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  1. The justices couldn't come with the reasoning for abortion so they pushed the subject under the rug. --Brant
  2. Unenumerated rights can be protected by the SCOTUS with correct legal/human rights reasoning. Roe v. Wade doesn't qualify. A right to privacy? Take that and run with it in today's context. Back then it was a euphemism for the right to have an abortion. --Brant
  3. Glendale, A Z. A suburb of Phoenix located to the NW of the city. 6 degrees hotter than Tucson means 120 in the summer. --Brant
  4. Why do you trust these data? --Brant how many people in this country died in June a year ago from all causes compared to last June?
  5. How about a greenhouse? --Brant come to Arizona, Tucson for comfort and Phoenix for business
  6. Well, the Rev. Jim Jones used some physical force, especially at the end, but basically held psychological sway over his followers. Was that sway force if abstracted out? --Brant
  7. Jesus. At least they can't do lobotomies, yet. Absent your examples what force and it's nature that they can use? --Brant
  8. Psychologists are not doctors and prescribe no drugs. D didn't nitpick on this. I am interested in just what you think psychologists do that is force and the case that can be made for that. --Brant
  9. But you have observed it and . . . ? --Brant
  10. Power is harnessed energy, but no one has yet explained what energy is at its most basic level. --Brant
  11. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Jill Biden, his wife. --Brant
  12. I've got my good points too! --Brant you had me worried there
  13. Nancy can Botox her face, but not her mind. You cannot delimit the President's pardon power without a constitutional amendment. --Brant more stupid than senile and basically and necessarily thoroughly evil
  14. Now Mr. Stone can seek to have his conviction overthrown in the courts and will have the ability to bring it all out into the legal open legally. Those who did him in are going to get done in. --Brant I hope
  15. Romney reminds me of that corrupt Senator in Godfather II. I wonder who he's beholden to? --Brant
  16. Just what did he die of since the virus is not a disease? Notice how they used the plural when talking about one person? So how many people at the party died? The cause of death from the virus is supposedly pneumonia. Did he die from that? --Brant boy, am I tired of all the un-scientific gobbledygook that these people feed the public and themselves
  17. In hospice they dope you up into an insensate condition then deprive you of all fluids and you are murdered in several days through dehydration. --Brant