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  1. JB, You make a great observation about the magazine's editor. You would think that with all the great camera tech out there, someone would snap a relatively clear picture. When I look to seeing anything believable, I look to motion picture. Some of the things seen, and the maneuvers caught, on video catches my attention. The video posted earlier in the thread is actually very interesting. Hoax? Probably. But some of it looks to defy laws of physics as I know it (not saying much there...haha!). Photos do nothing for me. ~ Shane
  2. Brant, My heart goes out to you. I look forward to your return and wish you the best. ~ Shane
  3. The fact that Chuck Norris is still breathing is why we can still claim Earth to be ours. Should he die (look up immortal, and you'll find a picture of Chuck Norris), then the aliens will invade. They fear the roundhouse kick to the face! ~ Shane
  4. Ted, Did she ever say why? I find that really interesting...intriguing, and in a positive way. ~ Shane
  5. VA's Attorney General weighed in as well, as seen on Fox News - VA AG Cuccinelli Says Liberty on the Line ~ Shane
  6. Now imagine an Earth without a Moon. This conversation would suck! ~ Shane
  7. Thanks for the inputs gentlemen! This is one area that has always had my attention, though not to the level of detail provided. I think Bob has it right: colonize the Moon. Though I doubt we could lay claim to it militarily, we obviously have the means to get there more than most countries. I really like the idea of setting up observatories on the dark side. The clarity would be phenomenal. ~ Shane
  8. Why Mars? Buzz Aldrin Wants a Lunar Base First By Gene J. Koprowski FOX NEWS Buzz is right. As much as I'd like to see man reach Mars in my lifetime, the prudent approach is setting up an infrastructure on the Moon. ~ Shane
  9. I'm curious how a solipsist would answer this. How does one explain that which they do not know? For instance, if I'm introduced to quantum physics (which, personally, I have zero working knowledge of), how can I possibly "realize" equations. I know zero about the inner workings of a nuclear powerplant. I know zero about many subjects which have definitions that I've yet to look up. How does this work into the "reality" of a solipsist's world? ~ Shane
  10. I'm guessing this Fenix module will become a standard for miner rescues. This is one thing that was definitely done right. ~ Shane
  11. Did that duck shart itself?? Poor thing ~ Shane P.S. We know that duck quacks don't their farts? Hmmm...
  12. Ted, I'm following you. At this early stage, it'd be hard to say. Given the proper attention, I'm sure someone will dig into this now that it's in MM. Even UK posted this article on one of the news sites. ~ Shane
  13. NY City Population in 2008, approx 8.2 million. That breaks down to just over $30. Probably less given that the number of residences could average out to 1/2 to 1/4 of the population. So maybe even closer to $15-$20. That's well worth the bill. I'm assuming $383M covers all stations? ~ Shane
  14. Apologies, as I inferred paying for the service vs. insurance. Of course, you'd have to have insurance to cover damages. ~ Shane
  15. Look at who they cater to, and it's no longer remarkable. ~ Shane
  16. I'd gladly pay that, and as much as twice that to secure my house from potential destruction. I'm sure there's plenty of overhead that we don't see (salaries, equipment, recurring maintenance on trucks, etc.) that merits that sort of fee. ~ Shane
  17. Well, that answers my question ;). I can't see video links at work...bleh! ~ Shane
  18. This brings up another point...why did they dispatch the fire dept at all? Wouldn't they have checked the address to see if it was covered? Certainly, there is a database that lists residences that are current. Seems to me, in reading the article, they stood by and watched as the fire went onto property by a covered residence. So, they were on standby to see where it would spread? ~ Shane
  19. Exactly. That would have cost less than the full loss of his home and belongings. And being there, I would have done the service either way (personally). What a hard lesson to learn in today's skewed society. ~ Shane
  20. Quote - "The homeowner, Gene Cranick, said he offered to pay whatever it would take for firefighters to put out the flames, but was told it was too late." You can look at this several ways. First, he offered. Anyone with compassion would have put the fire out. Are they obligated? By no means. But personally, I couldn't stand by and watch a man's house and possible livelyhood (if he worked out of home) go up in flames. Second, was the homeowner at fault by not paying the annual fee? You bet. He probably never figured on his home going up in flames, so why pay for services he didn't feel were likely? Oops on him. Lastly, as pointed out, the fire dept arrived on scene. Mobilizing them costs money. Then it's a matter of pointing and shooting water. As chief, I would have made the call to put the fire out as a responsible citizen to ensure the fire didn't have a chance to spread and cause further damage (Free Republic Article). I wouldn't wait it out to see if it did, as was the case. Add to that that an oath is usually undertaken (mentioned in one of the responses), and now the fire dept will get viewed as the bad guys (which they're not). It's an impact on that profession as public servants. That'd be akin to the military deploying to a hot zone, and once there, we sit back and watch the mayhem unfold without intervening. Unless, of course, it spills over to another country that's "paid" their dues. Different ends of the spectrum, I know. ~ Shane
  21. Nice! I caught what MM mentioned in the field scene. "You" was mentioned several times, but I gathered that was the collective "you" vs. individual. I hope this project finishes. I'm looking forward to seeing it. ~ Shane
  22. Rich, When you're funny, you're hilarious! This has to be one of the best payback scenes ever! Of note, I watched "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" recently. She gets a great payback in that one. ~ Shane
  23. Heavy topic, to be certain. With all individuals, no single approach is possible. I give my two kids a lot of leeway. I'm hands off for the most part, but there was tons of work when they were younger. Each day brings new experiences. So these days, as they are a bit older, it's a "sit back and see" how they react. Based on their actions, I intervene if necessary, or carry a conversation to see how they came about their decisions. ~ Shane
  24. Of all the quarterbacks in my followings, I'd like to throw in Phil Simms reign with the New York Giants. Him, along with Lawrence Taylor and Mike Allstot (FB with TB Bucs) were some of the best players in the late 80s and 90s. Nothing wrong about appreciating the good players' grit on the gridiron. If folks dig on player preferences, they really have nothing better to do. ~ Shane