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  1. Read the condensed volume. In hardback. The six are hard to get and expensive. "The Fourth President: A Life of James Madison" --Brant
  2. My grandfather was a personal friend of DL Chambers who published most of his books likely making little money for Bobbs Merrill, including his one and really not so good but interesting novel, "Friendly Cove." This is the guy who told A. Ogden No for "The Fountainhead." --Brant
  3. The Bill of Rights was a limitation on federal not state power. After the Civil War the "Civil War Amendments" changed that. Irving Brant, "The Bill of Rights, It's Origin and Meaning", 1965, pp 3,4 --Brant
  4. Still, a right need not be enumerated. That was settled by the Civil War. The expansion of Federal over State power in this context is the SCOTUS telling the States and sundry they cannot violate a human right. Thus, is there a right for a woman to have an abortion? You answered yes only you called it sovereignty. You could have called it privacy except it's mealy mouthed. --Brant
  5. Actually, I wasn't trying to invoke Objectivism. I never do except when I say I am. My only point was a human being includes biology. --Brant we may be over-referencing Rand my Objectivism expertise comes from not being an expert on Objectivism as classically and/or officially rendered (see Peikoff) so man qua man is just as fundamental as biology
  6. A right does not need to be enumerated. The right to privacy meant a right to get an abortion, but the Court didn't want to say that. --Brant
  7. Saying "biology is fundamental" is saying "man qua man" isn't? --Brant
  8. Is abortion an initiation of force against another human being? Man's freedom of action in a social context can only be violated by the initiation of force. Do the unborn lacking the social context get dehumanized through logic and semantics? Forcing a woman to have an abortion is hands down a violation of her rights. Forcing a woman not to have an abortion . . . . My old position from 30 years ago is still my position: the unborn not able to survive outside of the mothers's womb is part of her body--part of her-- and she is free to do as she wants. Brain waves (socially) don't count. --Brant
  9. Nobody. They are a human political-philosophical invention. But not arbitrary. You use rights by moral-ethical right. That is, you are not initiating force against another person or persons. True, this has to be put into law and properly maintained therein. --Brant Rand's definition is still operative though it may need improving
  10. Human life begins at conception. This has nothing to do, however, with rights' theory. Attach a right to life to it and it's religious dogma or faith. Human life beginning with brain activity is yet up in the air respecting theory. --Brant