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  1. A backlash is happening against Canadian fake news.

    It's good to see.

    CBC Journalist Quits in Protest of Repressive & Politicized Newsroom: An Interview with Tara Henley

    Note that Tara Henley said that before this woke culture, she was to the left of most issues in the newsroom.

    But now she is being painted as right-wing.

    Now her main issue is authoritarianism, not left or right.

    There is still hope, Canada.



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  2. 1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Take a look at Twitter any day of the week and ask if some of those people would be crazy enough to learn about how to harness and deliver such a bioweapon on someone they hated.

    Here is an example in another realm.

    Tim Pool recently got swatted during a live broadcast. (Swatting means a person--usually anonymous--reports a target to the police as a terrorist or something like that and a SWAT team comes to his house. Now swatting means any kind of police, not just SWAT teams.)

    Someone had reported to the police that a person was committing suicide and threatening others with a gun (I think that's right) at Tim's place. So the police came running.

    From the way Tim runs his show, an easy scenario could have been for the cops to kill one of his guests. They sometimes run to the bathroom and run back (a system they use due to live broadcast). Fortunately, one of his employees was outside when the cops arrived and that slowed down their invasion of his property, but they still came in. More notable was the huge number of cops from a lot of different jurisdictions.

    Tim thinks this was likely due to him recently interviewing Marjorie Taylor Greene as she has been getting a huge number of death threats.

    Now answer me this.

    If some sleazebag was crazy enough to do this, and to issue death threats to a sitting congress-woman, isn't such a person crazy enough to kill a public person they don't like with a bioweapon? I mean, they would have to figure out how to get one and use it, but once learned, they would likely get away with it.

    What do you think the prospect of this would do to a hate-addled brain where reality is mostly perceived as LARP (Live Action Role Playing)?


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  3. On 1/7/2022 at 4:24 PM, william.scherk said:

    Here's another notable death, with the predictable reactions: QAnon Star Who Said Only ‘Idiots’ Get Vax Dies of COVID


    I just saw this today. The name did not pop out at me on my skim.

    But Cirsten Weldon is one QAnon person I do know about.

    I have tried to watch her videos (she was featured on BitChute's "trending" section a lot). The first I saw was an interview she did with Patrick Byrne. Some of her assertions were so wild, even Patrick said he couldn't comment on them just to be polite. I remember wondering why on earth he was doing an interview with someone like her. Audience? That's the conclusion I came to at the time.

    I am very sorry to see Cirsten pass on and I don't want to speak ill of the dead. But since she is one QAnon person with an audience I have seen and analyzed, I have to talk a bit about her politics.


    Cirsten as QAnon personality

    Cirsten's style was like others on the fringe: she would make claims she could not prove and state them as facts. Things like Hillary Clinton has been executed, Biden is a body-double since he died long ago, and things like that. She not only presented these things as facts, her posture was that she was a deep insider who had the contacts in the military and elsewhere to back her up.

    With the fringe, I am used to seeing this at times. so I normally discount (ignore) the outlandish stuff they say and try to zero in on what their bulldozer approach digs up, especially stuff the predator class starts mocking and harping on nonstop. Generally that is where the good stuff is. :) But I could never get into Cirsten. The balance between her outlandish part and the good stuff was just too heavily weighted on the outlandish side.


    More about Cirsten, upper class

    I don't think she got famous for her QAnon stuff, though. I mean she was really, really fringe. That was her schtick, but not her audience draw. I think her audience came from her celebrity contacts. According to the following article, she was an interior decorator for upper class and famous clientele.

    Here is an article about her. Granted, it is a left-leaning article so you know how it will frame Cirsten (I wish these assholes would learn that two wrongs do not make a right), but it does give some information on her outside of QAnon-land.


    Cirsten Weldon is an author, former model and "QAnon promoter" who has died. What is her cause of death?

    I had not heard of her videos with Roseanne Barr before, nor of her friendship with Ricky Rebel. But that world of friends finally explains to me why Patrick Byrne was being interviewed by her. She was the QAnon oracle for the rich and famous, not for the middle-class or flyover country.

    On the good side, she was a lovely person and the people I saw her talking with expressed a lot of love and good vibes toward her. 


    NPC assholes

    On the medicine part, I wish the predator class promoters would stop touting that Ivermectin didn't work on people like her in the hospital. According to all accounts I have read, Ivermectin is for early treatment, not late treatment. But the asshole fake news media goes to town about this every time they can just so they can mock QAnon people. I think the NPC's who do this need to be mocked just as mercilessly as they mock others.

    btw - NPC means Non Playing Character. These people actually are players in the press since they get published, but intellectually, they have their noses so far up the rear ends of the predator class, they don't have a brain anymore. Intellect-wise, they are no longer players. They are simply part of the background. Here's what an NPC looks like:




    Coronavirus-like bioweapon

    One last point. Are some famous vax and antivax advocates being assassinated with a coronavirus-like bioweapon? I, personally, don't see why not. It's easy-peasy to poison someone with a virus. Just use a deadly strain, not a mild strain, on the targets. A drop in their drink is a simple form of delivery. But there are plenty of ways that are safe for the deliverer. 

    I also don't see why targeting has to be the only reason vax and antivax advocates get sick. They could simply get sick from normal infection.

    Obviously, I don't think targeting is only on the QAnon side. People on all sides get targeted. And, from what I can see, this is not as organized as the fringe people claim. Take a look at Twitter any day of the week and ask if some of those people would be crazy enough to learn about how to harness and deliver such a bioweapon on someone they hated.


    A is A. Assholes exist. Even deadly assholes exist.


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  4. This is brutal.

    Only by laughing...


    1962: In the future we’ll all have flying cars! 2022:

    The message is:


    Penn's transgender swimmer lost to Yale's transgender swimmer in a hotly contested women's Ivy League 100 meter race.

    The woke idiots have managed to get rid of women altogether.

    How many feminists are rethinking their woke creds?



  5. I wrote the following on the Coronavirus thread. But here is the place to address it.

    On 12/27/2021 at 1:39 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    The real regret I have with Trump is that he did not pardon Snowden and Assange.

    Glenn Greenwald just came out with his finger pointed directly at the Deep State for this.

    Glenn Greenwald: Trump Refused to Pardon Assange, Snowden After GOP Threats to Convict Him

    That sounds more like the reality I know.

    I don't believe this is the whole story, but I do believe it is a large component of the story.

    I don't think Trump was all that worried about impeachment as his standing in trying to save his second term--the one the fraudulent election stole from him. He was in an extremely complicated situation.

    But, after 2024 if not earlier, I expect to see both Snowden and Assange pardoned and, hopefully, \some of those RINOS and Deep State members on their way to prison..


  6. Here's something cool.

    Today is the one year anniversary of the day Twitter banned President Trump from its platform.

    Jack Posobiec made a light-hearted tweet:  

    Now, people all over Twitter and other social media platforms are posting oranges, tangerines, and so on.

    If you have seen that and did not know what it means, it's in the same category as "Let's Go Brandon."

    (For those who are slow, think orange man bad.)


    🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 🧡 🟠 


  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the rest of the story starts coming out.

    Judge Who Ordered PRIVATE COMPANY “Cyber Ninjas” To Give Up Personal Communications To Leftist Newspaper Or Face $50K/Day Fine Donated To Campaigns of Anti-Trump US Lawmakers


    On November 9, an Arizona Appeals Court declined to grant the request of private corporation Cyber Ninjas Inc. to prevent […]

    That judge is about as predator class and Democrat as can be possible, and he is about as sleazy as possible in saying he is not.

    Read the article for proof. It's well-documented.

    That's the game.

    The only way the predator class wins anything is by cheating, then "controlling the narrative." And once the predator class gets power, it merely decrees stuff by whim and tries to kill off those who are strong opponents.

    Regardless of the "controlled narrative" The Arizona Republic will try to spin if it ever gets its mitts on the private correspondence of Cyber Ninjas, the report from Cyber Ninjas is still official and on record.

    But anyway, who cares at root other than the authoritarians? 

    A big change is coming and they are being taken out. 


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  8. Objective law is the Randian way. Not authoritarianism.

    No one can be objective unless they themselves observe. That's just the nature of objectivity. If something can't be observed by everyone after boiling all the abstractions down to the fundaments, then knowledge of it can't be objective. Ever. By definition.

    A is A is objective when we all can observe it and when we all can use our own eyes. 

    A is not always what someone says is A, especially if they are hiding A from everyone's sight but their own. A can be A like that, but objectively speaking, you are observing what someone says, not A itself. So, using the criterion of what someone says rather than observation, A can be A and not A at the same time.

    And that's exactly where the bastards want you.

    With that frame, look at this:

    Why Won’t All 14,000 Hours Of Jan 6th Video Be Released?


    Why Won't All 14,000 Hours Of Jan 6th Video Be Released?

    From the article:


    The Deep State with the help of the media has crafted its narrative on January 6th since the moment it happened.

    They want to use it to shut down political dissenters.

    . . .

    There is currently at least 14,000 hours of footage from January 6th.

    Of course, to this point, we have not seen all of it or even most of it.

    We have seen what they wanted us to see.

    Come to your own conclusion.

    But be aware of the fact that you are seeing--with your own eyes--this post and what's out there in the news.

    You are not seeing the massive amount of withheld video footage. You are being told about it.

    That is not objective.

    So far, A is what the Deep State is calling A.

    Does that make it A?



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  9. This is a very good question.

    Will The Covid Generation Forgive Us For Allowing State-Mandated Child Abuse?


    Guest post by Tom Malone “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela Is that headline too harsh? Given the systematic abuse of children under...



    For two years, children have been terrorized with fear, isolated from their friends, denied an education, forced to wear useless and dehumanizing masks, and denied their athletic and artistic pursuits. They were taught to view everyone around them as a deadly bio-hazard and warned that if they didn’t go along with all the rules they might kill Grandma. They were even denied in-person treatment for mental health and social support services.

    . . .

    In a recent segment on Face The Nation, CBS News reporter Jan Crawford correctly stated that the impact of Covid policies on children was the most under-reported story of the year:

    But I mean, even teenagers, you know, a healthy teenager has a one in a million chance of getting, and dying from COVID, which is way lower than, you know, dying in a car wreck on a road trip. But they have suffered and sacrificed the most, especially kids and underrepresented at risk communities.

    And now we have the Surgeon General saying there’s a mental health crisis among our kids. The risk of suicide — suicide attempts among girls now up 51% this year, black kids nearly twice as likely as white kids to die by suicide.
    I mean, school closures, lockdowns, cancellation of sports. You couldn’t even go on a playground in the D.C. area without cops scurrying . . . shooing the kids off.

    A tremendous negative impact on kids, and it’s been an afterthought. You know, it’s hurt their dreams, their future learning loss, risk of abuse, their mental health. And now, with our knowledge, our vaccines. If our policies don’t reflect a more measured and reasonable approach for our children, they will be paying for our generation’s decisions, the rest of their lives. And that, to me, is the greatest underreported story of the past year.

    . . .

    And now, as the “safe and effective” vaccine narrative blows up like the Hindenburg — and the number of people killed and injured from these shots becomes too enormous for all but the most dishonest to ignore — Democrats are still pushing to inject our kids. 

    . . .

    What’s the real reason they are going after children with these shots?

    We have a pretty good idea why the pharmaceutical companies want to enroll children into this experiment. As RFK Jr. explains... unless the vaccines get placed on the childhood vaccination schedule, the vaccine makers will lose their legal immunity from liability.

    . . .

    The tragedy is, too many parents blindly obey these “authorities” and will follow their lead. I can only imagine the level of regret that many of them will feel when they finally snap out of their trance and realize what they’ve done.

    Will their children forgive them?

    . . .

    Children’s lives matter.

    Children can't even develop their brains properly because they can't see faces. Anyone who has studied the brain, even on the most superficial level, know that our brains come with an inherent need to seek out faces and process facial expressions. That's how newborns first learn to survive--their mother's face.

    Wait until school shootings, child suicides, child gangs and so on become normal.

    That's the future these assholes are building for our kids.

    That's why they have to be stopped. It's too late for many kids, but not yet too late for the majority.

    I rant and rail against Big Pharma, but I am not against it wholesale. Big Pharma has a great side. But it's toxic side is pure evil. And who benefits from removing Big Pharma from legal liability for damage caused by its products? The toxic side, that's who. It's a cancer. So the liability exemption has to go.

    I, for one, want the social engineers behind this mess and the toxic people among Big Pharma toadies removed from power and thrown in prison.


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  10. William,

    For some reason I knew you would post that.

    And of course, you would stay within the confines of mainstream media or sometimes fringe people. But you would never seek out the party smeared just to check.

    So let's go to the party smeared just to check, shall we?


    EXCLUSIVE: Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan Responds to Misleading Mainstream Media Reports on His Company’s Shutdown



    Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan Cyber Ninjas is closing shop. The Florida company was hired to run the Arizona Senate audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county. Maricopa voted...




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  11. 3 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    Is there a direct link between Kuzma's infection and Kuzma's death?
    Is there a direct link between O'Drain's vaccinations and O'Drain's death?


    I would say both. The first because it's so easy to see and the second because of all the people yelling to not look or ask and offering alternatives with a fever.

    If people keep saying that the person with a missing arm and blood coming out of the stump could not possibly have been due to that tiger over there in the corner of the cage covered in blood and happily licking his fur because the person with a missing arm could not have had access to the tiger, I, for one, start wondering about how the access happened. I do not stick my fingers in my ears and go, "Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah I DON'T HEAR YOU!!!!"

    Besides, why did you leave out Tejada, hmmmmm? There are plenty of cases like his.



  12. Peter,

    I'm rounding off, but the official numbers of Jan. 6 go like this.

    At Trump's rally, there were hundreds of thousands of people present. Some reputable sources say over a million.

    The people who walked to the Capitol grounds from the rally did not number in the hundreds of thousands. They numbered in the tens of thousands.

    Is that a bit shocking to you? It should be because the mainstream news portrays it otherwise.

    But here's the clinker.

    How many people do you think entered the Capitol building? 

    About 800.

    That's it.

    800 people.

    Between the members of Congress, their staffs and the support personnel, there were more of them than were of the people who entered the Capitol building.

    That's the gigantic insurrection the fake news media and fake news predator class are feeding you, along with their need for making for every one involve to kowtow to the left-wing narrative.

    It's all bullshit.

    Of those 800 people, the vast majority were acting like tourists--and there is video proof of this. They were taking selfies and oohing and aahing over what they were looking at. They were acting like they were visiting a museum. They were very peaceful. Most were goaded--including by the police--to go in. Now, over 700 have been arrested and treated with an abuse of power similar to tinpot dictatorships. So guess what?

    We will soon have the mother of all entrapment lawsuits coming.

    And, believe me, it's coming.

    I, for one, will never blame Trump for not being able to change the fake news media narrative. He could have cried on camera and stripped naked in protest and they would still be saying the same things about him.

    So I have no answer to your questions above. You are essentially asking me why a victim of a robbery did not convince the thieves to not steal, and later did not tell every one the theft was OK by him. 

    I know this is tough for you given your sources of news, sources you believe in (probably by osmosis :) ), but stay tuned. Since you are reluctant to look at any evidence unless it comes from those sources, don't be surprised when the whole thing crumbles down and you look at your beloved newscasters being dumbfounded and in shock like they were during the 2016 election results.

    When that happens, you are my friend, so I won't be singing and dancing "I told you so." At the most, I will point the direction towards first-hand observation and reason. You have a really good mind and I know you will use it.

    In the meantime, if you get the time and the energy, I recommend taking a look at the information I have already provided and I will be supplying on this thread. It's a hell of a lot more solid and a hell of a lot uglier than your questions indicate you might imagine.


  13. Here's some more.

    NFL's Aaron Rodgers excoriated for reading Atlas Shrugged


    ... Rodgers came off as someone the left detests most: a free thinker.  Ergo, he was The Enemy.

    To top it all off, Rodgers was a guest on Monday Night Football's "ManningCast" during which the hosts — ex–NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and his brother Eli — discuss the game at hand and other matters.  Rodgers was asked what he likes to read.  He first told the Manning brothers that he reads "a lot of French poetry" before pointing to a bookshelf behind him and noting that he had "Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand over here."

    Judging by the woke mob's response, it would have been better if he had said he had "The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx over here" or "Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov over here."

    One denizen of the vast sewer that is the Twitterverse declared: "It's been very difficult watching Aaron Rodgers, my all-time favorite player, embrace everything I loathe.  But Atlas Shrugged?  Trade him.  F--- it."  So teams are to start trading players based on their reading material?  Somewhere, Xi Jinping smiles.

    The Palmer Report tweeted: "Aaron Rodgers just bragged that he has Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged on his bookshelf.  Explains all his lying about being vaccinated and such.  He's one of those 'screw everyone else before they can screw you' wackos.  People like this are always a danger to others."

    The truth is, those on the left hate anyone who disagrees with them, and anything that calls their propaganda into question.  They are wildly intolerant.

    You can feel the fear in the bad guys.



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  14. On 8/22/2021 at 12:32 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Rachel Maddow is thinking of leaving MSNBC soon...

    She is.

    But here comes another, this time not of her own free will.


    Joy(less) Reid will lose her 7 pm show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC. “Joy Reid will lose her 7p show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC.” – “She does not have a show come mid Spring” – The...

    As I understand it, this blatant racist just being moved out of prime time in March, but the direction is toward the door.

    Good riddance.

    For some reason, Steve Bannon likes Hate Joy Reid and often says so. I think he likes the effect her racism is having on the Democrat numbers, which are tanking big time, with the downward spiral growing every day.


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  15. I will be providing links to reports and so on about Jan. 6... ah hell, here's just one from Darren Beattie at Revolver News.

    The Essential Revolver News January 6 Reading List


    Keep informed with Revolver News investigative reporting on Jan 6. It's the perfect antidote to saccharine Regime propaganda.

    Darren is one of the most effective voices out there in getting organizations like the New York Times to retract what they have printed about Jan. 6. If you read all the links in the article above, and believe me, take your lunch because that reading will keep you busy for quite a while, you will no longer be able to hear the propagandistic view that Jan. 6 was an insurrection by Trump supporters without wanting to vomit. Darren comes with the full package of facts and his work will be used in countless court cases to come.

    Incidentally, I will be posting some of those links separately in order to give quick overviews and allow for discussion.


    But for right now, here are 4 videos of Steve Bannon's War Room from yesterday (Jan. 6).

    I've only seen the first so far, but I will watch the others. From watching Steve over a few months now, I am confident in saying you will get more than enough truth and facts about the Jan. 6 false flag event in these four videos to realize what an affront to the constitution the Deep State perpetrated.


    We discuss 6 Jan a year later. Our guests are: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz Stay ahead of the censors - Join us warroom.org/join Aired On: 1/06/2022 Watch: On the Web: http://www.warroom.org On



    We discuss 6 Jan a year later. Our guests are: Darren Beattie, Jack Posobiec, Julie Kelly Stay ahead of the censors - Join us warroom.org/join Aired On: 1/06/2022 Watch: On the Web:...



    We discuss 6 Jan a year later. Our guests are: Mike Lindell, JD Vance Stay ahead of the censors – Join us warroom.org/join Aired On: 1/06/2022 Watch: On the Web: http://www.warroom.org On Podcast: htt



    We discuss 6 Jan a year later. Our guests are: Aaron Babbitt, Dave Bossie, Boris Epshteyn Stay ahead of the censors – Join us warroom.org/join Aired On: 1/06/2022 Watch: On the Web:...



  16. 2 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    Tore would not be amused by what the guys at Knowledge Fight did...

    I looked up Knowledge Fight.

    Not interested.

    A couple of nobodies riding the coattails of Alex Jones of all people.

    I do have a question, though. Why can't the left produce decent comedians anymore? What do they have against comedy?


    As to Tore, I haven't seen anything by her for quite a while. Millie is coming back gangbusters, so I presume Tore will be with her. But I honestly don't know right now.


  17. 45 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

    Tmj named Kuzma in this message:


    I missed it skimming. And even still, I never heard of this guy before Tml's post. So my point is the same. 

    I'm not much interested in personal cases like this because one side says look at this guy and the other side says yeah, well look at that guy. And it all means nothing.

    For example, I just now did a search--for today--and look what came up.


    Experimental mRNA technology could soon result in a massive wave of youth illness and death


    At the end of last month (a couple of weeks ago), there was this guy from the NYT.


    A longtime journalist on the Asian beat has passed away shortly after reportedly receiving a COVID booster shot.

    You should have seen the tweets he made calling unvaccinated people all kinds of names and on and on. Then he took the jab feeling all superior and shit and then he croaked.


    These days, the world is full of this stuff on both sides.

    It all means nothing.

    Humans have been dealing with disease and cures and prevention measures since the beginning of the species.

    The real issue is freedom.

    Another real issue is the idiots/assholes who manufactured this virus and released it.

    If people would focus on those things, the rest would take care of itself.

    It always has in human history.


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  18. William,

    I only heard of Kuzma for the first time from your post just now.

    Wanna bet this is the same case for many OL readers?

    I'm sorry the guy died, and I'm kinda glad the left (poor things) has an example of a gotcha so they can feel good and superior to the rubes and all (including us), but I have a hard time relating to this one.

    It's like a save the whales campaign. The reality of whales is a bit too distant from my own reality for me to care much about it.

    Ditto for Kuzma.

    But I can say the following with 100% resonance.

    May he rest in peace.


  19. 4 hours ago, tmj said:

    The reframing needs to be centered around the electoral process.


    I've got no problems with adding this component.

    My issue is that January 6 is always framed as an insurrection waged by Trump supporters, a riot, an invasion of the capitol, a violent event, an uncontrolled mob, etc., etc., etc.

    In truth, it was a setup of Trump and Trump supporters, an infiltration of a Trump rally by agitators, a misleading photo-op executed by the press in collusion with the agitators, a Deep State operation, a false flag event, and so on. And let's not forget the participation of politicians like Pelosi in calling off law enforcement at the time.

    This was akin to the Reichstag fire back in the 1930's executed by Hitler cronies and attributed to others, except the Jan 6 false flag was done by the Deep State. The Deep State took advantage of a crowd and used a slew of dirty tricks to try to turn it into a raging mob, including bombs that thankfully did not go off (with the bombers--who are on video--never mentioned and never hunted down). 


    All the Deep State got was tourists taking selfies, the agitators themselves doing the damage (which was filmed up close to avoid the peaceful people and looped ad nauseam in the media), a few unhinged Trump supporters going along with them, long shots of the crowd, and some weird things like a colorful Buffalo shaman who had about as much to do with Trump and MAGA as a court jester has to do with Congress.

    Total body count due to anything resembling illegal: one person. One. An unarmed Trump-supporting lady shot without warning by a cop with a shady history. Granted, she was going through a door where the glass had been broken, but she did not break it. In fact, she was probably set up herself since the video shows her being ushered to the door, almost shoved.

    (The press keeps trying to increase the body count, but it's all forced and mostly lies. A cop they claimed was beaten to death by Trump supporters actually died of a stroke. A couple of cops died much later of stress-related causes. That's about it.)

    So I want the frame to change from Trump mob to Deep State false flag operation.

    Notice that I'm not doing the CYA "the violence that day by Trump supporters must be condemned" bullshit. Why? Because it's bullshit.


    The US Constitution, First Amendment, explicitly says (my bold):


    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    When Trump said to the people at his peaceful rally to march to the Capitol, he was specifically telling them to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. Nothing could be more constitutional. Just look at Trump's words at the time:


    We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated, lawfully slated.

    I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.

    Now look at the words of the First Amendment. They are a perfect match.

    And the government has been trying to abridge the right of assembly and redress of the people who were there ever since by punishing them through a gross abuse of power. The government has been acting about as unconstitutionally as it can get.

    Hell, reality-wise, the Deep State agitation started way before the Trump crowd even got near the Capitol. And many, many police invited the public into the Capitol building once they arrived. There are lots of videos already released to the public showing this. (Imagine if they release all the videos...)

    The bad guys turned that peaceful assembly into a false flag--a really lame false flag at that, one they could have never sold to the public without modern electronics to manipulate images since real examples of violence were few--and the press has called that peaceful assembly a dangerous bloody riot ever since.


    Well, I'm tired of looking at a bare foot and having the press constantly call it a machine gun spitting out bullets. It just isn't and I'm getting sick of it.

    I want to connect words to reality again as my frame.

    I don't know what others are going to do, but that's what I am going to do.


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  20. I haven't done a deep dive yet on the material I want to post here, but I just watched a video by Styx that gave a common-sense appraisal of what happened. (I generally watch Styx's videos as a habit.)

    If you want the two-mile high view, this is a pretty good video. And it doesn't even scratch the surface of the illegalities the Deep State perpetrated.