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  1. The gold standard would indeed be an interesting path. It would certainly curtail inflation if all you could back the dollar with is what you have in gold (much like the British pound, if I remember correctly). I'm would other nations with limited gold access (as compared to Russia, Africa, etc) fare in this economy? And, can globalizing economy be compared side-by-side with putting global law into practice? The only similarity that I come to at the moment is that either will always favor some more than others. That could probably go unsaid. ~ Shane
  2. I'd agree to the "construct was damn near perfect for its time." For our current time, I'd agree to the extent that it's applied as intended. That seems to be amiss for as long as I can remember. The perfection is in how minimalist the Constitution's format is. Less is more. In contrast, this amazing document has had its share of interpretations which have skewed it beyond recognition. Subjective in a sense, if you ask me. ~ Shane
  3. Just read this article on Fox News site Kho No! I get a bit antsy and sweaty whenever I read about globalizing anything (law in particular) and stepping all over our Constitutional right to make our own decisions. I get aggrivated at the notion that international law could trump national/state law as well. If the UN is a blueprint for how the world should be run, we're starting off with a crumbled foundation. ~ Shane
  4. It's been quite a few years since I've seen that movie. Of all the survival movies, this is one of the best in my opinion. Michael gives a perfect explanation that I could not have done even fractionally. ~ Shane
  5. I'd say you have some seriously pathological feelings of your own. You should address them. Not to mention the setup. Government handouts (albeit not always merited) are intended for those in need. Your act of putting up a sign advertising free money as a lure to gun people down is ludricous in comparison. They don't agree. As for hurting someone's feelings, it can go both ways. One can assume that by being hurtful, you know beforehand that by saying certain things, you expect the person's feelings to be hurt. The end goal being mental anguish at some level. The other, you may very well be innocent in making a comment, but the receiver of that message was hurt, either directly or indirectly, by your choice of words. One is clearly calculating (evil), the other unaware or oblvious - prior to making the statement(s).
  6. At least they're not saying that the battle of Thermopylae never occurred. I'd be curious to see an Iranian version of 300!
  7. You are all silly rabbits. Recall how the Pacific War was ended? With the total destruction of two large Japanese cities by nuclear attack. The way to win wars is to kill lots of people and bust up lots of stuff. Ba'al Chatzaf I see your point, but the difference is we did not occupy Japan. And it's about time that Iraq took over the reins of their future. Ultimately, it's their country, their lives. Let them fight for it if it's truly what they want. ~ Shane
  8. St. Louis City Leader Says Police Ineffective, Tells Residents to Get Armed Ran across this article on Fox News. Due to rising homicide rates in St Louis, and the ineffective efforts of police to curb violence, a city leader told its citizens to arm themselves. It should be interesting to see what will come of this with the Democrats coming into power. I, for one, am glad to see this response. The canned answer of carrying guns is not a "recipe for a less violent community" is just the sort of propaganda that keeps us on the wrong end of the gun. As I mentioned on the DC Gun Case thread, criminals will not abide by gun laws. Gun laws only keep guns out of law-abiding citizens. As such, they will always be victimized. ~ Shane
  9. At this rate, the US dollar will be on par 1:1 with the Zimbabwean dollar... ~ Shane
  10. Where there is a fear of the unknown, the media does a good job of fingerpainting a face for it. It wouldn't be such a burden if there was a balance, say a Good News Network (GNN). Life is a spectrum of both good and bad and all the in-between. Where media has such an influence over the populace, news would be newsworthy if it reflected that spectrum. People usually tune in to see what's going on around them to get a feel for state, national, and global events (mainly anything outside their circle of influence). Life happens, so why not report it as such? Michael, The book sounds like a great read. Any book of Crichton's that I've picked up was an "experience." Thanks for that snippet. Another book I'll be adding to my collection (whenever I finally get to reading Ayn's titles, of ~ Shane
  11. Could this have been more accurate? Objectivism "is truth." ~ Shane
  12. Would I be able to see this from Hawaii? ~ Shane
  13. WEST TEXAS FRIED CORN * 1 5-lb bag of whole kernel corn (fully thawed and drained of water) * 1 1-lb package of bacon (any variety or flavor) * 1 onion (diced) * 2 cloves of garlic (pressed) * West Texas Dust - only took me 1 hour to find this elusive seasoning * Salt and Pepper Start by frying the bacon adding the onions and garlic right near the end. Drain the grease, keeping some on the side for the corn. In a large skillet, throw in the corn and start cooking it down until it browns and caramelizes (approx 10 mins or more, depending on water content). You can add some of the bacon grease to keep the corn from sticking to the skillet. Keep stirring. Once it's caramelized, throw in the bacon, onions and garlic. Mix thoroughly. Add a visible layer of West Texas Dust over all the corn and stir in. Repeat once more. Now you're done! Enjoy! If you have leftovers (fat chance), you can always use this as the base for a great corn chowder ~ Shane
  14. I have just the perfect blender for this...I'm gonna try this!! Thanks, Kat! ~ Shane
  15. Here's a suggestion: Take a thousand bucks and open an electronic cash account with Scottrade. See if you can have half your pay deposited each pay day. Buy the GLD--an EFT which tracks the price of gold--using the same amount of money each month regardless of the share price. That price may go up or down. Doesn't matter. If down you will buy more, if up less. Don't buy gold stocks because any one might go belly up. When your pay goes up then use more money for each buy.The price of gold is about $800/ounce right now. The downside risk/potential is $500. The upside is $30,000. Note that the latter is not adjusted for inflation. This will protect you from inflation which eventually will be pretty bad. You don't buy this to sell it. It's true savings. Because of your age it doesn't matter that this lacks diversification. It's simple and you can worry about other things than investing. If the price of gold goes above $1500/ounce, I'd suspend this. If it goes as low as $600 I'd put more money into it if I could. This type of ounce is 12 to pound. You're in a race to save as much as you can before you get married. Once you get married you'll be poorer than a Georgia dirt farmer in a drought. --Brant I'm married. LOL! But I'm very interested in gold for the very fact it's more savings oriented. Tax time would be my best opportunity to chunk down 1k without an issue. Is gold still the best metal to buy? I was reading that for bullion, Krugurands were the best to pick up outside of Gold Eagles. Thanks for the tips ;) ~ Shane
  16. Ross, Books 1 - 8 are stand-alone titles, each dealing with present-day issues counter to Objectivist ideals. Although they follow in sequence, each building upon the last, the theme for each book is compartmentalized (so to speak). You could pick any book in those series and read cover to cover and gain insight to that specific theme. Books 9 - 11 form the trilogy which ends the series (sadly) and should be read in sequence. If you like chronological progression, Wizards First Rule would be the starting book. Of note, there is a short-story which precedes the series titled "Debt of Bones" that gives some great history into the background of First Wizard Zeddicus Zul Zorander ~ Shane
  17. And don't smoke and drink. I hope they're paid enough money today to afford a wife and family. When I was in the army, for the first three years, all you could afford was a whore. Thank God I knew how to masturbate! I learned when I was 16. I should have figured it out three years earlier! Three lost years! Sob~at least 2000 ejaculations never ejaculated! And it took more years before I learned the difference between mere ejaculation and a bona fida orgasm! --Brant I think I'm scarred for life. No...I am certain of it Our pay these days is pretty decent. If I could learn how to invest, then I'd be pretty damned comfortable. I'm leaning on precious metals. ~ Shane
  18. Oh no!! What would they do about Obama's commemorative memorabilia?? LOL!! ~ Shane
  19. Brant - My dad told me some great stories about Vietnam...sort of like yours. After thousands of years of military morale, within the past 10-20 years, that's one they've done away with. Although I agree whole-heartedly on their stance of zero tolerance with regard to human trafficking (the main reason military members cannot seek out prostitutes...along with the whole "professional image"), distractions from warzone dangers doesn't give us an opportunity to seek out one of Objectivism's virtues - sex. I say "To hell with political correctness!" Enjoy life damn it ~ Shane
  20. Happy Thanksgiving OL!! May you enjoy your after-binge naps, too...a testament to success, fortune, and the love of family and friends ;) ~ Shane
  21. Hi Michael, Welcome to OL!! You and I have similar reading backgrounds. My intro to Objectivism was through Terry Goodkind's novels. The thing to remember about SoT is that it is pure Objectivism through and through, with fantasy being a stage to get the message across to young readers (young adults particularly). My in-laws just sent me some money with which I plan to buy Anthem, Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I might also suggest Nicholas Dykes' Old Nick's Guide to Happiness. It's more present day fiction and gives lots of examples/references for someone trying to learn more about Objectivism (and a super book at that!). I'm serving in the AF right now (going on 16 years). Great to see another service member among our ranks...too few in my opinion. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for your service ;) ~ Shane
  22. As always, context is extremely important given that one word can have several meanings. Clarification from the outset is key, as people are given to interpretion in varying degrees. It's what makes us individuals after all ;) ~ Shane
  23. The peanut oil can get quite expensive. But MAN, the taste is out of this world! Recently, I had a deep-fried turducken. ~ Shane
  24. Baal; With all due respect I don't think it was Elvis's diet that killed him but the drugs. Shane; Do they have lobstah at Thanksgiving in Maine? It's an interesting idea. Chris, Not usually, but nothing would stop anyone from adding it. Lobster is readily available year round. But there are folks that do incorporate lobster or swap it out with the turker for a change. Baal, Primarily, drugs killed him. His figure was attributed to the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. ~ Shane