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  1. Atlantis was from the bottom up. The posters. Jimmy came along and tried to be the top. He asked me and maybe some others to help run the place. We mostly departed for Yahoo Groups Atlantis 2. Nathaniel Branden had his own site there. They both lasted several years then petered out. Last fall Yahoo destroyed all those archives. Libertarian(?) Tim Star set up his pro-Iraqi war site on Yahoo at about that time (2003). I was against that war. Because of that war I became much more libertarian oriented while he went the other way. But I was and am grounded in basic Objectivist philosophical principles. I still consider libertarianism to be without lasting philosophical roots and Rand to be the proper successor to Lockean individual rights which this country is built on. Rand refused to sanction libertarianism but was so ham-fisted about it she hurt Objectivism more than libertarianism. This was also on and about the split with Branden. She (and Branden) had made Objectivism (off Galt's speech) a top downer while libertarianism was essentially a bottom upper. I say "was" because both Objectivism and libertarianism have gone sub rosa. How strongly they will re-manifest themselves consequent to this virus scare, which is going to change the world for good or evil, remains to be seen. The key will be the role of technology. --Brant Atlantis was a libertarian site even though it had its Objectivists including the execrable Ellen Moore because dogmatists, like Ellen, had a hard time there, but nobody, as I imperfectly recall, ever asked for "civility" but that was okay with Ellen when Jimmy took over
  2. William S has decided to use OL as a toilet. --Brant
  3. How many and under what definition? --Brant
  4. No. But the main stream media virus hysteria does. I do, however, modify what I wrote from a generalization to the particular thing that pissed you off. And I don't think you understand what That Guy is about at all. --Brant
  5. Peter: truth is not something you manufacture then stick in your head. That's why you are not a searcher but complain about searching. --Brant
  6. I was just assuming some political gravitas. The Dems won't let Bernie have it and Hillary is a stink bomb. Biden is beyond salvage. --Brant
  7. I'd trust US statistics much more than those of other countries. Italy, for instance, is coming out with nearly 10 percent mortality. The deaths are much more believable than the number of active infections that survive. --Brant
  8. I'm a jack on most subjects, master of none. --Brant ignorance is bliss--put me back in the power plant (bring me back as an actor)
  9. James Bond would listen to any real expert on any subject. --Brant
  10. Never heard of him or any of that stuff. I only recognize Stephen King. Didn't he write The Shining? Loved the movie. I haven't watched a movie in a theater since the War of the Worlds. I haven't watched TV in my home except for some old VHS tapes in over two years. --Brant
  11. He got that from The Matrix. Agent Smith tells that to Morpheus. Circa 1999. I never heard of this guy before. Has he susuicided yet? Most of these shit-for-brains celebrities think their opinions are important because they're celebrities. The idea that a virus is damaging the planet is a reductio ad absurdum to the idea humanity is damaging the planet. The planet's been here for 4 billion years and will be here for another 4 billion. We aren't the Death Star. --Brant
  12. Unfortunately, you aren't the Corona virus. --Brant
  13. A lie to get through immigration. --Brant
  14. I guess Spock didn't have an alligator brain with its fight or flight response to danger. His species had to evolve out of same because without it to begin with it never would have gotten going in the first place. --Brant
  15. Ideas searching for facts will find facts. Everybody does it. Evaluation of same is the key to verification. --Brant
  16. In hospice they dope you to sleep and deprive you of fluids and in three or four days you die of dehydration. --Brant
  17. This vid is extremely important. It goes right to the heart of the current germ hysteria and tears it to pieces. --Brant
  18. A chicken with its head chopped off running around. --Brant
  19. As for the morality, if you are at war with the government and the government hands you money . . . Are you at war? Trump is fighting on several fronts, but he's not fighting government as such. For now he's on our side. A Rockefeller Republican and a lot smarter. If I go any further I'll rationalize myself into knots. --Brant