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  1. ThatGuy, Since World War II the U.S. has been in a new phase of degradation to which Rand was pretty much oblivious. Socialism vs. Capitalism, Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative is now just entertainment, like television wrestling, hiding venal, thieving, murdering Mafia-like corruption. It makes “taxing the rich” or “robbing Peter to pay Paul” look good. I wrote “pretty much” because once in a while Rand would acknowledge that something more sinister than differences in political philosophy was going on. The only example I can think of at the moment is when, in an essay, s
  2. By Wrongly Calling The Capitol Rabble 'Terrorists' Joe Biden Will Likely Create Some The author fails to prove his title but the article contains some quotes worth preserving.
  3. “Trump does not throw his supporters under the bus therefore Trump did not just throw his supporters under the bus” is a classic case of rationalistic argument. Now, as a matter of fact, Trump had urged that his supporters “march on Washington.” Marching on Washington is rather different from invading the Capitol building. I would say that he threw his more enthusiastic supporters under the bus. Everything has changed and only blind faith could make a person think that Trump will be inaugurated January 20th.
  4. Man Entering Capitol Building is a BLM Organizer and Likely an FBI Agent Provocateur
  5. I listened to part of Trump’s speech, as much as I could stomach. He threw loyal supporters under the bus. It was all right to say that storming the Capitol was the wrong thing to do but then he should have said that he understood their feelings and motivation. And he should have described, at length, the role of Antifa. ThatGuy, “Did Trump just concede?” I guess that’s intended as a rhetorical question, because of course he did. Worse, his use of the past tense makes it sound like he has given up trying to get election fraud acknowledged in the courts. But sinc
  6. “... this [“an orderly transition on January 20th”] represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history ...” If Trump has a surprise in store and the above is just indirection directed at his enemies, what is its purpose? I don’t like cheerleaders unless they’re smarter and more knowledgeable than I am. Who is “President Elect Joe M - @StormIsUponUs” that Lin Wood retweets him? (From a cursory glance at his work he seems like a crank.) Lin Wood himself is only a defamation lawyer. So far have any of his predictions come to pass? To repeat my usual refrain,
  7. Joint Statement of Seven Senators and Four Senators-Elect by Marsha Blackburn, Mike Braun, Ted Cruz, Steve Daines, Ron Johnson, John Kennedy, James Lankford, et al 2 January 2020
  8. Trump should be urging his supporters to write their two senators and one representative rather than urging them to waste their time attending another rally. I hope all this ends well but Trump's ceaseless promises do not inspire confidence.
  9. From an editorial by Ann Coulter: --------------------------------------------- Trump warned that there would be massive fraud with mail-in ballots, but as with all his other great points, he didn’t actually do anything about it. True, Trump tweeted, “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.” It turns out that didn’t actually accomplish anything. It was much like his “LAW & ORDER!” tweets or this (my favorite) tweet: “bring our troops back home. Stop the ENDLESS WARS!” Far from an “authoritarian,” Trump seemed to be ut
  10. I spoke too soon. It used to be that if you searched for ... ayn rand iraq war or even ... "ayn rand" "iraq war" one of my Iraq War articles would be number one. No longer. It's not among the first 30 and I lost patience checking further. Ditto for lots of other subjects. Some aren't so bad. "carl barney" used to be number two, now it's six. "richard minns" used to be number two, now it's five.
  11. This morning was still de-ranked. I checked just now, this afternoon, and things seem back to normal. Google de-ranked many websites over the election fraud issue. Maybe they stopped because of complaints from users.
  12. If you search for "ARI Watch" using Bing or DuckDuckGo you find listed first. That used to be how it was with Google as well. No longer. ARI Watch has effectively disappeared as far as Google is concerned, ranked so low it might as well not be there. Who knows for sure why but I suspect the new articles on election fraud caught Google's attention. Imagine that. Google is going after low traffic, niche websites like ARI Watch, trying to hide discusion of election fraud from their hapless users.
  13. I wrote that in Mouthpieces for Election Riggers. From footnote 2: Mr. Brook’s conversation contains much word-stuttering, false starts, extraneous you knows, I means, rights, ands, uhs and ums. Most of these have been silently omitted in our transcription. Despite that cosmetic treatment Brook still sounds like a complete fool.
  14. Re the post just before Ellen's ... Trump besmirches himself, regarding Blagojevich, Esformes, and a lot of other things. MKS turns the discussion from the actions and missing actions of Trump – which are indefensible – to me, the bearer of the bad news. Re “cannon fodder”: No one sent me here, or if MSK is referring to, no one manages it besides myself. Out of the blue MSK takes on the subject of my leaving behind a body of work when I die. His technique is to complement a person – I’m “intelligent,” as if he could ... LOL – while cutting him down. He also c
  15. It isn’t fascist or “authoritarian,” whatever that means, to put crooks in jail. Is it fascist to keep Snowden exiled and Assange in prison while letting scum like Blagojevich and Esformes run free? Trump worshipers are almost as sickening as Trump haters. Of course I hope I’m wrong and Trump pardons Snowden and Assange but we shouldn’t have illusions about Trump’s character. Support him against the likes of Biden, Kamala, AOC etc. and all the vote fraudsters but you needn’t swallow him whole. Kushner helped get Trump to commute (terminate) Esformes’ sentence. Who elected
  16. Not to mention Philip Esformes. Trump is in large part a sleazebag. (In the current political climate I support him anyway, especially against vote fraud.)
  17. Troll or fool, Had a Dagney been president in real life would she have commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich?
  18. Ellen, My source didn't know. These years might be helpful: ... Boesky sang in 1986 ... Brook came to America in 1987 ... Milken was indicted in 1989. ... Brook, with another person, started BH Equity Research in 1998. Mark
  19. Anthony, That ARI should make that podcast on the 21st of all days, the day of the event they had been working and pining and hankering for, the day that brought the installation of the likes of Kamala president of the United States closer to becoming reality, what can one say? Can you think of a fresh way to call them hypocrites? Ellen, Interesting question, did Brook invest with Milken. I relayed it to my best source, still waiting for a reply.
  20. The Great Depression may have been the largest wealth transfer ever, from the middle class to the rich, as usual. Wyndham Lewis, a British eccentric, wrote about this somewhere (when he was in the U.S.) It’s hard to quantify the different transfers and compare. Anyway, the Covid hysteria (not that one shouldn’t take vitamin D or that the elderly or sick shouldn’t take care) has caused a huge transfer. Democrats once championed, in their own misguided if sincere way, the “working man.” Now they openly hate him, at least if he isn’t one of the favored – insert string of letters. They w
  21. New on ARI Watch: Mouthpieces for Election Riggers Yaron Brook & Gregory Salmieri Quoting the later about claims of vote fraud: “... given my assessment of the characters of the people [Trump, Giuliani, Powell ...] involved and my assessment of the [legal] system ... I dismiss these claims without looking into them, and I think it’s perfectly valid to do that.” Just so, he goes on to say, you acknowledge that you haven't looked into them, which makes your dismissing them OK.
  22. My opinion of Sarah Palin just increased by, to use a physics term, several orders of magnitude.
  23. In one of Yaron Brook’s recent podcasts he refers to Giuliani’s claim of a spurious extra 156,000 votes for Biden in Michigan (though Brook mentions only the vote count not the state). Brook then says (1) Giuliani later retracted the claim. (2) The extra votes in fact went in the opposite direction, that is, at first they went to Trump when they should have gone to Biden. Brook also says that Giuliani has retracted other of his claims but he doesn’t elaborate. Is any of that true? I don’t think Giuliani made the 156,000 claim Brook says he did, and hasn’t retracted any o
  24. Quoting the article: The article concludes: ”... the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling comes as [a] much needed victory for President Trump and his allies.” I don't understand the victory part.