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  1. Don't these fools understand that when their usefulness has dissipated they will be dissipated? The law will crush them or the incoming rulers will. --Brant
  2. Never mind "highest value" for then you are thinking your way into a situation. Once you are in love then apply analysis. Why? Because that gal or guy may have serious issues and those issues will continue through the relationship, even marriage. Love ain't enough. You aren't going to change your mate in any significant way. The other's significant faults will destroy your happiness. That said, you may be a masochist. Some women don't marry for love. They marry for the children to come and they will get her love and give her happiness. So the sophisticated man gets a mistress. Welcome to
  3. You'll be an idiot amongst idiots to take the vaccine and a "medical doctor" in this context has no more gravitas than I do, a former Special Forces aidman--that is, zilch. The vaccine is a mirage generated by bullshit to keep this story going via fear and pie in the sky. --Brant
  4. Crap. --Brant the proof of this will be the dearth of articles about the virus doing this or that after the election
  5. Last I knew, it's 48 hrs. --Brant the original time stricture was 24 hours
  6. When a man asks a woman to do that, it's not about an apology. --Brant
  7. Not his reelection. His inauguration. Almost three months of horrible legal chaos is coming down. --Brant
  8. Michael, you forgot the Zombies! They're all over the place, especially the Blue States. --Brant there's even Zombie Ayn Rand, but no one knows what she's gonna do
  9. He effectively threatened the President. It's like calling on the criminals to take a whack at him implying it wouldn't be a law enforcement matter. --Brant
  10. In spite of what Cuomo says, President Ford never told NYC to "drop dead!" That was a famous Daily News headline's estimation. --Brant
  11. One reason we got Clinton was Bush's "No new taxes" fiasco. --Brant
  12. Fake news compelled action wears the public out just like too much food wears out the eaters. Diminishing Returns. You can only do so much politically speaking with a virus. Medically speaking overall deaths in Pima county AZ are up 20 percent the first seven months this year compared to the first seven months a year ago. That's 900 more out of a population of over a million. This data I tend to trust compared to other data. Tend to. I'm not absolutely sure. The fakers are always busy. After the election they'll stay busy through habit and inertia. --Brant