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  1. D, That's not the way I go about it. A bit of brain stuff At the root there is the human brain. All humans have brains. One brain is not a mirror image of another and brains do not line up on sides re their basic functions. Now a principle. If you abuse a thing you use all the time, it will eventually malfunction. That's the way organic things work. Don't drink water, you die. You have to drink water. Drink too much water in one whack and you kill yourself. By extension, you have to think in stories, or narratives, or schema (narrative models) or whatever e
  2. One of the favorite propaganda tricks of both political sides is to "control the narrative." This narrative is what I call a "core story," but in the case of news, it is a short-term core story. The anti-Trump elitist left loves this technique more than the Trump-right. I mean, both do it, but the left has gone so whole hog into it, there are people on their side in large numbers who literally believe stories that are completely disconnected from reality and debunked by just looking. For example, they believe President Trump said Nazis are fine people, they still believe the Rus
  3. This is a bit unrelated, but it's amazing how some Dems are openly bearing their teeth and snarling in the most totalitarian manner like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer does. Look at this beauty from a man, Robert Reich, who used to be in power: A Truth and Reconciliation Commission? Would that fall under The Ministry of Truth? This is a former American Secretary of Labor. Just think about that: Secretary of Labor... Truth and Reconciliation Commission... where have I seen that kind of terminology mixed together before? Oh yeah... Communism... 1984 by Orwell..
  4. What a beautiful piece of video. Steve outright says those who enriched themselves through crony Chinese deals and corruption stole that money from Chinese slaves. This one deserves a transcript (which I had to do the hard way): Man, that needs saying and more saying. A guy named Tim O'Brien tried to get cute with Steve over this and President Trump weighed in. Michael
  5. Jules, I knew this was coming. So tell us how you really feel. On another note, I take it, as a man and a Canadian, you're not in favor of bowing down and kissing the feet of Chinese Communist Party masters? Michael btw - Man, when I say "tell us how you really feel," it reminds me of one of the nicest most upbeat OL members we ever had, Chris Grieb, now deceased. He always said that when people sounded off.
  6. Even the following is being scrutinized by people who want a fair election. And you can find them in the strangest places. 4Chan Users Claim to Have Found Way to Easily Change People’s Voter Registration and Cancel Ballots Online in Oregon and Washington The Gateway claimed it cannot independently verify this without committing voter fraud itself, but it did have an update: Cheaters gonna cheat. They they are having it hard this year. Michael
  7. And here's another: Postal employee fired, federal charges possible after absentee ballots dumped in Jeffersontown I'm loving the scrutiny and press on this stuff. President Trump put a huge spotlight on it and the public reaction is a lot different than before. People are actually looking for cases of voter fraud and reporting it. Michael
  8. Some Dems are not hiding their wish to make voter fraud low risk. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Vetoes Bill Targeting Voter Fraud Well, it's bad for voters who want to commit fraud and it's bad for her elections, that's for sure. She wants to win by cheating. At least the higher court clipped her wings on extending the election cutoff date. No more chances to find boxes of filled-out ballots in the trunks of cars that someone forgot about after the votes have been counted. I am pretty sure President Trump is going to take Michigan and down-ballot will do great
  9. William, And when the Canadians start getting rounded up, will you bow down and kiss the feet of the Chinese to get them to release the prisoners? Will you encourage Trudeau to do that? I'm not just sparring with leading questions. I honestly don't know. I know, for instance, Jules would rather die than do that. I don't know about you. (Quibble: "were," not "we are") This is where you don't get Trump and I say this after reading your posts for a long time. President Trump is not just doing election. During the impeachment, he engineered the Middle East pea
  10. Ellen, It's like President Trump said in the NBC Town Hall the other day when what's-her-face was trying to entrap him about supporting QAnon so they could do their press outrage routine. He said he didn't know that much about QAnon, but he certainly doesn't think being against pedophilia is a bad thing. Besides, in my view, as I've mentioned in other places, I think the ambiguity and other things people like to debunk with Q's messages are behavior-engineered to spread. This is based on a deep understanding of human nature. (Nir Eyal is one who gives a basic algorit
  11. William, It was a different context, but when Kim Jung Un threatened the US, President Trump said he has a big-ass button he can push. Then peace broke out. Not a perfect peace, but enough to remove the threat of nuclear war for the present. Now Trudeau? Any time a politician uses the word "absolutely," that means it's relative. And the standard is his own political and/or financial well-being. Trudeau loves him some weasel-worded adverbs. Trump loves qualifiers, too, but he doesn't use them for weasel purposes of CYA. In his own description, he plays to people
  12. Ellen, For a raw transcript like that, I suggest both. Put the audio on in the background and follow along with the text. It will make the punctuation clear, let you know when Corbett is speaking or another, and allow you to make sense out of the times there are pretty bad errors. Michael
  13. Ellen, If all this is, like Corbett says, is a marketing plan for the same old technocracy (and I believe it is), these comments are feedback data. First, the DAVOS people will know how hard it will be to keep their "Great Reset" trial balloon afloat. If they have to replace that approach, no problem. They are billionaires. Second, they will be able to use AI to surveil the people making the comments to see how to best change their minds in the future. This is a form of split-testing and flushing out the enemies among friends. Michael
  14. TG, The link works for me. And the thread is open to Facebook users, at least it was to me. I'm not joining the group, though. Many of those are not my kind of people and I am pretty sure it goes both ways--I would not be welcome. In that discussion alone, they already threw one guy out. The sense of shock is palpable if you are sensitive to reading in between the lines. I am (generally--though sometimes I lay an egg ). In this case, I like to see second-hand smugness busted up. To use a phrase many of them use, it's good for my moral hygiene. Michael
  15. Mark, That would be nice, but I am more interested in their vote in today's context. I think LP just got President Trump some votes. Yay. Michael
  16. Ellen, Here's a three-and-a-half minute video using their own words (except the last guy I presume ). I doubt they would want these images with their texts, though. It's spooky as hell. Also, if you are interested, keep an eye on the Corbett's show notes for his report: Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset. He often has a full transcript made. I wish I had time to do it since I often cement my knowledge that way, but this is just not the right time. Maybe a little later if nothing from him happens. This report is one of his great ones.
  17. Are OL Canadians Ready to Learn Chinese? To Canadian OL members. What do you guys think about this? 'We Will Not Be Deterred' - Trudeau Responds After Beijing Directly Threatens "Health & Safety" Of 300,000 Canadians In Hong Kong Will the Chinese Communist Party, not you, decide who can come into Canada and stay? Is Trudeau up to this threat and stand tall? Or are you all ready to bow down and kiss the feet of your Chinese masters? There's no way to skirt this one. The world is looking on you.. Michael
  18. I found something. The video above was the tail end of a video from Ayn Rand Centre UK. The video is called Celebrating Leonard Peikoff. There must have been some reason to celebrate him, a birthday or something. When I find out more and learn more about this event and the participants at the end, I will add it to this post. The thumbnail gives some of the participants or maybe the main ones. And the hosts name is Razi Ginzberg. [EDIT: It was an online celebration for Peikoff's 87th birthday.] [EDIT AGAIN: From what I understand, Peikoff was not part of the line-up, but he crash
  19. FBI Director Wray has to go. It's "muh fuckin' Russians" all over again. WOW — OUTRAGEOUS! Chris Wray’s FBI Is Investigating Whether Hunter Biden Emails are “Russian Disinformation Operation” This time they are not going to get away with staging a circus. Man, are they desperate. Michael EDIT: This: Lee Smith is a bestselling author, probably the best, on the Trump presidency and the attacks against it. He's the one who broke open the story about Crossfire Hurricane.
  20. Ellen, I never quoted him on QAnon and he only mentioned it a time or few inside of long videos as a throwaway comment, so finding a quote will be a mess. I don't recall his words precision, but I remember him blowing off QAnon as not serious, not worthy of comment. He wasn't against but wasn't for. That kind of thing. Since I am going from memory and his opinion never did jump out at me as something extraordinary, I might be wrong, But I don't think so. btw - I just did a search to make sure. I came across a video from 2018 (see here) where he said flat out that QAnon was not real,
  21. This thread is a good place for this news. Peikoff is voting for President Trump. He just said so. And the guy interviewing him on the group call said most of the people there agree with him. I don't know where his happened, though, nor who these people are. At least there's one O-Land luminary from the ortho side I no longer have to be irritated with re Trump. I don't care about further opinions on President Trump from that quarter, just the vote. It would have helped had Peikoff said this earlier, though. Still... he said it now and I'll take it.
  22. Finally, Scott Adams says something about QAnon I can agree with. It took long enough. Maybe this clarity can spread... Oh... I forgot... The establishment Media and Social Media complex wants QAnon gone, so they are censoring it on their platforms and publications. If you try to discuss it and a few other topics on those places and start getting a growing audience for your views, you will be canceled and hounded in a manner quite similar to what Scientology used to do (and maybe still does). So guess who the real cult is? Michael
  23. btw - This one is fun. This is Rudy being interviewed by Steven Crowder on the day of the town halls. So even though it's a day older, Rudy tells the story of how he came by the laptop. The ominous part is Rudy says there are pictures on that laptop no human should ever have to see. So we can expect to see a nasty chapter coming up. This video is on BitChute. Just click on the image and the video will open in a new tab. Then you might have to click play (or not). With all the Dem panic and Trump supporters milking it and all the yelling, a good-natured interview with a man