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  1. Carol, the prevaricating, left-wing censorship of the electronic media giants has only been blatantly obvious since the 2018 elections. In today's context they might end up regulated like public utilities, not that they should. Hoi polloi is simply going to shove them aside with their partial replacements. It's part of the great red and blue divide, a possible prelude to greater political disintegration if not actual true civil war. ---Brant
  2. I could only watch Brook for a minute. I can't stand this Objectivist intellectual feeble compared to the fountainhead. Peikoff is a solid step down from Rand and is not to be contemned for that because he was a real producer, but Brook is the pits. The best way for a newbie to learn about classical Objectivism is to read Peikoff's book--that is, after reading AS. ---Brant
  3. Brant Gaede


    I think you started it. ---Brant
  4. I'd post a lot more if I did. But still less than you. ---Brant
  5. A 76 page thread is what happens when you try to explain the obvious to the oblivious. ---Brant
  6. If it did I'd post a lot more a lot more often. ---Brant
  7. The only thing you have said about pantheism in all those words is It's monism. And what is that? For me it's very simple: reality generally and in every particular is God. ---Brant to be respected, not worshipped, but if you want worship so right ahead atheism is an ugly word which excludes people who aren't while pantheism draws them in but rips them off their irrational foundation
  8. There is obviously no sense from you about knowing where you are. ---Brant
  9. "There is no teaching; there is only learning." Porter Stansbury. ---Brant
  10. Rules, rules, rules. Nathaniel Branden's dating rule: "Just be friendly." --Brant
  11. If you refuse to be a victim, which requires the courage of honesty, the victimizers go away. --Brant factualize, never mind moralizing
  12. Objectivism can be/should be a philosophy for living on earth, but needs work. First it should replace atheism with pantheism. Second, the morality needs more work --Brant Rand never wrote an essay on Objectivist Morality, but she was a moralizer par excellence
  13. It just meant it was designed for that in contradistinction to other philosophies which weren't. This isn't even Objectivism 101. --Brant how did you try to use the "guide"? I do note if you took Objectivism through Rand's eyes--inside out instead of outside in---there could be serious problems, problems she herself ran into reducible to "human, all too human"