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  1. Speaking of Thanksgiving, one thing I could absolutely live on is deep-fried turkey. I'm originally from Maine (love the lobstah), and my wife is from Louisiana. Always a fan of variety in food, I was blown away by this southern spin on turkey. ~ Shane
  2. Someone obviously trying to find their place in the world. I could think of better things to do with my time. How will the world remember him? A toilet for a headstone with an epitaph that reads "Don't Flush!"? ~ Shane
  3. The real tragedy is that these books were never intended for a pre-teen audience because of the philosophical and "adult" content. The execs got this all wrong from the outset. I'm just hoping that with all the changes, each season at least keeps the main themes intact and Objectivism shines through. That would at least be something worthwhile for today's youth. ~ Shane
  4. At the risk of sounding cliche... Can't we all just get along? Isn't that one of the tenets of Objectivism, if applied correctly? Infighting is nothing more than a distraction from the true intent of websites like this one. I've been here almost 1 year and have learned immensely from most folks here. I enjoy this site because it's like a fruit tree, where I can pick at my leisure. Somehow, some squirrels got up in it and starting casting nuts Michael, keep up the great work. I have no plans of leaving anytime soon. ~ Shane
  5. I haven't dug into the production side of the house, but it seems to fall along the same lines as Hercules and Xena. I'd consider this a step above them in acting, costuming/props and special effects. Unfortunately, Terry sold the rights to Disney and doesn't have any input into the show. In a letter written to me by Terry, he explains... "TV has to make compromises that a book does not have to make. Worse than that, executives who have never read the books make important decisions based on marketing demographics, for example casting people who they think will attract pre-teens rather than casting the right person for the part. The people who put up the money call the shots and not even Sam Raimi can change it. I'm hoping the show will at least be a bit of fun, but there is no way it will be anywhere near as good as the books." That about sums it ~ Shane
  6. It's always refreshing to hear new interpretations. That's a good one! ~ Shane
  7. I had read somewhere that NetFlix was supposed to be getting some of Disney's stuff. Not sure if this show would be one of those, though. As for the recent comments, one thing that has to be taken into account is that no show will ever encompass the true word of the books. It's unfortunate, but a reality. Terry said that he had 0 input into casting and other production details. The producers are going to do what they want to get numbers, not much else. Their focus is not on staying true to the book. Hopefully, the direction of the show will mature a bit more and the characters will assume more of their true essence. Keeping that in mind, I try to enjoy it all the same. With Kahlan, the actress mentioned that she never even heard of the books before taking the part. I'm curious if any of the cast read Terry's books. Matus - I agree wholely on Richard. I pictured someone of Eric Bana's presence. His relationship with Zed is a bit neutral vs how they were great friends (tutor and pupil), not to mention the episode with the townsfolk coming to ransack Zed's home. Time will tell if this changes. ~ Shane
  8. So far, the series is quite good. There are some minor differences from the book, but nothing that really takes away from the central story line. Terry mentioned that one good thing about the series is that there would be a chance to fill in some of the backgrounds since each season will essentially embody each book (season 1 = Wizards First Rule, season 2 = Stone of Tears, etc). It's taken a little getting used to the characters, especially Chase. For the 10+ years that I've read Terry's novels, I've mentally drawn my own picture of each character. All in all, the show has been a good experience. I tune in every Saturday ~ Shane
  9. It boggles the mind the extent mankind will go to circumvent truth. ~ Shane
  10. Kindle now has my attention!! How cool would that be to just have a library of Kindles, each containing their own authors, genres, or philosophies?! What shall I choose today? Only bad thing is that in the future, showcasing hundreds of books in your personal library may not be as awe-inspiring. ~ Shane
  11. If only that were true today! I was almost suckered, until I saw the date of I'm guessing the se in the url is for sattire edition? ~ Shane
  12. In reading the promo on this, they did state they had 100 orders. I'm going to assume that (1) this is a PR pitch, (2) this will somehow start the funding requirements to get the ball rolling? I'm skeptical about no moving parts as Bob illustrated earlier. ~ Shane
  13. Ask yourself this; if the roles were reversed and you were in his situation, would you not want him to live? I'm certain he would want you to live, despite the difficulties of his own life. ~ Shane
  14. Thanks Michael. Still having the same error when trying to set it up. Maybe I'm not meant to have a ~ Shane
  15. Interestingly enough, not one of our past 43 Presidents was an independent (though I didn't find an affiliation for George Washington). With all that's gone wrong on both sides of the isle, why not find another way? ~ Shane
  16. This is the error I'm getting at work and at home when I try to view my blog. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks. ~ Shane
  17. Has anyone on this forum had a chance to read this book for themselves? I'm currently 400 pages into the book. It is phenomenal thus far! It's opened my eyes up on many issues, locally in the US and abroad. It's easy to read with the book having a conversational tone. It makes it seems as though you are in the room during the many conversations between "Old Nick" and Jac. There are a great number of resources covered in the book, so it's easy to see that Nicholas Dykes has done his homework on this novel. I plan on opening up a new thread in the coming months (I have other priorities at the moment) after I reread the book. I'm tempted to start each section as a short essay on my personal take as a budding O'ist - essentially to see if I'm getting the gist of it right. I'd be happy to hear anyone else's take on this great novel. ~ Shane
  18. Statist indeed. Good for the lady standing up to them like that, too. ~ Shane
  19. I am so very sorry for your loss. Seeing all this happen firsthand must have been arduous. Find the time to grieve and push forward. You say you are productive. Maybe you can channel your grief this way. But do not hold it in. ~ Shane
  20. Worried, no. From my experience, there are always two sides to everything (at minimum)...yin/yang, light/darkness, and even benevolence/malevolence. Using the coin example, are you then riding the edge of the coin...the third side, which touches both and is therefore neither nor? ~Shane
  21. I think that the Mord-Sith would side with you on this one. ~ Shane
  22. Awesome! I knew this was coming, just not the date. I'm just glad I got to finish all the books (11 in all!) first. I'm very excited for Terry on this. Let's turn the sets on and show our support for a great author and a great individual! ~ Shane
  23. Luke, As a non-moralist, how do you chose between right and wrong? Wouldn't you have to start out as a moralist, from an upbringing perspective? I can see from your responses that desire is deeply entrenched in how you do things. So how do you attribute desire in choosing right from wrong? I can see desire for being benevolent and kind in acting towards others. But doesn't that accept a flipside to the coin, thus avoiding it through desire? It still seems a moral decision. ~ Shane
  24. Not if you love him, value him. That is your choice in the end. I truly feel for you in what must be the most difficult time in your life. I cannot even begin to imagine how I would feel, act, or respond in the same situation. I think Michael is on to something with the grieving. Once your emotions have had a chance to run their course, the answer might be clearer than you think. Again, that will be your choice. ~ Shane
  25. The power of one is a pebble in the pond. Now I have got to see this movie! ~ Shane