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  1. It's not the housing bubble this time so much as the auto loan bubble. But a house is asset protection even though in constant dollars over a century the real capital gains are less than one percent a year. Generally higher interest rates weaken the dollar and raise asset prices because of the higher cost of credit which is inflationary throughout the economy. The virtue of renting is the landlord pays the taxes. He also does the maintenance. He is working for you. Any housing bubble is local. Mostly west coast bubble. But the rents are way up too. --Brant
  2. Michael, you are advocating a cultural shift in the debate that's simply not going to happen. The waring factions love the war too much. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with you in whole or part. --Brant
  3. There has to be a legal context, if only for practical reasons. If a woman has the right to abort the fetus the government's job is to protect that right, at least early in the pregnancy. --Brant
  4. Rights are a human invention congruent with human nature which is why they are natural. Government protects rights, it does not grant them. Any granted right is ipsofacto bogus, never mind who grants it. One gets the impression abortion is a subject Rand really didn't want to deal with. Personally I'm much more concerned with people who encourage a woman to have an abortion than those who discourage. There can be a lifetime of regret and psychological damage. That said, the damage can flow in either direction. --Brant
  5. The context is individual rights. Let a woman's right to abortion be protected through the first trimester or thereabouts at the federal level and let the states do what they can and will for the latter part of the pregnancy and the rights' issue be considered by their residents. Or not. Work it out. --Brant
  6. That he calls himself the science guy doesn't make him a science guy. Linus Pauling was a great scientist who viciously went off the rails with vitamin C, but he wasn't an idiot. --Brant
  7. Wolfo, You needed to give a speech about giving a speech. --Brant
  8. I don't dunno about this. "Globalism" sounds like nail soup, only everything is in the pot. Except the fish. They're in the ocean. --Brant
  9. I'll take the awe you can do the wonder. --Brant
  10. Hi, Jules! Has Climate Change changed Canada yet--for the better? --Brant
  11. Phil went off the rails and wouldn't/couldn't get back on. --Brant at least not here