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  1. PARC, the unfixable book. It read like a prosecutor's brief. --Brant
  2. Not in Canadian dollars. --the voice of authority
  3. Heard a story this morning I hope isn't true: Young school children in California are being jabbed without the parents knowledge or permission. "You don't have to tell Mom and Dad." --Brant
  4. Yes. Rand considered it a big improvement on the second-handism on which The Fountainhead was based. But both terms belonged in the novel not actually applied to human beings, especially those undergoing psychotherapy. NB wasn't using it in the mid 1970s on if not earlier. --Brant I much prefer the original and think "social metaphysics" should be discarded for adding no value to the issue
  5. Lordy! Perfect or imperfect, take your choice. Neither contradicts what I said. I was thinking of change and betterment. I admit it might not be betterment; it might be debetterment. Rand made a perfect man, but John Galt is a statue doing Howard Roark one better. In the body or in the head--or both--the changers are at work, one uppering God. Rand tried philosophy. The electro boys (gals?) electronics. The bio-boys are just getting started. Are we on the path to immortality, unless there's an accident? We may not reach the promised land--in fact we won't--but how about 150 for starters? Maybe these so-self evolved humans will be the new Cro-M mans and the Gro-M mans left behind will suffer the fate of the Neanderthals from them. Who knows? Except for male-pattern baldness--and what I'm not mentioning--I like me the way I am. Generally speaking, humans are children. I'm an adult. The children is courtesy of biology. Dogs are children, wolves are not. Apes are not. Humans aren't apes, though we once were. Did biology de-evolve us into children? Generally speaking the children are doing quite well. Look at the numbers. What makes me an adult is what's in my head. Call it philosophy, but I was born with my head and my head was always ready for the philosophy so does this make me a superior man from the get go? I think real superiority is measured by other things and it may not be adulthood. --Brant Rand complained--I think according to Branden--about living in a world of children. I complain about being ruled by them: hence I'm a republican (not Republican) not a democrat, an idea-er or, as my prof once said: an un-institutionalized intellectual (will intellectuals prevail? I hope not; most are communists) (I've been drinking)
  6. Sounds like the human appendix. Look, it's not what has evolved in the (modern) human brain but what evolved into it many tens of thousands of years or longer ago. "We" beat the Neanderthals down and out. Game over. No more (biological) evolution was/is needed. However, we are now starting to self evolve. First, courtesy of electronics. Second (next), through manipulated biology. Go away and come back in a thousand years and be an historical freak. You will be studied "with many instruments." --Brant
  7. I was agreeing with you. --Brant I thought I was--I have the time problem of reading all that's been said
  8. Rand's animadversion upon altruism comes from its hijacking by religious and political authoritarian hacks and was essentially reactive as was the formulation of her philosophy. Generally speaking altruism is more positively correlated with human biology and is not giving up a higher value for a lower one. That is a mother "sacrificing" for her children or a father for his family. She took individualism into Aspie-land because she was a brainiac. She seemed to think thoughts begat emotions and corrected thinking meant being freed from erroneous suppositions. Thus Henry Rearden was finally able to be separated from Lilian through philosophy with no emotional carryover. --Brant
  9. I read most of his article and wasn't impressed by the general mediocrity. --Brant
  10. The only way he can get back in the WH before 2025 is if he runs for Congress n becomes Speaker he'll be second in line of succession. But there won't be enough Senate votes to convict on any impeachment. --Brant
  11. Smart people being stupid - and fascist. --Brant
  12. Trump has always had access to all the info he needed including a lot of crap and didn't know or figure out what was factual and go with truth or revert to the truth respecting Covid. He unleashed the phony vaccines and the economic lockdowns. He was run over by bureaucrats with the help of his son-in-law. The last spoke to his essential political incompetence. --Brant will he actually work at being President next time or tweet away the presidency again? a lot of good things happened during his four years in office but boy oh boy was his backside shredded!
  13. Then at not. --Brant if you're fighting the criticism follows; if you're not it proceeds I enlisted in the army in September 1964 and was recruited into Special Forces in Basic Training n in jump School March 1965 the training NCO told us conventional forces were going in n the Marines landed in April I thought, 40,00 Americans died in Korea but they stopped it by drawing a line across the peninsula, how could d they do that in Vietnam does this mean 40,000 will die in Vietnam? but how will they stop it? look at those long borders naw, they can't be that stupid; they must've learned something I was 20 yo n two weeks I left Ft Benning on a bus to Ft m Bragg n passed the wooden barracks of the soldiers made famous by the Mel Gibson movie with some Air Cav soldiers lounging about wondering how many were going to die looking at dead men, I knew I was looking at dead men hoping I was wrong we arrived in SC on Sunday, my 21st birthday n no place to buy a celebratory drink, boy was I pissed at Ft Bragg I jumped into my short sheeted bunk before that the well made bunk had a cherry on top thus I was welcomed into the United States Army Special Forces I wasn't dumb; I volunteered for medical training and many months of hedonistic temporary duty at Ft Sam Houston Texas after of which I went to two months of hospital training at Ft Gordon GA and former President Eisenhower had a heart attack playing golf at Augusta (he kept hitting his balls into one tree n asked it be cut down n was refused but it became the Eisenhower Tree which out lived him} so I volunteered to help take care of him n I was taken to a blocked off corridor in this old WWIi wooden army hospital n left alone --five years before the most powerful man in the world--with him while he was sleeping all beneath a primitive beating heart monitor the next night they moved him into a large suite n several days later the brass sent down the prettiest army captain nurse to share the evening shift with me I kept out of his sight but one PM I saw an elephant with flowers sent to him by my hero Barry Goldwater so I walked up to it n put my Green Beret on its head, looked at Ike looking at me me looking back at the elephant then back at Ike then giving him a huge Eisenhower grin then walking out of view about a year n a half later he had a Readers Digest article saying I have seen the youth of America n I'm not worried about the future of our country! he died on my 25th birthday n I knew smoking had taken ten years off his life n that's the day I stopped smoking I smoked in the army because I figured I had a good chance of being killed in Vietnam so WTF?
  14. Trump the non-politician let the politicians walk all over him. We'll see if he's learned anything. Right now I'm not looking forward to 4 more years of tweets or their equivalent. --Brant
  15. People aren't taught to think so their natural default is to go with the herd. I once thought pre-school would lead to thinking school. Boy! Was I wrong! The pre-school I went to, founded by my Mother, was to socialize the kids. Tucson Community School was based on the Bank Street School in Manhattan. That's where my parents met IQ William Shockley for his daughter went there. (Late 1930s) My Mom told me his IQ was 130. In those days all the parents knew each other's IQ. --Brant I have a pic of WS paddling a canoe on Lake George with his daughter and my sister up front.
  16. Are u getting enough sleep? --Brant u r fighting human biology
  17. In medicine there are diseases and conditions. "Cases" refers to one or the other. The virus isn't a case. It's ancillary. It makes some diseases and conditions worse. These data are bogus. They don't tell us how many of the deaths would or wouldn't have happened with or not with the presence of the virus. --Brant
  18. I've never thought Lincoln was evil. His primary motivation was to preserve the Union. Emancipation was to keep the war going to a successful conclusion. That was the final necessary triumph of the Federalists and their Constitutional Convention. But Lincoln could have let the South go. --Brant
  19. Kennedy was also "illegally" elected. Vote fraud in Texas and Illinois. So far the worst President was Woodrow Wilson followed by Abraham Lincoln in terms of damage done. The first progressive President was Teddy Roosevelt. His Bull Moose 1912 candidacy got Wilson elected. --Brant
  20. A hodgepodge of ignorance, stupidity, irrelevance, questionable data with no philosophical tie in. He's gone anti-individualism, pro-collectivist, fascist and doesn't begin to know it. --Brant