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  1. That Vegas guy was probably a patsy and the police work stank to high heaven. --Brant
  2. You can reduce everything to physicalism, but then you have wiped out actual consciousness and it's knowing content. Radical honesty sounds like a road to mental hernias because such reductionism per se means you can't do anything with words. You have walked out of an operative picture. As for truth, anyone claiming it's impossible is claiming to know that truth. --Brant
  3. About this thread, Bill and Chris are no longer with us. I wish I had as much class as they did. --Brant and Selene
  4. Stephen, if memory serves me right it was in a lost email to me or more likely on one of these Objectivist forums over ten years ago. My mother got her doctorate in English lit in 1970 from Brandeis when she was 56. She did teach English for some years afterwards but not out of her dissertation. Ironically, she almost got a job at James Madison U. Ironic because her father wrote a six vol. bio of Madison. Back then 400 doctorates were given each year on Shakespeare alone. She chose pre-Shakes or English pageant wagons. --Brant
  5. According to Barbara Branden Sidney Hook refused to give Leonard Peikoff a letter of recommendation which in turn according to Robert Campbell would have been academic death for a faculty position. Peikoff did teach two years at the University of Denver then at Brooklyn Polytechnic in the English department. Concomitantly he gave lectures to students of Objectivism in NYC. --Brant
  6. "Official sources called this election differently." AP, CNN, NYT, et al? --Brant
  7. There is no official winner until Jan 6 as the EC has to meet twice. Any state can then object and the House and Senate get together to consider the objection. If that state's electors are withdrawn from Biden . . . Trump could win a second term in a legal coup. Why could thus happen? Joe Biden gets criminally indicted. --Brant
  8. Leftism is not an ideology. You ID it through folks who say that's their position. Try socialism. --Brant
  9. They can fight each other in their box, but they can't leave it. --Brant
  10. Your standard Dem voter has no reason to get out of bed Nov 3 and vote for Biden. That'll be devastating for the marginal Congressional candidates --Brant
  11. Phony CDC statistics strike again. --Brant
  12. For me the greatest speech qua literature is that of the Grand Inquisitor in The Brothers Karamazov. --Brant
  13. Don't these fools understand that when their usefulness has dissipated they will be dissipated? The law will crush them or the incoming rulers will. --Brant