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  1. Back on August 22, 2015 Ed Powell and Stuart X were interviewed on Amy Peikoff’s BlogTalkRadio show “Don’t Let it Go” where they discussed a recently published article by Ed Mazlish concerning immigration. On Amy P's website the title of the show is “A Response to Ed Mazlish’s Call for Ideological Screening of Immigrants” and on her BlogTalkRadoi page “A Discussion of Immigration Policy.” Ed Mazlish's article is “Yearning to Breathe Free: The Foundations of a Rational Immigration Policy” which he put on someone else's blog. Later Ed Powell created a website called Objective Dissent. Here is Amy P's webpage for the immigration show, started a few days before the show itself. There are many posted comments including some by Ed Mazlish. Since then she hasn’t given opponents of open immigration any time on her show. At one point Lindsay Perigo was scheduled to debate Yaron Brook but then Brook insisted on some debating rules that Perigo found unreasonable and it never happened. (I agree with Ed Mazlish’s – and Ed Powell’s – criticisms of Yaron Brook / ARI but disagree with their alternative. Our immigration disaster cannot be fixed merely by ideological screening, which is impractical anyway.)
  2. Sunny Lohmann hosts a podcast featuring Ed Powell and Ed Mazlish:
  3. MSK, Peter isn’t telling you who to ban or moderate. All, the following links to a number of articles about corruption in Child Protective Services, then to several articles about the Franklin “scandal.”
  4. It’s a mystery to me as well. I don’t see how any of the three things you mentioned could have affected the program. Compatibility mode: The program should run without this setting and if it were required, restarting your PC wouldn’t affect the setting. Administrator mode: Ditto. Protection setting: I don’t know much about this but judging from what I read on various Internet references the only such setting called protection has to do with turning on or off the Windows “restore points” feature. This wouldn’t affect how any program runs. Anyway, glad you got it working.
  5. Max, On your Windows 10 Pro machine, what exactly happens when you double-click the exe file? It just doesn’t do anything, OK, but what exactly do you see? Pretend I’m from Mars.
  6. Max, Probably your browser just copied it to your “Downloads” folder. To run it open Windows Explorer. On the left pane of that window very near the top you see “Desktop” and underneath it “Downloads.” Click on “Downloads.” Then on the right panel you see a list of files. Double-click the exe at the top (if the list is sorted by Date most recent first). Then you see a scary message saying “Unknown Publisher-,” then click “Run.”
  7. Just what did you experience? It has run perfectly under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit), and Windows 10 (64 bit). I haven't had a chance to try it on a Windows 8 computer.
  8. Any axis, but since the ropes can be attached anywhere we need -- "without loss of generality" as they say -- only show that it can be done for some one axis.
  9. Glad you liked it, Darrell. Jon, Yes, it can spin forever without twisting the ropes to the breaking point. The ropes must stretch and twist but only by a finite amount. Since the webpage gives a rather abbreviated account of what the program does here’s a more leisurely description. Imagine a ball in the middle of the room suspended in the air by six elastic cords. I’ve gotten used to calling them ropes. Each rope is glued to the ball at one rope-end and to a wall, ceiling, or floor at the other rope-end. The ropes are all straight and untwisted. The following schematic diagram gives some indication of what I mean: ......................................................... | / ...................................................... —O— ....................................................... / | Then the ball starts turning around on its vertical axis. The rope-ends attached to the ball’s surface go around with it while the rope-ends attached to the room remain stationary. The ropes become tangled and twisted. The ball turns around exactly once and pauses. During this pause you can try to untangle the ropes but you won’t succeed. Then the ball continues turning around, in the same direction, and stops after a second turn. Surprise, now you can untangle the ropes so they are all straight and untwisted, as they were at the beginning. The manipulation can be done while the ball turns, then the ball can spin without pause while the ropes never tangle and twist beyond a certain amount. You can do this with any number of ropes, I said six just to be definite.
  10. The mechanism is deceptively symmetrical. At first glance it looks the same left and right (minus X and X) as top and bottom (Y and minus Y), but on closer examination these two aspects are different. Let L = length of the full rod, from pin 1 to crayon. Let M = length of the part of the rod between pin 1 and pin 2. Let x, y = the coordinates of the crayon using the grooves as axes as in the picture. Let x0 = the length of the projection of the “M” part of the rod onto the X axis. Two relations of these quantities can be seen by considering certain right triangles. The first follows from the Pythagorean theorem with rod as hypotenuse, the second from similar triangles: (1) The square of x + x0 plus the square of y equals the square of L. (2) x + x0 equals x0 times L / M. First solve (2) for x0 in terms of x then substitute it into (1) to get an equation involving only x, y and the constants L and M. Doing this and simplifying, you get an equation for an ellipse: A squared times x squared + B squared times y squared = C squared where A = L B = L – M C = the product of A and B Since A > B the ellipse is stretching along the Y axis.
  11. Judging from the recent thread “Where are you?” some people here are interested in spherical geometry, so you might be interested in a curious fact about space discovered by the English theoretical physicist P.A.M. Dirac (1902-1984) – specifically the “space” of rotations in three dimensional space. At the bottom of the following webpage you’ll find a link to a computer program (Windows) that generates movies illustrating his discovery in various ways: How a Spinning Object Can Remain Connected to a Stationary One It can also show a movie that illustrates the principle behind the spinning jenny used to twist fiber into thread.
  12. Michael, Thanks for taking the trouble to run your CD. About the operating system business, an acquaintance recently got a computer with Windows 10 -- don't know which edition -- and like MerJet's her CD no longer works. what's going on is a puzzle. Could be hardware, could be the edition.
  13. MerJet, About the Q&A, I’d forgotten about Google Books (I own Ayn Rand Answers but it’s in storage). Thanks for the link. About the CD not working in Windows 10 – that is, the search program on the CD not working – it might be possible to get it to work with a little trouble: run XP inside a “virtual machine” and then run the program in XP. You’ll need a licensed copy of the XP operating system. Every edition of Windows 10 besides “Home” comes with the virtual machine “Hyper-V” already installed. To change the subject, you have a very interesting blog: Correspondence and Coherence.
  14. To anyone who has the Objectivism Research CD-ROM: Would you search for Agnew as in Spiro Agnew, President Nixon’s first vice president, and copy-paste here what you find, if anything? Agnew gave a famous speech November 1969 excoriating newspapers and political commentators. Rand might have praised him for it at the time. (If it was only during a Q&A though it won’t be on the CD.)
  15. Mark

    GHW Bush, RIP

    Ron Paul is right about Bush, Sr. and his involvement in drug smuggling. The late Rodney Stich, a former Federal Aviation Administration investigator, in his book Defrauding America provides evidence that Bush Sr. helped smuggle cocaine from Mexico when he was in the CIA.