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  1. Just for the record, I've never been able to stand Dr. S's books. --Brant
  2. I have a lot of medical training and experience. Most doctors who aren't specialists aren't all that good. Some are terrible. --Brant lots of doctors specialize in arguments from authority and most who aren't doctors defer to the white coats even if not actually worn
  3. Just beware it's not a true vaccine. I'd rather take on the virus directly than be part of the greatest medical experiment in history. -+Brant
  4. I'll change it to mentally lazy, something you are not, but you'll no more agree with me. --Brant
  5. He married well. Apparently he also received $500,000 from the Philippines' president prior to the fall of Corregidor. --Brant who knows what his loving Mom left him
  6. This has nothing to do with what I was talking about --Brant
  7. It seems like Trump lost control of his staff and the staff went their own way as his powers as President evaporated. Douglas MacArthur never had such a problem as he was always on top of things and knew more than they did. Trump sounds lazy. --Brant
  8. It's instructive to revisit The Fountainhead and see how Elsworth Toohey takes over The Banner only to have Gail Wynand pull the plug or remove the sanction. Today the Tooheys have taken over the country, but it's up to Americans to remove the sanction. Rand hung her whole philosophy on the impotence of evil and the sanction of the victim. Fundamentally she got it right, but no one that's not you is going to save your ass. --Brant we all sanction somethings we shouldn't and pay a price in potency
  9. There was a scientist named Gaede a hundred years ago who was asked if he would believe "it" if he saw it with his own eyes? "Certainly not!" he replied. "First I would test it with many instruments!" --Brant no known relation
  10. And the consequences of that would be? --Brant JFK lost the 1960 election
  11. I liked Jeff out of the small amount I dealt with him. Coming thru Tucson he was going to visit me but his bad health got in the way. His friend George H. Smith has been felled by a stroke. My generation is going down. At 76 I'm on my last 20. --Brant
  12. The idiot host didn't know he was on full display naked. Banned in Boston is now banned in the United States but it still doesn't work. --Brant oh, the powers that be would have chopped their heads off; it's all about power
  13. Obama, and his minions, is still President. --Brant
  14. YB is full of crap, but that's nothing new. --Brant
  15. I don't know about all this chatter of possible military intervention. It strikes me as whistling by the graveyard. However, this election was a coup through massive fraud. Democracy? Sic transit gloria mundi! --Brant
  16. Brant Gaede


    FP is for the Fake President. The senile, corrupted fraudster. Two demerits if you type in his name.
  17. Your assumption seems to be his third party wouldn't cleave members from the Democrat Party. Class warfare is coming: producers vs the mouchers. For our purposes a moucher is any one employed by government sitting behind a desk. --Brant
  18. If Barbara got her masters at NYU you'd likely have to go to NYU's library to read it. --Brant
  19. You can't let these at war with us folks off the hook with libertarian property rights theory because we are on a de facto war footing. We Are At War. --Brant
  20. The Insurrection Act is a tiger you cannot dismount. The Trump haters are demonstrating he's already on the back of the tiger. --Brant