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  1. The system we have today allows a President to be elected by as little as 32% of the American people, with half of those merely voting for the “lesser of two evils”. Therefore, as little as 16% actually vote for a president. No wonder when things go wrong, anger explodes. A recent poll shows that 60% of the American people are not happy with the two major candidates this year.

    The alternatives are either tyranny or mob rule.

    C'thuluh in 2008. Why settle for the lesser of evils?

    Ba'al Chatzaf

    I wonder what H. P. Lovecraft would have to say about this?

    ~ Shane

  2. I have serious difficulty believing that anyone with a shred of understanding of "individual rights" would extol Bush for keeping Americans "safe."



    Who, then, would you extol for keeping Americans safe? His efforts have seen to it that 9/11 was a one-time catastrophe on US soil (thus far). The man may have many faults, but this is one thing I will remember fondly of him.

    ~ Shane

  3. Objectivism has had the same life-changing effect on me as well. I want to be a writer when I grow up (after I retire from service in just under 5 years). As it so happens, I've gone through a lot of rethinking of my story ideas and themes. Good thing I didn't write a bunch down :)

    ~ Shane

    P.S. I think you'll really enjoy the last book. But of them all, Faith of the Fallen was my personal favorite.

  4. I have a subscription to Netflix and often watch movies online. This movie is great. The basics are about a man who reveals to his colleagues that he has lived 14,000 years. Questions are abound as his friends, all professors, barrage him with questions. The answers might surprise you. I felt as if I were sitting at the fireside absorbing it all.

    Anyone else seen this?

    ~ Shane

    P.S. IMDB link - The Man from Earth

  5. Thanks, Shane.

    I'm curious, what is your avatar image?

    Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer helmet. A writer by the name of James Silke gave life to a series of drawings by Frank Frazetta. Four books in all.

    Death Dealer

    If ever there was a man who lived by his own code and on his own terms, Gath of Baal was it. Of all the sword and sorcery stories I've read, watched or heard of, he is my favorite.

    ~ Shane

  6. My name is indian and I had no idea that India is #2 in the Ayn Rand searches. It actually makes me really happy to know that. Also, who is #1? is it US or some other country?

    I use to mainly talk to my best friend about Ayn Rand and objectivism but he moved to NYC and, obviously, we can not have long philosophical conversations on the phone or online. This is why I am looking for another outlet. As most of you probably already know, it is very hard to find people who actually have read Ayn Rand and like it. So, I really look forward to talking with all of you.


    PS I read Atals Shrugged and loved it. Now, I am reading the Fountainhead and I think I actually might like it better than Atlas Shrugged. Also, has anyone here read the Terry Goodkind series?

    Yes! Terry's books are phenomenal! His books were my introduction to Objectivism. I'd be more than happy to correspond on his books :) I've read all of his titles and anxiously await his series with Sam Raimi.

    Welcome to OL!

    ~ Shane

  7. Since India is being discussed, I want to show you folks something.

    Google recently released a wonderful new tool that will probably stand Internet Marketing on its head. I know it is making my own niche marketing a hell of a lot easier. Start by going here:

    Google Insights for Searches

    Now under search terms, type in:

    Ayn Rand

    Leave all the rest of the options as they are. Click "Search." Then take a look at the countries where the term "Ayn Rand" is most searched for on Google.

    India is second to the USA, and way ahead of Canada. Some of the top 10 countries might surprise you, too. I know they did me. I didn't realize that Rand was popular in the Philippines or Guatemala or Singapore.

    When you search for the term "Objectivism," the Philippines comes in second to the USA.

    When you search for the term "Nathaniel Branden," the No. 1 country is Mexico!

    "Barbara Branden" is USA No. 1 by far.

    I could play with this thing all day.

    (btw - If you learn how to use resources like "Rising Searches" and fiddle with the timelines and other tweaks, this is an enormously powerful sales tool for profiting from rising trends. "Breakout" means a 5,000% or more increase in searches during the timeline you selected. There is a lot to this tool. Google really outdid itself this time. And I have only mentioned the surface.)


    What would be really interesting is if there was a breakdown, per country, which outlined the context of their searches. What I mean by that is - what was the purpose of their search?

    I remember your post regarding businesses reading Atlas Shrugged. So I'm curious what venue they are trying to apply Oism to.

    ~ Shane

  8. Read an interesting article about what CERN hopes to accomplish. In it, a renowned physicist explains in plain english how they are going about using the Large Hadron Collider.

    International Man of Mysteries

    I scrolled further down for related articles and came across this one. Sad, and wholly irrational on a mass scale. And they'll attribute the fears to the theorists predicting the end of the world...

    Indian girl commits suicide over 'Big Bang' fear

    It's in articles like this where MSM is poisoning their viewers without having the facts presented.

  9. Michael,

    I was reading a new article in CNN today about Biden's assertion that GOP does not support stem cell research. I wanted to read the read the article you posted but the link is no longer valid.

    I'm curious too, if most people share the ARI view on the research. I personally see this as a great medical step in curing so many of today's ailments, especially the elderly...

    ~ Shane

  10. Random,

    It's politics we're talking about here. As such, the two candidates we have swing bats of differing philosophies (obviously). It will be a long time in coming before Objectivism takes its proper place. For now, it's in the minority.

    Like it or not, we have four choices - vote McCain, vote Obama, don't vote, or go with Ba'al's pick of Cthulhu.

  11. But missing from Rand's concept is an aspect of romantic love that does not contradict the "sense of life" definition, but adds an element to it. That is, the phenomenon inaccurately summed up in the idea that "opposites attract.' The germ of truth in this phrase is that there seems to be, when we fall in love, a sense that we are being completed, that the other possesses atrributes and qualities which we value but do not possess to the same degree. We seek complementary attributes in the loved one. So that one sees an extrovert happily in love with an introvert, a thinker with a doer, a scientist with an actor, a highly intuitive person with an engineer, etc.

    I like this notion a lot. What comes to mind is a puzzle. Both individuals have half of that puzzle. They also share duplicate pieces - similarities (anything you can think of), so to speak. I'm sure you get the picture, literally.

    ~ Shane

  12. Don,

    I really like this article. In my 15 years of serving our armed forces, no subject is more important. This topic is an everyday issue and a driving force regarding retention.

    Earlier this year I attended NCO academy. We covered a lot of topics with primary focus on leadership. Management was attributed to tasks, not people. Made tons of sense. In the military, we have the luxury of not worrying about paychecks (provided Congress doesn't cut them) or profit margins. Corporate America has to worry about that at the threat of a collapse of their companies - understandable. I think it gives the services a slight advantage with those 'people skills' because we can devote more time and effort to it. We do have our share of managers, and the civilian sector has its share of leaders. But when I worked the civilian sector, not once did I ever refer to one of my bosses as a leader.

    In short - lead people and manage tasks.

    ~ Shane

  13. We learn more about them, add to them and change them, but we still keep the names and the original mental images.

    If we change them they are no longer the original mental images. The entities may be the same and the names may be the same, but the mental image= the concept has changed.

    Dragonfly - I think I see what you're driving at, but from an "unseen" perspective. By unseen, I mean not having seen with my own eyes. Take extraterrestrials for instance. I've never seen one with my own eyes, but I have a concept (or mental image) of what one is. Should I see one and it varies from my initial concept, the picture on the folder would change...

    ~ Shane

  14. Could it be that Kant was the first domino in a mindset that led to Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler effect? I could see that earning him the title erroneously. He did not commit their acts.

    Stalins, Pol Pots and Hitlers existed long before Kant was born. The absolute number of victims may have been lower, but that's only while there were far fewer people and they didn't have 20th century technology. The whole notion that Kant somehow is to blame for mass killings in the 20th century is absurd, the so-called philosophical links are pure fantasy.

    Agreed on Kant being blamed as absurd. My question was more directed at pinning down Kant as the most evil man due to the others' acts (again, absurd). I initially misread Bill's statement, thinking that Kant was to blame because of what they did (with him being the root of their evil). But they all did not follow Kant's philosophy in the little digging that I've done. Sorry for the confusion.

    ~ Shane

  15. 1) Kant is not the most evil man in history. He was profoundly wrong in many areas, but I see no evidence of evil INTENT. To refer to Kant as the most evil man in history is rhetorical overkill, but it is much more than that: It saps the condemnation due to the Stalins, Pol Pots and Hitlers of the world.


    Could it be that Kant was the first domino in a mindset that led to Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler effect? I could see that earning him the title erroneously. He did not commit their acts.

    ~ Shane

  16. Those who embrace religion mostly believe in “supernatural” phenomenon – ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists, etc. I, to some degree, prescribe to believing in them. Not because they are supernatural or mystical, but possibly natural. There are a few things I’ve seen (thus my only experience) which lead me to believe this. Rejecting that they are real might seem premature, given ways of tracking/observing them by scientific methods. This would indicate something slightly beyond our understanding, and where the scientific jury is still out. Am I reaching?

    ~ Shane

    The late Arthur C. Clarke once pointed out that we cannot distinguish very advanced technology from magic. If a time traveler boiled water in a microwave oven in front of the locals (say in New England circa 1690) he would be accused of witchcraft. A moving hologram would be consider magical by anyone not familiar (to some degree) with the technology.

    Example: The initial response of the Aztec people to Spanish technology - firearms, steel weapons, steel suits of armor, war horses etc. was was total amazement and discombulation. The Spaniards were initially believed to be god like folk predicted by Aztec prophecies. Which is why the Aztecs did not wipe the Spaniards out on the beach when they landed.

    Once motion holography is perfected, "ghosts" and "spirits" will be commonplace

    Ba'al Chatzaf

    I, unlike our early settlers, don't believe in "magic". I totally understand that what people do not grasp based on personal experience, they may assign or categorize as magic (or the unknown). I have a friend who in the early days of our acquaintance announced he was Wiccan. He claimed he could cast a fireball. I laughed inside a little. I simply said "show me." He couldn't. He hasn't made that claim since. I do, however, believe in technology since it's manmade. I know the distinction.

    Not really sure what the point of the Aztecs was driving at.

    As for motion holography, it still won't eliminate the age-old question of "ghosts" and "spirits".

    ~ Shane

  17. As to power ambitions, both personal and collective like American expansionism, I will take the brilliant principle of checks and balances as a harness over this any day over the moral character of any politician. I just don't believe in politicians with high moral standards after a certain point in their dealings.

    Those ambitions and their results slowly ooze in one direction or the other. They never jump. That's the beauty of checks and balances. If gives time for people in general to see and act.


    That's the problem I see with a good number of politicians. They lose sight of being the "representative" of their electors. Your comment triggered memories of reading Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

    ~ Shane