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  1. I hope you keep these Coronavirus articles coming, Merlin. --Brant
  2. Because the virus induces pneumonia the pneumonia is not susceptible to antibiotics so the spread rate and death rates are still climbing. Flu is in your head. This is in your lungs. This is why ventilators are needed. If you need such you'll have about an 80 percent chance of dying after about 10 days. In Italy the death rate went from 8 percent to 11 in one week. Health care workers are being subjected to 100 hr work weeks. They are being worn out. This may peak in the middle of May. Peaked does not mean stop. The death rate for seasonal flu us .1 percent. We are about 2 percent and climbing. It might be a flu BUT it happens in your lungs. I got this from Dr Duc (sp?) Voung videos. --Brant China must be a horror story and wait for what'll happen to India
  3. Tony hit a home run with that link. I put it on the conservative pay site To The Point News . Com owned and run by Jack Wheeler. You can read that site for a month for 9 bucks. Durk Pearson posts there in the Forums under the name Skye. The security was beefed up so no more free articles. I comment on some of the articles. Besides OL it's the only place I post. In over 30 years on the Internet, including one predecessor, Ft. Freedom, I've never used a pseudonym. This was by ignorant happenstance. I've no criticism for those who do. --Brant lots of articles off the virus from many perspectives but not from the left (political, economic, scientific, medical) nor Objectivist or libertarian
  4. The vitamin D dose rec by Durk Pearson is 4000 IU/day with food and Vitamin C which I think might be 1Gram 3 or 4 times a day. C is water soluble so it needs continual replenishment and D is fat soluble. D isn't really a vitamin and your body also makes it so go outside and enjoy the sun which is the most enabling agent for that. C and D boost the immune system. --Brant
  5. And as good as I've read so far too. --Brant
  6. You know they are not suspect? And that's so obvious you didn't just use an argumentum ad hominem on me? --Brant
  7. I don't get your Facebook posts. I was a Green Beret medic, AKA a Special Forces Aidman. I was trained to do amputations and wound debridement and veinous cutdowns and cyroidthroidotomies in the field. I learned modern CPR in 1965. --Brant on the lighter side . . .
  8. I was 76 on March 28. Now, give me more than two reasons why I should "stay the fuck at home!" --Brant
  9. These data are suspect. Especially comparative data. Italy does have a lot of old people and Italians love to get up close and personal. The big problem is all the Chinese who live there who went to China for the holiday and came back by the tens of thousands. --Brant
  10. Atlantis was from the bottom up. The posters. Jimmy came along and tried to be the top. He asked me and maybe some others to help run the place. We mostly departed for Yahoo Groups Atlantis 2. Nathaniel Branden had his own site there. They both lasted several years then petered out. Last fall Yahoo destroyed all those archives. Libertarian(?) Tim Star set up his pro-Iraqi war site on Yahoo at about that time (2003). I was against that war. Because of that war I became much more libertarian oriented while he went the other way. But I was and am grounded in basic Objectivist philosophical principles. I still consider libertarianism to be without lasting philosophical roots and Rand to be the proper successor to Lockean individual rights which this country is built on. Rand refused to sanction libertarianism but was so ham-fisted about it she hurt Objectivism more than libertarianism. This was also on and about the split with Branden. She (and Branden) had made Objectivism (off Galt's speech) a top downer while libertarianism was essentially a bottom upper. I say "was" because both Objectivism and libertarianism have gone sub rosa. How strongly they will re-manifest themselves consequent to this virus scare, which is going to change the world for good or evil, remains to be seen. The key will be the role of technology. --Brant Atlantis was a libertarian site even though it had its Objectivists including the execrable Ellen Moore because dogmatists, like Ellen, had a hard time there, but nobody, as I imperfectly recall, ever asked for "civility" but that was okay with Ellen when Jimmy took over
  11. William S has decided to use OL as a toilet. --Brant
  12. How many and under what definition? --Brant