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  1. This one I've liked since I first thought of it. Of all the stories, the message is buried in real life, real issues that are close to heart for many of us. My other stories aren't in the "neighborhood" of this one. They deliver different messages, but probably more subtly. J,J & E will be taking action to front doors with the readers looking over their shoulder. :)

  2. Thank you, Angie :)

    One of my goals as a writer is to not be pigeon-holed. I seek to tell stories within the genres that best fit it vs. the other way around. And when my mind is set, it's hard to veer any other direction.

    With regard to the bolded sections, I'm still adamant about this path. I think it would add a lot of depth, especially in character development. It might also be a good chance to see the reactions of those we've met since coming to Dividia. They knew us as being middle-aged. Now if we go back, our friends and acquaintances might not be so receptive...conflict. This will be my arguement. I think that growing younger is a necessary component of the story. It's a compass of sorts as opposed to a inward feeling.