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  1. Curious how they plan to enforce that? Sanctions? ~ Shane
  2. Atheist - a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. I think that sums Objectivists up. Granted, it's general in nature, but it does belong. There are atheists that don't fall under Objectivist tenets, so you calling O'ists passionate reasonists is what would segregate us from mainstream atheists. ~ Shane
  3. Sorry, but I don't think anybody's seen your movie. I'd love to hear how you guys would state the theme of Rain. = Mindy Might I suggest starting a new thread with a "spoiler" subtitle. This way, those that have watched it can discuss it without giving it away to those of us that haven't. It's the primary reason I haven't gone into it here with The Man from Earth. Great movie with lots of topics that could be dissected. ~ Shane
  4. Indeed there is! But I'm sure you knew that. :hyper:
  5. By "it", I meant to refer to organized religion, not the individual. Thanks for pointing that out, Rich. ~ Shane
  6. Aside from reading fiction which started me down the path of reason, I read a book that this passage reminded me of - The Jesus Conspiracy. In it, there are two scientists who go to great lenghts to shed light on the Shroud of Turin, believed to have held the phyisical body of Christ. The visage that remains on the cloth bear hallmarks of the written account of the abuse that Jesus suffered at the hands of the Romans - bleeding wrists and feet from the nails, bleeding head from the crown of thorns, and bloodied back from the countless floggings. The face, surprisingly, is serene and peaceful. The two scientists (I'm doing this from recollection of 10 years past...bear with me) basically challenged the tenet of the Christian religion that Christ had risen from the dead, by concluding this - Christ did not die on the cross. To my understanding, they had a LOT of empirical data to back this up. What does this all mean? That if true, it would topple Christianity at its core since Christ had not died on the cross for our sins, but survived instead of rose. The Vatican went to great lengths to screw up the testing process so that the carbon-dating tests would come back proving that the Shroud of Turin was a fake painting dating to the 1200-1400s. The scientists had an answer for that too. My point is that not only does religion and faith swallow man's ability to think, but it will go to drastic lenghts and fight tooth and nail to persevere against reason. It is fundementally evil. It doesn't sit back in the shadows to wait for the mentally irrational, it actively seeks victims that have almost no chance to resist - children, prisoners (that's a whole issue in and of itself), the destitute, and millions of others who reach for hope because the other millions pointed them in the direction of God. I could go into more detail, but I'm inclined to start a new topic rather than throw this thread off-course. ~ Shane
  7. I would say that morality is a tool in finding common ground amongst individuals, not so much a control mechanism (in the basic sense). If I were the only man living, would I need a moral code? The conflict arises when people are saturated with a morality that differs - whether through parenting, social majority, or personal choice - and cannot establish that middle ground. Reasonable people, regardless of background, will come together ammicably and co-exist. Friends and strangers alike do it all the time (part of group dynamics). Until they breach sensitive subjects like politics and religion, the sticks and stone will not break bones. ~ Shane
  8. If I could, I'd change the thread title to "Rain" since Mindy hijacked it
  9. The alternatives are either tyranny or mob rule. C'thuluh in 2008. Why settle for the lesser of evils? Ba'al Chatzaf I wonder what H. P. Lovecraft would have to say about this? ~ Shane
  10. Who, then, would you extol for keeping Americans safe? His efforts have seen to it that 9/11 was a one-time catastrophe on US soil (thus far). The man may have many faults, but this is one thing I will remember fondly of him. ~ Shane
  11. sbeaulieu


    Objectivism has had the same life-changing effect on me as well. I want to be a writer when I grow up (after I retire from service in just under 5 years). As it so happens, I've gone through a lot of rethinking of my story ideas and themes. Good thing I didn't write a bunch down ~ Shane P.S. I think you'll really enjoy the last book. But of them all, Faith of the Fallen was my personal favorite.
  12. I have a subscription to Netflix and often watch movies online. This movie is great. The basics are about a man who reveals to his colleagues that he has lived 14,000 years. Questions are abound as his friends, all professors, barrage him with questions. The answers might surprise you. I felt as if I were sitting at the fireside absorbing it all. Anyone else seen this? ~ Shane P.S. IMDB link - The Man from Earth
  13. Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer helmet. A writer by the name of James Silke gave life to a series of drawings by Frank Frazetta. Four books in all. Death Dealer If ever there was a man who lived by his own code and on his own terms, Gath of Baal was it. Of all the sword and sorcery stories I've read, watched or heard of, he is my favorite. ~ Shane
  14. I dig the site. Got a good kick out of "The Voice" and the comedy clip. ~ Shane
  15. sbeaulieu


    Yes! Terry's books are phenomenal! His books were my introduction to Objectivism. I'd be more than happy to correspond on his books I've read all of his titles and anxiously await his series with Sam Raimi. Welcome to OL! ~ Shane
  16. Let us not forget the men and women in uniform who stand in harm's way either. President Bush was the architect and our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and various agencies its builders and keepers. ~ Shane
  17. What would be really interesting is if there was a breakdown, per country, which outlined the context of their searches. What I mean by that is - what was the purpose of their search? I remember your post regarding businesses reading Atlas Shrugged. So I'm curious what venue they are trying to apply Oism to. ~ Shane
  18. Read an interesting article about what CERN hopes to accomplish. In it, a renowned physicist explains in plain english how they are going about using the Large Hadron Collider. International Man of Mysteries I scrolled further down for related articles and came across this one. Sad, and wholly irrational on a mass scale. And they'll attribute the fears to the theorists predicting the end of the world... Indian girl commits suicide over 'Big Bang' fear It's in articles like this where MSM is poisoning their viewers without having the facts presented.
  19. Very interesting article! It seems that the scientific community will find ways around the walls that oppose such advances. Of note, anything that helps bring all mindsets to a balance on touchy subjects is worth the venture. Maybe the walls won't go up so quick, or at all. Thanks for fixing the link. ~ Shane
  20. Michael, I was reading a new article in CNN today about Biden's assertion that GOP does not support stem cell research. I wanted to read the read the article you posted but the link is no longer valid. I'm curious too, if most people share the ARI view on the research. I personally see this as a great medical step in curing so many of today's ailments, especially the elderly... ~ Shane
  21. Random, It's politics we're talking about here. As such, the two candidates we have swing bats of differing philosophies (obviously). It will be a long time in coming before Objectivism takes its proper place. For now, it's in the minority. Like it or not, we have four choices - vote McCain, vote Obama, don't vote, or go with Ba'al's pick of Cthulhu.
  22. I was going to mention that I was born on Labor Day in '72, but I wont. :whistle:
  23. For me, hearing both candidates is much akin to reading the inside jackets of books. We won't get to read the book until one gets elected. Hopefully, either one will be good reads. But I'm likely to pick up McCain's first...
  24. I like this notion a lot. What comes to mind is a puzzle. Both individuals have half of that puzzle. They also share duplicate pieces - similarities (anything you can think of), so to speak. I'm sure you get the picture, literally. ~ Shane