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  1. The war between the states was the inevitable outcome of the founding document which sanctioned slavery for the sake of a federal republic. The South knew it was losing that sanction and opted out. Virginia followed South Carolina when Lincoln refused to let SC go after Ft. Sumter. --Brant
  2. You might ask why Great Britain supported the South and find some of the economic reasons. --Brant
  3. The war was fought to preserve the Union, not to end slavery. The latter was a mid-war PR add on. --Brant
  4. While on the subject of predators and monsters, Abe Lincoln killed off about 5 percent of the adult male American population in order to preserve the Union with his "Civil War." Just a "statistic." --Brant
  5. I agree about predators and monsters. I disagree about appropriate precision. That's for bull sessions. --Brant
  6. All I've read so far is JE had a sexual interest in teenage girls. This is neither pedophilia nor pederasty. Biologically it's normal. Culturally, legally and morally it's wrong because wealth, health and education has freed female adolescents from biology. Imprecise use of language has gobbledygooked this thread. --Brant
  7. A really young one could be a baby to 12 --Brant are we talking about the same kids?
  8. William is very smart. But it's not how smart you are but how smart you use your smarts. --Brant
  9. Newton was so smart he could afford his dumbness. --Brant when you're real smart you're dumb for there are so many things leftover to be dumb about like God
  10. Religionism doesn't cause anything. People cause. --Brant old stuff
  11. Psychiatrists ruined my aunt, sister and niece. They fuck over many more women than men. --Brant just for the fucking record
  12. "Consistent application of principles" is 1) reductionism to find them then 2) constructionism to apply them. But "principles" is a plural and principles can collide with each other. Enter, rigorous use of critical thinking. Shall we apply morality and blow up the world or is it more moral not to blow up the world and apply the other in safer times? The primary job of an American President is the physical protection of the United States and its citizens. Since Rand wasn't President she was free to get off on the morality, but not to prescribe and apply policy. Kennedy was free in the context of his duties to go to the ballet. Rand stayed clean and Kennedy got dirty. Politics is a very dirty business. Much dirtier today then way back then. --Brant Trump is dirty
  13. Rand believed in using morality as a weapon and Kennedy was trying to deweaponize the situation that threatened general thermonuclear war (GTW). --Brant
  14. Trump as a Nazi? Man, some people don't know shit. --Brant
  15. Science? We don't have no science! We don't have to show you no stinkin' science! --not me
  16. William is a Russian sleigh ride in one person throwing off "data" hoping the scientific wolves stop and eat. --Brant