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  1. This story is HUGE. Obama, Clinton, and Panetta are all guilty of allowing these men to die at the hands of savages.
  2. @Mark, wow. laying into Yaron when Obama is the POS who is slandering Objectivist ideology.
  3. Someday, Obama's college records will be released and we will all see this POS obsession with extreme leftist ideologies.
  4. Obama belongs at Burning Man, not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  5. Wow. It's obvious Obama didn't understand Ayn Rand in college and STILL doesn't understand her now. I would bet that his exposure to her in college was as an enemy-philosopher of the collectivist movements he so eagerly embraced. Obama really thinks that man is a cog to be used as a serf for the State collective. HOW ON EARTH he still has as many projected Electoral votes as he does now speaks volumes of the Americans lost in the self inflicted downward spiral of collectivist brute worship and envy. Oh reason, raise thy banner high once again that man may no longer grovel for bread, but command his own life!
  6. *jedi handwave* There is nothing to see here.
  7. Secretary of State; Jim DeMint Sec Treasury; M. Northrup Buechner Sec Defense; Allen West Atty General; Mark Levin Sec Interior; ABOLISH Sec Agriculture; ABOLISH Sec Commerce; ABOLISH Sec Labor; ABOLISH Sec HHS; ABOLISH Sec HUD; ABOLISH Sec Transportation; ABOLISH Sec Energy; ABOLISH Sec Education; ABOLISH Sec Veterans Affairs; absorb into dept of defense Sec Homeland security; absorb into dept defense & office of atty general OMB; George Reisman EPA; ABOLISH Trade Rep; ABOLISH Ambassador to the UN; John Bolton (eventually move UN out of the USA and quit membership) Council economic advisers; ABOLISH Small Business Admin; ABOLISH
  8. Romney did shine through when he called out Obama for his apology tour.
  9. @Michael, even Dick Morris understands the real danger posed by the UN; I hope once in office that Romney will put a full court press against the UN, even more than Reagan did.
  10. Romney was lackluster. he had an opp to call out Obama on Behngazi, and didn't. Disappointing, but probably irrelevant this late in the game. Romney still wins on Nov 6th.
  11. blackhorse


    How do you define "the desire to be better than others"? What is your premise and definition? Are you speaking of a superiority complex? Ambition and competitiveness are also not mutually exclusive, either, but depends on the context.
  12. blackhorse


    I wouldn't say that competition is "the desire to be better than other people", but rather the desire to be one's personal best. Winning is also about pride; pride in achieving an accomplishment. I don't think less of someone just because I may excel at something better than they or may have bested them in an event. Competition is also about fun.-how far can we go?-what records can be broken?-what comraderies can be built?
  13. I agree, Romney won the debate hands down. Obama was telling lie after lie.
  14. Funny! Spot on, too. They nailed the widow's peak in Ryan's hair. Biden is f'ing hilarious.
  15. "Those who try to be all things to all men, end up by not being anything to anyone." ---AR This statement applies to Arlen Specter's political ideology and career.
  16. Better to have a RINO in office than a communist.
  17. Samson, one of my motto's is "easy does it". Don't let your mind become too obsessed with feeling isolated. Enjoy the ride!