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  1. I was thinking along Michael's wavelength.

    With regard to his dislike for reading, I might suggest just mailing him a book on occasion. I know that if I try to hand a book to my kids with any sort of explanation, they usually don't bite. I was the same way. However, if I were given a book with no explanation, I might be curious to read it and find out for myself.

    I'm glad he has regular visitors. That's got to go a long way for his sanity. And friends like him that are wathcing your back are hard to find.

    ~ Shane

  2. Shane:

    My understanding is that the "problem" is from the spent fuel rods which should not be on the grounds,

    It is their exposure to the air that creates the release of the more dangerous radioactive emissions such as cesium which has a half life of, I believe, twelve (12) years.


    Right, but with the control rods in place, the emmissions should stop from the uranium. Part of what I don't understand is what keeps the heat going...cesium and other byproducts?

    Another question I was mulling is why they would put something that reaches a melting point of 3000 degrees would be put into something that melts at 2200 degrees. Other than there's nothing safely usable that melts at hotter than 3000.

    ~ Shane

  3. No. I have been to ground zero and I know what some Muslim youths can do.

    Ba'al Chatzaf

    The key word being "some" and a very small number at that. What you do with those youths or any perpetrators of terror tactics is put them down or put them away. Plenty of good apples in the barrel...

    ~ Shane

  4. Another explosion at the nuber two ( 2) reactor at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

    Any damage to the steel containment vessel of a nuclear reactor is considered critical because it raises the prospect of an uncontrolled release of radioactive material and full meltdown of the nuclear fuel inside. To date, even during the four-day crisis in Japan that amounts to the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl, workers had managed to avoid a breach of a containment vessel and had limited releases of radioactive steam to relatively low levels.


    I read somewhere that Chernobyl's plant didn't have a containment vessel. Let's see if Japan is able to contain the current damage and keep another meltdown from ocurring. At least they have that chance.

    ~ Shane

  5. the guy who wrote "The DeVinci code," because the new book pretended that the pseudoscience of "noetics" was factual. Go to their site. Noetics is horse*&^%

    Dan Brown. I like his work. But I can sympathize with your dislike for authors who use a pseudo-anything as fact to glue their story together. I play along if it's mentioned as a foreword, as there's no surprise of being duped.

    ~ Shane

  6. Reagan certainly understood Gaddafi. You whop a bully real hard and he backs down. It's really that simple in his case. It's hard to do, though, when a butt-load of people on your side have (under the radar) sold out to the bully.


    To this, I say they should have made a second bombing in the 80s. But unlike today, the cry for change (to my young mind back then) wasn't as profound as today.

    ~ Shane

  7. "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress....." Frederick Douglass, 1849

    Not to get off-topic in "The Garbage Pile," but I really like this quote, Dennis. Superb find.

    ~ Shane

  8. There's a clear violation of human rights yet we stand idly by. I know the rebels want this to be their own fight, but the other side of the coin shows us that Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy as a leader. That's where UN comes in and snuffs him out.

    ~ Shane

    Since when have the leadership of the major nations acted on principle? As to the U.N. doing anything, dream on.

    Ba'al Chatzaf

    I couldn't agree more. Perfect worlds don't exist. But any attacks will have to be rubberstamped by UN. When/if that will happen is yet to be seen.

    ~ Shane

  9. This is an instance where the diplomatic solution has clearly expired. France and Britain are onboard with air strikes should Gadaffi bomb or use chemical weapons against civilians. What I don't understand is why the international powerhouses dragging their feet on this. There's a clear violation of human rights yet we stand idly by. I know the rebels want this to be their own fight, but the other side of the coin shows us that Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy as a leader. That's where UN comes in and snuffs him out.

    ~ Shane

  10. If you are addicted to coffee and the price goes up so high you can't afford it, you will learn a lesson about addiction that all addicts learn.

    When a drug addict's habit costs more than the money he has, what does he do?

    Does he abstain?

    Hell no.

    He steals.



    Good thing I'm stocked up on the Kona coffee at home. Maybe when the prices kick up, I can sell nickel and dime bags of the stuff and earn a second retirement :)

    ~ Shane

  11. Carol

    a Detriment once more

    For some reason I thought your name was Carol Gordon, so your return made me think of a classic Brian Blessed moment:

    Pretty dumb, I know. Time for another beer.

    Highly underrated movie! Were it not for Queen, I think there would be a lot of lost umph in this one. I love how scores can make or break a flick!

    Sorry for going off-topic :)

    ~ Shane

  12. By Marc Siegel

    Published February 25, 2011

    This is a sad state of affairs when government has the ability to override a parent's decision (or attempt to) on a child's life. The question is not whether the child will perish. The father knows there's little to no hope for his son's condition. He simply wants to bring his son home to pass. How is this unreasonable?

    ~ Shane

  13. I have been searching for some kind of official reaction from Cuba, Belarus, North Korea and Libya.

    With regard to Egypt, or their own countries? I read that Cuba's been keeping an eye on their population as there are dissenting voices on the internet. This predates Egypt's protests.

    ~ Shane

  14. The term honour killing is detestable since it imports the idea of honour to an act which is the grotesque nadir of dishonour.

    Isn't the term honor killing more along the lines of salvaging honor? Either way, I agree it is horrific and any corner of humanity.

    ~ Shane

  15. There is no center of the expansion in the Big Bang theory so red dwarf stars which formed 13 billion years ago should be a common part of our galaxy and scattered throughout space generally.


    Would it be safe to assume that there are multiple sources then? And if so, is there a chance the universe is much older than 13.7 billion years? This has always been a fascinating subject, but I'm at the laymen level of understanding. There's a lot of terminology I'm not familiar with. Thanks for the info so far :)

    ~ Shane

  16. A couple of questions, now that I'm intrigued. I like origin-related topics.

    1. Has a "center" been found related to the Big Bang theory, or any equivalent theory? Or is there a possibility of multiple sources?

    2. You mentioned red dwarves. Could they be pinpoints of multiple origins then? Or are there other older stars that could point us to specific origins?

    ~ Shane