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  1. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    You are focused on the result, Rand on the cause. --Brant
  2. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Ah, so negation is potency? Like 9/11? --Brant it is to the Jihads and their tribe--are we saying potency is contextual (or is it just me)? I am saying in the context of Western Civilization potency is individualistic and the rest of whatever you want to call it is collectivist and destructive
  3. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Lots of great sex! --Brant
  4. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Good creates, evil negates; sanction or no sanction. Brant
  5. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    That's why Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged. You just tossed the novel into the trash can. --Brant
  6. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Rand's thesis is that the sanction of evil puts the potency of the sanctioner into evil. No sanction no transfer of potency and evil dies on the vine or it never gets going in the first place. --Brant
  7. Brant Gaede

    Screenwriting Prompt from Real Life

    His brain is in pretty good shape. I suspect he has heart trouble. I wish him well in his retirement. --Brant
  8. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    That's a good explanation of what's wrong with Rand's formulation. She meant it like an intellectual self evident pill to be shot right into the brain without digestion. It's rational poison here declined by you and me two different ways maybe ironically proving her point. --Brant oh, your highlighted statement is not true
  9. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Wow! That's quite a sidestep! --Brant
  10. Brant Gaede

    it is your duty to be a slaveless vegan

    You've been drinking, right? --Brant
  11. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    The dose makes the poison. Literally her statement is false. --Brant
  12. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    To continue: I see potency a la Ayn Rand as an expression of civilization. It's individualistic as apposed to collectivist or tribalistic. If you were a Comanche warrior in early 1800s Texas on a raiding party and attacked a homestead raping the women killing everybody that was pure albeit tribal potency. The difference here is nothing was created just destroyed with some wealth transfer like a horse or even, if there was one, a little girl to be incorporated into the tribe. So Objectivist potency is acts of creation. --Brant
  13. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Potency if is derived from power but there is more to power than that. There is the initiation of force. The violation of rights. We can cleave the difference. --Brant
  14. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    While I disagree with your last sentence it all comes down to an interminable discussion about what we mean about potency. Rand's fiction corrupted her philosophy. You can take all the bad out of your good guys and all the good out of your badies but not out of the 99.9999 of all people who have ever lived or will live. I'm for a practical philosophy of rational self interest that celebrates integrity. Rand was stuck in the world of her great novel and such was classical Objectivism as taught in the 1960s --Brant
  15. Brant Gaede

    Donald Trump

    Rand was much more politically sophisticated than Peikoff, which isn't saying much to her credit. --Brant