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  1. Polls are fake news. The irony is they help the targeted fakees for the bad guys believe the shit the other bad guys write. --Brant
  2. Einstein explains X. Not Y. Someone who can explain Y will not refute him just add on. --Brant
  3. My understanding is Newton was not disproved only some 19th C followers who modified Newton. --Brant Einstein had no objection to Newton's work
  4. Gravity may not even exist, only the observable effects of something else. --Brant
  5. Gravity is not observable. So far --Brant
  6. What we know about free will depends on the definition as it's not an observable thing. So what is the definition that encompasses the ignorance? --Brant
  7. US Marshals operate with the permission of the local sheriff. Not that permission would be denied. Same, same for the FBI and DEA. --Brant
  8. This country is in a state of fulmination. --Brant I expect to see beautiful things before I die--the secondary death of the now zombie left that left is intellectually and morally dead RIGHT NOW Ayn Rand didn't know half of what she was up against, but she still had the left by the balls
  9. The three cops were charged with various murder counts. The main cop was charged with a third degree felony murder/manslaughter but it will be upgraded. --Brant Innocent until . . .
  10. Well, what is that cop's present status? I'll try to find time later for your question . --Brant
  11. He has the power to federalized all or any state national guard. --Brant
  12. Hi. No philosophy brokers reality. If you let it you are the brokered. Thus Objectivism the philosophy of Ayn Rand is not Objectivism objectively speaking. Rand/Peikoff would disagree with this. The four basic principles of Objectivism are linked together by the autonomous critically thinking mind and are centered on ethics/morality. Reality reason, self interest, individual rights/capitalism. From these four you have detailing but this last is not dogma nor Objectivism per se. That's my take. --Brant
  13. Neither induction nor deduction is a logical fallacy. Nor any variable ratio between them. You can't get to a fallacy from there. In the 1930s tourists lost on a rural road in Georgia came upon a farmer standing next to his mailbox. "Can you tell us how to get to Chicago?" The farmer looked them up and down and took the straw out of his mouth. "You can't get there from here," he drawled. --Brant
  14. We don't know you. And what are you about respecting Objectivism? And this twofer posting doesn't work. --Brant
  15. Any Rand? I thought her name was Ayn Brant! That's why I took up Objectivism --Nutz Brant
  16. I think to post here there has to be some expressed interest in Objectivism however thin, however wrong, however dogmatic. OL isn't Objectivist Living Naked. --Brant
  17. Most people look better with their clothes on. A lot better. --Brant if humans went starkers in a few generations they'd have a lot of body hair and we'd no longer be "The Naked Ape" what does Objectivism say about this?
  18. I'm actually three people. One is Brant. Two is Peter. Three is Gaede. We all get together and decide what to post, for years and years now. Brant lives in England. Peter in Russia. Gaede in Germany. Mix them together and you get a United Statesian. AKA an American. --Brant pretending to live in Tucson, Arizona (actually I'm a brain in a jar in some crazy guy's lab)
  19. That's what we need: a living martyr. It's not what Obama deserves; it's what we deserve and we don't deserve that. Just wipe out his criminal underlings and he's left standing there naked. --Brant in the old days you simply killed everybody
  20. I get the impression he's conflated this virus with AIDS qua deadliness. If you don't wear a mask you're a murdering moron. I don't know yet why he thinks Trump is by far the worst President ever. I mean Lincoln had a war to preserve the Union instigated by tariffs and killed off 5 percent of the population, 700,000 men half by war wounds and half by disease. He's my worst. I think he likes Lincoln a lot. And Wilson somewhat. He hates conservatives with a passion and throws early 60s Rand at them. Jim Peron is a very complicated extremely intelligent man, but dead in the water give and take intellectual. I think he's culturally left. I think that because I recognize some of it in myself. --Brant