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  1. State to state economic coercion ranging from mild to over the top de facto trying for a major policy change stated or not. This is prior to any shooting. If your idea of war is shooting we can call it "pre war war dynamics." Is somebody shooting? --Brant semantics can be tiresome
  2. You cannot ideologically think your way--the US way--out of the Mideast quagmire for no matter how right and brilliant your analysis the quagmire will remain. If some Yokel President tried to apply that to it it'll be worse than if he hadn't. As for trade, sanctions are acts of war. That's why Japan attacked us. We pretended they weren't so we got caught with our pants down. But Roosevelt and Churchill were delighted. --Brant
  3. It's to create the illusion of moral efficacy by the left from the left. The ostensible target is next to irrelevant. It's bathing in one's own sauce. --Brant
  4. I'd agree with you except she didn't spend any of it on me. --Brant disgruntled
  5. Thus Jimmy destroyed the unique culture of the old Atlantis today unrepeatable and inimitable and, frankly, unimaginable to anyone who hadn't experienced it. If it isn't broke don't fix it. At least he went on to better things and we went to Yahoo Groups, AtlantisII. ---Brant it seems only Peter has this stuff archived
  6. I don't think you understand. You're supposed to do that in Billy's cosmology. It's called division of labor. Get on the team. --Brant if you fail to do so you fail and are refuted, autonatically--and he keeps on trucking
  7. The New York Times is their guru. --Brant or that rag in DC
  8. But take Obama out of the equation what would change? --Brant
  9. Pedophilia is a morally neutral psychiatric term denoting a certain type of sexual attraction, usually dominant, not necessarily acted upon corrupted by laymen into opprobrium and more widely applied to adolescents, not just the prepubescent. Biologically speaking humans are meant to make children in their teenage years. Wealth makes this unnecessary. Civilization frees adolescents from children until they grow up more and get better educated. Etc. --Brant
  10. NB reviewed many books for Academic Associates. --Brant
  11. They aren't engaged in rational calculations. Thus they don't have to deal with the evil consequences subsequent to their advocated policies. The left is suffused with moral righteousness out of intellectually dissipated Marxism blessed with general cultural inertia and it's not and never has been American for it's America it's at war with from the inside out. --Brant
  12. A million monkeys typing on a million typewriters for a million years might reproduce some Shakespeare--or real science. --Brant
  13. My take on Rand was more her emotional response than her intellectual justification re her attitude toward American Indians. In today's context Moslem terrorists would be worse than the worse of them, real or imagined. My intellectual orientation is all property in this country, including real property, belongs directly to private citizens or is held in trust by the government for them. The purpose of that government is to protect the citizens and their property and therefore control access to same through citizenship and it's ancillaries and visas. Private parties cannot do this for none can control their guests sufficiently to keep them in non-rights'-violating line. It's the exigencies of the modern world that made me come up with this formulation. I think Rand would have done the same albeit spitting between each word. Regardless, no ideology can overcome the go to war to save our asses need of the general population which is human biological. Trump up ideas down. This is the age of the "businessman" vrs the left entire including the left libertarians. We are a long way from brains (ideas) and so close to Mexico. --Brant
  14. The lost continent of Atlantis. Thanks, Peter. --Brant
  15. Ayn Rand would never agree to open immigration from today's context, which is war. --Brant
  16. Well, back in the day--early 1980s--the environmentalists couldn't decide between global warming and cooling. So I guess the money gravity made the choice for them. --Brant
  17. Don't worry. The comet will get you too. --Brant
  18. The Federal G. will never go bankrupt, Wolf. It's debts are in its own currency. State and private debts are another matter. The Fed debt itself is completely mythological. There is no actual National Debt. The dollar is a fiat currency. Now, interest rates: the Federal Reserve sets them. The currency markets adjust and follow. The converse is not true. --Brant you and Armageddon
  19. Off to war we go? It can't be about oil. Iran wants to sell it. Is it about ego? --Brant
  20. I want more! --Brant this is what words are for!