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  1. They just keep piling on. The puns and insults in this article are hilarious. Media Savages Jeffrey Toobin for Allegedly Masturbating On Zoom Call To crib from one, what a stroke of bad luck. Michael
  2. Ellen, Three things. First. If you would not call the first thinking because you don't use that meaning, then what would you call it? In your view, can't a person "think" dishonestly and with little to no effort at all? I, for one, see people do that all the time. To put it in cognitive before normative terms, don't you have to have thinking before you can have good and bad thinking? Second. If someone (like me ) frames a statement about thinking by saying, "all humans are primates who learn mostly by imitation and all humans have brains," then follows with a statement about th
  3. Rush Limbaugh talked about the Toobin indiscretion. Bo Snerdley (Rush's second in command) was asked who put the Michael Jackson song, "Beat It," in the background. Bo said it wasn't him or Rush. It was the sound guy. Michael
  4. Madam President. Anyone want that? I just has a thought. Doesn't that look like one could use it in a sequel to Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray? Michael
  5. Ellen, He should take to heart your clarity. Incidentally, I already got that was what he was saying, but I like that you put it in clearer words. My objection is his manner of constantly changing horses in midstream and blanking out what is right in front of him. I think if he trained his brain better, he will become a decent persuader, or even a good one. But the way he goes about it right now, he just doesn't persuade. Or even communicate well to those who more or less agree with him. (Maybe if we take out communicating with words .) We're talking shoe sizes, and suddenly h
  6. The black community is changing. I keep hearing other black people talking like this woman, who is not only talking, she's running for the US House from California. It's not just this lady. How about another famous rapper? 50 Cent calls on followers to vote for Trump citing Biden tax rate plan President Trump is the lightening rod making this happen. Michael
  7. James O'Keefe released this yesterday: Google and Its Creepy, ‘Leftist Agenda’ Exposed in Latest Video From Project Veritas And today there's this: U.S. government files antitrust lawsuit against Google It starts. Michael
  8. You don't even have to work to take out some of these fake news characters. Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN legal analyst, one who had TDS pretty bad, didn't realize his camera was broadcasting when he "pleasured himself" on a Zoom call between the staff of The New Yorker and WNYC radio. In addition to CNN, he was a reported for The New Yorker and they immediately fired him. It took CNN some time, but it looks like they booted him, too. New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Masturbating on Zoom Call In case you don't recall who he is, he's this guy: The jokes are piling up
  9. Once again, a bit older (was it only about two and a half weeks?), but really cute. Trump vs. COVID-19 Michael
  10. This is a little bit older, but what the hell. Time for a smile. The New Face of Kamala Michael
  11. Peter, Kat's been watching Outlander. I haven't. She was liking it. But then Sean hoodwinked her into watching Once Upon a Time with him. So she'll have to get back to Outlander after that's over. No time for more. [EDIT: Oops, she saw it all and stopped because they stopped making it due to the virus. She just now told me some parts were great, but others were not good because they went way too much overboard.) I, myself, tried to get into these fantasies. But I think I like shootouts with guns and explosions and chase scenes in vehicles more. Actually, storytelling-wise, I s
  12. D, It was a simple question. I bet, without looking, you don't even know what the question was. Using the pivot technique any two-bit politician uses is not an answer. Here's the pivot technique when used in question format. Person: What do you understand as the difference between X and Y? Pivot-critter: We can talk about that, but the real issue is [fill in the blank]. Any question will do, but I provided one just to illustrate. So there is no doubt, here is the pivot technique with other questions. Person: Why did you say the earth was flat? Pivot-critt
  13. D, As you go off on something different... Do you understand hierarchical knowledge? For example, a Ford Mustang is a make of car. A car is not a make of Ford Mustang. An apple is a type of fruit. A fruit is not a type of apple. Narrative is a kind of thinking. Thinking is not a kind of narrative. Vehicle, fruit and thinking are large categories. Ford Mustang, apple and narrative are subcategories of these larger categories. Is that clear? I ask because you keep butchering this. Badly. Michael
  14. Maria tweeted this earlier today, too. It doesn't mean much until something happens, but it's headed in the right direction. Michael
  15. D, Well, orange blossoms smell great in spring, but be careful of the worms. I mean, when the moon is full, the dandelions are ready to sprout. And don't forget the mathematics involved. We are either going to talk about the same thing or not. So far, you prefer not. But dogs don't meow, so no problem. Michael
  16. The following is not that Michael Moore. It just happens to be the poor dude's name. But here's Devon Archer with Joe Biden in a photo they used for Burisma until Uncle Joe freaked: Here is the image just in case Twitter gets cute. (drip... drip... drip...) Michael
  17. T, And it's weird he would hang outside Trump Tower in order to get Chomsky's message to President Trump. If that doesn't sound like an agenda fostered by a handler based on his imbalances, I don't know what does. This poor guy needs to be deprogrammed before being charged. Michael
  18. There's a silly idea going around that the emails from Hunter Biden's laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Adam Schiff, surprise surprise, is one of the main proponents of that idea. Well... drip... drip... drip... Michael
  19. Biden's surrogates are getting awfully befuddled. This was painful even for me to watch. Leland Vittert is the Fox news reporter. I don't care for him. He's an aggressive reporter who always tries to trample over the people he is interviewing in order to present a jiggered narrative that will get ratings. Also, he has been leaning against Trump for a long time. He's kinda in the Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto camp. So his aggressiveness has been selective. But here, you can almost see it dawn on him that he is in front of one of the century's biggest stories and nobody excep
  20. D, I don't know how to make sense out of this statement. Everybody thinks in stories, but some people don't think? How does that work? (Hint, it doesn't. ) "Some people" falls under "people," meaning everybody. Thinking is an activity of the brain. All humans have brains. All people who are conscious think. You may not like what they think or agree with it, but they think. Every human. That's what humans do. Michael
  21. The man hanging from Trump Tower situation just got resolved peacefully and no one got hurt. Man in custody after hanging off Trump Tower for more than 13 hours If I'm wrong about my speculations, I'm quite happy to be wrong. Nobody hurt? Hell, yeah... But unbelievably, I have seen some tweets by people frustrated that it ended well. They are saying things like Trump will now say in his rallies that people love him so much, they climb his hotels to get to him. btw - Here is a quick interview as he is being taken away. Michael
  22. Watch out for this. These photos will not be censored by the social media "fact checkers." WARNING: Liberal Groups Caught Posting Fake Photos Online So They Can Claim the Hunter Biden Stories Recently Uncovered Are Conspiracies The headline says it all. Michael
  23. There's a guy hanging off the side of Trump Tower in Chicago saying he will cut his rope if he doesn't get to talk to President Trump. He's been there for about 12 hours so far. Knife Wielding Man Dangling From Trump Tower Says He is ‘Member of Black Lives Matter’ on Facebook Live, Demands to Speak to Trump His English is so bad, it's obvious he's an immigrant. I don't know if he is legal or illegal. But this leads me to believe something. It's a speculation, but I think it has merit in light of all the events that have happened over the Trump presidency. 1. This is an Octo
  24. They're starting to. Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails Now, after that, I wonder what Devon Archer is going to say, I wonder... Regardess, a whole string of names is coming... Michael