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  1. Despite good or bad reviews, I'm going to see it. Afterward, I'll decide if I like it or not. ~ Shane
  2. If both parties are in mutual agreement, it would be moral. The employer stated his/her reasons for not being able to provide payment for more than 2 days, so no information was being withheld. ~ Shane
  3. I would kindly direct the members to read or re-read Barbara Branden's article Objectivism and Rage. If this doesn't hit home, I don't know that anything will. ~ Shane
  4. From Wikipedia "The Objectivist theory of perception distinguishes between the form and object. The form in which an organism perceives is determined by the physiology of its sensory systems. Whatever form the organism perceives it in, what it perceives—the object of perception—is reality. Rand consequently rejected the Kantian dichotomy between "things as we perceive them" and "things as they are in themselves". The epistemologies of representationalism and indirect realism that accept a "veil of perception," as put forward by Descartes or John Locke, are inconsistent with Objectivism. Rand rejected epistemological skepticism as the skeptics claim knowledge "undistorted" by the form or the means of perception is impossible. Most of this focus seems to lean heavily on sight. There are other senses to consider in this. For instance, I know liquid when I feel and hear it. ~ Shane
  5. Agreed. I just hope this time around, they actually get Bin Laden and company. ~ Shane
  6. What They're Saying In the Taliban War Room About Obama's Plan FOX NEWS Interesting piece on what the other side is likely assessing on the Afghan plan. Although the US may be able to gain a foothold on Afghan soil, it's unlikely to change anything other than the numbers of jihadists in place. While this might suffice to give President Karzai ample time to bolster his country's defenses (which he claims would take 15 years), I'm in agreement with Walid Phares; Ideology is the enemy. Kill it and the extremism withers and dies. The challenge, which seems insurmountable, is how do you change it? Bodycount has never been the answer. ~ Shane
  7. Virginia Veteran Wins Battle to Keep His Flagpole in Yard FOX NEWS Col Barfoot gets to keep his flagpole. ~ Shane
  8. Barbara, Great, great article. I wish I had read it sooner. There are so many educational pieces on here that it's hard to find a starting point. What I admired most about your piece is that it's easy to read. Only a few years scratching the surface of Objectivism, I'm still trying to make sense of most of the language used in this philosophy. I wouldn't dare say that it was dumbed down, but I humbly appreciate that it wasn't cluttered with jargon Michael, I'm grateful that I found this site before any other (though I don't visit any others). Most members are level-headed and to the point. As such, I've found myself relating to the aim of Barbara's post in not pre-judging. I'm more of a sideliner. In this case, I learn more by keeping my eyes open as opposed to keeping my ears open and mouth shut. ~ Shane
  9. The aesthetics guidelines could be subjective, as Col Barfoot claims there were no provisions against putting up the flagpole. Either way you slice it, the man has earned that right. ~ Shane
  10. Decorated Veteran, 90, Fights to Raise Flag in His Yard FOX NEWS The homeowners' assocation at Sussex Square is fighting this highly decorated veteran of three wars (WWII, Korean War and Vietnam) over the right to fly his flag. He has raised and lowered his flag since his days in the Army. The homeowners' association claim that their disagreement with the situation is the flagpole, not the flag. Shameful, in my opinion, that anyone would take issue with the epitomy of a patriot in this fashion. I would be proud to have someone like this gentleman in my neighborhood... ~ Shane
  11. Bob, Not only that. This country was made by people who were not afraid to fail as they became rich. The story goes that it took 999 attempts before Edison got the light bulb right. When asked how he was able to endure so much failure, he replied something to the effect that he merely discovered 999 ways to not make a light bulb. That's the spirit that made us. That is our inheritance. Michael I'm officially using this statement to compel my children not to quit their endeavors! They sometimes give up so easily on the easiest of things. They feel like no matter what they try, they have to get it right the first time. I keep telling them it doesn't work that way. This is sage advice ~ Shane
  12. I'm inclined to go with Chris on this one. If you value the romp more than your friend, go for the romp. If you value your friend more than the romp, skip the romp. If you're twisted up inside because it's something you wouldn't like to pass up, talk it over with your friend and gauge his feelings. This would allow you to cover both bases. As Chris pointed out, communication is key. ~ Shane
  13. Chevy Chase eats the Rocky Mountain oysters for a record-breaker in Funny Farm. Good stuff...the scene, not the oysters. ~ Shane
  14. "Stop in and have a ball." Haha! I'll pass, thanks ;) ~ Shane
  15. Reminds me of the Stallone movie, Demolition Man. But only in the sense that he's brought back in a much-changed society that he is at odds with. I'm very interested in reading this. Thanks for the info! ~ Shane
  16. WHY? Are you seriously proposing that you would watch two people die if you had the means to save them? And besides, Obama is my boss (I'm AF). ~ Shane Mentioning that Obama is your boss way up the ladder makes me wonder: are all government functions necessarily hierachical by the nature of government? From where I'm sitting, I can count on 6 fingers how far up the ladder Obama sits. Where I work, we essentially work for the Combatant Commander (COCOM), who then answers to the SECDEF and then President Obama. Locally, there are a few bosses I work for before our numbered AF commander. As to whether all government functions are that orderly? Couldn't tell you... ~ Shane
  17. Very nice piece. I would be curious to see what a rewrite would look like. Sometimes a few years gives you new insights that can be capitalized on. ~ Shane
  18. WHY? Are you seriously proposing that you would watch two people die if you had the means to save them? And besides, Obama is my boss (I'm AF). ~ Shane
  19. Michael, It hurt my brain to read something blatantly skewed. But it also hurt to read that piece from a grammatical point of view as well. It read like an unedited high school essay. It might be a good thing to teach our kids to find the fine line between crappy writing and jargon-filled hype (the latter not focusing on the content or distracting from it). My son will be going to high school next year. His freshman year will be at Radford HS in Hawaii. My view of the Hawaii public school system is not good so far. It's not so much from the subject matter or its contents, but from the management. It'd be nice to send my son to a school where teachers call bullshit when they see it, not peddle it. Good luck in your efforts, and good on you for being the road sign ;) ~ Shane
  20. This is priceless. Is it just me, or did we just catch Barbara spamming/bumping?? ~ Shane
  21. I'm an avid swimmer, so I'd jump in and save them. I would however take an underwater cam with me to capture the moment ;) ~ Shane
  22. Sweet. I'm just about done reading the book. I'm at the part where Irina and Sasha are separated on trains going to different regions of Siberia. Probably one of the most heart-wrenching visuals I've ever read. I'd be interested to see how that scene is filmed (if it was). ~ Shane
  23. Definitely a classic. What disturbs me the most is that none of the other pictures in this post show up on my .mil address, but this one does! Of course, it's the network source of the picture, but laughable all the same! Happy Hallow's Eve y'all! ~ Shane
  24. One observation...these handouts set a terrible precidence. It's built in to a "give and not-give back" system. Understanding that there are those in real need, hence private charities, many will refuse to do better for themselves when they can just sit back and get what we paid for. And it's systemic, from as high as the national level down to the individual. Altruism is humanity's kryptonite. ~ Shane
  25. Interesting, Michael. I can attest to the irritation of the continuous "whys?" I might try the simple "what can you do to feel better?" approach for some of my co-workers that are in a slump. ~ Shane