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  1. Prison rape is obviously a horror story for its victims. The fact that it remains a reality of prison life is a moral outrage. Those prison administrators who allow it to continue without doing everything possible to stop it are utterly reprehensible. On the other hand, there are those potential victims for whom I am unlikely to have a shred of pity, any more than I would feel a moment’s sadness for a serial killer who died in a car accident. If a scumwad like Jeffrey Dahmer were gang-raped a dozen or more times a day, I would not lift a finger to stop it. I cannot conceive of any form of
  2. More information about "sextortion" cases in the US and Canada: Grand Sudbury Police Department website The fact that the perpetrator is outside the United States is no reason not to report the threat to the FBI. Here is a case in which Canadian police arrested a man on a tip from the FBI: Ontario Man Arrested in "International Sextortion" Case If you happen to be a hacker, you may want to start greasing up your little bunghole, because Bubba is gonna be happy to meet you. (Especially if you're the type who tends to cry a lot while getting fucked up the arse.)
  3. I thought perhaps OL members might be interested in knowing more about a relatively new cybercrime—sextortion--and its criminal consequences. Here’s a link to an interesting case involving a man recently sentenced to six years in prison: Orange County Man Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Hacking And, for anyone who has been a victim of such crime, here’s a link to the FBI’s internet crime complaint center: Federal Bureau of Investigation website
  4. Does his mommy know he's playing on the internet?
  5. Thanks for your very thoughtful contribution and references, Stephen. Much appreciated.
  6. A celebration 45 years in the making. . . The Los Angeles Kings and fans celebrate the team's Stanley Cup win during a parade in Los Angeles, Thursday, June 14, 2012
  7. “Rubio was more likely to read the sports page than weighty philosophical tomes. But by the time he finished his first legislative term, he had devoured Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged twice.” And Paul Ryan was in the habit of requiring that his staffers read Atlas and giving it to friends at Christmas—that is, until some prominent Catholics pointed out her philosophy did not exactly coincide with the teachings of Jesus. From an interview with National Review: In view of his abject betrayal, I consider Ryan more of an enemy of Objectivism than someone who never read one word written by Ayn Rand.
  8. David, Maybe I haven’t been keeping up on current events, but the last time I checked, it was okay for me to express my honest opinion here on OL. Michael’s rules don’t say anything about sugar-coating. All I did was point out that Brant’s comments on morality are not remotely consistent with Objectivism. Since this webforum is called “Objectivist Living,” I thought maybe that was relevant. Brant calls that “going off the ratiocination tracks.” I call it expressing my opinion.
  9. My behavior on OL is due to circumstances beyond my control . .
  10. Okay. I get it. This is a joke. Right? Ha Ha. Very funny. Please don't expect me to take you seriously if it isn't.
  11. C'mon now! Was that real??? You enjoyed yourself so much, I figured I must have been dreaming. . . Nice save , dear. Now it is time for you to start fulfilment of prenup conditions ii.(b) - seek out and pay reverence to Stanley Cup at any and all LA locations ii,© - find name of Beliveau and say prayer or appropriate quote from Ayn Rand at your discretion ii,(d) - find names of Toronto Maple Leafs and weep bitter tears I need to see a copy of this prenup. I suspect my scrawling signature would never hold up in a court of law. I'm not responsible for anything I signed within 12 hours afte
  12. Do the words 'objective code of morality' mean anything to you? Abandon hope, all ye who buy this crap.
  13. C'mon now! Was that real??? You enjoyed yourself so much, I figured I must have been dreaming. . .
  14. Dennis, Why the yawn? I absolutely agree that an Objectivist defense of markets is necessary. But the fact that moving more towards markets and away from controls creates more wealth for everyone isn't something to be greeted with a yawn. It is enabling more people around the world to live their own lives on their own terms, to pursue their own happiness and fulfillment. Objectivists should welcome this with open arms! Poverty is not conducive to the life of man qua man. Also, I should add another thing; it isn't necessarily a choice between pragmatic and moral arguments for markets. Even Rand
  15. Hello…What day is this? Just one more Bloody Mary and I know my eyes will start to focus again. Now what’s this about Carol and I going on a Honeymoon? Tell me more. That would be worth sobering up for….
  16. Don Watkins, on the ARI (Yaron Brook) link shown above, says: That’s a lot more charitable than I would be. Brooks never once challenges the ethics of altruism, and endorses Hayek’s notion of the “social safety net.” Brooks grants the leftist opposition their premise of altruism-collectivism, just as other conservatives typically do. The fact that he understands the need for a moral defense, yet falls back on the same old ethical tripe, makes his position more cowardly, not less.
  17. Nervous? Me? Nervous? Nonsense. Don't worry about me. I am a nerves professional. (huh?) Yes. I am nervous.
  18. How can you folks joke around when the most important hockey game ever starts in a little over an hour? Please. This is no time for joking around. Okay? Thank you
  19. Over the weekend, C-SPAN 2’s Book TV aired a recent talk by Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, discussing his new book, The Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise. Brooks shares the viewpoint of Rep. Paul Ryan that capitalism is very much in need of a moral defense. (OL members are no doubt aware that Ryan paid lip service to Ayn Rand's moral defense of capitalism, then cut and ran with his ratfink tail between his legs as soon as some religious voices suggested he was lending his moral support to greed and selfishness. Ryan deserves the tarnished moniker o
  20. Bill Plashke in the Los Angeles Times: So what’s it gonna be, Kings? The Stanley Cup or a total collapse the likes of which the NHL hasn’t witnessed in 70 years?
  21. “All ye who believe in Me shall have eternal life. . .” Very convincing, I think.
  22. Uh-oh. Confession time: I'm glad the Devils won. Guess I'm more of an excitement junkie than a diehard Kings' fan. Saturday's game should be a thriller! Carol--An 'extra spicy' dousing will do fine. But watch out for paint balls coming your way. (Surely they don't let bicycle cops have real guns, do they?)
  23. Carol, I concur that a sweep is always a little disappointing,even if you’re on the winning side. Sports needs the luster of drama. Lopsided ‘competition’ is boring, even though the outcome may be a dream come true. I knew the practice facility was next door, but have now been informed that the Kings’ main LA business office is in my office building. No doubt Lord Stanley will be paying a visit soon. Perhaps we will have a chance to meet in person. It will be a humbling experience. Imagine sharing an elevator ride with the Holy Grail BTW--Normally the fine citizens of LA celebrate sports
  24. Over the weekend, a mysterious glowing object suddenly appeared above the Hollywood sign. . . . (I’ve been trying to post the image for two days, but something seems to be wrong with image posting functionality on OL. %#$@&!! ) Was this "ghost" the work of pranksters? A Kings’ publicity stunt? Sunspots? Nonsense. Someone was giving us a sign. If anyone suspected divine intervention might be a factor in the Kings’ amazing playoff march. . . .Well, now you know. The Kings are truly a team of destiny--as New Jersey will likely bear witness (one final
  25. Both OT games in New Jersey were about as close as they could have been. The difference has been Jonathan Quick. If the Devils lose again tonight--regardless of how close the game is--they're done. No doubt about that. But a victory tonight could throw the outcome of the series in doubt. Whatever the Kings are paying Quick, it ain't enough. He's inhuman.