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  1. 48 minutes ago, Dglgmut said:

    We are talking about the same thing...


    As you go off on something different...

    Do you understand hierarchical knowledge?

    For example, a Ford Mustang is a make of car. A car is not a make of Ford Mustang.

    An apple is a type of fruit. A fruit is not a type of apple.

    Narrative is a kind of thinking.

    Thinking is not a kind of narrative.

    Vehicle, fruit and thinking are large categories. Ford Mustang, apple and narrative are subcategories of these larger categories.

    Is that clear?

    I ask because you keep butchering this. Badly.


  2. 4 minutes ago, Dglgmut said:

    "What you have on the left is not thinking." - not meaning people on the left do not think, but that what defines them as a group is not their thoughts but their feelings.


    Well, orange blossoms smell great in spring, but be careful of the worms. I mean, when the moon is full, the dandelions are ready to sprout.

    And don't forget the mathematics involved.


    We are either going to talk about the same thing or not.

    So far, you prefer not.

    But dogs don't meow, so no problem.


  3. 15 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Now, after that, I wonder what Devon Archer is going to say, I wonder...

    The following is not that Michael Moore. It just happens to be the poor dude's name.

    But here's Devon Archer with Joe Biden in a photo they used for Burisma until Uncle Joe freaked:


    Here is the image just in case Twitter gets cute.


    (drip... drip... drip...)



  4. 2 hours ago, tmj said:

    Not for nothing, but Noam Chomsky is old enough to be his dad...


    And it's weird he would hang outside Trump Tower in order to get Chomsky's message to President Trump.

    If that doesn't sound like an agenda fostered by a handler based on his imbalances, I don't know what does.

    This poor guy needs to be deprogrammed before being charged.


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  5. There's a silly idea going around that the emails from Hunter Biden's laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Adam Schiff, surprise surprise, is one of the main proponents of that idea.


    drip... drip... drip...



  6. Biden's surrogates are getting awfully befuddled.

    This was painful even for me to watch.

    Leland Vittert is the Fox news reporter. I don't care for him. He's an aggressive reporter who always tries to trample over the people he is interviewing in order to present a jiggered narrative that will get ratings. Also, he has been leaning against Trump for a long time. He's kinda in the Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto camp. So his aggressiveness has been selective.

    But here, you can almost see it dawn on him that he is in front of one of the century's biggest stories and nobody except the Trump-friendly press is going after it. Instead the entire establishment media are trying to cover it up.

    If this were a cartoon, you would see a light bulb above his head turn on. And maybe a sound like boioioingggg. :) 

    You can hear him think: Woah... that means, this story is mine for the taking if I want it.


    All of a sudden, it looks like he wants it.


    And out came the aggressiveness.

    If this story leads him to be a real reporter instead of a toady or reporter's equivalent of an ambulance chaser, I say let this side of him bloom.


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  7. 14 minutes ago, Dglgmut said:

    My point is that people think in stories, sure, but what you have on the left is not thinking.


    I don't know how to make sense out of this statement.

    Everybody thinks in stories, but some people don't think?

    How does that work? (Hint, it doesn't. :) )

    "Some people" falls under "people," meaning everybody.

    Thinking is an activity of the brain.

    All humans have brains.

    All people who are conscious think.

    You may not like what they think or agree with it, but they think.

    Every human.

    That's what humans do.


  8. The man hanging from Trump Tower situation just got resolved peacefully and no one got hurt.

    Man in custody after hanging off Trump Tower for more than 13 hours

    If I'm wrong about my speculations, I'm quite happy to be wrong. Nobody hurt? Hell, yeah...

    But unbelievably, I have seen some tweets by people frustrated that it ended well. They are saying things like Trump will now say in his rallies that people love him so much, they climb his hotels to get to him.


    btw - Here is a quick interview as he is being taken away.



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  9. There's a guy hanging off the side of Trump Tower in Chicago saying he will cut his rope if he doesn't get to talk to President Trump. He's been there for about 12 hours so far.

    Knife Wielding Man Dangling From Trump Tower Says He is ‘Member of Black Lives Matter’ on Facebook Live, Demands to Speak to Trump

    His English is so bad, it's obvious he's an immigrant. I don't know if he is legal or illegal.

    But this leads me to believe something. It's a speculation, but I think it has merit in light of all the events that have happened over the Trump presidency.

    1. This is an October surprise that has been planned and now executed by some nasty bad guys.

    2. Following the habit of Deep State spooks and others who know their techniques, this poor soul was emotionally imbalanced in a form that was detectable by the surveillance state mechanisms--even though he might look normal on the surface. He had a person come into his life not too long ago who was an instant soul-mate. 

    3. His covert handler, over time, led him in a direction toward committing an act of madness, then recently pushed his buttons hard.

    4. No matter whether he lives or dies, this soul-mate friend will disappear, if he or she has not already done so.

    Oh yeah...

    I forgot...

    If this disturbed person actually plummets to his death, I bet there are BLM riots already geared up to happen in Chicago and all across America.

    If that is the case, I bet the handler put in a few triggers to prompt the man to cut his rope during negotiations.

    There are no guarantees in this kind of operation because once hot button trigger gets pushed in a person so targeted and prepared, anything can happen. But this one, if my speculation bears out, is well-executed.

    Don't forget this when you vote.

    Even if I'm wrong, the Deep State does this stuff. So do radicals. I've read descriptions of this as a formal technique. I'm only able to formulate my speculation right now from this study and seeing it happen before.

    Remember the guy in the Las Vegas hotel who shot up a bunch of people watching a show on the Las Vegas Strip? He's a good example of how this comes off without a hitch. The authorities still don't know the motive and can't find the soul-mate friend if they are even looking, for that matter. Either that, or they know and have covered it up for whatever reasons.


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  10. On 10/17/2020 at 1:54 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Has anyone ever heard of Bevan Cooney?

    They're starting to.

    Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails


    Cooney is currently serving a sentence in federal prison due to his conviction over financial deals he made connected to Hunter Biden and his other partner Devon Archer. Archer, who was also convicted by a jury in federal court, saw his conviction vacated by a federal judge. That conviction was later—just a couple weeks ago—reinstated by an appellate court, which overruled the lower court judge’s decision to vacate it. Archer awaits sentencing.

    In the meantime, however, Cooney—who is serving his sentence in federal prison—reached out to Schweizer via conservative journalist Matthew Tyrmand and provided written authorization to access his Gmail account. He provided the password and username, and written authorization to publish emails because Schweizer says he believes he was the “fall guy” for the Biden family’s corruption and that he believes the public needs to know what really happened in Hunter Biden’s universe. 


    Now, after that, I wonder what Devon Archer is going to say, I wonder...

    Regardess, a whole string of names is coming...


  11. 9 hours ago, Dglgmut said:

    I don't think they are a mirror image of the right.


    That's not the way I go about it.


    A bit of brain stuff

    At the root there is the human brain.

    All humans have brains. One brain is not a mirror image of another and brains do not line up on sides re their basic functions.

    Now a principle. If you abuse a thing you use all the time, it will eventually malfunction. That's the way organic things work. Don't drink water, you die. You have to drink water. Drink too much water in one whack and you kill yourself.

    By extension, you have to think in stories, or narratives, or schema (narrative models) or whatever else you want to call it. You have to because you can't not. That's just what your brain does.


    Story and fact

    As to the content of the stories, which is where you are at, show me any propaganda on earth that is not a story or based on a story. You won't be able to because narrative is all propaganda is.

    How close those stories reflect reality is another issue. You can get away with telling stories that do not reflect reality (lies), but if you do that too much, you lose. And do it enough, you lose everything.

    Want a really old story to show this? "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." That's the left right now.


    The left's way of controlling the narrative

    Except it's even worse. They add the promise of the social paradise of endless free stuff. But right now, they are hell-bent on killing themselves by crying wolf all the time. If one imaginary wolf doesn't work (muh Russians), they cry there's another wolf (a porn star). And then the "muh masks" wolf. And on and on and on...

    Plus, the left controls a huge chunk of the media and social media and they only present the political stories they want to tell on it.

    We are humans are primates. One of the main forms of learning for primates is imitation. That's how you yourself learned language, counting, how to tie your shoes, how to eat with utensils and so on. And that's how you get a huge bulk of the core stories in your mind. You repeat and imitate what's all around you. We all do. Welcome to the human race.

    (Incidentally, that's why being well-read and well-versed is important for growing your mind and soul and volition. It's easy to fall into a core story groove and rarely step outside of it. That's a recipe for spiritual stagnation.)

    The left media knows how to entertain, too, so people who get in the habit of using the the left media outlets don't stray much. They are well entertained by the non-news programs and the news programs are framed in an "us against them" form where "we" are vastly superior to "them." It's seductive and the core stories sound good. 


    The seeds of the screw up

    But the people who control content in that bubble have abused their story presentation privileges.The used core story in a "stimulus and response" way. They discovered how easy it was to use a story stimulus and get an automatic action response.

    Then they forgot that people habituate over time to the same stimuli, including them. And, over time and with enough repetition, what was once effective becomes cliche and ordinary and even invisible. That results in unenthusiastic responses drained of urgency to act.

    In practice, that means they needed to ramp up the emotional triggers in the core stories they presented. And that's where they really started separating their stories from reality.

    So off they went into fairy-tale land with Russian wolves turning into Russian monsters, greedy planet-destroying corporate dragons turning into wicked dark wizards and witches, the COVID-19 spell being cast over humanity with only a magic mask (instead of a magic cloak) to avoid being trapped in the spell, and on and on. I can list a bunch of them. 

    The left don't use fairy-tale language, but those archetypes resonate deep within all humans (I know why, but that's another issue), so they use those archetypes in modern form in their propaganda.

    The trick with these archetypes is to use them as a basic structure, but with a light touch. When selective observable facts align with core stories being told in those frames, they are effective as all hell. And that's what great propaganda does. It just focuses on one set of facts while ignoring another. But the facts the do use and story events always align.


    The screw up

    The leftie idiots stopped focusing on any facts at all and ignored all of them. I mean, why not? They got the responses they wanted from "controlling the narrative," so who needs any stinking facts? It's easier to change the story.

    Thus they started emphasizing the archetypes and frames (in modern terms, of course--and with specific targets like Trump) and simply changed the facts around to suit the story, or a different story they switched to, whenever they felt like it in order to keep getting the responses they wanted.

    They forgot that people can see facts with their own eyes outside the different stories they told. And even those inside their  bubble started wondering why things they saw right in front of them kept changing all the time.

    The left has contradicted themselves and the facts so often, they have now discredited themselves to those outside their media and social media bubble. And they have sewn the seeds of doubt among the masses they control with stories inside their bubble. That discredit is growing.  

    Nobody believes them anymore, especially when they say the Bidens are hiding nothing and did nothing wrong (while, unbelievably, dragging out the imaginary Russian wolf again). And they hardly ever talk about free stuff these days.

    Propaganda-wise, they have overreached by blanking out reality and stumbled into a total fuck up.


  12. One of the favorite propaganda tricks of both political sides is to "control the narrative."

    This narrative is what I call a "core story," but in the case of news, it is a short-term core story.

    The anti-Trump elitist left loves this technique more than the Trump-right. I mean, both do it, but the left has gone so whole hog into it, there are people on their side in large numbers who literally believe stories that are completely disconnected from reality and debunked by just looking.

    For example, they believe President Trump said Nazis are fine people, they still believe the Russians elected Trump in 2016, and on and on. The people I am talking about are not the leaders and behavior engineers. These assholes know this stuff is untrue and they're just spinning it. I'm talking about the masses who listen to the "controlled narrative" and believe it as told because they believe in the storytellers.


    The Gullible and the Others Listening

    And here we come to one of the biiiiiiiiig problems. There will always be people who believe in a story right off the bat. My own personality bends this way--I'm not nearly as gullible as I used to be, but boy did I use to be. :) 

    This means, for these types to be on board, you can tell them anything. They trust you so, for them, the story is real. End of story.

    But there is a price if you want to manipulate them so bad that you go overboard in distancing words from reality and repeat one after another after another with no connection to reality other than a few surface details.

    The price is that other people are listening, too. And after a while, as the bullshit starts piling up, they smell the stench. And then they react.


    The Rant

    Take this young woman. It looks like the anti-Trump elitists lost an entire generation--the one right behind the Millennials--because this young woman is not the exception. There are oodles of people in her demographic all over the place who are just like her.

    She is a perfect example of what happens when a "control the narrative" process gets overreached and goes haywire. And she expresses it better in this little one minute video than all the blah blah blah floating around.

    If you’re liberal, can’t stand Trump and fathom why people will vote for him - this is why

    Talking to anti-Trump elitists (and, I believe, emphasizing SJW Millennials), she says, "We can't stand you." 

    In other words, it's personal. And it's you.

    Ah... I was going to explain, but I might as well. :) Google gives an AI generated transcript, so all I have to do is clean it up. Here is is in all it's glory.


    If you are liberal and can't stand Trump, and can't possibly fathom why anyone would want to vote for him, let me fill you in. 

    We can't stand you. 

    You've done everything in your power to try and destroy this country by tearing down our police, our borders, our history, systematically destroying our schools and brainwashing our kids into thinking that socialism is the answer to everything, demonizing religion and faith, and glorifying abortion, violence and thug culture, from calling us racist to expecting everyone of every color to follow our laws, to ridiculing us for having the audacity to wish someone a Merry Christmas, or hang a flag on the Fourth of July, or stand for our National Anthem, or--Oh! The horror!--wear a MAGA hat out in public. 

    So much for your tolerance.

    We are voting for Trump, not because he's the most charming character on the block, but because we vote policy over personality. And we are sick and tired of your divisive and destructive and ignorant and intolerant behavior and beliefs parading around as some kind of wokeness. 

    We are voting for Trump because of you.

    How's that for a "control the narrative" fail?

    That's about as fucked up as one can fuck up controlling the narrative.



  13. 11 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Some Dems are not hiding their wish to make voter fraud low risk.

    This is a bit unrelated, but it's amazing how some Dems are openly bearing their teeth and snarling in the most totalitarian manner like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer does.

    Look at this beauty from a man, Robert Reich, who used to be in power:

    A Truth and Reconciliation Commission? Would that fall under The Ministry of Truth?

    This is a former American Secretary of Labor.

    Just think about that: Secretary of Labor... Truth and Reconciliation Commission... where have I seen that kind of terminology mixed together before?

    Oh yeah...

    Communism... 1984 by Orwell... those kind of places...

    In a follow-up tweet, after an avalanche of shit came down on the head of this idiot, he said: "I love the people responding to this tweet as if it's a radical, undemocratic idea," as he linked to a puff piece about how government Truth and Reconciliation Commissions are the best thing since the invention of the wheel and, in countries where installed, have only bestowed goodness and honey and lollipops (see here). There followed some sycophantic noise, then another mountain of shit.

    I especially like this one (from one Steve Lutz -  @Lutzman1) that said: "These guys had the truth and education commission, too." It included a picture:




    American authoritarians on the left have become so comfortable and acclimated with oppression by the left, they no longer see it. They actually believe that's a reality everyone wants. So they don't even try to hide it in their language. Pretty soon "dictatorship" will be restored as a virtue word for them.

    We know what comes with Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, right? 

    Reeducation camps.

    Friggin' reeducation camps.

    And for those who don't pass their classes in the reeducation camps?

    Well, I mean, in reality you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs...


    Those who support this shit need to live under it themselves.

    I, for one, don't want it anywhere near me.

    There is no compromise possible with people like Whitmer and Reich. They want your freedom and mine. So they need to be constantly defeated.

    In fact, they deserve what they wish for us, which is enslavement, but we have and uphold a system where these idiot dictator wannabes can exist and preach their garbage. And rightly so. But don't think they will do the same for us once they get enough power. They will try to "fundamentally transform America," meaning, in the end, off you will go to get reeducated or otherwise be removed from society. (Not just jail. Execution works just fine.)

    So we need to defeat them wherever their grubby little heads appear. It's one of the prices of freedom.

    Choose wisely.


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  14. What a beautiful piece of video.

    Steve outright says those who enriched themselves through crony Chinese deals and corruption stole that money from Chinese slaves.

    This one deserves a transcript (which I had to do the hard way):


    We know the Biden campaign is watching. There's a lot more to come. 

    And just remember, every time something comes out and you lie about it, or you hide behind the Russia coverage, additional information is going to come out and prove you're liars.

    So, for Tony Blinken and all you guys seeing your careers go up in ashes, just remember, there's evidence, emails, text messages, a lot more to come. And not just from the hard drive. There's stuff coming out all over: affidavits, other things from other news organizations. You're going to be buried in an avalanche of evidence of your corruption and how you've sold out America.

    You sold out America to the equivalent of the Nazi Party in the 1930s. That's what the Chinese Communist Party is. 

    This is not about China. It's not about the Chinese people. The Chinese people are totally innocent here. The most decent hardworking people on earth. It is their liberation that is the defining aspect of the first half of the twenty-first century.

    And you have been complicit in their slavery. You have stolen their money to make yourselves wealthier. 

    Joe Biden, and his family, and Blinken, and Sullivan, and you guys are caught up in it, too. OK?

    You have stolen the money from the hardest working people on earth. They are enslaved by this totalitarian dictatorship that breaks you on the ground: House Christians, breaks you on the ground: Catholic Church, suppresses the Tibetan Buddhists, puts concentration camps with the Muslim Uighurs. 

    You have taken blood money.

    Blood money. 

    To go... you Hunter Biden, to go and do your drugs and all your depravity.

    Well, it's all going to come out in living color. OK? All going to come out in living color.

    That money, sir, was stolen from the Chinese people in slave labor. Remember that. 

    Stolen from them.

    Man, that needs saying and more saying. 


    A guy named Tim O'Brien tried to get cute with Steve over this and President Trump weighed in.



  15. 1 hour ago, Jules Troy said:

    Trudeau is a fucking spineless pussy.  He would totally sell us down the river if he hasn’t already.  Once in a while he saysssss “oh I’m not happy with how you are treating Canadians” but he doesn’t dooo anything about it.  Those 2 guys the Chinese are holding for 2 yrs and counting?  Well they will rot until Trudeau is out of power.  The executive waiting to be extradited to the US?  Fucking send her to the US yesterday. Holding her is doing nothing.  He should have said “look I’ll hand her over but you gotta help us with the 2 Canadians”.  As for the rest of our Canadians over seas in China?  They should have been quietly leaving months ago.  Sever all ties with these fucks and refuse to do any business with them period.  Fuck all trade deals with them.  Cut them off.


    I knew this was coming.

    So tell us how you really feel.


    On another note, I take it, as a man and a Canadian, you're not in favor of bowing down and kissing the feet of Chinese Communist Party masters?




    btw - Man, when I say "tell us how you really feel," it reminds me of one of the nicest most upbeat OL members we ever had, Chris Grieb, now deceased. He always said that when people sounded off. 

  16. Even the following is being scrutinized by people who want a fair election.

    And you can find them in the strangest places.

    4Chan Users Claim to Have Found Way to Easily Change People’s Voter Registration and Cancel Ballots Online in Oregon and Washington

    The Gateway claimed it cannot independently verify this without committing voter fraud itself, but it did have an update:


    UPDATE (4:59 a.m. EST): The Oregon voter portal is now down for maintenance.


    Cheaters gonna cheat.

    They they are having it hard this year.



  17. Some Dems are not hiding their wish to make voter fraud low risk.

    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Vetoes Bill Targeting Voter Fraud


    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) vetoed legislation that would have made it a felony to attempt to apply for multiple absentee ballots or fill out an application for other individuals without their consent.

    . . .

    “Any suggestion that the filing of a second absentee ballot application is criminal behavior creates needless confusion and fearmongering around the absentee voting process,” wrote Whitmer. “It is bad for voters and bad for our elections.”

    Well, it's bad for voters who want to commit fraud and it's bad for her elections, that's for sure. She wants to win by cheating.

    At least the higher court clipped her wings on extending the election cutoff date.

    No more chances to find boxes of filled-out ballots in the trunks of cars that someone forgot about after the votes have been counted.

    I am pretty sure President Trump is going to take Michigan and down-ballot will do great for Republicans. Knowing how this will make her feel gives me pleasure despite trying to resist it.

    I hate authoritarians. Especially those who cheat, then demand you say they are honest.


  18. 4 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    We'll see what happens. Canada has a few friends and alliances, who have reacted in solidarity against the "coercive diplomacy." Hold firm against extortion and maintain principles of universal rights.


    And when the Canadians start getting rounded up, will you bow down and kiss the feet of the Chinese to get them to release the prisoners? Will you encourage Trudeau to do that?

    I'm not just sparring with leading questions.

    I honestly don't know.

    I know, for instance, Jules would rather die than do that. I don't know about you.

    4 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    I am sure Mr Trump would also offer his solidarity, we're he not quite so busy these days.

    As for any advances made to curtail nuclear warhead and intercontinental ballistics development in North Korea, Trump joins a long line of losers and suckers. Whatever rapprochement the North and South had achieved has returned to the status quo ante.

    (Quibble: "were," not "we are")

    This is where you don't get Trump and I say this after reading your posts for a long time.

    President Trump is not just doing election. During the impeachment, he engineered the Middle East peace deal among a whole lot of other things. According to the anti-Trump caricature that he is a vain man with thin skin, the impeachment should have been all he thought about. But he did a large number of activities at that time, some of them world-changing in a good way.

    So, even in election times, if China attacked Canada for real, President Trump would not only offer his solidarity without being requested. On his own, he would tell the Chinese in no uncertain terms to not fuck with North America.

    As to North Korea, you don't see it, but he's still in the middle of the deal. China is the joker in the pack. People who don't like Trump like you always call the score before the game is over. Then they sit around not knowing what happened when Trump wins. Granted, he loses a few, but note that word "few." Then look at the sheer number of productive deals he makes. It's not an exaggeration to say he did more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years.

    So, as I sit here looking at my buttons, I wonder, do I end snarky or not?





    (drum roll)








    Of course I will.


    I still can't see Trump bowing down and kissing the feet of the Chinese Communist Party. Ever.

    And I still can see Trudeau doing that.




    Now, to be nice :) , I sincerely hope Trudeau doesn't do that.

    You guys in Canada deserve a leader who stands tall in bad times.

    I hope Trudeau is that man. It looks like we're going to see what happens sooner than later.


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  19. 8 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    I'd never become a supporter myself, but I think that QAnon does get people examining in ways which are helpful to combatting the would-be world rulers.


    It's like President Trump said in the NBC Town Hall the other day when what's-her-face was trying to entrap him about supporting QAnon so they could do their press outrage routine.

    He said he didn't know that much about QAnon, but he certainly doesn't think being against pedophilia is a bad thing.


    Besides, in my view, as I've mentioned in other places, I think the ambiguity and other things people like to debunk with Q's messages are behavior-engineered to spread. This is based on a deep understanding of human nature.

    (Nir Eyal is one who gives a basic algorithm that is used all over Silicon Valley--an unending loop of "trigger, action, variable reward, investment." This can be easily seen everywhere once you learn it. And QAnon uses it. There are other people with other things that work, too. In fact, this might be a good topic for a later discussion in the Persuasion section.)

    If you look at the sudden massive success of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown when it came out, then look at how QAnon spreads despite all efforts to silence it, it's easy to see the same things at play. 

    That's why Scott Adam's effort to explain the truth/falsehood of QAnon's information and/or dismiss it did not work. In fact, it didn't make a dent. Scott is great an understanding persuasion, but he just didn't see what was going on in this case. The ambiguity about truth/falsehood was a feature, not a defect.

    Most people who bash Q don't get this. Q is not about providing answers. It is about spreading questions in a high-valence manner where people start researching them on their own.

    This is exactly what the tech giants do--they engineer covert virality by manipulating the addiction areas of the brain and the craving we all have to share things. Except the core action they prompt (in addition to sharing) is not to get people to research something. The tech giants try to get people to present their own likes and dislikes. (That way they can collect the data and market a tonload of shit to them in a highly targeted manner.)

    QAnon did that, too. Except it is not selling anything. The action it covertly prompts is for people to move toward more self-reliance in getting information, not toward entering a trap so they can be controlled and milked.

    That's why the tech giants got befuddled. The Q people were supposed to be kooks and stupid people, not masters of covert message engineering who have outsmarted them. So the tech giant people are doing what all conceited people do when they are confronted with their lack of superiority: they are trying to shut down the proof rather than trying to get better.

    Right now, they are so pissed, they are going for Stalinist-like rewriting of history and open censorship. And they can't even see how ridiculous this makes them look to those outside their cliques.

    Meanwhile, QAnon still spreads...

    And Trump's support is spreading more and more every second...

    And they haven't figured out why. Or if some of them have, the rest don't believe it.



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  20. William,

    It was a different context, but when Kim Jung Un threatened the US, President Trump said he has a big-ass button he can push.

    Then peace broke out. Not a perfect peace, but enough to remove the threat of nuclear war for the present.

    Now Trudeau?

    5 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    Trudeau: "We will continue to work with China for advancing Canadian interests and Canadian producers. At the same time we will remain absolutely committed to working with our allies to ensure that China's approach of coercive diplomacy, its arbitrary detention of two Canadian citizens... blah blah blah

    Any time a politician uses the word "absolutely," that means it's relative. And the standard is his own political and/or financial well-being.

    Trudeau loves him some weasel-worded adverbs.

    Trump loves qualifiers, too, but he doesn't use them for weasel purposes of CYA. In his own description, he plays to people's fantasies.

    So instead of words, let's look at images.

    I can't see Trump bowing down and kissing the feet of the Chinese Communist Party. Ever.

    I can see Trudeau doing that.

    For the sake of Canadians, who I love, I hope he has enough spine and smarts to avoid the needless deaths of a lot of Canadians. And if he has enough self-awareness to realize he needs help navigating this, I hope he stops the bullshit and calls on Trump for advice.


  21. 13 minutes ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    THANK YOU for the transcript.  It will be hard on my eyes to read through, but I'd rather plow through the written text than listen.



    For a raw transcript like that, I suggest both. Put the audio on in the background and follow along with the text. It will make the punctuation clear, let you know when Corbett is speaking or another, and allow you to make sense out of the times there are pretty bad errors.