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  1. Gene Autry sang the song "South of the Border" in a 1939 movie of the same name. If Wikipedia can be believed the song was written by Jimmy Kennedy (lyrics) and Michael Carr (music). It has been recorded many times since then.
  2. Ellen, Good point, I hadn’t thought of it. One could argue that since Minns’ subject matter in his “Atlas Shrugged Quadrilogy” concerns her work, her opinion of it would have more worth. Also, just because she goofed with Parrish (and maybe she confused him with another Max somebody) we shouldn't disregard every artistic evaluation she ever made. Still, from a propaganda point of view, that is, my wanting to persuade people, it is confusing to have to bring up Parrish in the same breath and it tells against my argument, as you say. That, plus because my recollection might be wrong, I removed the paragraph in question. (Again, you may need to press your browser's refresh key to see the update.) Setting aside aesthetic value, does anyone here remember Rand expressing annoyance from the copyright angle that some people were selling artwork depicting her characters? Of course the first question is: Was that happening?
  3. Jonathan just isn't thinking or he is intent on finding moral fault -- a rather common failing among "Objectivists.". What I wrote was not based on rumor. I can do without this. Jonathan can reply all he wants, I won't see it.
  4. I’m not infallible and it’s possible I mis-recollected, but of the two A doesn’t recall ever ... B recalls ... which carries more weight? Well, of course it depends. If A listened carefully to everything Rand said in all the Q&A then A carries the day. But has Jonathan? As far as the “Who Is Richard Minns?” article is concerned this is a very small point. I don’t want to make a mistake, but if I have it’s not the end of the article. Maybe I’ll put in the footnote that the point is contested. It will have to wait though, it’s low priority.
  5. Peter, Ellen, everyone: The main text about “trash” stays as is but I added this footnote:
  6. Jonathan, I corrected the trash business two days ago. I’m grateful to Ellen for pointing out my error. Just now I emailed someone about having to refresh a browser: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When your browser opens a webpage it has recently opened before, it will open a "cached" copy on your computer instead of the real webpage on the Internet. To force it to open the real webpage after that, press the "refresh key," typically F5 or Ctrl-R. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mark
  7. MSK flatters himself. He makes this place, then makes it an unpleasant place. I came here to (1) advertise my new article, (2) have it criticized by intelligent people, such as Ellen and some others. I'll ignore MSK the rest of this thread.
  8. What MSK *meant* is one thing, what he *wrote* is easily construed another way. Now I guess Marion is Jesus Christ.
  9. Naturally I share MSK’s indignation about all this. It’s insane. Even the articulate Ellen was reduced to “Puke, puke, puke.” You need a barf bag to read about it. One is speechless, at least at first, in the face of this story. I think it very unlikely Minns donates money to ARI. He might to ARC Israel for their Atlas Award or it might be the reverse and Barney pays him for his “Atlas Shrugged” figurine. We do know that Barney helps finance ARCI and the Atlas Award so it’s plausible. About Hickman, now I’ve heard everything: he can be viewed as a Jesus Christ! Yuck. Not that I’m into Jesus Christ but I do respect the story. For a “fair and balanced” view that castigates and excuses Rand where appropriate see the link I gave in a post above. About Minns’ technique: It’s the Big Lie, a lie so huge it’s hard for the naive to understand that he could utter it and self-righteously, and not slip up somewhere or give some indication. I think what helps him is that on some level he himself believes his own big lie. He’s a psychopath aping Objecivist phrases. He really believes he is an innocent victim. I might add something like that to the article.
  10. Neil, A footnote in another article tells what Hickman meant to Rand. Mark
  11. Robert, Minns claims from the age of 14, as quoted by Ellen (quoting me quoting Hay Hill / MInns).
  12. Ellen, There’s nothing I know of that corroborates what’s said in the Hay Hill Gallery blurbs. It’s possible that Minns concocted a story to help sell the statues, but I'm afraid he might be telling the truth here. Robert, Not sure what the point is of your remark about Barney. Minns is far worse than Barney but they're still a fitting pair.
  13. Peter, I see now that my first post made the article sound like it’s about Israel. It’s not. I edited the original post. Mark
  14. Ellen, Glad to hear you’re reading it, I’d like an opinion from “the woman’s angle.” I’ve corrected some typos, made some clarifications. You might need to press your browser’s refresh button — typically F5 or Ctrl-R — to see the changes. There’s a minor technical problem I’ve yet to fix: some browsers show extraneous black-backgrounded question-marks at one place, not sure why. About the Maxfield Parrish business, yes, Rand wasn’t at her best. People debate whether she confused him with someone else. Actually I can see why she might not like him for *some* of his work. Namely the androgynous (of indeterminate sex) nature of some of his subjects. But he did a lot of other work that wasn’t like that. However it’s my recollection that Rand also replied “trash” when someone asked about a contemporary artist as related in the article. But you have planted the seed of doubt in my mind, LOL. Anyway, I can say for sure that she was once asked about it and her reply was very negative. I’ll try to find a recording, maybe add “words to that effect.” ADDED: I couldn't find it so I made that change. Mark