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  1. The owner does. --Brant Yes, which is exactly the point I just made.....
  2. There was an essay a year or two ago about Mother Teresa's true character. I referenced it in another forum but there's no way to find it now. I have an 'Egoism' thread there and would like to post it. Does anyone perhaps remember that that could provide me with it? I'd like to repost it. It was the one that had numerous quotes of her nuns/ex nuns that quit because of her insistence upon letting people suffer for the 'glory of christ' and so forth. Thanks.
  3. Not yet, sir! As soon as I turn off the light switch the surround sound stereo goes, "bow chikka bow wow......bom chikka bow wow" Beat that!
  4. To be quite honest after reading half of your posting I wasn't quite sure if you were being sarcastic or not. But I understand. Yes, it's how you carry yourself. Someone else commented on it. If you weigh 163 lbs I weigh less. I can walk through a ghetto without a gun. There's a point I'm getting at if I could just find it. :-P *2 minute pause* Ahhh. A look in the eye and walk that demonstrates the idea that "I have a right". Oh...and the walk that comes from the attitude of masculinity, no matter what one's size or stature. Pffft. The point, when you refer to things as an adult all have to do with stranger on stranger male on male confrontation type scenarios. You know what. I even consider that women would be more properly suited to post on the issue to be honest. When I get tongue tied it's usually time to appeal to a woman. I'm not trying to be too flippant. I almost stared at the keyboard for 5 minutes not knowing how to keep typing.
  5. I have a velvet elvis art above my bed......and one of those liquor signs that says 'sexy mommas served here' too. Does that count for something? ps I can't see your code. :-(
  6. You liking it shouldn't equal them forcing it. Nobody has a right to a smoke free pub....or a smoking only pub....or anything in between. I think you're a bit cute though and I'd find you a non smoky place. Hehe. See? Problems solved. :-P
  7. I see these threads tend to get waaaay off topic. People are talking about Rosie O'Donnell and free markets and libel laws. To get back on track. It's important to teach your children how to deal with bullying in schoolgrounds. This is where ideally fathers come in handy as it's a skill not naturally given to mothers to pass on to sons. There's analysis after analysis after analysis about schoolyard bullying. There are practical concerns of course that can be addressed by certain parents such as putting their kids in private schools. But look, there's the basic method of dealing with bullies insofar as a parent instructs. Give him decent ethical instruction on when and when not to throw a punch. When the bullies continue it's amazing how soon most stop once one of them is socked in the nose. Hard. Am I too simplistic on this message board or are you people too overthought?
  8. Should I dare put my toe into this water? Let's do what I often advocate doing. Back up. Let's think about things from the top down then to reality. It seems sometimes people want to work in reverse and start with the material (in this case, sex) when it's not warranted and then step upward into philosophy. Oh.....I had a bunch of things to say but have lost the nerve. I think I was going to type what everyone else was thinking but damnit to hell my better judgement! :-P
  9. Ok! So we've all reached a consensus that life's passions should somehow involve a stripper pole in a nightclub! See how productive we can be when we all put our heads together? Seriously though, B Branden's points about not having to 'discover ones purpose' is likely helpful to many.
  10. LMAO, found yourself in a pickle now did ya?!?! ;) As much as you've been attempting to engage me as of late and the way you've been trying to engage me, it raised an eyebrow, no doubt, and that's why I said what I did. Am I related to Mr. Kringle, God DAMN, I hope not because if so I'm soon going to be having some serious unwanted physical issues that my girlish figure won't take too kindly too. Maybe it's attributable to the holiday cheer or maybe because of someone else, Uh??!! ;) Hey! Hey! Hey now. There's no reason to start bringing strange vegetables like pickles into this thing! I was doing fine on my own!
  11. Ok, then. If I didn't understand then I apologize. The forums are just too dense and uncleaned to ever find anything especially as a newcomer.
  12. RTB

    Hsieh on Frank

    I've thought for a long time that alot of you 'type folks' are just gossipers. Stop doing it. Who cares. It suits none of the parties well and speaks ill of all of you. This is what disgusts so many 'casual Objectivist' observers. It's of interest to the people that were physically there and emotionally involved with all of these people but none of it matters in ultimate importance to the rest of us. Seriously, you people continue to gossip like school girls or like Paris Hilton tabloids. It's disgusting. Has anyone analyzed THAT? Make yourselves more important than that. Quit it. What purpose does it serve? None, of course. Save yourself the breath and go and defile graves of the dead while you're at it. You'd save us all the trouble of listening to it and the distractions to boot.. Many people have just shook our heads in disbelief for years...years! Play cards or canasta or whatever. Get over it.
  13. Yes, no kidding. I wasn't asking if anyone had a 'search function' for Popperian topics. I was asking for your commentary and posted this as a point of discussion. If you don't like it just delete it. God forbid I disturb your morning by posting substantive topics for commentary. Geez.
  14. Simpsons...paraphrased: Bart-"Homer, we cook all this bacon and sell all that grease right?" Bart-"Homer, that grease costs us $20 in bacon." Homer- "That's right, son." Bart-"But doesn't mom pay for the bacon and she gets her money from you? " Homer-"and I get my my money from grease! What's the problem!?" The parables here are innumerable.
  15. This is what I did last night while holding up my noodle verifiying its falsifiability.... *omg he made a sex philosophy joke with external references! Hide the women and children!*
  16. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/popper/ Good topic for conversation. Most scientists I've run into are heavily influenced, it seems, by his methodology. I know there are contradictions in it that are glaring, not to mention the typical reliance of the analytic / synthetic dichotomy as a principle. The asymptotic curve principle (although I don't know if Popper or the Positivists ever called it that) as a tool of versimilitude. Would like to get a discussion started as it interests me. I'll post more thoughts when I have some time.
  17. RTB


    Hehe. I did a trick like this in a pool hall after debating the 'validity' of psychics a few years ago. My cold reading was right on. It's really amazing what people can be summoned to believe. Sometimes on the weekends I listen to that coasttocoastam radio show just for kicks. I consider it to be fun Halloween type stories but in reality It's sad. I didn't even stoop so low as to use the 'he may or may not have had a mustache' routine.....
  18. Seee. This is always the way it is! The whole time I thought the rosiness in the cheeks was due to Christmas cheer, whether concocted or just plain jolly with some semi distant relation to Mr. Kringle. Now I don't know what to do.....
  19. RTB


    I wonder what has happened to these posters? Some I don't recognize as recent posters anymore even though I joined this board recently. Interesting stories. Perhaps M. Kelly and Kat can send out emails to them inviting them back?
  20. I still fail to see how hiring Nazi rocket scientists or using ex low level funtionaries as spies against the Soviets did any harm. We still cooperate with unsavory characters today in order to achieve more important ends. It's the spy business not the boy scouts.
  21. I didn't see O'Reilly make any ad hominem attacks. Disagreeing with Paul's proposals isn't ad hominem. Additionally, O'Reilly never said we had troops in Pakistan. He said something to the effect of 'disengaging from Pakistan' or 'withdrawing our support of Musharraf'.
  22. Ha! I'm surprised that hasn't found its way into a Simpsons episode yet.
  23. If the movie was as good as or better than the book that's saying quite alot. I read the book a couple of years ago and after a few pages could not put it down. It's a non fiction book but reads like a hard to believe political suspense novel. I highly recommend the book.
  24. If anyone wants to become a tyrant, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is almost an instruction manual if you can get around the numerous long discussions of local politics of antiquity involving people nobody ever heard of except academics. Michael Ooo Ooo! I might want to be a tyrant! I'm a little lazy though so it might not work out well. :-P You know....wake up, arrest dissidents, executions, seizing the printing presses. Hehe. That can really tire a fella out!