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  1. Because American Communists are adopting strong-arm fascist tactics they should be called Nazis. --Brant
  2. Oh, yes--the Communists. --Brant since 1844 (or even the French Revolution)
  3. Talk about doing the most with the least! --Brant
  4. Wait a minute! Did the dead people put their lives on the line to get rid of WHO and the UN? Did they man the barricades? Or were they just cannon fodder or, worse, nothing at all? What we have here is lack of moral agency except by bad actors rationalizing celebrating good things from bad things. Shit stinks. Why talk about the value of night soil! --Brant
  5. The problem with the metaphor is it disputes the efficacy of reason, but in war reason is practical, not philosophical. If not your conflict is practical vrs philosophical as in the movie Shenandoah it's with not so good results. If you have the right ideas you can make the best practical choices given the enveloping situation. --Brant blood and flowers
  6. The CDC is corrupt too. The virus death count seems to be grossly overstated. Don't get me wrong, if it gets in your lungs it can kill you. The death certificating has gone fraudulent. Money is involved. If someone dies on a ventilator the hospital gets $39,000 if it's a CCP virus cause on the d.c. 1/3 that if not. (My remarks here are tertiary. I got this from a secondary.) --Brant
  7. You can say goodbye to climate change and anything to do with "save the earth," too. Everybody's getting a new idea about what's important. For whatever's good or bad about it, the environmental movement is on a ventilator. --Brant I'm an environmentalist; let your imagination run wild
  8. Oh, poor people do too only not as much. Now if it's primarily the more well off they're the ones getting on airplanes and flying off to Italy. But who gets the most exposure? I'd imagine the workers in wet markets. I'd not imagine they're so well off. --Brant now, what am I to do with all my chickens?
  9. That's so bad it's good! --Brant with whipped cream!
  10. Likes to dislike? --Brant just trying to be helpful
  11. Objectivism is like a frozen over lake. You are either trapped under the ice or ice skate. (On the shore your friends have a fire going for the evening victuals.) --Brant you possess Objectivism; Objectivism does not possess you
  12. Hysterical crap. We'd be so much better off if Hillary were President? Trump has character flaws but Hillary is evil. --Brant and bomb the mosques!
  13. While I wonder what the legal authority was, the Nazis had all of that they needed once Hitler took over Germany. It's much too dangerous for cops to do that in most of the US. It's not only the need for warrants but they might get shot. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution covers warrants. That Amendment was in response to what had happened to John Wilkes in England in the 1760s. His home was invaded and ransacked by police that make these current jokers look like pussies. William Pitt (respecting excise taxes justifying warrantless searches and/or the use of general warrants): "The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the crown. It may be frail; its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storm may enter; the rain may enter; but the King of England cannot enter -- all his force dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!" The problem with England is both the lack of a written Constitution and William Pitt is dead. At least we have the former if not the latter. --Brant
  14. Good God! She died 38 years ago. --Brant
  15. Microsoft was built on DOS which Bill, the genius, tried to sell to IBM for $100,000. IBM ("THINK") turned it down. Not surprising, IBM also came up with the stupid PC Jr flop. Steve Jobs was a real genius. Bill Gates was real lucky and smart. Jeff Bezos is a genius. You can be smarter than a genius, btw, and not be a genius. That's my opinion of the brilliant Nathaniel Branden and the genius Ayn Rand. (Nathaniel came closest to genius, and maybe it was genius, when he took sentence completion and created and extensively used a structured way of using it in psycotherapy, the sentence completion technique. As for his work on self esteem, I can only say that if I were doing grad work in psychology I would make it the subject of my Dissertation because I think he left the subject full of holes.) This is not my opinion of mathematical geniuses. Qua math, if you're smarter than a math genius you're a greater genius, insofar as I can get my Liberal Arts brain around that. --Brant
  16. If they avoid virus exposure then your suggestion would result in herd immunity increasing their chances of avoiding a second wave exposure while returning to a normal social existence. Not developing the herd immunity would likely compound the current problems for everybody. The morbidly obese are the most at risk. --Brant
  17. The CCP virus death rate sounds like bullshit. If you test positive for it then die of a heart attack that's listed as a virus cause of death? --Brant
  18. It's possible I had a CCP virus causing symptoms in February. It was the strangest thing. It started with two weeks of sniffles followed by an atypical head cold that tried to involve my throat. For two or three days when I woke up in the morning I blew a small wad of blood out of my left nostril with some tendency to bleed out of the other. After a week or 10 days the cold went away but the sniffles continued for a week or two. There is no test that says the above was caused by the virus. There are 50 to 250 common viruses that can cause colds. Since I had no fever I'm calling it a cold. I judge I'm like 20 years physiologically younger than my 76 years. That's because of how well I can drive a car and my ancestors tend to be long lived. Cardiology wouldn't even be a medical specialty if all were like me. "Heart disease" would be a comedy routine. Having driven a million miles in 55 years I'm a better driver than I've ever been. And I like to drive fairly fast. That doesn't mean I'd take it to the race track. It means I learn something new everyday. The last important thing I've finally mastered is the safe start and go number one at a red light. First after the light turns green you don't go anywhere for two seconds. You are looking left then right then left again and really SEEING what you are looking at. It doesn't matter how light the trsffic is. There are NO exceptions. Exceptions will get you T-boned by a red light runner. And this can't just be an idea in your head. You must hard train this into your body and your brain. The most dangerous standard driving maneuver, generally speaking, is the left turn from a red light. Traffic lights are extremely dangerous but necessary for traffic facilitation. You don't want to be hit by a 40mph red light runner slamming into the driver's door. --Brant I've been driving a cab every day for nearly four years about 100 hours a week just off a 15 day break caused by the economic collapse plus I've done 400,000 miles in a semi-tractor 44 states and 2 Canadian provinces with only one slight bump on the head to a passenger which makes me a very lucky driver
  19. Instead of competing you might experiment with contributing. --Brant
  20. Observing people all over Tucson I'd say the CCP virus fear has peaked. It was imposed top down. Fear wears itself out --Brant
  21. Mortality? First I have to get used to my morality. --Brant
  22. Yes. --Brant just more to think about
  23. I hope you keep these Coronavirus articles coming, Merlin. --Brant