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  1. He read the poem at the burial. If there was a subsequent reading I don't know know of it. "If" --Brant I was there
  2. The Biden Boys throw Covid this and Covid that around like a football with all passes definitionally completed to the desired receiver. --Brant you can't argue with the science
  3. George suffered a stroke last December and needs financial help as he's out of money with no income. Checks or money orders. George H Smith 807 S Center St Bloomington, IL 61701 I sent some to the extent I'm able. --Brant
  4. Now the people of France will need to get the vaccine just to go shopping. --Brant
  5. NSA is inviting Tucker to file a FOIA so it can disgorge a tremendous amount of info detrimental to the FBI. --Brant
  6. No. Rand believed in the rule of law, in property and other rights. Done properly you'll have laissez faire capitalism. She started with morality. What could be described as the libertarian position is what is quoted. Libertarians find their philosophy inside economics. It is severely truncated with no real foundation. --Brant
  7. One if Nathaniel Branden's therapy clients told him (mid or earlier 70s) that he had been a hit man. --Brant
  8. Kick death in the face then ride off. --Brant I'm not always this helpful
  9. Which means he was a de facto political prisoner albeit a moral hypocrite. --Brant
  10. When we are as old as you and I the risks are negligible. But I chose not for myself. The obscenity is injecting the young and able and statistically invulnerable with a so called vaccine that isn't a vaccine Babies next? Qua a body a vaccine doesn't modify the body but this does. So what happens 5, 10, 20 or more years from now? And what happens to a fetus? --Brant
  11. It's true according to Objectivism or any other pro life philosophy. The reality buffer is needed to put one's brain properly into gear and to avoid ideological thinking. Ideological thinking is the gigantic bugaboo of what we can call "classical Objectivism," which is philosophical training wheels kept in use much, much too long. --Brant
  12. That's how Yahoo destroyed Yahoo Groups. --Brant
  13. BLM should be BLDM (Black Lives Don't Matter) for all the shit they did. --Brant
  14. White people is racist. Try European American. Black is also racist. Try African American. --Brant
  15. Good thing you didn't eat the fish. --Brant
  16. The Dems pander to BLM and such ilk. For real --Brant
  17. Oh, it's shining. The problem is getting through the clouds. The really bad things are yet to come but even those will be transcended as humanity lumbers into its future. We are in an acceleration of history, mostly thanks to technology and that in itself is thanks to the Enlightenment. --Brant buckle up
  18. Come on Peter, contradict me so we can have an argument. --Brant
  19. There's no Constitutional provision for reinstatement --Brant or, who's going to do it
  20. Germany had to pay reparations for WWI which led to WWII and 70,000,000 dead not to mention the Holocaust. --Brant
  21. It makes no sense except for sweeping the problem under the table, if that. And that would be all in the head. Governments don't give a shit regardless. It's much more about the USA than China. We might as well nuke DC. --Brant now that I think about it . . .
  22. For practical reasons Obama always skates. At least until the historians get him. --Brant
  23. They haven't become anything they weren't already. For instance, the machinegun in WWI. "Weapons of mass destruction" was US pro war propaganda to justify the invasion of Iraq. The Vietnam War killed at least 2 million, mostly soldiers, and led directly to the Communist Cambodian Genocide. All thanks to a stupidly fought war by Lyndon Johnson. Your perspective is "home front." Mine is unarmed Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis. Americans need to arm up more. I'll bet good money what happened in San Diego happened in a "gun free" environment. --Brant
  24. Uh, who "allowed"? Who can disallow? The United States may devolve into a true civil war. In such a case be glad you're in Canada. It'll be the good guys vrs the bad guys and some of the bad guys may seemingly be fighting with the good guys and good with bad. --Brant