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  1. Mark

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    Link to Leonard Peikoff’s “Presumed Consent” Podcast on that Objectivism Online thread and see if you at least get “monitored.”
  2. Mark

    Rape by an Objectivist

  3. Mark

    Air brushed Objectivist publications and materials

    Where on did you find it? All I see are edited reprints of the articles by Peter Schwartz.
  4. Mark

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    That Rand was brought up Jewish is news, where did Kolker – or whatever his name is – get it? The usual biographies say her father was not observant. Her mother was, but they also say she wasn’t close to her mother. “Rand had a Jewish moral and ethical sense.” Poppycock. ARI may have the attitude what’s-good-for-the-Jews and screw the Gentiles but Rand certainly did not.
  5. Mark

    Yaron Brook on Scientology

    Yaron Brook on Scientology Another mean article on ARI Watch, again about Carl Barney. The case of Carl Barney is easy to understand and agree about. Even those who believe open immigration is the greatest thing since sliced bread, that the U.S was absolutely right to invade Iraq, that the U.S. should invade Iran too, that Israel is the alpha and omega of the universe – all those ARI positions – might balk at Carl Barney.
  6. Mark

    Rape by an Objectivist

    Wolf DeVoon, There are good reasons not to go the police. In the case of Catherine she might not have wanted to subject herself to the police about a personal matter because some of them are stupid louts. It’s risky approaching the police. In the case of the second allegation (relayed by “anonymous” who’s supposed to reveal himself in July) that was online for a few days under the now dead link above, the young woman went to the police and they told her they weren’t going to do anything. As Jon points out there are cases where the victim of a crime would naturally speak out. I don’t think OTIPOJ is tabloid gossip. Jon Letendre, Thanks for telling about your experience with Ridpath. Reminds me of the end of his Patrick Henry talk where he strikes a tragic pose – emphasis on pose. A video used to be on YouTube but it’s been removed. ADDED: I discovered a note to myself about the video that I made after watching it a few years ago: He has a lecture on Patrick Henry. The first presentation – years ago – was sound recorded, I haven’t heard it. A fairly recent presentation was video-taped and ARI has it online. He’s off key from the beginning. I skipped to the end. The *attitude* he strikes at the end – extrovert look-at-me suffering, the tragic tone – is beyond description. He practically cries, and – this is the point – it’s so damn phony. His emotion is tilted and perverse, it’s all wrong.
  7. Mark

    Rape by an Objectivist

    OTIPOJ was published in 1990 and a few years ago placed online with added commentary. Catherine’s claim that Ridpath raped her, made recently on OL, would be libelous if she were not telling the truth. (The commentary part of the OTPOJ webpage reports what Catherine said on OL, but a true report of what somebody else said in public is a fact and never libelous.) Now, Wolf, you don’t know that Catherine is lying. We cannot know she is telling the truth either but after extensive email correspondence with her and Ms. Martin in my opinion she is. In my last post I mentioned the Weinstein media noise as a possible explanation for why Catherine approached ARI just now. I don’t know for sure. She’s a difficult email correspondent, eager to talk then loathe to talk. Time doesn’t erase a crime. If this latest “indirect witness” to another alleged rape who is supposed to come forward after the July OCON is a substantial “pillar of society” type then I think what he says would be worth paying attention to – even after 30 years.
  8. Mark

    Rape by an Objectivist

    The webpage linked to above no longer works. Ms. Martin emailed me saying the man will allow himself to be identified after the July OCON (which he is attending) then the webpage will be put up again, with a bit more detail that he has remembered. The “On the Independent Pursuit of Justice” webpage containing the first allegation remains up. Ms. Martin also said that Catherine eventually talked to an ARI representative on the phone for two hours. During a second call they said Ridpath was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease so they weren’t going to pursue the matter further. I suspect – she didn’t say this – that she felt emboldened to approach ARI because of the publicity surrounding Weinstein. Wolf, Justice delayed is justice denied.
  9. Mark

    Donald Trump

    Update on caravan. Stalled in Mexico. about 1,000 (well fed) migrants. Mexico beefs up its own southern border security. There have been previous successful "caravans" of about 300 migrants. See also Latin Americans Don’t Respect American Sovereignty: ... the members of the migrant caravan, who provoked this entire situation, are not going home to Honduras. Many of them are given permits by the Mexican government that allow them to continue on their way to Mexico’s northern border. Marchers in the caravan bore the sign (see photo here) Todos Somos America—“We are all American.” But by “America,” Latin Americans don’t mean the U.S.—they mean all of North and South America. They think that gives them the right, regardless of our laws, to enter the U.S. That’s the mentality we’re dealing with, in the Mexican government and with the Latino activists.
  10. Mark

    Donald Trump

    Trump tweeted: WE WILL PROTECT OUR SOUTHERN BORDER! I replied: U.S. military to protect our border, good. Economic leverage to force Mexico to do same, good. All good, but considering Tump's past, we'll see. Figuratively speaking you need to light a fire under the man's chair.
  11. Mark

    Donald Trump

    Yes, even if Trump does nothing the caravan is – ironically – poor public relations for immigration enthusiasts. They’re showing their hand, It’s too much too soon, But there have been many such events. There’s no reason to think this one will be any different. For one thing the Traitorous Media won’t give it the coverage it deserves. Again, I hope I’m wrong.
  12. Mark

    Donald Trump

    Congress isn't going to act and Trump must know this. Perhaps he is waiting until the last minute to rub in the inaction of Congress, then he will act and thus make himself look even better than if he started now. It's remotely possible, but like Ed I don't think he will do anything. Trump is passing the buck.
  13. Mark

    Donald Trump

    "edpowell" over on SOLO posted an excellent and topical comment on what's happening as we write. Quote: This insane caravan of thousands of migrants, aided by the Mexican government, is careening toward the US border. Trump has already said his hands are tied. But are they? His one unquestionable power as commander-in-chief is to use the military to protect the US from invasion. Will he use it? He has numerous diplomatic options, including pulling out of NAFTA and breaking off diplomatic relations with Mexico unless they turn the caravan around. Will he do so? Everything I've seen of Trump says to me that he will roll over again. This caravan is just as "spontaneous" as the children from Parkland arguing over gun control. Someone somewhere (probably associated with Soros, planned it, and helped implement it. It is the Left's attempt to move Trump into a George HW Bush "Read my lips" moment where he is 'forced" to betray his key campaign promises, and thus so turn off his base that he loses the next election. It's so obviously a trap and Trump is walking right into it. Unquote. I'm sure Ed hopes he's wrong and so do I.
  14. Mark

    Rape by an Objectivist

    At the time of the November 2017 posts above both B. Martin (co-author of “On the Pursuit of Justice” with her then husband J. Marc) and Catherine Farrar contacted me and we exchanged several emails. Recently B. Martin emailed me about a second allegation. B. Martin told me that “Anonymous” had planned to put his name to his statement then changed his mind. So now there are two accusations, and one helps give credence to the other.
  15. Christ, these discussion groups are a thief of time. In the literal world literal witches do not exist. Someone calling FDR satanic and an associate a literal witch is either mocking criticism of FDR or – or what? Jon Letendre should admonish his own self to speak plainly, I have no idea what he is up to. I’m done. Jon can have the last word.