's only because of his friendship with Dan Fauci--I would trust Dan with my life. And I have almost no interest in meeting any ARI scholars.
  8. I am asking becuase I am working on a novel of my own. Most word processors nowadays have word counters, and this is the only objective measure of how long or short a novel is. Different versions of Rand's novels have different page counts, so number of pages is not a good measure. Needless to say, I am sorry I posted this here. I didn't expect many people to know the answer to these four questions. However, I hoped that someone out there might know. Googling has actually yielded two different figures on Atlas Shrugged. I have also found nothing for the shorter novels. On Facebook, I also asked L Neil Smith and J Neil Schulman about their longest and shortest novels. At least, they were able to give me straight answers. Thank you, Michael Stewart Kelly. While you did not know the answer, you did provide a helpful answer. If I could delete this entire thread, I would.
  9. This page says Atlas has 645,000.
  10. I mean that total number of words in the novels. If you have an actual answer, please provide it. If you are just posting here to be a troll, then please do not waste my time.
  11. How many words are in each of Rand's novels?
  12. Glenn Beck admits to watching two episodes. I have watched 46. Who do you think knows more about the show? In fact, Glee does agree with my politics in at least one instance. It portarys public schools very negatively with regard to the issue of bullying gays. It portrays a private school positively.
  13. Jim Peron said that I could post this comment here: "If anything, the characters in Glee have sex less often that real high school students." I suspect that he meant than instead of that.
  14. His comment that "everybody is sleeping with everybody else" is way off. There are two characters on the show that I would call promiscuous--Santana Lopez and Noah Puckerman. Several characters on the show haven't had sex at all. This includes the counselor Emma Pillsbury. The characters do go from relationship to relationship and do seem to cheat a lot. I can't say that they are perfect, but there is not much that sex on Glee. There aren't even very many makeout scenes. It's more talk than action. Naturally I wonder how he came to these conclusions after watching only TWO episodes. I'm willing to bet that his anti-Glee rants are based on other things he has read or has heard from people who are just like him. I would love to know what his "sources" are for all this. The song comes from the episode "Comeback," and there isn't any sex in that episode at all. The most "objectionable" thing in that episode is a fake suicide attempt. The show certainly does exploit sex appeal. I have called it the "best eye candy show I've watched." The cheerleaders are constantly in uniform when they are on the squad and even wear their uniforms in makeout scenes and sex scenes. And when Quinn is pregnant, it hardly shows. I don't care if you watch the show or not. I was looking for people who have actually watched it. The only Randist I know who watches it is Jim Peron. He even has posted on his Facebook about the show. Beck's criticisms of the show seem a lot like the socialist criticisms of Rand. They are uninformed and misinformed. They generally grab one piece of "evidence" and just run with it. I suspect there is more confirmation bias here than an actual attempt to watch the show and learn something about it. I know that Beck doesn't come out and say that he hates it because gays love it. Most conservatives do not do this. But when conservatives read about all these gay awards that the show has won, I suspect that most conservatives already go into watching the show with a negative attitude.