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  1. 16 hours ago, anthony said:

    Only, that's not instinct.

    I wish Rand had not made such a war on the word "instinct."

    Everything becomes the word.

    (Everything bad in this case.)

    Here's a smart-ass one for ya': In the beginning there was the word...


    This constantly stifles discussion about concepts.

    Instinct is not the formal name of the Boogie Man except in O-Land...


  2. 2 minutes ago, anthony said:

    Yes, I was struggling to put a name on the fallacy a day ago...


    To be clear, there is a herding component to the way primates exist.

    It would be a mistake to eliminate this, just as it is a mistake to reify it to be The One True Way.

    So much more exists on top of it, so much that evolved after that part became a fixed behavior during evolution.

    I understand reason and volition within this context. There is a prewired part of the brain and there is a free part (volition and reason) that we control as independent minds or souls or whatever one wants to call our independent self-aware selves.

    In fact, it's a good thing we do control this because some of the prewired stuff is no longer relevant to human life in the 21st century and can be quite destructive in a "Bull in a China Shop" way. So, through neuroplasticity, we can accommodate this by training and lessen any destructiveness when it exists.

    This is different than trying to force evolution into a superhuman direction (like the transhumanists and eugenicists want to do). It is simply using reason on our physical brain as it exists for values relevant to our time.


  3. 5 hours ago, ThatGuy said:

    It's not for nothing that Chris Matthew Sciabarra ended Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical with a warning about "the fallacy of reification":


    I did not get my idea from Chris, and to my shame, I have not yet read his book. I only skimmed it. And I have both editions. :) 

    But from your sporadic references to it, you are encouraging me to read it as it should be read.


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  4. 22 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Elections have consequences.

    And this one--Youngkin--looks like a huge relief to MAGA people after he got sworn in.

    And look who has to be a clown on his way out.

    Ralph Northam Pardons Democrat State Senator Jailed For Underage Sex Crimes in His Final Act as Virginia Governor


    Governor Blackface-Klansman Ralph Northam pardoned a Democrat who was jailed for underage sex crimes in his final act as Virginia governor. Northam pardoned Democrat state senator Joe Morrissey...

    Good riddance to that trash.


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  5. William,

    Sorry, but the setup is just too good.

    It's greater than me. It's like Roger Rabbit popping out to complete Shave and a Haircut, with, "Two Biiiiits."

    So here goes.

    You think MS is something? Just look at the devastation the Epstein Barr virus did in the world of politics. And notice that, just like with MS, the disease is Progressive.



  6. 2 hours ago, anthony said:

    Shifting the left further from reason. And especially, from vestiges of volition towards determinism...


    This is a habit I see everywhere. And I think I know one of the key errors that cause it other than denying determinism or volition. (The correct is to understand when each applies.)

    There is an epistemological error along the way.

    The error is to reify a part and pretend it is the whole.

    For example, you know I have been studying the brain, persuasion and all the rest. A lot of the brain and mind mechanisms work outside of volition--subconsciously. But to many people, that means volition does not exist, only subconscious processes do. And that's garbage.


    Ditto for the contrary here in O-Land. A lot of people think only volition exists where there are indications of subconscious processes. But that's garbage, too.

    Even Rand made this error by claiming that the development of eyesight in an infant is by volition. (The truth is, an infant has no capacity to choose to be blind.)

    I am pretty sure I know where she was coming from, though. It was not just a simple adherence to a dogma. She did not accept Aristotle's idea of final causation (a predetermined cause like a tree seed growing into a tree and not a flower).

    The development of eyesight because nothing but eyesight could be developed in the eyes of infants was too close to volition automatically developing because the end result of volition was predetermined--that was too close for comfort. Rand's whole premise is that we choose to think or not to think. Full stop. Period.


    From my own observation, though, I see a lot of this stuff is like breathing. You breathe automatically, but you can choose to breathe, too. Without the more primitive automation, the choice does not come into being. But the contrary is not true. Even when you do not choose to breathe, you still automatically breathe. You can't turn it off by will except for very short periods.

    But once choice kicks in, you can take it far in expanding the capacity. I, myself, was one of the best trombonists in Brazil during a short time. One plays trombone by breathing--and by chosen structured breathing at that. If I had only relied on automatic breathing, I would have never achieved what I did.

    Ditto for volition. We use reason everyday, but only up to a point. To take it further, we have to choose.

    Ditto for eyesight, in fact. Learning how to see is automatic. As the faculty develops, the growing child can choose what to look at at times while automatically looking at other things times.


    I'm in a discussion right now where the premise of the other side is--because power exists outside of government without government constraints, that means government power with government constraints does not exist.

    It's the same fallacy: reifying a part and trying to make it the whole.

    Reality is not complicit in that fallacy. Reality continues to be what it is despite any and all rationalizations. 


    In fact, sometimes reality destroys those who commit the fallacy, including many people around them--just look at communist governments. Their theory works in one context, so for them it works in all contexts. Then reality steps in and piles of corpses mount up.

    Even the USA has committed that fallacy--often--in its foreign policy (spreading Western democracy--by force at that--will be universally accepted, in other words, it's accepted as good by the majority in the Western civilization context, so that means it's accepted as good by the majority in ALL contexts). But look what reality brought.

    Reality is like the honey badger. It don't give a shit.



  7. 3 hours ago, Dglgmut said:

    Constraining power is a myth.


    Why? Because you said so?

    Yeah, right...

    To you that foot I'm looking at is an airplane. But you will never get me to agree to that.

    I have an independent rational mind and functioning eyes and I use them all.

    So enjoy your proclamations and posturing. They have no persuasion with me.


  8. Finally someone in Beijing got infected with Omicron.

    Since this is 20 days out from the Olympics, and the Omicron variant infects even faster than logarithms go, this will turn the Olympics into the largest super-spreader event in history.

    Then this could happen:

    Prepare for the 'mother of all supply chain stumbles' if Omicron sweeps across Asia and raises the risk of factory shutdowns, analyst warns


    "Asian production networks, hitherto impressively resilient, may be thrown into a funk as Omicron grips the region," an HSBC economist wrote.


    At the very least, this is going to be the mother of all pickles for the predator class. See here:


    Beijing Olympics Will Be The Largest Super Spreader Event In History

    Omicron essentially immunizes large populations against the coronavirus--and quickly--better than any vaccine ever could.

    How to justify the power grab after that?



    But there's that Ebola-like thing in China. That's worrisome. And the CCP ain't talking about what it is. They're just shutting down cities with millions of inhabitants in them and they ain't talking.


  9. I was just watching Steve Bannon and the War Room and he made a few incredible points.

    The first is that the Arizona Senate (and other state congresses) will get back in session next week, so Trump's rally in Phoenix, Arizona (which you can see here on OL) was essentially the beginning of the decertification process for the 2020 election.

    Don't forget that talk about decertification kind of fizzled for a while. This was because state legislatures were in recess. Now it will start up again.

    Trump mentioned in the rally that a whole lot of evidence of the 2020 election fraud is coming very shortly.



  10. As of this posting, they are still processing the video from live broadcast to replay, but pretty soon the replay should be finished.


    President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a rally in Florence, Arizona, on Saturday, January 15, 2022, at 7:00PM MST. Venue: Country Thunder Festival Grounds

    And here it is at President Trump's own Rumble account, with the same observation about processing:


    LIVESTREAM WILL BEGIN WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP ARRIVES President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Delivers Remarks in Florence, Arizona, on Saturday, January...

    I came in late, but I caught most of it and this was one hell of a rally.

    President Trump basically said when power is restored to the MAGA people, they are only going to clean up the mess the Biden people made, they are going to hold the criminals to account. He's obviously talking about the current administration and illegal aliens Biden let in, but he also singled out the murderer of Ashli Babbitt.

    I also liked it when he was talking about AT&T getting rid of OAN on DirectTV.

    He said he promised to OAN people he would not use the world boycott. So he said real loud and several times that he was not going to say, "Boycott AT&T!" He just wasn't going to say it. You won't hear him say, "Boycott AT&T!"  :) 

    Trump said many things people have been waiting to hear. I think he's waited to address them on purpose. It's the discipline of a winner.

    He knows about timing.

    Still, it was great to hear him back in top form.


  11. 4 hours ago, anthony said:

    Of course they "fear freedom"! Their own, and more critically, the freedom by individualists who reject them.


    I going to go real Rand on this.

    The people of the epistemology you and D are talking about fear something else far more than individualism, freedom, being disconnected from a group and all the rest.

    They fear reason.

    They are terrified of reason and of those who use it.

    They know for certain they don't measure up and it kills them inside.

    Reason is not something one does collectively. That is, reason in the sense I am talking about (thinking independently to the best of one's ability using reality as the frame).

    Reason in that sense can only happen individually, subjectively if you will. One cannot reason for another. Each person is alone in performing it. Each person is solely responsible for his or her own brain.

    If two people or more are reasoning individually, then they can reason together. Correct each other. And so on. But if one of them is not reasoning individually, then they are playing a sucker's game, not reasoning together. And the one using reason is the sucker.

    From observing over a lifetime, reason scares the living shit out of them. They don't want to be the sucker and they Long for somebody else to blame for their shortcomings, insecurities and screw-ups.

    And they want to spit themselves out of life where they have to die in the end. They don't know how to live, but they are terrified of dying. They don't want to see this and they hunger to blame the people who do for the fact that that death in the end is just the way it is. 

    So they try to kill reason. Then they don't have to see or think when the urge for blank-out hits them.

    Even when they don't use the word reason, they try to kill reason.


  12. 4 hours ago, Dglgmut said:

    What The Constitution says and how things actually work are, obviously, two different things. We can see that the rules are being made by the universities and the media, not the elected officials. Power exists outside of the government, and it has not been sliced up... and it can't be. It will always exist. If you get rid of it in one place, it will pop up somewhere else. That's what happened. And the people can't do anything about it because conservatives continue to spread the myth that you just expressed. People think they can replace leadership with an objective system. It won't happen until we evolve into something else.


    I could not disagree with you more.

    And I mean in practically every word you just posted, including "the" and "and."

    I think the USA system of government rocks. Not just in theory, but in practice.

    It is still standing despite all the crap people have thrown at it for centuries. Even a Civil War.

    I, for one, have no intention of undermining it from the inside with little bitty weak and gloomy opinions posing as facts.

    I have no metaphysical negativity to contribute. And I certainly do not want to be anything other than a human being. I do not want to evolve into "something else."

    You can try to become some kind of freak of nature if you like. Just leave me out of it.


    Of course power exists outside of government. What has that got to do with checks and balances keeping the government together?

    Nothing, that's what.

    Even the mafia could not take out the US government.


    You think checks and balances is a myth? It's one of the fundamental parts that took human nature into account.

    The Constitution was made to organize human beings, real human beings, human beings as they exist, not opinions dressed up as humans. The Constitution is a system with enough flexibility built in to expand and contract to cover differences in humans and historical phases during the ups and downs of time. Life--including human life--happens in waves, not a straight line. The Constitution was not designed as an epistemological straightjacket to play gotchas with.

    And even so, how you manage to look at three different branches of government and say checks and balances do not exist is beyond me. We're back to looking at a foot and calling it an airplane.


    In O-Land, it's popular to derive reality from principles instead of looking at reality and getting principles from there. But as the lady said, A is A. That is not going to change no matter what your opinions are. 

    From what I have been reading of your posts, I sense rationalizing from proclamations is your method of cognition for the most part.

    So enjoy your semi-woke negative epistemology. See what world you build with it. Heh... I won't hold my breath.

    You are right that I do not think that way.



  13. On 11/3/2021 at 6:19 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Here's how Bannon put it.


    Steve Bannon and The War Room opened was a must-see on Wednesday morning following Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia last night. Bannon declared the Biden presidency...

    Lame duck.

    First you wound it.

    Then you kill it.

    Elections have consequences.

    And this one--Youngkin--looks like a huge relief to MAGA people after he got sworn in.

    He's also further wounding the lame duck Biden. :) 


    UPDATE: Virginia Governor Youngkin Signs 11 Executive Actions on First Day in Office Including Banning CRT, Ending Vax Mandate, Ending School Mask Mandate, etc.


    Republican Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as Virginia’s 74th Governor on Saturday. Youngkin is the first Republican governor of Virginia in over 10 years. Youngkin defeated dirty Clintonite Terry McAuliffe in...

    From the article:


    Republican Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as Virginia’s 74th Governor on Saturday.

    Youngkin is the first Republican governor of Virginia in over 10 years.

    . . .

    Here is a list of the executive actions, via WFIR.

    Executive Orders:

    • Executive Order Number Two delivers on his Day One promise to empower Virginia parents in their children’s education and upbringing by allowing parents to make decisions on whether their child wears a mask in school.
    • Read the full text of Executive Order Number Two.
    Executive Directive:

    This was a pleasant surprise to many Americans.


    That nice, great, wonderful, but there's more .

    Virginia’s New Attorney General Fires 30 Staff Members, Announces Major Investigations within Hours of Taking Office


    Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason Miyares fired 30 staff members and announced investigations into the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County Schools within hours of being sworn into office. Mr...

    From the article:


    Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason Miyares fired 30 staff members and announced investigations into the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County Schools within hours of being sworn into office.

    Mr. Miyares was sworn in as Virginia’s Attorney General on Saturday and he’s already cleaning house.

    “One of the reasons Virginians get so fed up with government is the lack of transparency – and that’s a big issue here,” Miyares wrote. “The Virginia Parole Board broke the law when they let out murders, rapists, and cop killers early on their sentences without notifying the victims. Loudoun Country Public Schools covered up a sexual assault on school grounds for political gain, leading to an additional assault of a young girl.”

    Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas claimed Miyares fired the entire Civil Rights division, however the AG’s spokesperson said only two staffers from that division were let go on Saturday.

    “There are 12 individuals who work in the Office of Civil Rights – only two personnel changes were made,” Miyares spox Victoria LaCivita said.

    Miyares will reportedly be prosecuting criminal cases in jurisdictions where Soros DAs declined to prosecute.

    I am from Virginia. I was born and raised there.

    I have never felt like moving back after I left.

    But, man, did this start an old itch.

    Virginia might be livable again, who knows?



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  14. 3 hours ago, Dglgmut said:

    It's hard to say who has power and how much... but if we were more open about it, and accepted the reality that there is power and there always will be, people could at least make decisions with their brains instead of the emotions that tell them things should be another way. We could actually think about who we want in power instead of trying to figure out a way to make it go away, when that is just not an option.


    The Founding Fathers already did this.

    They called it checks and balances.

    Rather than concentrate power or pretend it was not a factor, they sliced it up and pitted the parts against each other.

    It works, too. At least the USA has stayed together ever since, even through some really rough times and abuses of power. 

    I, personally, think the checks and balances concept was just as great an intellectual feat as individual rights were.


  15. I'm watching this right now. It's a two hour plus video with Tim Pool and his peeps and guest Darren Beatie.

    The first 4 minutes of the video have scratchy sound, but after 4 minutes, the sound people cleared it up.

    Here it is on BitChute in case the YouTube copy gets removed.


    Help Melt Body Fat Away With This Special Keto Powder! Click Here-- http://eatrightandfeelwell.com/ Try it today for 51% OFF ^^^ 😄 Guest: Darren Beattie @DarrenJBeattie (Twitter) Revolver.news Sign Up For...


    If you haven't been following the story of the Deep State staging false flag events against Trump supporters, then you might not know who Darren Beatie is. He's the one who uncovered the fact that in the attempted kidnapping of Michigan governor Whitmer, there were more fed infiltrators in the kidnapping group than there were normal members. And the feds were the ones doing all the planning and so forth.

    Now, because of Darren's reporting, there are serious calls to throw the case out of court

    He runs a site called Revolver News where he has been going hard after the Deep State for infiltrating the Jan. 6, 2021 Trump rally and both invaded the Capitol building and incited others to do so as a false flag event. His reporting is the reason the DOJ is now charging the Oath Keepers with sedition. The DOJ is trying to save face due to Darren's exposure of a ton-load of inconvenient facts. And Darren is just getting started. :) 

    I wasn't going to publish this video because it is so long, but I started listening to it and I started learning a lot more about Darren Beatie than I have learned at other places. For instance, he was working in the Biden administration before his reports came out. On the day of the first one, he was given a letter demanding he resign or be fired. He was also a speech writer and policy aide for President Trump in the White House. I never knew any of that...

    So if you want a good look into him, into his thinking, into where he stands legally, into how the Biden administration and Deep State loathe him (they loathe him almost as much as they loathe Steve Bannon), etc., this video promises to give you a full overview.

    Also, if you want a spoken version of the facts he presents about 1/6 and Whitmer kidnapping entrapments, I have little doubt you will get all the facts you can process in one sitting. Tim is one of the best interviewers out there. 

    I'm watching it now, so I can't promise all this for sure. But from the first few minutes, I have a feeling this video is going to be one of the good ones.


  16. TG,

    Torba is probably overstating it and leaving out some things. And I chalk this up to being more ideology motivated instead of business motivated.

    1. My first comment, though, is outside of this. His source is Business Insider. Come on, Torba. Predator class and fake news media anyone? I'm not saying there is no smoke in this story, but it's not the raging fire they are portraying. One does not fight fake news media by becoming fake news media.

    2. Now back to fundamental differences. Torba's marketing sucks. Jason Miller goes all over the world getting users, etc. And he does aggressive marketing. They have vastly different approaches. So I imagine Torba is a bit peeved that Jason goes out and gets big names whereas he waits for them to come to him. And they take their good old time coming...

    3. Let's not forget Jason's earlier involvement with Trump. Yet, even with that, Trump did not join Gettr. Why?

    I speculate, but if I know life and people, money is at root. Follow the mucking funny. Jason, as CEO, I imagine wants to keep all the money inhouse. Trump probably said, in order to join, he wanted a big chunk of the company or something like that for his big audience and the difference that would make to Gettr. And Jason probably said something like, "I loves ya' Donny, but I loves me monies more." :) 

    4. That leads me to Joe Rogan. What do you want to bet Rogan wanted money for the million new sign-ups caused by his migration to Gettr? And what do you want to bet Jason said, "I luvs ya' Joey, and thanks for the new sign-ups, but no."? And what do you want to bet negotiations are still ongoing? :) 

    5. I can't say anything for sure about what Torba is talking about re AWS, censorship, etc., but I do know that a principal funder of Gettr is Guo Wengui (sometimes called by other names like Miles Guo). And when thinking about him, please don't think CCP, but instead Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

    People who are billionaires do many things top-down through their friends and associates, who are also billionaires. And each of these billionaires come with their own prejudices and quirks and so on. So they may impose something weird to kick in their part or whatever they provide and people work around it. 

    Also, there's this. Guo may be in favor of the common man, the lao bai xing, flyover America, etc., but he still goes out on his yacht and hobnobs among the upper class.

    So Gettr is able to do things more or less safely within the big tech environment and where other billionaires tread than Torba ever could dream of. That, I believe, nullifies many of Torba's beefs.

    Gab and Gettr are, businesswise, two very different animals. There is no reason to blame one animal for not being the other. Birds don't burrow deep holes to live in and ground hogs don't fly.

    6. So long as users are happy, Gettr will prosper. Ditto for Gab. Users are starting to get fed up with Twitter, though, so it is going down. That's business.

    Ideology-wise, so long as Bannon, Jason Miller, and people like that are involved in Gettr, I believe it will be more-or-less free. If they leave, Gettr might go the way of other big-tech companies. Or it might not.


    One thing is for sure. Neither Gettr nor Gab are responsible for the abuses social media has perpetrated on their users like censuring the Hunter Biden laptop story, censoring coronavirus info, etc.

    I have an account at both and I go to both. I intend to keep doing the same.

    So I say let Torba and Miller duke it out. I, for one, have my own fights to deal with. I don't have time or interest in their fight.

    And if Rogan goes or stays, he's big but he's not unique social-media-wise. He's just one celebrity among many, so who cares?



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  17. 1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Nobody believes this is proper USA government except for the mainstream ruling class fringe...

    This one is going even deeper. Alex Jones was interviewing one of the lawyers involved on the Oath Keeper's side, Jon Moseley. In fact, Moseley was on the phone with Stewart Rhodes when the FBI came to arrest Rhodes. 

    Alex also had on one of his own lawyers, Norm Pattis. (Alex is currently being followed by the FBI as a potential terrorist--seriously--and Pattis is helping with the legal part.)


    Stewart Rhodes' Lawyer Breaks Down The First Charges Of Sedition In Jan 6 Investigation


    Attorney Jon Moseley of http://jonathonmoseley.com/was on the phone with Stewart Rhodes when they arrested him. Norm Pattis joins with Alex Jones to break down the charges of...


    According to Mosely, the sedition charge came from the DOJ as a public relations maneuver. The press has been hammering the House's 1/6 committee and law enforcement in general by pointing to it's main reason for locking up so many people for months, trespass, laughing at them and getting outraged at the abuse of power.

    So the DOJ needed something with the word "sedition" in it for the press.

    As to the charges themselves, according to Mosely, they are a bill of lies. Not just lies according to his own opinion, but proven lies. And he is raising the issue of what should happen to prosecutors who knowingly lie to a grand jury.

    Pattis was on board with him. Also, Pattis says the USA dodged a bullet by the Senate not approving Major Garland for the Supreme Court.

    He mentioned he initially felt sorry for Garland because of the bad luck, but now he is of a completely different mind. He said he is appalled at Garland's recent statement that you can be prosecuted as a terrorist whether you knew you were participating in an act that they deemed terror or not. And that you were an accessory if you were just there observing.

    Alex and the attorneys were all appalled at this.

    If you have time and want to see one of Alex's important videos, meaning a video that will likely make a difference in current affairs right now, this is one such.

    This will give you a perspective on the arrest of the Oath Keepers that you will never get from the fake news media. And it will give you an inkling of how checks and balances work at holding off tyranny--not in theory, but in practice.


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  18. 16 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    This is the USA and not some tin-pot dictatorship. We are not supposed to have political crimes or thought crimes. Yet we do.

    I have no intention of treating the case you just mentioned as the same thing as dispassionate or fair justice. It's horseshit from an illicit administration that is crashing and burning right in front of our eyes.

    It looks like a hell of a lot of people think just like I do.

    Nobody believes this is proper USA government except for the mainstream ruling class fringe...



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  19. This one isn't a woke snack.

    It's a meal.

    Ferris State University Professor Is Put on Administrative Leave After Showing Up for Class in a Glass Bubble — Goes on Profanity-Laced Tirade (VIDEO)


    A professor at Ferris State University in Michigan landed on the wrong planet this weekend.  Now he’s on administrative leave.  The Washington Post reported on this professor only a couple of hours...

    At first I thought this was satire, but it's real.


    Notice this WaPo article in flabbergasted outrage trying not to choke on its own poison (the kind is serves up to its readers every day). :) 

    A professor welcomed students to class by calling them ‘vectors of disease to me.’ He has been suspended.


    Professor Barry Mehler told students it didn't matter how hard they worked since he randomly assigned them grades before the semester started.


    Aaaaaand... the YouTube video. I've looked around for a copy on alt video sites, but so far there is only a 4 minute excerpt on BitChute. If YT takes this down, though, I am pretty sure someone will put it up somewhere. It's just too rich to go into the memory hole. :) 


    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 

    These are the people teaching your kids, folks.


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  20. On 12/19/2021 at 2:50 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    When I heard Kamala Harris say: "Come on Charlemagne. It's Joe Biden," something in the deep dark recesses of my subconscious started itching.


    I've hear this same message before...

    Not the words, but in between the words...

    A surrender along with a denial in a "let's be reasonable" tone of voice...



    Where have I heard that?


    Then it hit me.

    Back in 2010, a lady named Christine O'Donnell from Delaware put out a political ad and started it by saying: "I'm not a witch."

    Sometimes the great gets even better.

    This is the forward-looking state of greatness of the current VP:


    I want to say a quip or something, but I just can't top it.

    That is a work of art. It stands on its own merits...



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  21. Boris Epshteyn, a political operative who is a frequent guest on the War Room, let out an idea yesterday (or maybe the day before) and Steve Bannon ended up agreeing with him. Now I think this will become a thing among the chattering class.

    They believe this phase in America is the end of the Democratic Party.

    They mean end like in how the Whig Party ended.

    We'll have to see, of course, but from what I am observing, this makes a lot of sense.

    The authoritarians overplayed their hand. A huge number of every day Democrats are leaving the party, their exit is growing, and predator class Republicans got exposed for being Democrats in disguise.

    Also, Trump has unified Republicans around a vision of the world that most Americans believe in.

    So I doubt the backlash will forgive this one.


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