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  1. Here's another problem area where the Deep State is unraveling. and I wish rallying were like a remote control button where you push it and people immediately take up arms or whatever they need to do, but it's more like a crop growing that needs several seasons before the good stuff happens. I believe America is getting to that point. And even then, it's not a complete break. However, I believe in America and Americans when they get riled for real. I think this problem is going to be taken care of in the foreseeable future. Michael
  2. Ellen, That appointment in itself is part of the Deep State unraveling. They will not be able to sustain what comes from it. Watch what happens in the country around Christmas when nobody can give and get their presents. Climate change will not even be on the table in the backlash. Michael
  3. D, Maybe... But never underestimate the power of human stupidity when allied to a bad idea. Remember the organizations for the extinction of humankind in order to fight global warming? On a parallel but related note, abortion-wise, I can point to an essay (see here) by Ursula Le Guin (a progressive science fiction writer now deceased) that claims if she had not aborted her first child, that fetus would have aborted the three children she brought to term later. And she would not have become a writer--as if mothers can't become writers if they become mothers too soon. She even said her first child would not have been her own child, but instead, the child of the classes that were oppressing her. There are many reasons a woman chooses an abortion, but these are pretty boneheaded, even from a pioneering classic science fiction writer, and fit the mentality of wokeness perfectly. So wokeness goes way back. You're probably right that this meme was trolling (and I misfire once in a while ), but don't think there aren't woke people out there who fit this mold to a tee. There are. And they are dumbasses. Michael
  4. Peter, When it comes to identifying reality correctly, I am always in rethink mode. It's not pleasant when I'm wrong, but at least it gets to reality. As to my judgments, especially ones I don't want to rethink, I reserve my right to be twisted. Michael
  5. Here is a woke meme about abortion. Ugh... That's about as lame as lame gets. As the saying goes, the left can't meme. And the woke left is even worse at it. The really odd part of this meme, though, is Randian. Notice the theme of self-sacrifice for the collective as a virtue. So now fetuses are collectivists? Don't forget, Rand was pro-abortion. For as lame as the meme is, that intellectual upside-down flip took some doing. Michael
  6. Peter, You mean like vitamins? OTC vitamins? Quercetin is a dietary supplement that is extracted from several foods and herbs like vitamins are. It's about as dangerous as green tea. Funny. Going by your posts, you think untested vaccines using a new technology promoted by dishonest people is safe while things that have been consumed by humans for centuries is dangerous? And you want me to think that, too? Why? And I bet you didn't even scan the article, much less read it. Right? Michael
  7. Quercitin (an onver-the-counter supplement) has been studied for COVID-19 and here is an article that says it is similar to Ivermectin in effectiveness. Can Quercetin Affect COVID Outcomes? ARTICLES.MERCOLA.COM Two studies suggest this antiviral, anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory is an alternative to hydroxychloroquine. What's more, it's far less expensive, easier to obtain and clears COVID faster than those who... Unfortunately, this article will disappear 25 hours after this posting since Biden's justice department has been persecuting Dr. Mercola. Here is an excerpt. Here is the first study mentioned: Potential Clinical Benefits of Quercetin in the Early Stage of COVID-19: Results of a Second, Pilot, Randomized, Controlled and Open-Label Clinical Trial And here is the second: Possible Therapeutic Effects of Adjuvant Quercetin Supplementation Against Early-Stage COVID-19 Infection: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, and Open-Label Study I never heard of quercetin before, but I think I might start taking it as a normal supplement. (Thanks to my secret weapon for sending this to me offline. ) Michael
  8. Neil, True if he does print on demand. Not so true if he runs off an edition of 3,000 copies or so. That cost is not huge, but it's still money and I seriously doubt unit sales will cover it for a long, long time. But who knows? I might be wrong and PARC makes it to the NYT bestseller list this go around. Michael
  9. Ellen, This is so weird. I seriously doubt Wayne Allen Root is the Assistant Editor of TGP. So I looked into it a bit. And here's what I found. 1. To start with, the Hoft brothers are sloppy in basic organization and source-naming (including authors) and have been ever since I started reading them. Often I will read an article, then have to hunt down people alluded to but not named in it. Their fame and popularity come from the closeness and quasi-exclusivity they have to Trump and Trump people and their ability to put out insider info that is accurate (mostly) and does not piss off Trump insiders. 2. They have no page for listing author bios or even staff on the site (at least I haven't found one), so I had to dig around at other places. 3. Cristina Laila used to be the Assistant Editor. How do I know this? She said so in an article she wrote at The Spectator.info (which I believe is her blog). Twitter Locks Out TGP Assistant Editor Cristina Laila For 12 Hours | The Spectator | Truth Conquers All THESPECTATOR.INFO Twitter locked me out of my account (again) for no reason in the middle of the most hotly contested presidential race in modern memory. I am a writer, editor and I help run the breaking news desk at The Gateway... Cristina rarely signs the articles she writes. At The Spectator.info, there are recent articles written in the first person without indicating the author, no other first person articles written by other authors I could find, and other articles by others where the author's name is given. So the first person articles have to be by her. Also, she still writes for TGP. 4. On Twitter, Cristina lists herself as the following (see here) 5. Wayne Allen Root has a popular national syndicated radio show and a TV show on Newsmax. He also writes for many publications, writes bestselling books, and is a serial entrepreneur. I doubt he would take the position of Assistant Editor anywhere. 6. The article about Pfizer using material from babies killed after birth does not sound like his writing, which is almost always in the inspirational and self-help style. I could speculate why links to articles by Root (with all caps attribution) are listed in the Assistant Editor's articles box at the bottom, under the "Recent Posts" tab, like, er... say, he and Cristina seem to like each other a lot , but that would only be speculation. Is "Associate Editor" a step up or step down from "Assistant Editor"? Is Wayne Allen Root financially supporting TGP and/or Cristina Laila in some manner? Does Cristina avoid signing articles in general due to trouble related to her being Armenian or something like not wanting to be targeted by offline bullies? Lots of questions, and I imagine they are in the ball park, but I don't know for sure. I am pretty sure (based on patterns), though, that the article you posted was written by Cristina Laila and not Wayne Allen Root. Michael
  10. TG, Let me add to that with a one minute video. Construction Worker Explains in Very Simple Terms How to Overcome the Mandatory Vaxx Issue WWW.BITCHUTE.COM This kind of thing is happening all over America. In fact, all over the world. Michael
  11. Ellen, I hope someday they find a way to flush this vaccine sucker out of the organism of the people it is harming. Michael
  12. Neil, Heh. I didn't know Fred was so into charity. Cause on the free market, he ain't getting his investment back. Which brings up an interesting speculation. Who is actually funding the costs if a new edition actually happens? Valliant himself? Michael
  13. These Republican anti-Trumper idiots don't realize that most people see the following as a sign of weakness and cover-up. Here's how most people think when they see that. "Trump lost. No more audits. We don't want to get caught." I can't channel "most people," or anyone for that matter, but this one is a no-brainer. Michael
  14. If this ain't the truth. What the hell did this CNN dude think would happen by going on Joe Rogan after CNN hammered the story that Rogan took horse de-wormer? Michael
  15. It's even worse than I thought. The left altered Ginsberg's positions in the press to make people believe she did not support a position Trump did. Except she did. Look at this crap. Katie Couric admits to editing Ruth Bader Ginsburg interview to 'protect' the late justice | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Katie Couric has admitted to 'protecting' Ruth Bader Ginsburg from public backlash by cutting out negative comments she made about people who kneel during the national anthem, in her new book. The mainstream establishment press is trash. Michael
  16. Peter, You are correct to follow your own mind, when we agree and when we disagree. Be well. That's my value: "Be well," and "Think for yourself." You're my friend and I don't want to see any harm come to you. The rest is the rest. Michael
  17. Peter, Liz is right. The other version is spin perpetrated on purpose to muddy the waters. Trump has the establishment crooks terrified. And that includes the Neocon Republicans. (They would never do dirty tricks or lie, right? Heh... ) Michael
  18. Peter, You just wrote: "I would say it means..." There's the problem. Those words from Trump don't mean what you say they mean. Here is what Trump's words do mean, in his own words, and this is literal, not from the "I would say" universe: The single most important thing is to "solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020." If that single most important thing is not done, the consequence will be that "Republicans will not be voting in ’22 and ’24." That's what Trump's words mean. He's not commanding people to not vote. He's saying he knows the character of MAGA people and--on their own volition--they will not come out to vote if they believe the election will be a farce like in 2020. (Apropos, I think Trump would suck on a dill pickle in public before he would ever use the word "volition" in campaign and PR mode. ) In fact, I know I can find other quotes of Trump saying this same meaning openly and in clearer terms if I ever took the time. I've heard it several times. But that's a total waste of time because pretty soon he's going to say it again. And again. And again. (Lots of rallies coming.) What's worse is that he's right. Anyone familiar with Trump's style and history knows that he would never say "don't vote." Hell, his problem with Lin Wood was that Lin Wood was telling Georgians not to vote during the Senate race scam in 2020 and Trump came out saying the opposite at the time. He told people the race was crooked, but they had to take the shot. Trump is not Galt, who walked away as a strategy. Trump never walks away from a fight. Not when he's in the arena. Remember this quote? Trump's exact quote about John McCain: That's Trump. Not that spin by a National Review anti-Trumper Lincoln-Project-ass-kissing toady. Michael
  19. Here's another. Nothing is stopping these fine woke people from moving to Palestine, is there? But they don't and won't go. Why? Michael
  20. Here's a perfect example of what I mean. And that's just Democrat celebrities. Imagine the rest. Michael
  21. D, What do you mean by slide and slope? Do you find people wearing masks while alone and driving their car part of a slope or is this just a rational action to prevent infection? I can give a lot of examples of large quantities of people doing stupid things like that. So think about it. What is the purpose of humor? Well, one use is to show the slope in all its glory before too many people slide down and manmade disasters happen (Nazi concentration camps come to mind). But woke people want compliance, not reason. And that's why woke people can't stand comedy. They greet comedy with outrage. And that's why this thread exists. I'm dissing on control-freak slope people and showing just how stupid they are. Michael
  22. Peter, It depends on the era in history and a lot of foreign considerations. After all, the the oil market can be complicated. Oh... did you mean OPAR? Michael
  23. Peter, Trump urged no such thing. Your quote is from the National Review (see here) and it is pure spin. Let me do this by analogy to make it so clear, even a caveman will understand it. I say if our leaders drop a nuclear bomb on an Iranian city, it will blow up a lot of Iranians. Then the press says I support blowing up Iranians with nuclear bombs. Or I am urging our leaders to blow up Iranians with nuclear bombs. Etc. etc. etc. And that is pure nonsense. So please reread Trump's words and if they still sound to you like urging, you have difficulty separating fact from spin. And if this is the case, I think I have discovered the reason we disagree so heartily on things at times. Identifying a fact is not rhetoric. And rhetoric is not a correct epistemological form for identifying facts. Michael
  24. Sweet. More info here. MERRICK GARLAND Threat Against Parent's 1st Amendment Right Backfires...Dad Serves Stunned School Board With $200 Million Lawsuit In Middle of Meeting [VIDEO] WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM We are in serious trouble in the United States of America. We have a mostly incoherent “president” that over half of America doesn’t believe was elected fairly. Joe Biden is likely taking orders from unelected... Michael