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  1. I Know Sidney Powell and She Is Telling the Truth by John Zmirak
  2. Speaking of the Deep State, it was the Deep State's planted explosives inside the Murrah Federal Building that caused practically all the damage. McVeigh's fertilizer bomb caused very little damage. See the links at OKC Bombing.
  3. From Whither America? by Nick Griffin ... Despite widespread attempts at sabotage by NGOs, law enforcement agencies and Democrat activists, the turn-out was fantastic. In Britain and online, the absolute silence by the right-wing flagship the Daily Mail, and the sneers and absurd lies about numbers from the Guardian, Independent and the BBC, spoke volumes for how shocked the liberal elite were by the endless convoys and the vast and enthusiastic crowd. And, at the end of a great day, despite waiting until they could pick off stragglers, the paid and cowardly thugs of Antifa freq
  4. MSK may not be getting it. The point is not that David Martin doesn’t like Bossie but rather why Bossie is unlikable. Martin is the author of the books The Assassination of James Forrestal and The Murder of Vince Foster. He unearthed the Navy’s report on the death of Forrestal, known as the Willcutts Report. (Perhaps the Nurses Notes in the report's appendix is the most accessible evidence for assassination.) Martin is also a poet, and the text rhymes and scans. Most of his poems are political commentary but not all, for example, The False Bee.
  5. He is quoting NBC News:
  6. From: Divine Intervention in Trump Vote Challenge? by David Martin Late last week we encountered this surprising and disturbing announcement: “President Trump’s campaign has tasked David Bossie, his deputy campaign manager in 2016 and the head of the conservative advocacy group Citizens United, to lead its efforts to challenge election results in several states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania, according to a person familiar with the decision.” It’s surprising because Bossie appears to be manifestly unqualified for the task. Most obviously, that is because these challenges
  7. ARI’s board chairman is unconcerned
  8. Some years ago in a moment of sanity Peikoff denounced hispanic immigration (a stand-in for Third World immigration) in the strongest terms, only to completely reverse himself later after a public discussion with Yaron Brook. If he is sincere about his position on Trump he will get rid of Brook. He has the power to do it – recall the case of John McCaskey. Carl Barney is an unrepentant – indeed self-righteous – former Church of Scientology franchise owner who afterwards went into another fraud: *
  9. I don’t mind the quoting but here's the original in an easier to read format: Presidential Elections – Ayn Rand 1932 to 1980
  10. New on : An HBL Member on the Election (HBL being the Harry Binswanger Letter)
  11. ARE THEY MURDERING PRESIDENT TRUMP ? It looks as if the Establishment has found a way to assassinate Trump! Why didn’t Trump call in Dr. Vladimir Zelenko from New York or Dr. Didier Raoult from France?! Why is Trump being given experimental drugs and not the known safe HCQ cure? To Scott Atlas, White House coronavirus advisor from Jon Rappoport October 3, 2020 Scott: If media reports are correct, the president is receiving 2 experimental drugs: the antibody cocktail, Regeneron, and the antiviral, Remdesivir. Aside from their individual adverse effec
  12. It’s worrying that Trump is in hospital – too easy to be a victim of the Deep State in a hospital. There’s no question James Forrestal was assassinated at Bethesda Naval Hospital and it’s likely Joe McCarthy was as well. I don’t trust this “cocktail” of new drugs Trump was given. I’m not reading Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Azithromycin. He needs to bring in Dr. Meryl Nass or other doctor who has had great success with this combination.
  13. Shysters This article, about ARI and the presidential election, was complete as of a few days ago. Then I discovered more ARI people had weighed in so I added a stub section (“stub” as Wikipedia uses the word) called “More Shysters” and will add to it in a few days.