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    Rand novels, The David, Shane, The Ox-Bow Incident, Forbidden Planet, Things to Come, The Wild Bunch, Oliver, Star Wars, Charade, North by Northwest, Psycho, Vertigo, Red River, Empire of the Sun, etc. Music: only the good stuff--e.g., Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man"
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  1. And send me a check. I'll do all the work! --Scamster
  2. The musical is South Pacific. --Brant
  3. "The Utopia of Greed" is the second chapter of part three of Atlas Shrugged. --Brant
  4. Free will is freedom to think and act or not on rational conclusions. That is where determinism stops and active, productive humanity begins. --Brant
  5. I forgot about her. --Brant in every way
  6. That's Ross Lavatter with two T's. He pleaded guilty in 2010 to securities fraud and something to do with a prostitution ring and got 3 years. He probably pleaded to avoid a multiplicity of charges at trial. He is a retired radiologist. No one can afford justice in a federal court. The risk is way too high. (This has nothing to do with whether he was a bad guy.) --Brant
  7. Metaphysics is reality and epistemology is thinking about it. Put both in the brain and turn on the blender. Therein they are one and the same. They are only separate with abstraction. --Brant
  8. Your ignorance is showing. --Brant you can live without a spleen
  9. Tip of the iceberg times an unknown number thx to technology and communications media. --Brant
  10. With just skipping through this old thread I'd like to point out that Danny abandoned Hank to a month of flying around Colorado looking for her with hardly a second thought knowing what he was doing. NB declaimed against this saying they (the strikers) could have called him off. I don't think it reflects badly on AR, however. AS was a gigantic plot driven painting by the numbers work of art. There was so much to do making it. Hank, the abandoned, starving baby. --Brant
  11. Polls are fake news. The irony is they help the targeted fakees for the bad guys believe the shit the other bad guys write. --Brant
  12. Einstein explains X. Not Y. Someone who can explain Y will not refute him just add on. --Brant
  13. My understanding is Newton was not disproved only some 19th C followers who modified Newton. --Brant Einstein had no objection to Newton's work