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  1. This is Joe Biden's voice allegedly on a phone call. Someone on that thread made a download here just in case the tweet goes down. I'm not sure if that service keeps it if the tweet is down, though. I'm digging to find another copy. I don't know if this is true yet. If it is, Biden's not going to like the legal part, much less the election part. Michael
  2. I already have an Audible account, but if I didn't, it would be worth getting one for this podcast series alone. Why? Because you get to see how AI and machine learning can be used by both good guys and bad guys without tech-babble or mixed agendas (other than steal money and catch bad guys). In the very first podcast, it makes it clear that an AI program was used to target a victim in terms of knowing if he had enough money or credit for a scam. It also targeted the mark's biggest celebrity passion and his biggest dreams in life, in this case the mark was a b
  3. Heh heh heh... This is the stuff that spreads it. And so does this: It would be easy to be better against an enemy who was better. Like Jack P said, there was that thing of Borat doctoring a scene to make it look like Rudy was fondling his dick. I also seem to remember a porn star in all the media not too long ago saying President Trump's dick looked like a mushroom. And there was that stuff about hiring hookers to piss on a mattress. Be better when the enemy fights like that, right Mike? Don't worry. The corruption issues are not going anywhere. This is a f
  4. This one is gross. Talk about sex... I am working on a rather long transcript of an interview of Rudy Giuliani by Dan Bongino that is more damning than before. I will post that over at the Deep State Unraveling thread-Rudy interview. The reason I will not put it here is because something new came up and it is the worst I have seen against Hunter Biden. It doesn't blow the interview out of the water, but it comes close. It's at the Gateway Pundit below. BREAKING: China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack The GTV link is here. This link was i
  5. This is really damaging to the Bidens, even more than before. The interview with Rudy starts at 36:46 and runs to 1:10:05. I have embedded it to start there at the right place, but just in case it doesn't, go there manually with the slider. Transcript coming. placeholder for transcript.
  6. There's this. Election merch. Here's the image in case Twitter takes down the tweet. Michael
  7. You gotta kinda laugh. That's the reason Drudge, who has sold out, did not post a poll this time. Michael
  8. I made an addition to that post since my little system did not work just now. I added the following to that post: (NOTE: I could not get it to work just now, so here is a free alternative. First get your video into an audio file on your hard drive (.mp3, .mpeg, .wav, .flac, or .opus only). There are lots of resources for how to do this. Then go here: IBM Watson Speech to Text. This is a demo page only so no need to give them your info or anything, but it does work in transcribing audio files in real time. Just upload the audio file and wait. Then copy/paste the transcription. I just now d
  9. It's not just Trump supporters. Bernie did a great job there. No name calling, which can be election bickering. Just showing Biden is a liar. Now Bernie is supporting Biden. Those are weird people. Michael
  10. AOC is Jonesing for relevance after selling out. So she's creating a fuss over nothing. Well, how's this for relevant? Michael
  11. I love looking at a video like this and watching all the mocking of Rudy going on. The fools mocking Rudy don't realize just how deadly he can be. When I see the video and the case he just laid out, I know for certain it is legally devastating. I translated tons of legal material. Rudy is so comfortable in his legal case, he called the Biden crime family "low level trash" at the end of the video. That gets into libel territory and Rudy isn't blinking an eye. They are going down hard. Michael
  12. TG, I am always able to break the ice and get a Christian to relax with me when I throw Proverbs 31:6-7 at them: Michael
  13. William, Oh no! There goes the election for Trump. The same place where the building plans for the wall were when there was gobs of obstruction. I trust nobody thinks the wall isn't being built these days. Back during the nonstop obstruction, they said it couldn't happen because Trump didn't even have a plan. Michael
  14. Ellen, It's the squishes selling Rand out. See here and William's post above that. Pretty soon Krugman will be saying Ayn Rand supports his ideas. I think they changed the title because Krugman could not resist the possibility of an intellectual coup like that. Michael
  15. William, What Rand said is common sense and nobody argues with it. The problem is the word "demonstrable." The people who are "demonstrating" the problem are lying their asses off all the time--they themselves keep changing what they say without the situation changing--and the solutions they propose are often dubious. The experts keep yelling at each other. In that case, quarantine is not warranted. It is a power grab or something other than a medical concern. I don't channel Rand, and, granted, she was a germophobe (like President Trump), but I seriously doubt she would condone shut
  16. TG, That's your ticket into her head. It takes time and has to go in small steps, but you have to step into her story if you wish to lead her out and into yours. The trick is to take a truth with you when you go in, something that is true in her story. One of the most effective for hardcore Christians is a thought about Satan and seduction rather than Satan and confrontation. This later goes to the saying that Satan's greatest trick was to convince people he didn't exist. Then that leads to asking if she is sure Satan is not fooling her when she thinks she is looking at him when, in
  17. James grooving for Halloween. And more coming before the 2020 election--some scary stuff for some people. Michael
  18. In case anyone missed it, President Trump is continuing to change the world for the better. From the White House site: President Donald J. Trump Brokers a Historic Peace Agreement Between Israel and Sudan FACT SHEETS | FOREIGN POLICY | Issued on: October 23, 2020 Michael
  19. Oh Lord. LOLOLOLOL... I'm having more fun in this election than is decent. Michael
  20. TG, Wow... They're going to do a tweet war. That'll show Krugman. Make him squirm, by God. He's already quaking in terror. Let's see if he said anything. Well, there it is. I think that's about as much sound and fury this thing is going to get. Is it worth it? Here's a way to use Rand's own ideas to correctly identify the problem before gearing up and going into battle to protect Ayn Rand from NYT smears. Start with this: A is A. Law of identity. Use that as the epistemological foundation when looking at NYT and Paul K
  21. William, That's a cool site. I've boodmarked the free transcripts page and the homepage. You can also use Google's AI transcripts (the ones it uses for YT) if you do a little trick. I wrote out the procedure at a different place and here it is. I pieced this thing together on my own from several places. I could probably write it up even simpler, but this works for me. (NOTE: I could not get it to work just now, so here is a free alternative. First get your video into an audio file on your hard drive (.mp3, .mpeg, .wav, .flac, or .opus only). There are lots of resources f
  22. Or go here: Archive.today Then copy the link address of the article and paste it in the second field: "I want to search the archive for saved snapshots." You will be able to read almost all news articles behind paywalls, including WSJ. I don't know about scientific articles and things like that, and I haven't messed with archiving content. Maybe someday... This is black hattish (I sometimes hang out at the wild side ), but fully legal. This is a great site to bookmark. Michael