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  1. I frequent Fox News, and ran across this article. Hank Baskett Helping Kendra Wilkinson Find God If Kendra truly is happy, the good for her. But when I read a statement like this ["Hank makes her pray before meals now. His family is so religious and he really calmed her down a lot, he's good for her," Kendra’s bridesmaid and playmate Brittany Ginger told Tarts, with Kendra adding that praying is a new experience that has helped her change "for the better".], it makes me cringe a little. Something tells me she's a square peg in a world of circles here. I can't see that one would be so quick to embrace religion with someone's "assistance". Being a life-altering decision, one way or the other, I wouldn't presume it's such an easy venture. ~ Shane
  2. A more interesting number overall would be to see how Rand holds up worldwide against Marx given the same timeframe (i.e. 150 or so years). ~ Shane
  3. You can bet those of us in the military are paying close attention. We have to obey his orders. We just hope that there is a sound process in place when acting to fulfill our oath of enlistment. ~ Shane
  4. I'd probably pay money to see that. It's fun (sometimes) to get under PETA's skin. Most people are oblivious to humor in the context of their beliefs. One of the many reasons I love comedians like Dave Chappelle. His humor is pure genius. I'd post probably one of his best skits (the one with the blind KKK leader that's black, but he doesn't know it) as an example, but I'm at work. ~ Shane Sorry for this thread going off-course yet again
  5. Those pirates didn't even know what hit them. Snipers took them out! If I were a pirate, I'd have second thoughts if I were stranded out in open water making demands. US snipers are downright deadly! ~ Shane
  6. It straight up pisses me off! ~ Shane
  7. I agree to an extent. In so much as the threat to our homeland is a valid one, it will require our forces on foreign soil (hopefully). If an engagement is between other countries, then equipment, collaboration of minds, provisions, etc, should be offered to our allies. Difference between Vietnam and present day is the asymmetrical battlefield. There are still some conventional conflicts which fall into the framework of Ayn's words. But terrorists and their tactics have added a new chapter in the evolution of warfare. ~ Shane
  8. If abstract is the opposite of "actual, concrete, factual, material, objective, physical, and real" then how can it exist as its own realm? Seems pretty cut and dry. ~ Shane
  9. So after an hour or so of reading this and trying to absorb the responses, I have come to a conclusion... Does "Existance exist?" It seems like a play on words. But existance = everything (known and unknown) exists. The Neptune reference was a good example. Outside our knowledge of its existance, it was there and has been for years (understatement). The discovery through our senses, and all the tools to expand and enhance them, allows us to integrate the existance of Neptune into our "fact" category (indisputable as A is A). Michael put it best by stating... I'm a firm believer in outlining the context of wording carefully when throwing out a question so that it's not misinterpreted from the outset. Always define wording that might beg the question "What did you mean by that?" The number of tangents on this thread (although related) speak to that. When I think back, I'm not sure where abstracts mesh with answering this question. ~ Shane
  10. Fox News is reporting that the Captain is still being held hostage. So I'm not sure how accurate the report is of the other three being in the water. A bit confusing. Has there been official word from the White House yet on this? ~ Shane
  11. Personally, I think they should be allowed to launch a satellite for civilian use (just like any other nation). If they are violating a treaty, then they should be held accountable. But the UN? Yeah...more paperwork. Sigh! ~ Shane
  12. Amazing that the White House thinks its citizens naive enough not to see the truth of it. The Queen of England is shorter than President Obama, too. Let's hear another 'White' House 'lie'... ~ Shane
  13. My head hurts now. Thanks! ~ Shane
  14. All about keeping the money where it isn't warranted. As if those parents didn't have enough weighing on their minds... A sad day if any parent in this situation has to wrestle this demon. ~ Shane
  15. Bill, President Obama gave a slight bow to the Queen of England...then followed up with a deep bow to the Saudi Prince. The difference was telling, to say the least. ~ Shane
  16. Actions speak louder than words. Inherently, some will say what others want to hear. But the body never lies. ~ Shane
  17. Just finished Anthem...amazing. Two thoughts... 1. In chapter 11, this passage struck a chord... "For the word "We" must never be spoken, save by one's choice and as a second thought. This word must never be placed first within man's soul, else it becomes a monster, the root of all the evils on earth, the root of man's torture by men, and of an unspeakable lie." The first thing that came to mind was "We, the People..." Surely, it's out of context when you read the first sentence of the Constitution, but think it I did. 2. In the last chapter of Anthem, I see how Ayn holds man as the hero vs. the woman. By that, I mean that Prometheus names Gaea. By her choice, she accepted it as so. But she did not choose her own name. Not to mention, that Prometheus talks about sons, not daughters. I'm unsure if by sons, he meant in his attempt to free others, he would bring them along. But there is no mention of bearing daughters. All in all, a great revelation of mans' spirit to fight the unknown on the surface and dig up what is innately true in us all...I. ~ Shane
  18. I've read a few chapters yesterday. I'm glad this was suggested to read as it's my first time reading Ayn's fiction. So far, it is wonderful. It seems to me that sight is the most engaged of the senses. I'm guessing it's because it's usually the first engaged in seeking out knowledge. I can't wait to read on... ~ Shane
  19. I'd most certainly run towards the train, just not by way of the tracks ~ Shane
  20. Adam, Clarity isn't my forte. I presume, all too often, that everyone rides the same wavelength I'm I was referring to Art Williams, as I haven't watched Diane's videos yet. Art struck me as funny delivering some of his antics in front of that particular audience. ~ Shane
  21. Great find, Michael. The best of speakers bring something to the table that transcend time, and stays relevant to present day. And he had me laughing. Funny guy! ~ Shane
  22. I'm enlisted in the Air Force, 16 years and change. Productive...definitely these days. ~ Shane
  23. Well, I hope the revelation isn't one that leaves a bad impression. But, I'm working my way up to getting her books...promise ;) In another thread, I had mentioned that I know Terry Goodkind by correspondence over years of reading his books. I had a life-changing conversation with him back in 2005 on the phone. Prior to this conversation, I didn't know the existence of Ayn Rand's philosophy. Being one that's interested in what sets people on their paths in life, I asked him a simple question: "What sort of books do, or did you read that inspired you to write?" His answer was Ayn Rand, and Fountainhead being his favorite of her works (there's a lot of similarity between Howard Roark (read a chapter or two) and Richard Rahl in his sixth book, Faith of the Fallen). After my conversation, I started digging into everything Ayn Rand and Objectivism. I didn't just jump on the bandwagon. For many years reading Terry's books, I reflected on everything...agreed with most, didn't understand some, and disagreed with others. I just never knew it was from an Objectivist standpoint through Richard's thoughts and actions. I've been an Objectivist all along, just never knew it As for why I've never read Ayn Rand. I wanted to understand the foundation of Objectivism (to a comfortable level) before reading her books. In this way, I could actually grasp her messages. Analogy: It'd be like me jumping straight into physics and reading Einstein. I wouldn't get it. Better to do some homework first before even attempting such a feat. Fortunately for me, I ran into this forum looking into O'ism. No regrets, I assure you. Sorry for the long explanation. ~ Shane
  24. Welcome, Brad! English does seem to be a strong suit for you. For being 17, you have a strong grasp of grammar. I hope my son will be that good in a few years ;) This site is awesome. As Michael Morrota put it, bare knuckles! But the aftermath is always respect and a sound lesson that all things learned usually come from the road less traveled (although here, it is the opposite). Many people defer to one another to avoid confrontation or conflict. Not here. We are far from shy to point out our stances on many subjects. Enjoy your learning experience. Ayn Rand is a great individual. I still have not read her books, so I never cite examples from her novels. I'm more of a side-liner and soaking everything in. Other great authors are Terry Goodkind (Sword of Truth series) and Nicholas Dykes (Old Nick's Guide to Happiness). They offer more contemporary slants on how Objectivism is applied to modern issues. Again, welcome aboard! ~ Shane