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  1. The elitist ruling class establishment and even the tech giants are terrified of QAnon. They're even doing this crap. LOL... Just look what they did, too. That was one hour before the post above, so you know they were already all over her. Michael
  2. What a magnificent rant by Jimmy Dore against Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and others. It's a hateful bitter rant, but extremely targeted on policy. He does diss President Trump, but he's a lefie and I give him a pass for that. But for every Trump diss, Jimmy dumped 10 buckets of shit on the Obamas and Biden. Jimmy was exceptionally pissed by Michelle saying people can't afford to waste their votes, their "protest" votes, on a third party candidate with an election this close. And he was really really pissed at the term "protest vote." He said it's not called a p
  3. Ellen, With Maria, he strongly insinuated the full mile without openly saying it. This was not nuanced insinuation, either. It was clear. He probably has to do it that way to keep from disrupting whatever negotiations are underway or keep from causing WWIII over a taunt or something. Michael
  4. This is one of the absolute best interviews President Trump has given in his entire life. Just a few topics covered: 1. President said he is not going to do a virtual debate with Biden. Period. Ever. It's live or not at all. He thinks debating online where someone can turn off a candidate at will and mess with all kinds of things is a joke. And he thinks it was only suggested to help Biden win the debate through cheating. 2. He said AG Barr has enough material to start indicting people and put a lot of pressure on him just now. I imagine this pressure goes on backstage
  5. TG, The video in the first tweet you posted goes to the wrong video. This is the correct video: That's already a hoot, but it's going to be even hootier after this: Is Whitmer going to retract what she said about President Trump in light of this? No way. Besides, she already knew it. Law enforcement knows these things and they brief her. But now that this fact is public, I expect to see her blame Trump for this guy hating Trump while being white, so he had to kidnap her. Or something... Michael
  6. This is a beauty. It reminds me of Pelosi saying, about Obamacare, we have to pass the bill to see what's in it. Look at the mess that turned into. So, according to Biden, we have to elect him before he'll answer a fundamental question about packing the Supreme Court. And why? Why won't he answer now? Because he knows the fucking press will write about it. That's what he just said. That's his reason. And he doesn't want the press to write about it because he wants to see if he can find a way to block Judge Amy Barrett's swearing in. He just said that.
  7. Ellen, Scott Adams just dealt with this in the video below. And it weds nicely with your view. It starts at 57:42. For the time being, here is the raw transcript from Google so I don't have to look it up again. I don't have time to clean up the transcript right now, but I will do it later in this very post. (LATER EDIT: Done.) I do want to mention that Scott, like me, thinks the New England Journal of Medicine was stupid. Not just evil. Stupid. Michael
  8. Ellen, I told you the joke was spoiled. As to my "advice," that was not advice. That was play advice as part of the quip. In my entire history, have I ever seriously advised someone to not read something because it would be bad for them? Part of my ongoing theme is to look at everything and think for yourself. I've done that for years. My history should count for something... Besides... A is A. Quip is Quip. Blown Joke is Blown Joke. Nothing more. It's the Law of Identity. Michael
  9. More good news to head off cheating and voter fraud at the pass. Michael
  10. This is causing some commentary out there in the Interwebs--the kind of commentary I like. While everybody is yelling, Durham is quietly going about building a rock-solid case against the Deep State. He may not pull the plug when we want, but when he does, some righteous swamp draining is going to happen. And the drainage will lead to the jailhouse treatment plant, not directly to the ocean of society. Michael
  11. Here is the next Trump rally. Tomorrow. Rush's normal audience is over 50 million people. (btw - Before anyone pops up with the Media Matters article saying this isn't true, people who like Media Matters still believe in the "muh Russians" hoax. Media Matters is not credible as a source for anything except propaganda for the Clinton-Soros machine.) Michael
  12. It's Joe Rogan's turn to sell out. If Joe Rogan doesn't be careful with how he sells out, he will get sued, have to issue a public retraction and end up on James O'Keefe's "Wall of Shame" along with countless others. Michael
  13. Merlin, I still don't understand. People are shredding pro-Trump ballot ads and information. Truck loads. That was my point. The videos happened on the parking lot of a printing company. The pictures in the search you linked to are from all over the place. So I don't get the connection other than to say lots of pictures exist from lots of places of mail-in ballot stuff in Pennsylvania. And that some look legit and others don't. And, maybe, that search engines aren't perfect and sometimes show stuff that is not relevant to the keywords entered. Hell, I bet if you c
  14. Tony, In the science world, it's even worse than what we are talking about, though. And it has been for a long time. It's the issue of socialism among scientists (and outright communism in some cases for that matter). Look at this quick clip with Ted Turner and Carl Sagan. TED TURNER: Are you a socialist? CARL SAGAN: Well... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yes I am... In the condescending pseudo-wisdom of Sagan: "We are using money for the wrong stuff." In other words, Sagan wanted, nay demanded in understated seething outrage, to use YOUR
  15. TG, Oops. Did this go back to being just a conspiracy theory and not reality? Michael
  16. Stephen, Only? Really? Forgive me if I find this hard to believe since you did not let me know about it as was your custom with other complaints. In my mind, I have little doubt if I were not supporting Trump, you would have contacted me instead of taking down the content on the sly. I don't mind that you don't want to be here although I admit I like your work so I have a druther. That's your choice. I do mind--and mind a lot--that you disrespected the members of this forum by doing what you did. I'm not in a mood to be pleasing to you about this.
  17. TF, Somehow I think you will be happy to call this one a conspiracy. Six Charged in Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over COVID Lockdown For me, so long as we have a working government system in place, people who do this are bad guys no matter what side they are on. Just like people who try to poison the president are bad guys. They don't need to get caught to be bad guys. They just need to do bad things. And, for the record, I defend the office of Governor Whitmer and her status as a citizen of the USA. She herself as a person, is a tyrant wannabe. And I
  18. Tony, Obviously, I agree: But don't forget, many scientists change with the political wind. The establishment cartel used to be the government and now the Trump approach people are moving in. As a general rule, when government funds science, ideologically, scientists move to where the money is. Government money is really good at funding altruism and making a difference. And at funding sudden integrity. Michael
  19. T, There's that, too. Suppression of scientists who still have a conscience instead of a callous where that used to be. One of the areas where people, especially the bad guys, hate President Trump the most is that he screws around with their money. Even when he took out the ISIS caliphate, the first thing he did was cut off their money. Obama & Co. didn't do that. They did the opposite. Ditto for that stupid Iran deal. He cut their money. Obama & Co. didn't do that. They did the opposite. The first step in defeating evil should be to cut off its resources
  20. The folloiwing tweet from President Trump is what Never Trumpers, anti-Trumpers, people who don't like Trump, and, for that matter, anyone involved in trying to poison the president fear the most. A not-weakened president. Saying President Trump is weakened does not make him weakened. It's the difference between words and external reality. Wishful thinking is not fact. President Trump is not a quitter nor a pussy. A quote from a movie represents his philosophy. In the words of Rocky Balboa: That is strength. People who are bothered by Trump
  21. Merlin, As I understand it, instructions on what to do to request a mail-in ballot. Political advertising. It's something politicians do during elections. I know this must mean something, but I can't figure it out. Michael
  22. Anthony, And more. When government pays the scientists, government owns the scientists. They will do whatever it wants. When the government is good, the scientists are good. When the government is bad, the scientists are bad. Michael
  23. TF, I have no idea what you are talking about here. That sounds like anti-Trump wishful thinking to me. Michael
  24. TF, You mean like spying on Trump through the intelligence services, the Russian hoax, the impeachment, etc., etc, etc.? Those kind of conspiracies? In my understanding of the world, people who do these things and get caught actually do these things and keep doing these things. They don't stop. And they don't turn into angels from one day to the next just because some people don't like the idea of conspiracy theories. Let me turn the question around on you. Why is Trump the only one who has to be attacked? Is sanction of the victim such a noble thing in your view?
  25. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden loves them some Chinese Communist Party. And the Chinese Communist Party loves them right back. China Censors Mike Pence’s Debate Comments On China But Freely Broadcasts Kamala Harris’s This tweet is from the article. And here's the image in case the tweet gets censored. This came on when Pence started talking about China. Then, when Harris started talking, the signal miraculously got fixed. If you want yourself some luv from the Chinese Communist Party like Joe and Kamala get, vote for Biden and Harris in November. Micha