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  1. Excuse me. I'm not "still calling" anything. Where the f..k are those previous "calls" I've made? I'm simply stating the markets are setting up for a relatively mild correction based on bullish sentiment, such as yours. --Brant
  2. "We" didn't put any "heat" into the oceans. --Brant ". . . here comes the sun . . . ."
  3. Stocks are topping. High sentiment means exit time. --Brant moderate correction coming
  4. If so we can have a "science" of political laws also. The presence of economic and other truths don't in themselves make truth a scientific truth. A philosophical truth isn't a scientific truth. There is no scientific truth in economics hence no science. Throwing statistics into the mix isn't enough. --Brant economic laws are not physical laws and science is all about physicalities unto themselves subject to verification through observation and experiment upon some of which inventors can create and act if not now maybe later
  5. Socialism is the interjection of force into human economic and social relationships by the governing body. If someone says they're a socialist that's what they're about or they're stupidly ignorant. One is entitled to assume they aren't stupidly ignorant for the sake of civil discourse. --Brant
  6. Economics is not a science. It's a hodgepodge of ideologies, opinions and descriptions. --Brant
  7. When push comes to shove Objectivists sleep with the neo-conservatives. True of Rand in her day. We both default to the nation-state, which is true of everyone not an anarchist. However, the basic ptactical question is freedom yes or freedom no? Then we have to know where we are to change it to more freedom or less freedom? This is not the birth of a nation. --Brant not a war-monger
  8. The Korean War was the quintessential "Police Action." I'd forgotten that then common nomenclature. Officially it was a United Nation's war. The Soviets skipped the Security Council meeting that authorized that and never skipped another. --Brant
  9. Senile Joe will be gone in two months even if he doesn't know it. --Brant
  10. Please give some examples of US police actions in her time. I'm not sure what the term denotes. --Brant
  11. Paterson taught Rand politics and was the last great influence on Rand. Not to say Rand didn't know the basics prior to. Rand didn't acknowledge this. It was reported by third parties. Rand only acknowledged Aristotle respecting philosophy. --Brant
  12. The acknowledged difference between pre and post WWII is in the nuclear age there would be no time to re-arm. Thus we maintained a military draft and a kick ass military. The "complex" was the boat that floated on that water. Not the other way around. --Brant
  13. Rand's view of the United States was naive. "Never engaged in military conquest" is a complete hoot. She painted with broad brush strokes running over nuances as if they didn't exist, but in this case she dumped the can of paint onto the canvass. Her views on the military-industrial complex, whatever they may have been, would not be valuable save as ideological dressing. --Brant
  14. Brant Gaede


    Dominique spent hours touring Gail's private art gallery filled with "incredible items of beauty." Thus we have art as beautiful. The statue she modelled for the "sacrilegious" church Roark designed and erected was in a state of "exaltation." Then Ayn went on attempting to objectify art. She said she could prove it. Even if she could prove what she didn't prove objectifying art wouldn't make it part and parcel of Objectivism only of her personal philosophy and no proof was necessary for that, merely asseveration. She did that. --Brant
  15. The pollsters must be polling each other. Then they get together and de-homogenize the results and to make sure Trump gets more than zero percent. --Brant
  16. Happy Christmas!. Merry New Year!! --Santa Brant
  17. I write better drunk than you do. --Brant
  18. He might hook up with Dr. Stadler. --Brant
  19. Pellasi: "I don't care what the Republicans think." The Republicans think you stink. Americans think you stink It's no longer Reps vrs Dems; it's Americans vrs what's left over. --Brant fish rot from the head
  20. Art is good. Art is beautiful. --Brant or it's not art, just moral degeneracy
  21. The United States has transitionned from a republic to a democracy. Next comes the left-crushing empire with Trump as emperor light, a harbinger. The left is irrelevant to this general process. It cannot rule this country naked. With no intellectual or moral clothes it is naked--naked ugly. In a sense the US became an empire as it expanded westward. There was a stop in the Civil War. Then decades later it resumed with the two political parties in bed with each other pretending antagonism. That was Empire I. There is no more pretense. Thus the fall of Empire I. The Dems will now be crushed for the sake of continuing with this empire business. If not crushed by the voters then by the Chief Executive. Or, good-by democracy. Regardless. Here comes the empire. Again or anew. The process might be stopped by technology empowering individuals. A manifestation of such might be in Hong Kong. However, Americans love empire more than freedom. It's partially male biological. Wealth helps. And the boys love to fight. This country's wealth was made possible by tobacco, cotton and trade, the Erie canal and the Mississippi River system. Does the world need America? Well, America needs the world. --Brant