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    Born in 1944 in Tucson, AZ. SF Aidman Vietnam combat veteran. Autodidact. Can drive the big rig. Hike and fly. Weep and write. Shoot and scoot.
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    Rand novels, The David, Shane, The Ox-Bow Incident, Forbidden Planet, Things to Come, The Wild Bunch, Oliver, Star Wars, Charade, North by Northwest, Psycho, Vertigo, Red River, Empire of the Sun, etc. Music: only the good stuff--e.g., Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man"
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  1. The Insurrection Act is a tiger you cannot dismount. The Trump haters are demonstrating he's already on the back of the tiger. --Brant
  2. War correspondent Michael Von says Trump will not invoke the Insurrection Act and you "can take that to the bank." He didn't say why. Von knows a lot of American generals. --Brant
  3. I know a lady who gets an eye injection once a month. The injection hurt. She then told the doctor next time I don't want to feel it and she didn't --Brant
  4. Naturalborncitizen.wordpress com/2021 It's your job to add the prefix to make the link work. --Brant
  5. Quo warranto is possible. --Brant Trump doesn't need to be inaugurated Jan. 20 if Biden is held never to have legally held office as the election is held to have never taken place
  6. Many people are whistling by the graveyard. --Brant
  7. Why quote this nothingness? He's not even worth criticizing any more about anything. --Brant
  8. Look at that red lettered missive from Twitter. "Election officials" my ass. --Brant
  9. Very funny. However, the VP does not serve at the pleasure of the President. --Brant