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  1. All I can say about this is Peikoff is a much, much better writer than V. --Brant at least when Rand helped him
  2. Rand's and Branden's relationship from the get go thru the publication of AS was a mutual feeding frenzy that continued on for many more years thru inertia not to mention Branden's intellectual entrepreneurship which, after the break of 68, Peikoff fed off of with greatly diminishing results. NBI made the Objectivist world go for ten years. Frankly, it was a cultural wonder. --Brant so I experienced and witnessed
  3. Rand considered his "social metaphysics" to be much better than her "secondhandism" which she built The Fountainhead on. --Brant
  4. So Nathaniel Branden was a very very smart man who stabbed Ayn Rand and Objectivism in the back. That's a great job of taking all the psychological, philosophical, political, personal and existential complexities of the 1950s and 1960s qua Objectivism respecting reducing them to nothing--that is, the Sainthood of Ayn Rand. --Brant
  5. He did experimental things in his Intensives to adduce various altered states of consciousnesses, but seances? Not his style back then. --Brant
  6. I didn't know he knew anything first hand about the NBI years. If he doesn't he's not worth listening to as he's such a wrongheaded lightweight on all and sundry. Except for the money angle I can't figure why Leonard Peikoff put up with him. But it's not hard to figure why Ayn put up with Leonard--that is, if you were involved with that scene in 1968. --Brant
  7. The certification was on January 6, not December 14. The latter was the preliminary count. Mike Pence had the power and frankly the duty to spike that. He fell down on that just like the SCOTUS did earlier by stating Texas had no standing in its lawsuit. I don't see how decertification can end the Biden presidency. But de- legitimatization is in the cards. --Brant
  8. There is no Constitutional way to reinstate Trump as President unless he first becomes Speaker of the House of Representatives. That would not actually be a reinstatement but a matter of succession. --Brant
  9. The AMA has less credibility than the CDC. But both are zeros. --Brant
  10. Well, that's not the spin. What are the official results? --Brant
  11. The co-pilot analogy crashes and burns. --Brant's a pilot
  12. The snake handlers are getting bitten. --Brant
  13. Even a good doctor can be wrong. --Brant very wrong
  14. He can be impeached and convicted for treason without being criminally charged for same. It's just removal from office. WWII was the last declared war. War de facto is not war de jure. --Brant
  15. Vaccines--but they are not actual vaccines--seem to be making everything worse qua Covid. Also, some young people are being killed through heart inflammation. _-Brant
  16. All true and silly. However, the driver shouldn't have been listening to anything except at passenger request. A small example of the world gone mad. If a broad and deep part of society is denied free speech thanks to corporate fascism the guns will start coming out. --Brant there's no justification in libertarian theory I'm aware of for the existence of public corporations so their defense of censorship qua property rights is spurious
  17. Federal fiscal flows into the economy are extremely strong over month to month a year ago so current stock prices will be maintained or increased all else being equal. The caveat is failure to increase the debt ceiling in October. Investor sentiment is high, but while more investors aren't appreciably coming in those who are in will have more money to put in. When the market does suffer a serious correction the bull market will be gone for years. --Brant
  18. Rand made a decent, accurate statement. It stands alone. It's not refutable except by analysis of such, not by argumentum ad h. --Brant
  19. She took SS, so I understand, on the rationale that she was getting her money back. But that money had been spent by the government as soon as it came in. Arguments go both ways. Medicare's another matter entirely. You take it or you're playing with dynamite. I'm not going into this here but regardless,if you go to the hospital of Medicare age you'll find you're already covered by Medicare A (hospitalization) unless you've managed to get some special private insurance or are so wealthy you pay out of pocket. In regard to the last the hospital will throw everything they can on you at grossly inflated prices. When the insurance companies get these hopped up bills they choke them down. --Brant
  20. Impressive and timely said 49 years ago. --Brant
  21. Time to revert to climate change. --Brant the horses won't pull