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  1. It looks like thing are moving faster than I expected. I don't know who the others are yet, but I will post them as soon as I know. Michael
  2. This is the world we built. That is, the one we allowed others to build for us. Polly has been banned by YouTube and now I am going to have to go to everygoddam one of her videos here on OL and find a replacement. I believe she uploaded her entire opus to BitChute, so we will not lose anything. But look what they just did to her. Here's a screenshot because obviously Twitter will be deleting her account before too long. This woman isn't a drug dealer or pedophile or terrorist or embezzler or anything like that. She's not a criminal. She's a woman w
  3. They got lawyers, we got lawyers Michigan Court of Appeals, 3-0. Court blocks Michigan's 2-week absentee ballot extension Michael
  4. So let's see how reliable Giuliani is as a source. Let's hear it from his own lips as a start. Now hold onto your hats because this is going to be one hell of a ride. Rudy said it's not only the Bidens and the Clintons and the Obama administration. He's doing his preliminary lawyer's investigation all nice and legal and is getting everything on record. And here is a hint about the future. This was at the very end of the video. But, but, but... where is the proof in what he said? Well, did you see that phrase "fully investigated"? That means law enfor
  5. This is what squish does. FNC’s Wallace: ‘I’m Suspicious’ of NY Post Hunter Biden Story — Giuliani Not a ‘Reliable Source’ That's what Chris Wallace calls journalistic integrity. I've watched him over the last four years. He was not so suspicious of the people running the cons during the "muh Russians" hoax or the impeachment based on a phony premise. Integrity-wise, he's moral squish. Michael
  6. The following video by James Corbett of The Corbett Report is the best explanation I have come across for what the world's billionaires are doing with COVID-19, specifically the DAVOS people--but from what I see, it applies to everyone who is going after the big prize of world domination through technocracy (including the Chinese). Incidentally, this video appeared on Real Clear Politics Video: Corbett Report: Your Guide To "The Great Reset," A New Global Marketing Campaign Also, here is the BitChute link for the video in case YouTube ever takes it down: Your Guide To The G
  7. This is John and Oko's son saying this. Fucking authoritarians... Good on you, Sean... Michael
  8. The reference is to the clash between Nancy Pelosi and Wolf Blitzer, and I totally missed the following. It has not taken Pelosi out (yet), but it landed Jimmy Dore on Tucker. This was only two days ago, but it already feels like two weeks. Michael
  9. Sometimes this is just the way this stuff happens. This is wonderful. The creative Babylon Bee folks joined in... LOL... That sucking sound you hear is the collective gasping from all the anti-Trump gotchas out there... Meanwhile the audience grows for both the Babylon Bee and President Trump's spotlight on Biden and tech giant monkeyshines. Michael
  10. OMG. LOLOLOLOL... This is the ultimate in trolling. President Trump just tweeted about a Babylon Bee article as if it were true. Right now, at this very moment, there is a HUGE number of lefties and anti-Trump elitists crowing gotcha--and crowing gotcha to the stars with all their lungs can muster--as they spread the news to their audiences about Biden having bad news to spread and the social media giants censoring things. LOL... This has to be one of President Trump's classics of all time. Michael
  11. Just to be fair, here is the link to the Biden Town Hall. The shindig starts about 1:01:35. Watch ABC News Joe Biden Town Hall in Philadelphia Moderated by George Stephanopoulos I didn't embed it on OL because YouTube does not allow that for this video and, I did search, but I did not find a replacement for the full town hall during that time. Besides, there's this. I'm not going to watch that sucker anyway. I have a life... Michael
  12. btw - Here's the NBC town hall. I missed it, so I'm watching it now. Things start for real around 4:45. Michael
  13. TF, It wasn't that hard when this was the interviewer: As to the aftermath, Jack Posobiec, who is practically a White House insider, reported the following. Michael
  14. Just so we can put a few faces and/or details to the crimes, here is a voting fraud list I got off of thedonald dot win (see here). I didn't go through all of them. I cherry-picked several to look at. Some are from last year and earlier, but from what I can tell, the vast majority are from 2020. Most interesting... most interesting. The following was added later in the thread by a different poster and showed a form of voter fraud I had not thought about. A quote from that link. Here's a picture of the table inside the voting window: A
  15. btw - Notice that neither Lindsay Graham nor Diane Feinstein in their hug heard around the world are wearing masks. Michael
  16. This is making heads explode among the Democrats. They are asking for Feinstein to be removed from her leadership position on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Heh heh heh... I wonder what's going on in the back rooms, I wonder, I wonder... Not regarding these silly Dems, but between Graham and Feinstein. Something's cooking... Michael
  17. I'm putting this in the election thread since it directly impacts the election. Twitter suffered mass outages across the US and UK. These outages started after this tweet by Tucker Carslon. My own account was hit, but now it's back online. So now there's this. In today's cancel culture. it looks like Twitter itself is going to get canceled for abuse of election interference. Section 230 of the Communications act is going to get severely curtailed and I bet Facebook, Reddit, Google, and others are celebrating Jack Dorsey for bringing this down on their
  18. Hmmm...could this be the start of that, now that the Hunter Biden scandal is blowing up on Sleepy Joe? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/kamala-harris-halts-travel-after-2-involved-in-campaign-test-positive-for-coronavirus TG, How's that for a coincidence timing-wise? I can think of a gazilion political reasons this is good news for Harris. Michael
  19. Here's the front page of Rantingly where Rudy shows it. There was a YouTube video below that from Rudy's YT account that covers this and more. It's damning. There's even more coming. Apparently a lot more. Michael
  20. Ellen, I assume the people who were in charge of the DNC would hold an emergency session to choose a different candidate. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Hillary Clinton managed to squeak in like that? Michael
  21. Styx put this video on a tweet this morning and President Trump just retweeted it. Styx said if all this is true, Biden is no longer eligible to run. He's a criminal among other things. Michael
  22. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch... Rudy just got concrete evidence to nail Joe Biden on a RICO violation. It's an email from Hunter Biden admitting he kicks back half of his money to his father. I don't know if this tweet will stay up, but for now it is there. I don't know if the DOJ will bring charges soon, but Joe ain't looking so good right now. Rudy said he's convicted hundreds of people on less evidence than that. Michael
  23. On another front, I keep seeing the following story going around all over the place. The story is that the Obama administration was essentially in cahoots with Iran to protect Osama bin Laden. When it came time to kill Bin Laden, Iran double-crossed the US and put in a body-double. Hillary Clinton and Brennan were behind the mission and only told Obama about it once the mission had started because they were afraid Obama would not go along with it. Therefore, the mission proceeded and the US killed a body-double. While everybody was celebrating, Iran demanded a cash payment from the U
  24. Ellen, I don't know why, but I like it. Michael