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  1. Hmm, I didn't see United States listed
  2. I like it! Keep up the good work ;) ~ Shane
  3. Great joke! However, I didn't pay $100 and still got "the rest of the story." ~ Shane
  4. Galt, I am sure that current pressures by Ron Paul supporters to their congressmen did help. Just merely stating that he's been on this track much longer than C4L's creation, and why there might not have been mention of it. You should ask him ;) ~ Shane
  5. Proudly serving, I salute former, current and future soldiers. I salute every other American that carries those soldiers on their shoulders and keeps them in their thoughts... Happy 4th! ~ Shane
  6. Be that as it may, not all Muslims are cut from the same cloth. Iran is not cut away from the rest of the world. Iran, however, is trying to put a wall around its people. It's so pressing that the protestors are railing against it, try to break free. As Americans, as individuals, we should voice our support. ~ Shane
  7. Xray, Gov't Health Care means you would be forking the bill for someone else's care, as opposed to your own (for those of us who rarely need a doctor's care). You would forego the entitlement and freedom of which doctors you could see. You could assume that the gov't would be in your personal affairs at their whim, since "they" are providing your health care at the expense of "your" tax dollars. The level of care would plummet as a result of everyone being "entitled" to health care. Good luck seeing a doctor at your convenience. ~ Shane
  8. I would wager that it is due to him trying to push the Bill for longer than C4L has been around... ~ Shane
  9. Well, It looks like we're moving in the right direction... Ron Paul's Transparency Bill
  10. Celeb Smokers One of the downsides of media is the way the scrutinize and judge what people are FREE to do in our great country. It gets under my skin when they pass judgement and make statements like "For Shame!" and "Not setting a good example...blah, blah, blah." If parents are doing right by their children, they would surely understand that what people do is directly related to freedom of choice. It doesn't have to be theirs, and that's their right. ~ Shane
  11. Nothing like finishing the workday to an article like this. It goes to show how the government conspicuously forces people (even some being uncomfortable doing so) into answering questions, thereby solidifying the "truth" of it. Rubbish! Low-Level Terrorism ~ Shane
  12. Michael, You don't look a day older than your picture! Happiest of birthdays! ~ Shane
  13. Ginny, I do that in my head. I actually did that earlier today in something I was reading. The word the author used was awkward, so I just mentally replaced it with a more suitable one and went merrily reading on. I do that too! A lot! I do that with music sometimes, where I'll add a melody here in there, intertwined with the original. ~ Shane Heh. This is a bit off-topic, but do you know the parody songs of "Weird Al" Yankovic? I can't listen to the original songs anymore without inadvertently catching myself singing Yankovic's lyrics instead. This is particularly bad when I listen to "American Pie." The Saga Begins has forever spoiled that song for me, because it just feels weird not singing the parody lyrics. The only one I catch myself doing that to is Eat It...ha! ~ Shane
  14. I'm guessing Fox was trying to get a jump on the story. Bad on them for getting their info wrong. I agree all children need balance, but their strengths should definitely be jumped on early. But there's never going back to childhood, so I hope he's getting a good dose of outdoor fun for the sake of fun. Thanks for all the replies ;) ~ Shane
  15. For me, writing is about painting a picture in the reader's head. Word choice is key to convey it. My problem is that I try to write the final draft the first time out. Bad habit, I know. Call it the perfectionist in me. But if I'm trying to paint with words, painting over seems painful. ~ Shane
  16. Ginny, I do that in my head. I actually did that earlier today in something I was reading. The word the author used was awkward, so I just mentally replaced it with a more suitable one and went merrily reading on. I do that too! A lot! I do that with music sometimes, where I'll add a melody here in there, intertwined with the original. ~ Shane
  17. Another great characteristic...he's willing to pass along what he knows. ~ Shane
  18. 11-year old genius What strikes me most at his young age is how humble he is. Great character for one so young. ~ Shane
  19. I'm a bit perplexed by the supposed sex-play accident. I read earlier today that they also found him with his hands tied behind his back. I'm uncertain how credible the information is at this point. Hopefully more details will surface. Anonrobt - He played in the movie Shane? I don't recall seeing him in it. I was named after the movie and have probably seen it half a dozen times. I'll have to watch it again to see. Keep his family in your thoughts. I always found him to be a man of subtlety, but with a phenomenal presence. ~ Shane
  20. Actor David Carradine Found Hanged Well folks, Sad news indeed. At first glance, investigators are stating his death was an apparent suicide. Such a shame for a memorable actor to go out this way. I always enjoyed watching him in Kung Fu as a kid. And his character in Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 was phenomenal. ~ Shane
  21. Michael, Started into the Reciprocity chapter. What an amazing political trigger! I never knew this existed in such a capacity. It's turning into quite an eye-opening read. ~ Shane
  22. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini - just started it this week. Already I find myself smiling at some of the tactics which have been employed against me...specifically the approach used in selling cars, and all those nifty low-price features. Let the Galaxy Burn, by various authors. Of all the game-turned-to-book ventures, Warhammer 40K novels by far surpasses many of the fiction franchises. The calibur of authors they have in stock is amazing. The basic premise of these books is the daunting task of humanity surviving against insurmountable odds across the known universe. ~ Shane
  23. I can't decide whether to get one of these or not. I've found the original version to be quite klutzy in my hands, although I've heard that the new version is only 3/4 inch thick. On the original I found that I had to blow up the font to nearly its largest size and thus have to turn the pages every two or three seconds. I just bought a new house a few months ago to accommodate all my books, and I'm already wondering where they're all going to go considering the rate at which I buy them, and something like this would be a big problem solver. On the other hand, things like illustrations in color won't work very well on a monochrome device. (Of course, most of my books aren't illustrated.) I suppose my biggest worry is that the format will become obsolete, and that I'll thus lose thousands or tens of thousands of books that way. I also like having and looking at my biggest treasures, i.e., my books, in hard copy. But when I travel, my luggage is usually overweight because of the large numbers of books I have to bring with me. Sigh. If only it were an easy decision.... Judith Judith, I'd say keep the hard copies in your library, and purchase the Kindle for trips. Personally, I don't mind buying a book twice. In your case, you seem to have quite an investment and probably not keen to repurchase such a large quantity. ~ Shane