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  1. No, only that stillness is the antithesis to existence too, only that is more fundamental. --Brant when you stop moving your atoms don't
  2. Eddie Willers wasn't invited to Galt's Gulch because Rand didn't give him a Galt's Gulch type name. --Brant Randt Haede that might have worked
  3. I was trained to give those shots but never did. On the Tamarac is kinda weird. It was not a vaccine, but some kinda prophylaxis against VD. It had to go into the butt because there was so much of it. Those were the end days of the short arm inspection. After a night on the town you were required to drop your pants and squeeze your penis to show no fluid or you would be treated for VD. In Vietnam I treated two Amicans for VD. One with penicillin and the other with tetracycline. It didn't appear in their records which they felt was important. Maybe it was for careerists. --Brant
  4. In Great Britain I understand that libel can also be truth. --Brant
  5. Probably because he couldn't have her there. Nathaniel described Eddie as having a devastating lack of self esteem re his relationship with Dagny, not ever telling her how he felt until the very end. --Brant I think Rand just didn't have the time to buff him up and fit that into the novel (he was a place holder)
  6. Be very glad you live in Canada. --Brant succession is the word
  7. I kept it. --Brant well, I did spend it (in an opium den and a whorehouse)
  8. Try going to "All Activity" to change screens. --Brant I meant "Threads"
  9. It's not who you believe it's what you believe and why. In the hunt for facts and conclusions I don't believe anybody primarily. There are some anybodies I'm inclined to believe--to a point. I'm a profound sceptic searching for truth(full conclusions) not for ad h. debunking. I never line up pretty soldiers all in a row and conclude all soldiers are pretty (nice or whatever). --Brant
  10. Yes, much worse, if you believe the basic statistical base. --Brant
  11. Things are different in Canada. I suspect Canucks are more accepting of current events while Americans are starting to tear the United States apart. --Brant
  12. Abandoning caution started with the vaccination so it's logical. --Brant via inertia the vaccination is actually for fear so I'm a bad voice
  13. To think there isn't a world war going on is completely naive. --Brant partially for Michael
  14. The basic CDC corona virus death data is statistical garbage. Before Chuck Norris goes to bed at night he checks his closet for CDC MSM used data. --Brant
  15. The deep state is fascism (or corporatism) without an ostensible leader. It's a chicken running amok with its head cut off. It's inertia. --Brant
  16. Nathaniel couldn't have been the inspiration for John Galt as Rand started writing the novel five or six years before they met and because Galt was more a type than character. He was mostly an abstraction. --Brant
  17. Rand supposedly said "The physical [not "animal"] is not unimportant." And if Nathaniel said that about evolution I have no idea how he could have known it. Who does? --Brant NB could talk up a storm and liked to tell about what once left him tongue tied: He had just given a lecture about sex and romantic love and found himself in an elevator with a spinster type woman member of the audience who thanked him for the talk but told him that personally she preferred the music of ____________ to sex
  18. Just for the record, I've never been able to stand Dr. S's books. --Brant
  19. I have a lot of medical training and experience. Most doctors who aren't specialists aren't all that good. Some are terrible. --Brant lots of doctors specialize in arguments from authority and most who aren't doctors defer to the white coats even if not actually worn
  20. Just beware it's not a true vaccine. I'd rather take on the virus directly than be part of the greatest medical experiment in history. -+Brant
  21. I'll change it to mentally lazy, something you are not, but you'll no more agree with me. --Brant