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  1. William is a Russian sleigh ride in one person throwing off "data" hoping the scientific wolves stop and eat. --Brant
  2. You seem to be yearning for a world that isn't there and never was there--where what's on the ostensible surface matches what's below. --Brant
  3. the neckbone commonly broken by hanging wasn't the neckbone that was broken indicating he may have been strangled. --Brant
  4. Nice rant, Wolfo, but there is no federal debt. All that "debt" is in spent dollars which are from a sovereign (fiat) currency. If your trillion buck T-bill has matured the US Treasury will give you another--roll it over--or credit your account with a trillion dollars. Just-by-pushing-a-button. Because of inflation you don't preserve wealth in any fiat currency but in assets. --Branto
  5. Any "scientific consensus" is bogus, politicalized science. Its first cousin is "climate change." A family of lying liars. --Brant the real message is "Shut up, fool!"
  6. This thread is the first I had ever even heard of CC. I don't do TV any more. --Brant
  7. Interesting. I think the notion of equality before God led to moral equality within society led to legal equality led to individualism. More or less. --Brant
  8. We're at war with CNN and other such media and the guy got in a good shot. Why are we at war with them? They're at war with us, and have been for decades. It's the good guys starting to shoot back. --Brant N0 MERCY!!!!
  9. Now doubters are labelled by the MSM as speculators without facts. Well, that's what you've been doing to all and sundry forever so we can't do what you do, but with much more honesty? Jesus --Brant