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  1. Heh. Comey's daughter (yeah, that Comey) is the lead prosecutor. Anyone doubt how this is going to turn out? The good news is that I believe the MAGA side now has a whole lot of sneaky shit they will be pulling just to get the information out there. They would not do that before, but I think they are fed up with the persecution, and especially with the pedo stuff. Michael
  2. William, I realize everyone is seeking the One True Truth about others (Jews are greedy, Blacks are lazy, Homosexual men are effeminate, Whites are callous oppressors, etc. etc. etc.), but those categories are simply not true for vast quantities of people. Q is the same thing. If you listen to the end of the conversation you posted, Lin even says (I paraphrase) that he judges Q on what a specific person talking in the name of Q is saying because facts are facts and fantasy and/or misinformation is different. It doesn't matter where a fact comes from. It's still a fact. Both Lin and General Flynn agreed that, when Q is a "leftist or CIA disinformation campaign" (to quote The Q Origins Project tweet in your post), it is about 75% fact and 25% disinformation. Notice how you almost always gloss that kind of information over? How you ignore it? In most of your postings on Q I have seen up to now, I think it would be safe to say you want Q portrayed as one thing only, a One True Truth, that it is 100% wrong, either a disinformation outfit or simply an organization devoted to boneheaded opinions presented by boneheaded people (the more white, the more Christian, and the more Southern the better ). Note: I don't mind that you dislike Q. I feel a cringe, though, every time I see you misidentify what it is. If you commented on the goofy shit, the misinformation shit and the actual facts a Q person presents, I would be perfectly fine with it. Frankly, I would probably agree with you most of the time. But I can't agree with you on any of it when you are judging a fantasy and calling your fantasy a fact, or implying it is a fact, and want everybody to treat that fantasy as a fact. And presenting only the goofy stuff and pretending that eliminates the facts part (which, according to Lin and Flynn in your very post just now, is about 75% facts when it is a psyop) shows a total misunderstanding of how propaganda works and what Q--in all its variety--really is. I have said from the beginning years ago that Q is some kind of information--or better, propaganda--campaign due to all the covert techniques employed. Nowadays, I would even call it entrenched in the culture as a meme. And I admired (and still admire) the sheer competence of those who came up with such a cultural figure. I don't know who they are (although I have a few speculations), but some day I could list the covert stuff again that I have identified if you like. But not within the context of the One True Truthy Truth. Every time I have tried, we talk past each other and it goes off into some kind of verbal dueling. At which point I have generally given up with a dive straight into banter. (At least banter is fun. ) Notice that you even asked: I didn't get that impression at all. I got the impression he abandoned the people he now considers as using Q to run psyops from the left or from the Deep State. There are a hell of a lot of good patriotic people left in the Q universe and I don't get the impression that General Flynn has abandoned them at all. I don't know how much General Flynn believes in the more extravagant claims of some of the fringe Q people (such as many government leaders like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, etc., have already been executed by the military or are imprisoned at Gitmo, etc., etc., etc.) but I don't recall hearing him ever say these things. So I think Flynn likes the people--especially the military people--in the Q orbit he knows and respects and doesn't believe in the bullshit the fringe engages in. And now he sees another part of it, psyops from hostile quarters using Q. That, to me, is what he doesn't like. Not the entire One True Truthy WWG1WGA Truth. On the contrary, I actually think it possible, given Flynn's history, expertise and experience in nonconventional warfare, that he helped come up with Q as a propaganda tool. Michael
  3. MAGA is even getting to the Dems. They are starting to openly defy the Biden encroachment of communism. Comrade Down: Senate Forces Biden to Dump OCC Nominee, Lenin Scholar - Washington Free Beacon FREEBEACON.COM Five Senate Democrats told the White House late Wednesday they will not support Lenin scholarship recipient Saule Omarova to serve as Comptroller of the Currency, nuking her chances to serve as the... It's not much, but it's something. Michael
  4. Peter, Oh, but it did go as planned. Your good heart doesn't allow you to think about the value of individuals from a CCP mentality. Your words convey that you believe saving people is the aim of the CCP medical people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bioweapon virus has killed off a lot of the Chinese elderly. Meaning those people the CCP has to pay for now, the people it can no longer get money from. When old people die, that is good for the government treasury. Follow the money... Michael
  5. William, I listened to it all and there are so many cross-currents and, frankly, so much neighborhood gossip, I don't believe delving into this was a good use of my time. Well, maybe, now I know (or think I know, or sumpin') why some odd things have been happening in their corner of the MAGA world right now. For for the record, here are my comments: 1. First, the Telegram link on a desktop makes the audio (video) of the call practically useless if you want to speed it up, make it louder, etc. So I found the call on Rumble and here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Incidentally, timeline-wise, this call happened, then after, Patrick put up the video of him talking alone, where he called Lin a "tacky kook." 2. As to Lin, I believe Lin believes what he is saying. I can't go where he goes when he starts talking about Michael Flynn praying to the devil and so on, but I believe he believes it. In my understanding, hardcore southern evangelicals have a thing about Catholics and General Flynn (and Patrick Byrne, for that matter) are Catholics. Also, Lin seems to be hurt that General Flynn did not openly defend his character when the Rittenhouse smear came out. Instead Gen. Flynn posted a part of an audio (or video), called attention to the part about Jesus, and said that is all you need to know about Lin Wood. Or something like that. To my understanding, it was a general endorsement of Lin's unimpeachable character without getting into the specifics of the Rittenhouse thing. btw - Here is General Flynn's response to the entire kerfuffle on Telegram for those interested. And it is gracious. In Lin's defense, when he talks about money, I believe him by default unless proven otherwise (and I have never seen otherwise). Others, too, who are not even part of his circle believe like me. Look what Robert Barnes had to say. Don't forget, Robert was part of the defense of Rittenhouse for a time. He gave no bullshit about a scam or anything. Robert said openly that Lin raised $2 million to get Kyle out of jail. Period. Barnes Law Says Lin Wood Helped Raise Much Of The Money For Kyle Rittenhouse Bail RUMBLE.COM Barnes Law Says Lin Wood Helped Raise Must Of The Money For Kyle Rittenhouse Bail Get More Patriot News at https://MyPatriotsNetwork.com/blog 3. Patrick came off to me as two-faced. And I like Patrick. But he came off to me like one of those petty neighborhood gossips who goes around trash-talking people and saying how much he hates it that people gossip and he is above all that. Did I understand him to say that Sydney Powell had the hots for him and is now acting like a woman scorned? Dayaamm! Also, Lin told Patrick he had to audit the moneys he himself has been involved with re Rittenhouse (about $5 million between him and others) just like Lin's foundation, Fight Back, ran an independent audit of all the moneys it deployed in the Rittenhouse case, including the $2M for bail. Patrick told Lin he would do such an audit, then in the later video to the public, said such an audit would be silly. Er... say what? Don't get me wrong. I think Patrick Byrne is doing a lot of good in the MAGA movement. But I don't see him as a saint, especially not where money is concerned. And, although I previously suspected something, now I know for sure that he gossips like the idle-fucking-rich. 4. Then there are the allegations about Sydney, that she is doing monkey-business with a bonanza she got after appearing on Rush Limbaugh (going up to $20 million and more according to Patrick, most of which came from mailed-in envelopes with small cash values in them). I don't know enough about it to say anything intelligent right now. I do know the idea that Patrick's image of Sydney, that she is a control freak, she is a lush in private while religious in public (he actually went there), that she has the hots for him, and that she is involved in embezzlement, sounds weird. Does that sound like Sidney Powell to you? Look at her life and achievements. It sure as hell doesn't sound like it to me. I can see here as a control freak about her work, but that's about it. After producing pop singers for a part of my life, all this sounds like the crap they do to each other when vanities clash. And I don't even know Sidney's side yet. That's about all I have on this, or at least want to write about. There is a huge amount of bullshit and not much substance re getting to the bottom of the 2020 election, getting justice for Kyle Rittenhouse, etc. It's fun to pause and gossip, I guess, but now back to more serious matters. Anyway, I prefer banter to gossip for the light side. Michael
  6. This is probably one of the most important posts to look at for the near future re coronavirus. Malone: Signs Point To Highly Infectious New Variant That Doesn’t Respond To The Vax WARROOM.ORG Steve Bannon and the 'War Room' are back to square one as 'War Room: Pandemic' prepares for a potentially dangerous new variant of the Covid virus that has been identified in South Africa. Nations around the... The gist is that it looks like the worldwide vaccine policy has prompted the coronavirus to mutate a superbug version that does not respond to current vaccines. (Similar to the way overuse of antibiotics nullifies them as the bacteria become antibiotic-resistant.) What's worse, lockdowns and border restrictions are no longer of any use--even Pater Navarro said that. And he was the one who helped make Trump's travel restrictions from China in the early stages of fighting the coronavirus. He said the genie is now out of the bottle and it can no longer be contained by these measures. Remedy The only widespread remedy that Dr. Malone and Peter Navarro sees that can be effective is massive focus on medicine in the early stages of the illness (in addition to hygiene like washing hands, of course). In fact, both recommend flooding the public with this medicine. btw - Medicine in the press is called "therapeutics" in order to change the emotional load and framing, but it's the same goddam thing. The problem is that the US government and others in the world do not want their populations to use medicines like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and so on, but instead rely solely on vaccines. So they actively impede public access to the medicines that work, especially in the early stages of the illness. (After all, the vaccine scam is where the money and power is. And any resultant dead people don't matter to them.) But there is information and things that can be done if you don't want to trust the word of the oligarchs--if you wish to add other medical advice to your bank of knowledge. FLCCC Dr. Malone recommends you go to the FLCCC site (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance). When you go there, scroll down a bit and you will find a tab called Find Doctors and another called Find Pharmacies. They are focused on the different states in the USA, but there are also many other countries listed. These are doctors who will prescribe medicine like Ivermectin and pharmacies that will sell it without hassle. Also, on that site is an extremely interesting PDF called: Overcoming the Barriers to Access Ivermectin Prescriptions There's a ton of information on the site about all kinds of related things, masks, protocols, a ton load of different doctors (both normal doctors and alternative medicine doctors--I actually found both kinds of doctors where I live, near Chicago Illinois, which is woke country), even plenty of information about the law and rights. The information is redundant, too, so if you miss something in one place, you will likely be able to access someplace else. Dr. Malone mentioned some other places, but the FLCCC is the big one. On a good note for those who got the coronavirus and recovered, it looks like people who have developed natural immunity are just as resistant to this new vaccine-resistant strain as they are to other strains. I hope this information helps keep everyone who comes to OL safe, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. Michael
  7. A tale of two headlines. Notice that neither headline is from the fake news mainstream press. First Japan. Fake News Goes Into Overdrive to Suppress Japan’s Success of Treating COVID-19 with Ivermectin Fake News Goes Into Overdrive to Suppress Japan’s Success of Treating COVID-19 with Ivermectin - Big League Politics BIGLEAGUEPOLITICS.COM The vaccine regime is promoting lies yet again. And next, on to sports. Dozens of Vaxxed Athletes Are Suddenly Collapsing and Nobody’s Allowed to Ask Why Dozens of Vaxxed Athletes Are Suddenly Collapsing and Nobody’s Allowed to Ask Why NOQREPORT.COM There’s an extremely inconvenient truth for vaxx-nannies that is quietly surfacing across the globe. Professional athletes, who are among the healthiest people on the planet, are collapsing with inexplicable and... And the mainstream press, pundits and politicians? As Ayn Rand said often: Blank-out. Question for the day: Who gains with this and who loses? Michael
  8. This whole story of how China infiltrated the American government and major American institutions make the Communist infiltration before and during the McCarthy years look like a kindergarten spat. The following is sheer evil. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: National Institutes of Health Funding Connected to Chinese Military and Organ Harvesting WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Guest post by Lawrence Selin and Anna Chen The National Institutes of Health Funding Is Linked to the Chinese Military and Organ Harvesting Numerous news articles are still appearing describing the continuing... The American elite? Including the Big Pharma/FDA elite? Elite my ass. What a bunch of fucking sellouts and moral scum. Don't think their humanity doesn't have a price. It does. And the CCP has been buying it for years. Michael
  9. As the fake news media screams about this and that from the headlines (meaning things that are outrages, that disappear from the headlines soon after a run for a couple of days, but things that stay the same in the long run), the MAGA engine keeps on chugging along. It's almost the inverse for MAGA, meaning things that don't even make it to the headlines, but things that change the situation and culture in drastic ways. For instance, one more MAGA win: President Trump: "GREAT NEWS FOR ARIZONA, Senator Paul Boyer, a RINO Obstructionist, Is Done." WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer, “a RINO if there ever was one”, will not run for reelection next year and President Trump has given him a special farewell from office. Paul Boyer has been nothing but trouble... Notice that backroom deals and protection from oligarchs are not the causes of this. In fact, this is pure groundswell fostered by a few major MAGA firebrands out in the culture and a whole lot of minor firebrands on alt media and at alt venues. Change is coming. Change for the better. As the saying goes, nothing can stop what is coming. Michael
  10. I normally don't like to post opinion-only tweets (with a few exceptions), but Tim's opinion here is worth a post. And I fully agree with him. Michael
  11. A couple of news items of interest to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. The first is peripheral. Epstein's Zorro Ranch had computer rooms the 'size of houses' to spy on guests including Prince Andrew, victim claims WWW.THE-SUN.COM JEFFREY Epstein’s notorious Zorro Ranch had three computer rooms "the size of houses" to spy on famous guests including Prince Andrew, one of the pe This news item basically says Epstein had three full computer rooms at his Zorro Ranch and, supposedly at all of his main places where important visitors came. The purpose of these computer rooms was to film and process the activities of his guests, especially the pedophilia. 3 full rooms of computer equipment? In today's world where a couple of high-end computers at most would have done the job? What the hell was he doing? Dayaamm! So... where is all that friggin' material? Hopefully some of it will come out at Ghislaine Maxwell's trial The next news item has direct bearing on the trial. Epstein Victims' Fund Hands Maxwell Accusers' Claims to Maxwell, Prosecutors WWW.THEEPOCHTIMES.COM Information about women who said they were abused by late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was handed over on ... That link goes to a paywall. I subscribe to Epoch Times and I recommend you do, too. It's one of the few news sites where you can get correct information most of the time. But for those who want to read the article without subscribing, go here. In my understanding, it's legal and is not black hat. Here are some quotes from the article. The prosecutors, of all people, were against this information being included in the trial. Why? More cloak of secrecy crap? I know what they said about being concerned about the privacy of the victims, but I have a bigger question. What are they--the prosecutors--getting out of fighting this? After all, there will probably be info galore about rich and powerful people getting it on with kids. And there's this. According to the court, this material can't be leaked. That, to me, means some of it will be leaked. I guess that would interfere with some payoffs should it happen. Michael
  12. Joe Dan (Intellectual Froglegs) has one hell of a point: Who indeed? I'm not on board with Kennedy's politics in other areas, but in areas of medicine and Big Pharma, he is looking out for regular people. Competently. And with honorable morality and integrity. So where are the friggin' Republican Senators? From Kennedy's acts, you can tell he finds every individual human--rich or poor--to be precious in terms of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is unlike the attitude of Big Pharma, which is you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet. Hmmmm... Where have I heard that one before?... Michael
  13. Brant, The dog barks. Whatcha gonna do? Sometimes you need a dog. And when that happens, the bark comes with it. Michael
  14. sigh Lin is in a place where I can't follow him right now. He is saying Marjorie Taylor Greene is a communist and part of the Deep State. He is accusing Sidney Powell and General Flynn and others of the same. He's throwing the word mockingbird around quite often. I hate to see this, but I don't have inside knowledge to condemn it. So let me leave on record that I admire Lin Wood enormously. I don't know what to do with these allegations. I'm not going to go out and roast people I admire just because he says so. Provisionally, I'm chalking this stuff up to problems I know nothing about, but I'm keeping enough of an open mind to look when there is something other than allegations to look at. I do believe, though Lin is being railroaded by the media and some of the people close to Kyle. Lin might be out there where I can't go right now on this kind of stuff, but I just can't see him as a sadistic crook. Not after the life he has lived and the achievements he as performed. Michael
  15. Ghislaine Maxwell trial There's been a media blackout on Ghislaine Maxwell's trial, at least as far as the prime-time media is concerned. But there are people who are following the things as they happen. So we might as well start here. Does anyone see something wrong with that tweet, being that even Peter Sweitzer is following this account? The news presented is dated March 18, 2021 and the tweet is dated yesterday, November 24, 2021. Bah... See how this is going to play out? We can't even get correct information from our side (the children's side). I think this is because Epstein and Maxwell & Co. blackmailed press people, judges, politicians of all stripes, top business people, etc., with photos/videos of them engaged in pedophilia. I don't trust the mainstream news to give correct information on anything they will publish about this trial, nor the fringe news for that matter (with an exception here and there). But I'm looking. I found this site, which looks promising, but until we see it in action, we will have to put it into the "wait and see" bin. Full On Coverage Of The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial - by The Free Press Report - The Free Press Report PATRIOTONE.SUBSTACK.COM The Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins Monday, November 29th, 2021. D-Day. Twelve jurors and six alternatives will choose the fate of an accused sex offender and trafficker. The referee will be Judge Alison... I know I want to follow this thing. Outside of the pedophilia angle, a whole lot of top MAGA people are saying this trial will be one of the most important ever since it could expose a lot of top people in politics and the culture and the Deep State as corrupt and perverted. Stay tuned. Michael
  16. More Thanksgiving cheer. Anyone wanna piece of that turkey? Michael
  17. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Lookee what I found... Seriously, happy Thanksgiving. With all the problems the USA has right now, we're still living good. There are old reasons for that and I am grateful to all of them. Now let's see if we can keep this sucker rather than lose it to the Chinese, Deep State, etc... Michael
  18. Tony, I don't know what the hell is happening. I find myself agreeing with you without any caveats. (I have to rethink this. Something is wrong....) Michael
  19. D, Not only that, the sole people responsible for the virus are those who developed it and released it on the world. And the sole people responsible for the evil the vaccines are causing are the people who are manufacturing and distributing them, and mandating that people be forced to take them. That's the Cat 5 storm. Compared to that, Trump's pro-vax opinion during a speech is a tiny bit of sand in the wind and nothing more. Michael
  20. Mark, The Jew thing kinda struck a nerve, didn't it? Still, you are hereby warned. Don't do that. Talk shit about me all you want on the entire Internet, but not here in my house. Not that way. We can and do disagree on many things. And agree on others. But that is neither agreement or disagreement. At least you are proving my contention about how much hatred is your prime mover. (I say this from observing your online behavior for years.) Without people to hate, would you even know what to do with yourself? I mean, you've got a good brain, but do you do anything productive with it, other than run a website devoted to criticizing people you hate? You don't have to answer. Your life is yours and I'm merely asking to make a point. Actually, I would love to see something positive from you, but I'm not holding onto any expectation to speak of... Michael
  21. Mark, btw - I appreciate you instructing me on how to behave with Ellen. Has she appointed you her knight in shining armor to defend her honor? Here's an unsolicited observation I have seen over the years about Ellen. She knows how to take care of herself really well online. Several times I've seen her take a bite out of someone, chomp on it a while and spit out the bones. But hey, if now she's getting weak and needs a man to fight for her... Michael
  22. Mark, You make one fundamental mistake and you do it constantly. You read minds. And you write what you read in minds. But you are really poor at it. Suck-level. Terrible... Once in a while you get someone's intentions correct, but mostly I see colossal blunders when you attribute intentions to people. They are usually hatred-driven, too, at least the ones I have seen (like your double-bind with Trump and vax--basically a false dichotomy that you double down on). In fact, I think your different hatreds blinds you to this. But since we are going there, what do you think of Trump moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? Michael
  23. William, Nah... It's more like I don't want to waste my time. I know you know a little about compression and artifacts and you are crazy to show it off, so... drum roll... Yay William! Let's all give the man a three cheer salute. Hip hip, hurray! Hip hip, hurray! Hip hip, hurray! There. You happy? But from what little you presented about chroma key, essentially an elementary beginner's lesson in greenscreen, it's obvious (at least to me) that for the time being, that is about the extent of your knowledge of it. (For instance, I laid a chroma key trap with that weather video because I had a feeling the discussion was going to go in this direction and you walked right into it, snark and all. But I ain't gonna tell you what the trap is. Study a little more and you will find it. Or, just think I am lying about it. That's probably easier on your ego and I don't mind. ) There's a more egregious part, though. I openly said I wasn't sure if the video under discussion was real or a hoax. And you ignored that. You didn't even touch on the most important question of all: Is the video the guy presented a real video of the trial? By real video, I mean raw unprocessed footage. In other words, rather than deal with the issue of Kyle and the weird stuff going on around him, you preferred to talk about technical video issues proving whatever in your head you felt you wanted to prove. Answer me this, big shot. What if you were analyzing a video that had already been tampered with? Obviously from the montage, the guy had a video editor and used the shit out of it on that footage. What would have been your point then? To prove the tampering didn't exist? Or to prove that compression artifacts exist irrespective of tampering techniques? Or what? Anything dealing with Kyle? Anything at all? Hmmmm? That's why I'm not interested in playing gotcha with you right now. You and I have been doing this gotcha shit for too many years to go back to beginner's level mistakes. It's just not fun like that. And obviously it is not very instructive to the reader. Michael
  24. Peter, Most of those solicitations are not from Trump himself. They are from groups that have, in one way or another, gotten Trump's approval. I just listened to an interview with Lin Wood and he said, in the beginning of his involvement with politics, he donated a hefty amount to one of these groups, something like $700k. He later discovered that this money did not go to Trump's campaign, but instead, was sent all over the country to fund the campaigns of RINOs. He got pissed and I think he managed to get some of it back. Michael