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    I am, unbowed. Nicked by life in a number of places. Alive, aware, arrogant and accommodating when necessary.
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    Moody Blues, Drury books, I have a top 200 movies, Da Vinci
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    Chess, birding, football, baseball, minimalist backpacking, argumentation and debate, politics and philosophy, strategic board gaming, history, Rand, poetry, writing.

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  1. Where are you, Adam?

    1. Jules Troy

      Jules Troy

      So....come back eh?

  2. Yeah, rebuilding sucks - thank God for the Mets!
  3. So when folks who can't understand Trump were certain that Carson was a religious fanatic that would never endorse Trump, they miss the entire attraction of Trump. Well, well, how could this be! Don't ever underestimate Trump. A...
  4. I heard this author interviewed a while back for almost two (2) hours. Made a lot of sense and I have recommended it too a few folks who suffered similar losses over the last few years and they all found it quite helpful. A...
  5. A...
  6. Welcome to OL Red. Some folks here have experienced this also. I would imagine you are a Randian. I think you will find this a very supportive place. A...
  7. Good story. My lady friend is big into horses, she went to the Kentucky Derby last year and made all the Triple Crown races last year. My "bet" was my mental bet. Never been into racetrack betting, except as a "mental game." I remember in The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress to bet the leading apprentice jockey to Show and you would always come away a winner, even though it was a small net/net. Lol... A...
  8. The horse ran a really strong race... I liked Exaggerator and I would have bet the horse to win and place - so today I would have netted $3.40 cents - place paid $5.40. A...
  9. New York - If you can make it here....
  10. Peter: Do you have the list? A...
  11. Not really. Additionally, I think that the "perception" of politics as too "dirty" to deal with is denying reality.
  12. Another reason that this is in metaphysics...