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  1. What really “did it” for me was Trump’s end-of-presidency pardons, many of them deserving of hate. Then there was his ineffectual attempt at preventing, and then at exposing, election fraud. He was no genius there, not even cagey. And as Ellen mentioned, there is the “insurrection” set up and the vaccine business. When you evaluate someone it needn’t be all or nothing . If Trump is the best in the field, even the best of a bad lot, you can support him and still be aware of his flaws.
  2. Indeed, and what's going on with his endorsement of Elise Stefanik, who supports cheap labor immigration?
  3. tmj, That guy thinks that if you inject a liquid into a muscle it won't get into the bloodstream. It isn't true. Blood goes everywhere, it has to in order to provide nourishment and take away exhaust. If a coral snake (red touch yellow, kill a fellow) bites you, you're in trouble no matter where it bit. I mention this in the article's comment section.
  4. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich PCR Lawsuit Update “We are fighting gangsters.” The first graphic is not the video, the second below it is.
  5. Carl Barney, formerly of ARI, is against the wall. The latest on ARI Watch: The End of Barney’s Second Career?
  6. Taylor Hudak at The Last American Vagabond published a great interview with Michael Yeadon on April 11th. You can watch all of it, 51 minutes, here, but to make it more watchable I abridged it to 29 minutes here. This video, especially the abridged version, may be the best propaganda vehicle yet to convince your stubborn friends that there is malign intent behind the vaccination campaign.
  7. Michael Yeadon, a microbiologist and former Vice President of Allergy and Respiratory Research at Pfizer Global, in a telephone interview reported in the LifeSite News article “Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death”: I think the end game is going to be, “everyone receives a vaccine”… Everyone on the planet is going to find themselves persuaded, cajoled, not quite mandated, hemmed-in to take a jab. When they do that, every single individual on the planet will have a name, or unique digital ID and a health status flag which will be “vaccinated,” or not
  8. A few days ago someone posted a link to a talk by Geert Vanden Bossche, a Belgian vaccine researcher. I watched it straight through because I am on the lookout for persuasive videos with which to help convince my friends to avoid the non-vaccines. This video wasn’t one of them. If he had said: “Even if we grant the short term efficacy and safety of the European experimental “vaccines,” giving them en masse when the virus is everywhere will lead to disaster. (And go on to argue that it destroys ones natural immune response.)” But he doesn’t grant, he claims outright that the European vac
  9. RL0919, Since it served its purpose, I removed my post and your reply from I could host a copy of the old ORC on ARIwatch. Just save your files in a zip file and email it to comment(at)ariwatch(dot)com At the top of the main page would be added a notice saying it is an archive and has nothing to do with ARIwatch. Such a “live” hosting would have two advantages over using the Wayback Machine — the pages would display more or less instantaneously and I could install a FreeFind search
  10. The FBI wolf investigates sickening attack in the corral: A Capitol riot defendant says a DC jail guard zip-tied him then severely beat him up: Capitol riot defendant alleges beating by jail guards. This article gives more detail.
  11. I enjoyed reading the comments by George H. Smith, who is some kind of genius, on Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance" (he shows what an ignoramus Rand was about the essay) even if I can't see what this has to do with the status of The new owner of the domain has substituted "Anthony Mason" for "Richard Lawrence" in the personal part of the website is concerned, and -- so far -- left out the OCR part. The blatant plagiarism seems pointless.
  12. The domain expired and eventually went up for sale. Some company bought it last year, I forget the name. March 21, 2020 the domain changed hands again. One Anthony Mason now owns it. On the new website he says he is “the owner and webmaster of the Objectivism Reference Center ...” However The Objectivism Reference Center is not there. The main page says the website was last updated January 12, 2021. Mason says he used to be active on the humanities.philosophy.objectivism newsgroup and the Atlantis mailing list. It could be that Mason thinks that by purchasi
  13. No, I’m not cavalier about them. Who the hell are they to ruin my life for some tiny possible benefit to them? Who are these old people who sacrifice the young to themselves? (By the way, the iron hand of the state is doing a lot more than forcing people to wear useless masks.) “Fanboy” wasn’t in my vocabulary so I looked it up. Merriam-Webster online: a boy or man who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something It’s a disparaging word. I don’t think I have any “fanboys.”
  14. Some further comment after Ellen's post ... Quoting caroljane: “... it [a vaccination ID] illustrates my point. A public health measure is not viewed [by those who object to this?] as what it is, a measure to limit the initiation of force by citizens upon each other, but as – well, what? An infringement on your sacred right to get sick, and make others sick?” The ending is sarcastic and “initiation of force” is designed to push Objectivists’ buttons. The mask orders, “lockdowns” of healthy people, limiting businesses, closing businesses, forbidding public assembly, etc. have to
  15. Brant Gaede, According to the Wikipedia entry “English defamation law” truth is an “allowable defense” against libel. CarolJane, Official Objectivism is a psychological freak show. Were you active on OL when I unveiled Who is Richard Minns? And then there’s Carl Barney. I’ve written several articles about his case, for example Barney’s Big Lie. ADDED: What is LeTourtette noted for?