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  1. That's a keeper! Nice to see they have a good sense of humor, too!
  2. Don, I really like this article. In my 15 years of serving our armed forces, no subject is more important. This topic is an everyday issue and a driving force regarding retention. Earlier this year I attended NCO academy. We covered a lot of topics with primary focus on leadership. Management was attributed to tasks, not people. Made tons of sense. In the military, we have the luxury of not worrying about paychecks (provided Congress doesn't cut them) or profit margins. Corporate America has to worry about that at the threat of a collapse of their companies - understandable. I think it gives the services a slight advantage with those 'people skills' because we can devote more time and effort to it. We do have our share of managers, and the civilian sector has its share of leaders. But when I worked the civilian sector, not once did I ever refer to one of my bosses as a leader. In short - lead people and manage tasks. ~ Shane
  3. If we change them they are no longer the original mental images. The entities may be the same and the names may be the same, but the mental image= the concept has changed. Dragonfly - I think I see what you're driving at, but from an "unseen" perspective. By unseen, I mean not having seen with my own eyes. Take extraterrestrials for instance. I've never seen one with my own eyes, but I have a concept (or mental image) of what one is. Should I see one and it varies from my initial concept, the picture on the folder would change... ~ Shane
  4. Stalins, Pol Pots and Hitlers existed long before Kant was born. The absolute number of victims may have been lower, but that's only while there were far fewer people and they didn't have 20th century technology. The whole notion that Kant somehow is to blame for mass killings in the 20th century is absurd, the so-called philosophical links are pure fantasy. Agreed on Kant being blamed as absurd. My question was more directed at pinning down Kant as the most evil man due to the others' acts (again, absurd). I initially misread Bill's statement, thinking that Kant was to blame because of what they did (with him being the root of their evil). But they all did not follow Kant's philosophy in the little digging that I've done. Sorry for the confusion. ~ Shane
  5. Bill, Could it be that Kant was the first domino in a mindset that led to Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler effect? I could see that earning him the title erroneously. He did not commit their acts. ~ Shane
  6. Another variant along the lines of insanity plea? "Sorry, judge, I'm genetically disposed to criminal activity." ~ Shane
  7. The late Arthur C. Clarke once pointed out that we cannot distinguish very advanced technology from magic. If a time traveler boiled water in a microwave oven in front of the locals (say in New England circa 1690) he would be accused of witchcraft. A moving hologram would be consider magical by anyone not familiar (to some degree) with the technology. Example: The initial response of the Aztec people to Spanish technology - firearms, steel weapons, steel suits of armor, war horses etc. was was total amazement and discombulation. The Spaniards were initially believed to be god like folk predicted by Aztec prophecies. Which is why the Aztecs did not wipe the Spaniards out on the beach when they landed. Once motion holography is perfected, "ghosts" and "spirits" will be commonplace Ba'al Chatzaf I, unlike our early settlers, don't believe in "magic". I totally understand that what people do not grasp based on personal experience, they may assign or categorize as magic (or the unknown). I have a friend who in the early days of our acquaintance announced he was Wiccan. He claimed he could cast a fireball. I laughed inside a little. I simply said "show me." He couldn't. He hasn't made that claim since. I do, however, believe in technology since it's manmade. I know the distinction. Not really sure what the point of the Aztecs was driving at. As for motion holography, it still won't eliminate the age-old question of "ghosts" and "spirits". ~ Shane
  8. That's the problem I see with a good number of politicians. They lose sight of being the "representative" of their electors. Your comment triggered memories of reading Thomas Paine's Common Sense. ~ Shane
  9. Dragonfly - I don't necessarily trust them. Where I have no expertise, I would gladly turn to those who do. Paid actors? Perhaps. Consider this - If it were a real brick, the string's strength would require that it be of a circumference that being nearly invisible would be impossible to achieve. Lighting and resolution were enhanced to look for just such a thing in the footage presented. If the brick wasn't a brick, such a line certainly could be used. The poor lighting and resolution is suspicious though in most of these paranormal settings. Makes me wonder what the difference is in having the lights on or off - likely to put the viewers on edge. The whole reason the thread was initiated. If energy is matter (seen or unseen), could it not move objects? Air is invisible, and look what it's capable of. I agree with you. It's the burden of proof which falls to those making the claim. This particular case is the only one that had me wondering. That's why I brought it up here, to be looked at objectively
  10. This man was awesome! Probably the one skit I remember most (and made me piss my pants) is the one where he receives a speeding ticket - one of many he had floating around on the floorboards or glovebox. He then asked the police officer, "Aren't you a public servant? Go fetch me a glass of water!" I will sorely miss his slant on the human race. ~ Shane
  11. A dictator's dream. --Brant LOL! I would hope a rational society would fit this bill, too. ~ Shane
  12. Selene - I'm not saying they shouldn't or couldn't possess them. To realistically believe in a ban, the lawmakers must have been under the delusion that criminals would follow that law. I would think they were putting the citizens at risk by imposing such a ban when the criminals are free to carry them (since they would ignore that law). Brant - By completely lawful, I meant 100% of the population would be law-abiding. Obviously, such is not the case. ~ Shane
  13. I saw the entire show in which the footage was reviewed by specialists in video and physics. I'm just going by what they stated (they are the experts). The "string" theory was looked at. The determination, scientifically, was that no string was present. The physicist also stated that the path of the brick could not have been possible via string. Is there a possbility that the brick was paper, sure. But that has neither been proved or disproved. Of note, there's a wooden pole and other objects behind the brick that are moved as well. ~ Shane
  14. Michael, Wasn't this poor girl in a diabetic coma? At what point does Freedom of Religion take a back seat to common sense? Her parents weren't even members of an organized church or religion. Such ignorance at the cost of a precious life. I wonder if they'll repeat prayers if their remaining children are critically ill? I believe in freedom of choice. But such negligence should be avoided at all costs when a child can no longer say "I don't feel good", and the parents aren't rational enough to do what's "best" for the survival of their children. And with the ample availability of insulin, it could have been resolved easily. I think this case clearly violated her right to life, all 30 days of her struggle. ~ Shane
  15. About time they empower the people to lawfully defend themselves. Only when you have a completely lawful society could you even entertain a notion of banning weapons (in the context of DC's ban). ~ Shane
  16. When I pursue a subject, it's not because of blind faith, I assure you. I have never personally experienced this type of phenomenon. However, that should not discount its validity. That's the reason I posed the question here and not on a paranormal site. I'm looking at this matter from a fact-based position. With equipment like electromagnetic frequency field testers, thermal imaging cameras (items which capture what human senses cannot by normal means) and video recorders, we are likely to stumble onto more questions of this nature. As posed earlier, I'm wondering if the topic was covered here? As for demonstrable evidence, there's really only one thing I've seen, which I will link. In it, there's a brick flying. Some of you might have seen this. Chances are the digital recording could have been doctored. There are two or three scientists/physicists that study the footage to see if it's been tampered with. All agree that it has not been. In the countless years I've watched these shows, this is the one thing I've seen that picqued my curiosity - . If it has been hoaxed, so be it. I'm more curious than anything. And isn't curiosity what drives us to find the truth of it?~ Shane
  17. It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've been trying to catch up on all the basics. In reading the pinned information, a question came to mind... Those who embrace religion mostly believe in “supernatural” phenomenon – ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists, etc. I, to some degree, prescribe to believing in them. Not because they are supernatural or mystical, but possibly natural. There are a few things I’ve seen (thus my only experience) which lead me to believe this. Rejecting that they are real might seem premature, given ways of tracking/observing them by scientific methods. This would indicate something slightly beyond our understanding, and where the scientific jury is still out. Am I reaching? This is not to say I believe in ghosts as manifestastions of the afterlife. It may be that these energy sources are misconstrued as something they are not, requiring scientific delvings to ascertain what they really are. Of all the reading I've done here, I have not come across this subject matter. If there's a link within the forum that has already discussed this, I'd be happy to read up on it. Thanks! ~ Shane
  18. Ba'al, Thanks for the links! Those are some gems
  19. Valaria says this twice in the movie - the last being when her spirit blocks a killing blow from Thulsa Doom's right-hand man. When Conan is captured at the Temple of Set, and beaten, Thulsa Doom comes before him. What he is telling him is that steel is not strong, flesh is stronger. He proves his point by having the follower jump to his death. Very powerful scene!
  20. Interesting that you put it that way. I never would have thought to go that route. Definitely another avenue to look at. Thanks! ;)
  21. I'll have to get the newest DVD. Subotai is the one character I would like to know more of - other than being deadly with a bow, crying on Conan's behalf, and praying to the four winds This is where the lack of dialogue maintains rough edges on the movie.
  22. Did you notice who the Pictish scout was at the beginning? And before that, Conan's father telling him of the "Riddle of Steel". What a fantastic start!
  23. I also enjoyed the hidden messages, a testament to the director's craftsmanship (or interpretation). Specifically, the scene where Conan gets the Atlantean sword. Recall when Conan grabs the sword from the dead king's hand. As he is cleaning it off, the helmed skull falls forward. It took me many years to understand (first having seen it in my early teens) the significance - The old king bowing to the new king. It was the little additions like this that make the movie stand out for me, almost parallel to the score. And James Earl!
  24. And then people complain about their stolen identity. There are those of us, like me, in the communications field that are constantly reminding our "users" (an affectionate term, I swear *cough*) not to push the RED BUTTON. Of course, they will. And we laugh at their lack of common sense on one hand, and curse them on the other to undo the damage done.
  25. Ever have one of those movies that grabs you from the outset, but never quite understand why? It took several viewings of the original Conan movie, and purchasing the soundtrack to come to the realization of why it has become on of my favorite movies (at least of the 80s). The reason was so subtle as to remain just under the radar. Hidden messages and the score. Thoughts?