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  1. That was little girl talk from my childhood. --Brant
  2. Liar, liar! Pants on fire! --Brant I only lie while lying down
  3. A two hour video? Look, I suspect if white women were socially reduced to black women you could say the same thing, out of many things, about them. Up from slavery meant a different kind of slavery post 1865. This was shucked off in the 1960s only to be reimposed by "The Great Society" of Lyndon Johnson turning blacks into dependent welfare recipients along with poor whites destroying the natural family structure out of human biology. The man was functionally reduced to making babies, not supporting and raising his family. Now compare fucking time to working time when the man doesn't have to work. What's left? More time for fucking all over the place. And the girl-woman? What man is she saving herself for? Here today, gone today? Or, practically speaking, the man has more time not just for fucking but drug consumption and dealing. Prison time is just a change of venue. And knowing, at least subconsciously, your life is cheap and almost worthless killing anyone who gets in your way is relatively easy. --Brant welcome to the South Side of Chicago and a man named LeRoy Brown
  4. Bacteria also have a hard time surviving on raw wood cutting boards. --Brant
  5. How do you know WTF you are talking about? --Brant
  6. Oh, somebody'll take it to court. Somebody is always stupid enough. --Brant thinking about it
  7. Ellen Moore (RIP) always "seemed rational enough," but was, really, always irrational because that was out of her Rand ideational base which was in itself distorted. --Brant and quite the dogmatist we really do miss her she was smarter than what she ended up saying
  8. Thank you, Peter, for bringing Barbara back to life. She last officially visited OL on March 28, 2012, my 68th birthday. --Brant
  9. I would have given him supplemental oxygen. --Brant
  10. I ran medical patrols, when I wasn't shooting at someone. I'm half-assed. --Brant my bullets weren't blunt, but my needles. . .
  11. The justices couldn't come with the reasoning for abortion so they pushed the subject under the rug. --Brant