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  1. Don't get me wrong, tatoo's are fine if you're a military man, but I find it unbecoming a lady. Someday that butterfly will morph into a hideous moth. Tatoo removal on women is going to be a lucrative business someday.
  2. I've always thought that improv humour to be some of the best. "This Is Spinal Tap" being another good example of improvisational comedy. I have seen the English version of The Office, and although I do find it funny I have a hard time understanding some of the tongue in cheek English satire, not too mention some of the words. I'm not a fan of laugh tracks or live audiences so "The Office is right up my alley. Family is another favorite of mine as well.
  3. Objectivism holds that no man may violate the rights of another no matter how good the intentions. EVER. It is because of the potential value that another may bring to us and also from our intrinsic value as rational beings that another person helps someone else who may be in certain unfortunate circumstances.
  4. Thanks, Chris. One complaint about where I live; too many women with tattoo's. What a shit fad.
  5. Sci-Fi: Serenity Western: High Noon Romantic Comedy: Bringing Up Baby Drama: Braveheart Action: Batman Begins Comedy: Office Space Adventure: Indiana Jones Trilogy Horror: The Shining
  6. Does anyone else beside me here find "The Office" absolutely hilarious and a joy to watch?
  7. it may be no 'www'
  8. thanks. i have a blog too. just started.
  9. Just wanted to say hello from the Falthead Valley up here in NW Montana. and have some good material, but aren't really my bag. I also post on RoR sometimes. MSK and Kat, thanks for this website and forum!