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  1. Awesome series. Shame it was so short... ~ Shane
  2. Comments like that are what keep us putting one foot in front of the other ;) While words are great, telling a service member "thanks" will go the extra mile... ~ Shane
  3. YD, There are a lot of good brains (each with their unique take on anything and everything) to pick here. Welcome to the site and hope you'll stay longer than just for happy hour ;) ~ Shane
  4. I've heard of it. It's been on-air for a few years now, iirc. Currently, I've been watching the following on Hulu: Lost - Season 5 Lie to Me - Season 1 Heroes - Season 4 Celebrity Apprentice - Season 2 Legend of the Seeker - Season 1 Battlestar Galactica - Final Season Dresden Files - 1 Season new Knight Rider - Season 1 ...and a dash of other reality shows Very cool website, and they're good about keeping content updated soon after airing. ~ Shane
  5. I just had a flash of Robert DeNiro in the mirror on that one...haha! ~ Shane
  6. I'm certain the reasons behind that come from very different angles ;) At least they informed them vs just putting a block on their firewalls, leaving people to wonder why they can't hit the site... ~ Shane
  7. I sincerely doubt I proved anything. Without specifics or boundaries, the context is blurry. It's probably the point of the exercise. In reading MEM's statement, something either is or is not. MSK said something along the lines of what I pointed out...depending on the meaning, it will produce different answers (i.e. my analogy). It's vague, either way. I'll have to see with Thom TG thinks. I probably missed the mark...probably not. Call it a learning curve. ~ Shane
  8. Early morning and my brain cells are slow. I put meaningless. I'm going to use a simple approach...typing styles. Let's say T2 is Typing of 2 styles - qwerty and dvorak. qwerty - gfds is typed with the left hand, dvorak is typed with the right...meaning gfds is not gfds qwerty - gfds is typed on the home row, dvorak is not...meaning gfds is not gfds qwerty and dvorak share that gfds are from the same alphabet...meaning gfds is gfds. since it is both true and false, then meaningless. It's early. ~ Shane
  9. A few weeks back, Glen Beck did a piece on his show and he displayed a chronology of events leading up to and past FDR's New Deal. It focused specifically on how the people are fed up with both the Republicans and Democrats. We can see this with the sway of power every 4-8 years as the administration changes from one to the other, with ultimately nothing getting fixed and nothing serving the individual rights. It ties in with Beck's response to Binswanger. I happen to like Glen Beck, and that chronology and his understanding of what's going on only cemented that liking. ~ Shane
  10. His character in the movie Watchmen (I haven't read the graphic novel) is outstanding. He walks a fine line, and even facing certain death, he never sways in his convictions. He was a no-nosense individual. I found him to be the best parts of the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd say do so just to see him in it. ~ Shane
  11. Adam, Now that's an interesting spin on an old cliche. But as the Bible says: "Let he who is without wisdom cast the first stone." At the end of the week we will all have to find bigger steaks to fry. It isn't missile science. Not really. You don't need the patience of Solomon to enjoy the vegetables of liberty. As Ayn Rand said, "Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a bow and arrow begins." And "A leash is only a ball and chain with a noose on both ends." And the unforgettable, "Anyone who fights for the future, lives in perpetuity." It's all good, dude. A was A. But I am going to stop for now. After all, silence is silver. Michael I needed a good laugh today. This was it!! Awesome, Michael. OLOL!! ~ Shane
  12. Without putting words into Chris's mouth, I think in this case I agree with his stance. My view is that regardless of the merit of President Obama's citizenship, it does the opposing crew little to no good to have someone like Pastor Manning slandering his mother it that fashion. It's racist, plain and simple. I do not recall President Obama ever touting being black or being an African or African American saviour. And to have a pastor wield words like that is shameful. It says to those who follow "it's ok." As soon as I read "white trash" I didn't want to read further. Clearly, the agena of the Pastor is racism in his statement, and if Schulz condones it...well, the rest speaks for itself. ~ Shane
  13. I love paying my hard-earned tax dollars to studies like these. He's very matter of fact (which is okay), but his cataclysmic attitude towards obese people makes this laughable. I'm surprised there were no "Your momma's so fat" jokes in there, too. ~ Shane
  14. Now that is a woman who knows her values, and more importantly the guise in which the government (and Obama) assumes to dethrone those values from the masses. Awesome piece. ~ Shane
  15. Interesting...Keene is where I was born, though it's unlikely I know the person from there. ~ Shane
  16. Happiest of journeys on your birthday, Barbara. I hope what lies over the next hill keeps you young at heart always ;) ~ Shane
  17. Nothing quite like going back to the basics before taking your first step onto the "mountain of discussion." ~ Shane
  18. I am quite convinced that this is indeed the case. I came to this conclusion quite early on during my reading of her stuff. To me, it is the simplest explanation behind some of the glaring problems I see in Objectivism. She had to hold on to some rather foolish arguments in order to hold her political views together. I really do think Objectivism is nothing more than an attempt to justify the polar opposite of the political 'hell' she escaped. It was so bad, that only the exact opposite has to be the 'right' way. So she worked backwards from her political views - jamming all sorts of square pegs into round holes. I'm thinking in the same direction. Imo a lot of Rand's weird thinking is rooted in the experience of a political hell (and also of personal trauma, since she was an unloved child rejected by her mother who only "appreciated" her for her intelligence) she had to endure and finally fled from. All that "sacrificil animal stuff" she stresses over and over again in her writings - it was probably SHE who had felt that way back then in the USSR. Singing the praise of unbridled capitalism was later to become the credo of her belief system, and and the USA her Sangri La land guaranteeing it. Ayn Rand's book heroes feel no pain, they deny pain fervently. In the wishful thinking of her fantasy, she created invulnerable heroes because she herself had been so deeply psychologically wounded in her childhood, youth and early adult years. I'll say it again, Ayn was one person. A philosophical system has to be built upon. It will never be a perfect product. We could all sit here and bash a person that has passed away over 20 years ago, but I find that counterproductive to progressing Objectivism. Cite your criticisms, back them up and and proceed. Butchering her character while doing so only stands in the way of progress. ~ Shane
  19. I really liked how she emphasized to the interviewer to keep a specific statment in the article. Definitely sharp as a knife! ~ Shane
  20. There is always one important thing left out in the equation...the teacher. Teachers make or break students. If they are not in-tune with each student's aptitude and learning approach, the student that's behind will be left behind. Some students have a great knack, others have to work at it. But a great teacher will motivate and push each student to excel. One thing I found very useful was analogies to explain out difficult ideas and theories, creating a common ground to expand from. ~ Shane
  21. The parts that gets deeply under my skin is that it's a tradeoff. It could have been avoided. ~ Shane
  22. GM cuts Pontiac I'm literally floored by the first few paragraphs. Read beyond that if you wish, but I'm apalled that GM would cut 21,000 jobs in order to secure more government aid - at the cost of taxpayers. 21,000 of those taxpayers will be losing their jobs in order to pay into GM's bailout. As little as I know about the inner workings of the US financial machine, this sticks out as fu$%^#! stupid. It would be entirely different if those folks were given new jobs in GM for their other brands, but decimation seems to be the fate of choice ushered in by the new administration. ~ Shane
  23. I agree with Adam, Great example on socialism! I'll have to remember that one if I'm ever teaching again. ~ Shane
  24. I can assure you that "love" is achieved through a combination of epic-scale brainwashing and fear... ~ Shane