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  1. Good for you guys, Deanna. --Brant
  2. Can't we all just get along? --Brant sniff, not; sniff not; SNIFF NOT!!!!
  3. Jon likes to plant them so he can harvest them. Sorta like "Motel Hell." This guy didn't get planted.😂 --Brant
  4. I was referring to his "instructor." --Brant
  5. That prof was full of Peter Keating shit. --Brant
  6. Gone with the flounce. --Brant Screen rights, anyone?
  7. There was no legal basis for deportation. The premise is she was a legal immigrant who legally stayed here and legally gained citizenship. --Brant and no ship for a fool
  8. I never knew about boils on the ass either--that is, before I read this thread. --Brant thx
  9. Never heard of S.S. before this thread. --Brant I must have missed something
  10. William is a bear baiter. --Brant meow
  11. I knew the forthcoming invasion of Iraq nearly 17 years ago was based on crap. I think most interested people knew it then, but too many wanted to take out the bad boy. A libertarian named Tim Star was all for it. He even started a Yahoo Group dedicated to it. --Brant
  12. Perhaps William is suffering from left intellectual banishment. Wandering about on his own he stumbled onto this Objectivist melieu. Better than nothing, no? --Brant
  13. That's so foreign to me. Maybe he's just feeding us info for us to animadvert upon. And, you know, the left is so intellectually dead maybe he comes here for brainwork--at least of a sort. I can't explain my affection for him, which is neither deep nor broad, except I grew up surrounded by academic liberals. --Brant
  14. Bill doesn't express his views. Not as such. Not on anything important. Sometimes a minor view may escape from the cage. I think he did better on SOLO where L P called him a "schism junky." Regardless, to engage him is not to dismay him. --Brant