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  1. There is always a virus in humanity's future. --Brant and present
  2. Divorce as failure? It's only a tool. Without divorce's context you can't bottom line it. Sometimes not getting divorced is bad. --Brant
  3. Your stew might work except for the bag of sugar you threw in. I guess Trump owes his success with women to being a billionaire. Nathaniel met Barbara before either met Ayn. And Ayn went bonkers over him before any "cult" came into existence. His third wife, Devers, was about as far from cult stricken as imaginable. --Brant
  4. The Rand/Branden breakup was not "silly." That implies trivialities. But what was important then is no longer now. The ideas remain. --Brant
  5. Nathaniel Branden was very successful with women. His second wife died tragically. If not for that he'd likely had just two marriages. --Brant
  6. The Dems bus illegals to the voting booths. --Brant
  7. Nathaniel could certainly turn a phrase, which is why he was so good a teacher of Objectivism a la Ayn Rand --very seductive--but he was as wrong then as you are now. The reasoning is circular. --Brant and ideological
  8. Excuse me. I'm not "still calling" anything. Where the f..k are those previous "calls" I've made? I'm simply stating the markets are setting up for a relatively mild correction based on bullish sentiment, such as yours. --Brant
  9. "We" didn't put any "heat" into the oceans. --Brant ". . . here comes the sun . . . ."
  10. Stocks are topping. High sentiment means exit time. --Brant moderate correction coming
  11. If so we can have a "science" of political laws also. The presence of economic and other truths don't in themselves make truth a scientific truth. A philosophical truth isn't a scientific truth. There is no scientific truth in economics hence no science. Throwing statistics into the mix isn't enough. --Brant economic laws are not physical laws and science is all about physicalities unto themselves subject to verification through observation and experiment upon some of which inventors can create and act if not now maybe later
  12. Socialism is the interjection of force into human economic and social relationships by the governing body. If someone says they're a socialist that's what they're about or they're stupidly ignorant. One is entitled to assume they aren't stupidly ignorant for the sake of civil discourse. --Brant
  13. Economics is not a science. It's a hodgepodge of ideologies, opinions and descriptions. --Brant