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  1. Mark, TAS is off my radar, too. Kingwood is a suburb of Houston and to my knowledge she's lived in Texas for a while. She wouldn't have had to be there in the 1980s to have heard about Dick Minns. Robert
  2. Mark, Dick Minns has made up a lot of stuff about himself over the years. This might include when he first got into Rand. My point about Dick Minns and Carl Barney was precisely that Minns is worse. I'm not defending Barney on that account—I appreciate the work you've done to expose him. I continue to marvel at how the ARIans (and some others in Rand-land) can pick 'em. Robert
  3. Mark, Without knowing *when* Dick Minns got into Rand, I'd stay off any Hickman-Roark-Minns connection. Robert
  4. You quoted me. But my name isn't Billy. Robert
  5. Dick Minns was the talk of Texas for several years after 1980. The corruption of Houston PD was a common topic of conversation from the 1960s through the 1980s, though before reading some of the material that Mark posted I never realized just *how* corrupt some of the cops were. There is no way the ARIans wouldn't have heard more than a little about Dick Minns. No way Jennifer Grossman wouldn't have, either. His son, Mike Minns, was two years ahead of me in high school. Founded our school's only underground newspaper, which I worked for. I think he ran off some of the first copies in
  6. Michael, At a number of points in these discussions, you gave the impression of exulting in lies told by others (and given further circulation by yourself), as long as it appeared they would help your guy win. You know, the alleged extramarital affairs of Randy Ted Cruz, and all. But I did not think, and was not presuming, that you were lying about Donald Trump's stated views regarding Social Security. I did think that you have may have been indulging in wishful thinking regarding them. Trump has been rather adamant, since BNTE 2, that Social Security MUST BE PRESERVED
  7. Michael, The value you get out of responding to this kind of question is the value of being able to back up your own assertions. You know, as opposed to such alternatives as requiring everyone to accept them on your authority. Otherwise, why not just attribute to your guy, Donald Trump, any position you want, just because it happens to be a position that you like? There is nothing in this Market Watch article about phasing Social Security out at some future time. In fact, t
  8. Korben, There are some things I say a lot on this site (all of them much too often for your taste). Here are several things I am going to say just once. Your support of a candidate who just won a major party's nomination does not entitle you to lie on his behalf, to throw tantrums on his behalf, to vent your blind hatred on his behalf, or to play juvenile games with other participants in this discussion on his behalf. And if you have been doing this stuff because you are incapable of posting intelligent responses, it's best to stay out of discussions in which these are occa
  9. Michael, Somebody or something deleted it. I wasn't suggesting you did the deleting. Robert
  10. Tad, Clearly, many of Donald Trump's supporters do see him in a Messianic subrole: driving the money changers out of the Temple. Some (not the proprietor of this site!) go further. For them being the disrupter is all that matters. Milo Yiannapoulos told an interviewer that he fully expected President Trump to issue a couple of big executive orders, then be in total, lock-down conflict with Congress (both houses, both sides of the aisle) for the rest of his term or terms—and he considered this an excellent outcome. The problem is that Trump only pretends to be an overturner of t
  11. It's hard to admit being wrong when Donald J. Trump is your role model. Robert
  12. Ahh, and if anyone should complain that he hasn't delivered, President Trump and his surrogates will just tell them how badly they misinterpreted him. Robert
  13. Michael, Your post to M. Guyau is quite the eye-opener. I am sure that you will not care for the least portion of what I am about to offer. But there's a slender chance others will read it, so I'll give it a try. I'll start by saying that I am hardly immune to all forms of charisma, but the kinds we often encounter in politicians generally leave me cold. I realize that in different forms Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump all have charisma. But I experience it, pretty much from beginning to end, as bullshitting. Be that as it may, I did not think in 2007-20