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  1. Welcome, Pathogen. I never take myself too seriously. There are some "Serious Stevens" on OL that don't have much of a sense of humor, but overall OL is a great place to chew on ideas (thank you Michael!).
  2. @William, If you took time yourself to be Objective you would realize I never put the "ring" above Obama's associations.-they are part and parcel of his entire anti-liberty mantra. I do appreciate your rude 8th grade smugness though.
  3. I like Gary Johnson, but I don't want to re-elect Obama because of naive idealism.
  4. I knew when the MSM reported that the unemployment rate plunged to 7.8% that the Obama regime was fudging with the numbers for political gain.
  5. It'd be nice to throw her a party just for the heck of it, just to let her know that she is admired, and with many of you, loved.
  6. @Michael, you're missing the biggest single issue that differentiates islam form the other religions you listed; ultimately islam demands conversion or death. @Jerry, Understanding a man's ideology and associations, yes even down to the symbols that he wears IS very important, even if it is a ring, because it identifies WHAT the person is sympathetic to and what he is influenced by. BTW, I am not a conspiracy nut, so you can put your mind at ease, but I can also see the writing on th wall and do not just shrug something off because I may not want believe it could be a truth. I find it disturbing that you would so easily brush off his muslim influences. Idea's matter.
  7. @ Dennis and Frediano, it doesn't need to be an either/or choice. In a free nation there are problems of all stripes both foreign and domestic.
  8. The Blaze is trying to play this story to the middle a bit, but WND is spot on in their assessment about Obama's muslim ring. A dangerous felow to have as leader of the free world.
  9. Ms. Branden hasn't posted on OL for a while. Anyone know how she is doing?
  10. @William, I appreciate your response, we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  11. Until one has experienced such an event themselves I would not be so quick to pass it off as "BS". William, no one is telling anyone to snap their heads up for anything, this MD's NDE is one mans experience, an exp which changed his mind and outllook on life after death. I tend to listen when a man of science has things to say about experiences he would have (previous to his OBE) chaulked up as foolishness. Last time I checked Charlotte Hannah has not been in neurosurgery nor had the OBE experience herself. It's easy for us to accuse somone of being full of sh*t, but until one has had such an exp and has wlaked in those shoes I wouldn't be too quick to label this man a liar. You seem quite hostile to the idea for some reason.
  12. @Brant, my geuss is his extensive experience in neurosurgery and this; ,suggests he has done quite a bit of research.
  13. Speaking of consciousness, here is a fascinating story;
  14. whYNOT, I think values are both cognitive and emotional in origin. Cognitive because they are they are the product of human decision making, or their rewards and/or consequences are set by nature regardless of the emotional state, emotional because they direct the response of a given persons value hierarchy.
  15. That makes two former MTV'ers who are libertarin-esque (Kurt Loder being the other, who has also appeared on Red Eye)
  16. I think that early man was a much more physically able being ( better resistance to disease, more muscular, more acute vision, etc) , and here's why I think that; what happens when you make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy........well, it's never as good as the original, in other words, you get modern man. If only his mind could have been on par with his physical prowess!
  17. As much as the quality of AS could be much much improved. I would rather have it out now and spreading its message, even with all of its faults, then have no movie at all. Let's face reality; Christopher Nolan is not going to direct this movie nor is it going to be produced with a $150 million dollar budget. We have to take the hand we're dealt and get people to the theater to see it as it is now.
  18. The internet is the new bullsh*t dectector in society. Gone are the days when you could play the electorate for chumps. "What's that you say? Well, give me a second so I can research it online..."Technology has forced people to choose sides in a way. The deluded who continue to refuse to see the facts about reality and who want a utopian society so bad that they will do whatever it takes to make it happen, will vote Democrat. Collectivism, guilds, and unions are the vestiges of an age where propaganda was the primary tool of societal control. Not anymore, unf the sad part is that a large part of Americans still want to live in the utopian fantasy promised by these quacks. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet, mans greatest ally against BS.
  19. William, when I say that emotions are not 'primary tools of cognition' I mean it the sense that man cannot make rational decisions strictly from an emotional POV. Man is a being of balance; logic and emotion.
  20. All that standing and talking can be so exhausting.
  21. If altitude was such a factor then why wasn't Romney affected?