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  1. Chris, Yeah, It's been called "fearmongering" to even question it and the fact that there has been no congression involvement or oversite makes me very uncomfortable. Both the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico say it will be put in place as early as 2010. Bush has been silent, though he has been at these meetings and in conference with Robert Pastor of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Giuliani via Bracewell and Giuliani , represent Cintra , the Spanish based consortium who want to build and own that super highway.....Two socialist countries + U.S. = The North American
  2. You left out The Bilderburgers, The Illuminati and The Free Masons. And the Constitutional Republic has been dead since Woodrow Wilson's administration, if not sooner. The last nail was hammered into the coffin with the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendments. The latter removed the last vestige of the Sovereignty of the States. Ba'al Chatzaf Okay Ba'al Chatzaf, How do you think we should procede ? Without a congress or senate ? Who has a say when we are not consulted on this NAU proposition ? What do you see as a perfect system ? Hugely curious, Gigi
  3. Alphonso, Bracewell and Giuliani represent Cintra ,the spanish investment firm who will own the super highway. As we know, the Council on foreign relations, Robert Pastor, the Prime Minister of Canada , the President of Mexico and our President , have been working on the North American Union together ,which would seem a conflict of interest for someone in Giuliani's position or any President elect , who's job it would be to protect the sovereignty of the U.S. I would look into Ron Paul's positions if you care about maintaining this Constitutional Republic. How do people like the term "socialis
  4. Ron Paul has twice as many votes as Giuliani in the RoR poll. 45 % - 22 %
  5. Mrs.Branden, It's easy to see why you posted this parody/smear thinking it was real as I've seen several respected "news" blogs who have made the same mistake and have not corrected themselves at this hour. I have great respect for this forum and yourself for correcting the error. Gigi
  6. Michael, We seem to have cross-posted. I appreciate what your saying. Obviously, though, it is a hoax that has had the ability to be repeated as fact by equally respected sources ("Conservative" blogs) where it will not be cleared up, such as it has been here thanks to your persistent appreciation for truth. I have just googled this fake event and found many and current referances to this event as if it were fact. This too shall pass, but not with out effecting lazier minds with it's poison. That makes me sad. Gigi
  7. I am a big fan of Dr.Paul and knew it was false the second I read this here , even before noticing the date. I most respectfully ask Barbara what her specific arguements are against Dr. Paul. If they've been posted elsewhere in this forum, I would very much appreciate being directed to those posts. Barbara, you know not what influence you possess, or maybe you do, and I would be very grateful to hear your specific premises as to your dislike of Dr. Paul. With the most sincere respect, Gigi
  8. I will probably do some more research on this myself, especially trying to find some indication of the existence of this event, but there are two things that I find disturbing at this point. 1. Despite one characterization in the blog entry, there is nothing in the presentation of the article on Front Page other than the false date to indicate that it is a satire (if it is one). It is presented as a serious article. 2. On looking at Google, there are conservative blogs all over the place starting to cite and highlight this article as fact, then blasting the so-called participants
  9. Intellectual sophistication ? To point out and recognize an objective truth is BAD ? By the way , I wasn't saying they were the best basket weavers, only that a paticular culture values basket weaving more than most. And why is that, I ask myself ? Especially when this other culture, let's say my own, will do well to have that same emphasis ? And how to achieve that kind of rational value for myself ? How to undo my original culturally manifested, flase premise that baskets were the devils testicles, so I to, could carry my gardening in one trip back to the house? Anyway, your point is that
  10. To point out attributes in a culture and to name the attribute and the culture is not racist. Wow, will I be called racist if I say one particular group of people are excellent basket weavers or another make delicious cheese ?! Or the culture of one group seems to work more efficiently then this other based on empirical evidence , Is that racist ?! Or is it Objective ?
  11. Gold especially rocks, and my favorite gold coins have no mention of God on them (this is coincidental). They are the Mexican 50 Peso coins minted around the 1940s, simply gorgeous coins, right up there with the St. Gaudens $20 double eagle. I served in the 1st Forward Light Infantry Secret Squirrel Psyops Battalion Brigade Regimental Command of the Royal Army of the People's Republic of Freedonia. Naw, I just made that up. Actually, I served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard, and New York State Guard. Currently I am on a V.A. disability pension and chilling out with the U.S. Coast
  12. Not to get off topic, I think gold rocks , but Robert , what arm of the military do you/did you serve ? Signed, Curious (or Gigi, same thing)