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  1. This Week in the World Affairs Brief THE PROFESSIONAL REBELLION AGAINST VACCINE MANDATES by Joel Skousen Ayn Rand’s classic libertarian novel “Atlas Shrugged” describes a rebellion of the productive class against the encroaching socialist state. Her mythical hero, John Galt, encourages the most productive and essential corporate leaders in the nation to shrug the world of socialist burdens off of their shoulders and quit—knowing that without their skills and innovative leadership society under socialism will collapse. All these hard-working people retreat to Galt’s Gulch in the Rocky Mountains and prepare to rebuild later. There are similarities to this theme now as some of the best people are forced out of their jobs over these totalitarian Covid vaccine mandates. Sadly, the vaunted leadership class that Ayn envisioned leading the way has utterly failed to fight against the lies and deceptions of the false pandemic. They have either joined the conspiracy as knowing conspirators or become mindless yes-men and cheerleaders for these ruthless vaccines and freedom-wrecking Covid mandates. Instead there is a small but growing class of hard-working professionals who do the critical work of airlines, hospitals, railroads and ferries who are balking at the vaccine mandate, calling in sick, filing lawsuits and even quitting their jobs rather than submit to this tyranny. Just as in her fictional writing, as good people are forced out, it is creating havoc with the economy as shortages and delays get worse every day. The big question this week is, “Is it enough and will they be able to outlast the Powers-That-Be arrayed against them?”
  2. Nurses at Minnesota Town Hall Meeting
  3. tmj, Why not tell us what you mean? If you refer to the word “vaccinated,” I agree that the FDA/CDC use of the word is deceptive.
  4. ARI event staff will be vaccinated, attendees must either be vaccinated or tested before and during event. The following is from an email sent by ARI. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Masks No one will be required to wear a mask at the conference but of course, anyone is welcome to do so. Proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test result (a requirement that will be waived with proof of vaccination). We are requiring that all attendees bring proof of a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of checking in person for the conference. We also are requiring that attendees take a second test for COVID-19 during the conference, 48 to 72 hours after check-in. We will provide this second test free of charge to attendees, but anyone who tests positive will have to self-isolate in accordance with the hotel’s (and any applicable governmental) procedures. These two testing requirements will be waived, however, for any attendee who provides proof of having been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You may bring proof of vaccination with you when you register in person. But to make the registration process as easy and quick as possible, you can upload your proof of vaccination here via our secure website. Your information will be stored in a private, secure server. Regrettably, anyone who cannot provide proof of a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours (and who has not had this requirement waived by providing proof of vaccination), will not be permitted to attend the conference in person. If you foresee this to be your situation, please contact us. Signed liability waiver We are requiring that all attendees sign a liability waiver when registering in person at the conference. For your reference, here is a link to the form that you will be required to sign. ARI employees ARI staff working at OCON will be required to provide proof that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Everyone at high risk for complications from COVID-19 is strongly encouraged to stay home and attend the conference virtually. Everyone for whom reason exists to think that if they contract COVID-19, the illness will be severe, is strongly encouraged to stay home. This includes but is not limited to individuals who are unvaccinated and aged 65 or over, and individuals with compromised immune systems. Please contact us if you have paid the registration fee but for health reasons now wish to stay home. All attendees should carefully weigh the fact that Austin is currently a COVID-19 hotspot. The fact that Austin is currently a COVID-19 hotspot has implications that are worth considering. Here are two of the most important ones. First, if you plan to go out in Austin to restaurants, bars, or other public venues, you should assume that you will be exposed to the virus. Even if you are fully vaccinated, this does not guarantee that you will not contract COVID-19, or that if you do contract COVID-19 you will be symptom-free, or that if you do contract COVID-19 you will not require hospitalization. Second, various news outlets are reporting that Intensive Care Units in the Austin area are operating at or near capacity, and if you require ICU-level treatment for COVID-19, you should assume that it may be unavailable. And of course, this also holds true should you require ICU-level treatment for a non-COVID-19-related condition or disease. If you decide to join us at OCON, know that we are planning a great, inspiring conference packed with great content and activities. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra fires flutist who spread conspiracy theories Quoting the article: A flutist for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra who was publicly rebuked for her conspiracy-laden social media posts has been fired from the prestigious group. Emily Skala, whose posts on COVID-19 and November’s presidential election led the orchestra to distance itself from her in February, was terminated as its principal flutist Tuesday in accordance with its “progressive discipline policy,” the Baltimore Sun reported. ... Skala had previously claimed on Facebook that the coronavirus was “created in a lab” at the University of North Carolina before being sold to another laboratory in Wuhan, the Sun reported, adding that some of her other posts were flagged by Facebook for misinformation. see also She also pushed theories of election fraud, but has denied being a “conspiracy theorist” despite her belief that President Biden was not the authentic winner of November’s election.
  6. I updated the article and removed the question-mark from its title. The last of Barney's schools closes August 1st.
  7. Will have to look into any Eskimo / B.C. First Nation People distinction. I don’t know the point of the yellow highlight. The lymphatic system does drain into the blood circulatory system. The creep Scherk quotes calls Laura-Lynn Thompson’s show a “conspiracy show.” That’s the way intelligent people are put down these days. Again, here are links to the best parts of the two shows: April June
  8. Dr. Charles Hoffe, of British Columbia, Canada, has – or had – a large Eskimo clientele, now called First Nation People. It seems that non-whites are more susceptible to harm from the vaccines; in other words, their reaction is exaggerated. The point is that there is something to exaggerate. I abridged these videos to save people time viewing them. They need to be viewed in order: April June
  9. Another in my series of intelligently abridged videos about the Covid vaccines by other people: The regulatory mess and the suppression of adverse events It features Brett Weinstein, Robert Malone, and Steve Kirsch.
  10. 2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece — video interview of Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University (abridged). The abridgement makes the video more persuasive as well as shorter. Sometimes less is more.
  11. I don’t know what state Peter lives in but the governor / Führer of mine ended it June 1st. “The VA is continuing to protect our veterans.” The point some here are trying make is that, statistically speaking at least, the vaccine is harming your veterans. “I had no Reaction at all to the first [shot/jab] and have not heard of anyone else who did...and you know how small towns are for gossip.” My experience differs from caroljane’s. Though I have heard some people had no reaction, others got from mildly sick to very sick. Nobody I know of has died and I haven’t been able to follow what happened to those who got very sick. But his isn’t the time for such stories. Nobody is saying, “Get a shot and drop dead.” It's a question of statistics and risk. The risk of Covid is trivial, the risk of a serious reaction to the vaccine is not. Again, read the easy to read article "Should you get vaccinated?” by Steve Kirsch.
  12. "... how does one get hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin if one gets sick?" The magic word is “telemedicine.” For example, Dr. Shelley Cole, M.D. I used her to get a prescription for Ivermectin. She charged me only $45 or $50 for the phone call up front (I forget which it was). Her secretary will have you fill out three forms. She can also give you a prescription for HCQ. (You can get Zinc at any drugstore.) Her phone number is on her website. (PSST ... Actually I did this for someone else so that would have immediate treatment on hand. They were making noises about how they might get vaccinated and I wanted them to have the treatment option to help persuade them not to.)
  13. We are talking about the experimental Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, not “other vaccines.” The Covid vaccine is much more dangerous than any other vaccine. Hence the “powers that be” must use fallacious arguments, like the prove-anything-with-statistics line you repeated, to try to convince the deplorables to submit to the needle. Dr. Peter McCullough interviewed by Reiner Fuelmich (video) June 11, 2021 (abridged)
  14. What a stupid argument! Of all people diagnosed with Covid, 0,8% of those vaccinated died, and 99.2% lived, therefore the vaccine caused the vaccinated to live rather than die (or to be generous, most of them). It’s a glaring non sequitur. The fact is, with or without the vaccine practically everyone lives. You could just as well argue from the given statistic that the vaccine caused 0.8% of those vaccinated to die. But of course it doesn’t prove that either. In fact the vaccine is very dangerous. See Should you get vaccinated? by Steve Kirsch, May 25, 2021 Steve Kirsch invented the optical mouse. He is Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, which he set up. See also the paper, updated now and then, by Steve Kirsch and Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology: Vaccine safety evidence Updated June 27, 2021 And the blog of Dr. Meryl Nass. Mark
  15. A Composer Condemns Arson, Now he’s Out in the Cold Until last year, Daniel Elder ... had a promising career ahead of him. ...