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  1. Phil, To be sure, Terry Goodkind is a fantasy writer (though his intent is to branch out in future novels). However, his approach is not fantasy, rather it is a stage for him to reach a wider audience. Although his 'Sword of Truth' novels includes magic and the typical hallmarks of fantasy novels, his books never focus on the ooohs and ahhs of magic. He identifies them as tools to for character and story progression. It's also targeted for the mature reader and the books are steeped in heavy, philosophical issues. These are the books that got me interested in Objectivism, well before hearing the name Ayn Rand. ~ Shane
  2. Hell of a guy. I plan on picking up a copy this weekend. ~ Shane
  3. Ah, yes. Nothing like a good ol'-fashioned book-burning BBQ to warm the hearts and souls against the onset of the socialist winter... ~ Shane
  4. I agree that We the Living would be a great re-introduction to Ayn's forethought. I really need to pick that book up. I'd almost wager that Terry Goodkind's book, Faith of the Fallen had some inspiration from it. Put a modern face on the movie keeping all the book's authenticity. That would be a good wakeup call. Based on how it's received, other Hollywood producers might fight to put their money on the table to get Altas made. Anyone know Peter Jackson's political affiliation? ~ Shane
  5. Galtgulch, Your AAPS is waging war ;) Doctors Wage War Against Obama's Health Care Overhaul FOX NEWS
  6. If taxes were about ten percent of income (or even less) tax credits would not be necessary. If God Himself did not ask for more than a tithe, why should the government get more than ten percent? Ba'al Chatzaf I would love to hear Obama respond to that one. Of course, separation of Church and State responses would likely follow... ~ Shane
  7. Woe to men who were red-headed too. The Japanese believed them to be demons. A recount of a POW (can't find the book...looked for 30 mins on B&N where I read parts of the book) who was taken prisoner during a Japanese assault of Okinawa was pretty telling. He saw five redheads pulled from the hold on to the deck. There, they were beaten and beheaded. Imperial Japanese were elitists, seeing any other race as subhuman. It's likely this reason alone kept them from surrendering. It would mean defeat by a lower caste of humanity, in their eyes. ~ Shane
  8. Adam, Thanks! What drove me to that question was the nature of relationships between men and women, which were explicitly forbidden outside of pre-arranged couplings. ~ Shane
  9. This response should be posted under humor, in my opinion. I was looking up articles for Hiroshima and Nagasaki and came across the "The Flat Earth Society" forum. The OP is of the mind that nukes don't exist. I'd condense the overall conversation, but it goes in two separate directions. First is the "fact" that nukes don't exist, and second, discussions on nuclear physics (and arguements). I laughed. A lot. The Flat Earth Society - Do Nuclear Bombs Exist? ~ Shane
  10. Rand's Anthem is extremely derivative of We. Noted. But did 1984 get any of its construct from Anthem, or possibly We? ~ Shane
  11. Those were probaby SAC pathes from flying units. Alas, I was in the AETC command...not much flying there...haha! ~ Shane
  12. Ashley, 333rd's mascot is the Mad Duck. The old version was a take on the Red Baron (Air Force). A competition was held to introduce either a new or revised mascot. A vote for keeping the Mad Duck and revising it won over. In 2004, there was a big push for getting our Airmen fit. So we decided on a buff duck. So, I sketched one up...first a futuristic-armored duck, then a shirtless duck with a chain with a the tattoo 333 on the shoulder. The final draft was a duck with a t-shirt with the comm badge on the chest, and the 333 on the sleeve of the shirt. Of note, recently unveiled was my duck at Keesler AFB (site of Katrina's visit in Biloxi). An art student did a bust of it (they added shades). Mad Duck Unveiled I'll try to get a picture of the mascot, but it's a tough find on search engines... ~ Shane
  13. Socialized Medicine Is Not a Fundamental Right FOX NEWS Interesting piece by Father Jonathan Morris... ~ Shane
  14. I've never been much of a fun of short stories - too little character building, etc, etc. But, after reading Anthem, it changed my mind. Curious if 1984 was a derivitive of sorts from Ayn's story... ~ Shane
  15. Welcome to OL, Ashley! Bravo on conquering your demons ;) Always enjoyed the flute, but have never picked one up. Pencils, on the other hand, I'm very familiar with. I've been decent enough to draw a mascot a few years back which is now mainstreamed and official. A rather nice accomplishment for a small passion. I feel your anxiety for picking up big books! I read L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth some years back - great sci-fi read! I find myself just as daunted about picking up Atlas Shrugged. Soon, I keep telling myself...haha! Enjoy OL...I know I have. ~ Shane
  16. House Democrats to Unveil Health Care Bill as Obama Prods Senate for Quicker Action FOX NEWS I really like how this whole thing is turning out *cough*, and soon we'll all have health care! My favorite parts of the article are the following: The measure is expected to impose a fee on large companies that fail to offer insurance; individuals who refuse to purchase affordable insurance will have to pay a penalty. A new income tax on the wealthy, estimated to raise more than $500 billion over the next decade, would help pay for the bill. Isn't it wonderful?! ~ Shane
  17. And still no United States. I can do simple math and presume, but... ~ Shane
  18. Again, I lol'd! Good find Adam - ROFLMAO! ~ Shane
  19. Ba'al, Gamer face on - I lol'd ~ Shane
  20. Adam, I see your point now ;) I'm still new at seeing things from the 30,000-ft view with respect to personal/political agendas. ~ Shane
  21. Even with being cremated, I wouldn't take it at face value. I've heard of cases (I can dig further on this) where they gave a family different ashes. This was in part due to farming out body parts where they can use portions of the corpses for reconstructive surgery, etc. Essentially, I want to see with my own eyes. ~ Shane
  22. I hold no love for Rev. Jackson. But that specific quote I agree with. There was a similar case on a much larger scale in Georgia (maybe five years ago...can't find the article). It was a family affair with a similar tinge as this one. I just don't see how any real justice can come from incarcerating these individuals. All they are charged with is dismemberment of a body? Seems unfair to the families on so many levels. ~ Shane
  23. Graveyard Robbers Of all the old practices, this has got to be the most dispicable! In the end, the families can never hope to get true justice from this; their loved ones discarded in mass graves (no telling in what condition). As Rev. Jackson states, "They deserve a special place in hell." I couldn't agree more. ~ Shane
  24. Agreed! I remember listening to him way back in the day when my father was enlisted... ~ Shane
  25. One word...awesome! Congrats on a tough achievement ;) What are your plans in the near future regarding your degree? Look forward to reading your thesis. I keep hearing about Austrian economics on here. I'd certainly enjoy reading it firsthand from here. ~ Shane