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  1. If rights are merely designated for those with reason (nevermind how on earth would that be measured) than any human not under the eugenic perview of middle aged would be under threat of death.
  2. Great vid! I've always thought that the O'ist position on abortion was irrational; the mere location of the developing child in relation to the womb is the deciding factor on whether it is a human with rights or not. Absurd! Abortion Is def. one stance that I will never be in agreement with in O'ism. If humans cannot be counted on to protect the most innocent form of life then how can we be counted on to defend any life or rights? I think that O'ism would attract a much much larger audience and support if they re-evualated and changed their stance on abortion.
  3. I agree with Dennis regarding Penn. There ought to be more decency from a supposed defender of liberty. There are enough fools.
  4. The way things are currently heading It looks to be a Mitt / Gingrich showdown. Go Newt!
  5. So, I watched the Presidential forum in Texas with both Cain and Gingrich and I have to say that Newt came off excellent. He speaks eloquently and directly to questions. At first, I would have passed him by, but I am getting to like him more and more. Anyone else like Newt or have impressions of his candidacy?
  6. blackhorse

    wither TAS

    TAS does not keep their website updated frequently enough. Is nothing happening at TAS? There STORE is still bare bones, too. It would be nice if someone over there would at least keep the website fresh. SHeesh! They barley have updates ever or news, articles, reviews, etc....
  7. I like Gary Johnson, however I think that he may be a bit too Paulish on foreign policy (almost complete non-intervention). In foreign policy there are two extremes; the total non-interventionists Ron Paul side and the too much interventionists Mitt Romney side. I do think that Johnson is a bit more hawkish on FP, but after reading his FP issues on his website it appears that he would grant enemy combatants what Obama is granting them; miranda rights! Other than his dove-ish FP and his rights to enemy combatants, I think GJ is an excellent candidate. Am I wrong here? So far, I like Bachmann the most with GJ in a close second.
  8. As cliche as it STILL sounds it still rings true; not voting IS voting...for the worst possible candidate to win.
  9. I have to say I am really getting to like this guy. Of the current field of possible I like only 4 candidates; Chris Christie, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and The Donald. I mean, I thought Chris Christie was direct, watching and listening to the interviews of DT - boy is he spelling it out in plain unapologetic english. What are your thoughts?
  10. So the question is; WHY all the problems, in-fighting, tribalism, threats, and individual oppression associated with islam? You don't see this type of despicable behavior in most of the western world - other than the statist countries. This is a pattern in islam.-and the short answer is; philosophical. The religion of islam ideologically allows for groups like the Taliban and Hamas to come forth. "By their fruits you shall know them". Muslims in the USA can condemn the Taliban all they want, but that is just one issue in a much larger ideological arena. There are still a legion of other moral issues that form the morally perverse core of ethics that islam cannot seem to move away from, ie burqa's and the repression of women, fatwa's, no images allowed of mohammed, etc etc etc...The reality is - regardless of what one may choose to tolerate or not - a man and/or a woman could never live in a nation like Afghanistan and be free, happy, and secure in the protection of the government of their rights. Islam will always supersede any move towards natural law and the use of reason to est. and maintain a free society.
  11. I could tolerate living with hash smoking sufi's.
  12. ND, if you've read the posts, including your own on this topic, more posters support the mosque at OL than don't. I was stating a fact at OO. There was no derision in my comment - though I can see why you would think that.
  13. Obama has just sealed the fate of the Dem's in November and any chance for a re-election in '12 (which I doubt he'll even seek a 2nd term) What a pathetic disgrace to the USA. And I thought Carter was a p.o.s.
  14. "Being almost like an Objectivist, just without a reasoned moral code, is not just like being almost an Objectivist" Ted, I believe they're called libertarians.
  15. I'd much rather be under a Geert Wilders gov't than a muslim one.
  16. Geez Brant, I can only imagine what your opinion of Columbus could be.
  17. Adonis, re-read my post. I wrote nations-STATES.
  18. Michael, I am merely stating that OL is more in line with libertarian ideology then objectivist as defined by Ayn Rand.
  19. James, my list of safe nations-states to visit; Iceland, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Ireland, Tasmania, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland.
  20. The tolerance that many posters here extend to muslims is not be reciprocated, esp. if it was a muslim dominated nation. If anyone here had to live (if they even could) in a muslim nation- that they would be forced to see its tyrannical oppression and be very much in fear for their lives. The USA is not a muslim dominated nation so trying to use the American muslims defense doesn't work. Europe is infested with islamic pockets that want to practice shari'a and other muslims laws independent of the secular government law. I am all for the battle of idea's, but it is a losing battle against a religion that demands submission to specific laws, traditions, and beliefs. Believe me, if I thought there was a muslim nation I felt safe living in I would be the first to admit it and to admit I was incorrect about the religion.
  21. Objectivist Living should change its name to Libertarian Living.-it would be appropriate to the prevalent philosophy here.
  22. Michael, have you taken the time to read the daily news stories that JihadWatch posts to its website? Not ALL muslims are evil - but islamic doctrine cannot be separated from the islamists who pursue their murder and thuggery against other individuals. A philosophy cannot act by itself since it is only an idea - it requires a man to carry out its content.
  23. Just out of curiosity, does Christianity get the same defense at OL that islam does?
  24. I have nothing but the greatest respect for NB. I would even dare to state that he helped co-create advanced Objectivist philosophy to some degree. I find it odd that Penn and Teller would go after Branden, esp. since he is more appreciated and associated within the TAS camp like P & T are. Weird.