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  1. Here is Polly just trashing the "trusted voices" in the mainstream for being so contradictory. Her thesis is that when people keep getting a barrage of contradictory stories from the same people all the time--people they've trusted before--this throws them off balance. And they know full well that people off-balance are properly prepared for being led to places they may not otherwise want to go. These off-balance people want to restore some sense of balance so much, they make the tradeoff and go where they are led. Especially to places where crony elitists stand to make a killing by offering solutions to their fear. This means Silicon Valley related companies that offer home medical treatment through proprietary apps, to those involved in vaccines, home entertainment, even to those who offer work at home opportunities on a mass scale. Everything. Imagine how much money can be made by cronies with plenty of cash flow during a time when the entire country resets economically to the citizens staying at home more. There's a lot to be gained by bad guys from this virus. Not to mention the left and the items on the leftie agenda. Abortion. Gun control. Universal basic income. Single-payer medical system. And on and on and on. Fortunately, citizen journalists are too numerous right now to let all this go without challenge. As Polly shows, some of the "trusted voices" propped up by the media who tell people to stay home, etc., have financial ties to companies who stand to rake in the moolah from this situation. In other words, in the end, scaring people to death is great for their pockets. And, of course, they try to hide their monetary connections and interests. Polly's facts, as usual, are devastating. From what she said, she only scratched the surface in this video. At least you get a sense of clarity when she talks and puts things side by side. At least I do. I think her perspective here is so important in the current context, I'm giving the BitChute version in addition to the YouTube one since I believe it entirely possible the YouTube video gets banned. Here's the YouTube video: As Polly said near the end (my bold--and the big names she referred to were the "trusted voices" the media prop up): Michael
  2. Not One April Fool's Joke This Year? Wow. Nobody is making an April Fool's joke on OL this year. Why? Does anyone think it's because people are insecure? Maybe because they do not resonate with practical jokes when they feel like society is going upside down all around them? Something to think about. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I'm going to close down OL. I have to. I've had it. Frankly it will be a relief. April Fool! Michael
  3. Jon, The mice will play... I took a screenshot of the Obama girl's tweet just in case the tweet goes away. Michael
  4. Jon, I couldn't find it. I gave up looking after it got irritating (after about 6 o 7 minutes of scrolling, opening secondary comments, etc.). Michael
  5. Wanna see how bad off the testing facilities are in one of the COVID-19 epicenters in the US? You know... The battle zones the media are yapping nonstop about? James O'Keefe took a coronavirus test and filmed what happened. Come to your own conclusions. For me, the horror story fizzled. So why watch this yawner? At least if you need to get tested, know it will probably be Army personnel doing it and your nose will tingle. And the people you will deal with will be upbeat. Michael
  6. Prepare for some rip-righteous spin on death numbers in the press. President Trump said the peak is coming, so they are gearing up with stories about the corpse wagons and mass graves. But before you start quaking in your books and bury your head in the sand, let Candace set the table about how the press operates with death numbers. Since we are talking about Candace, she's looking into what is really happening in hospitals in NY. Be a little scared. That's OK with outbreaks of disease. And be prepared. It's wise to do the common sense things like washing your hands, covering your sneezes and so on. But do not trust anything coming out of the press. Fear and panic increase their ratings. That's all they care about. They don't care about you. They don't even care about you if your eyeballs increase their ratings. They only care about their ratings. Fear works for that, so they sell fear. I never thought I would quote FDR, but he was right on this: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Michael
  7. Jules, Peter is always welcome here and always will be. That's unconditional. He may come and go as he pleases. I would never try to tell him what to do. But, as you, I miss him when he takes off. Michael
  8. From The Daily Caller: Tucker Carlson Airs Report Claiming Coronavirus ‘Probably Originated From A Laboratory In Wuhan’ There is a video at that link that doesn't embed, so you have to go there to see it. The gist of this report is that there is a report from a couple of people at the South China University of Technology who claim the origin of the COVID-19 came from the intermediate horseshoe bat. The problem is that this type of bat isn't found in Wuhan. The closest place it is found is 600 miles away. Also, it is not sold in the Wuhan wet market at all. However, scientists were using the intermediate horseshoe bat for experiments at a research facility near the the Wuhan wet market when the virus spread erupted in Wuhan. Probably an accident happened. So the authors of the report conclude that the pandemic started at a lab in Wuhan. All them there they those people who have been receiving megabucks from their support of the Chinese Communist Government through "free trade" (ain't that such a nice term?), people like the mainstream media, say this notion is absurd, xenophobic and racist when non-Chinese say it. When Chinese say it, like the co-authors of the report, the butt-lickers of the Chinese Communist Government in our society simply ignore them. See? Doing news the mainstream way is simple. And lucrative, too, if you play your cards right by supporting the Chinese Communist Government over America. Michael EDIT: I found one. Here's the video on Twitter:
  9. The pandemic even affected the fine arts a few days ago. Michael
  10. Brant, I was going to read that thing later since it is a little long. But read it just now based on your recommendation. I agree with you. It's one of the best things I've read for the general population on the reality of COVID-19 to date. Thanks to Tony for posting the link. Michael
  11. Brant, LOL... Oops... There's no sense even correcting that one. I'm just going to leave it as it is... LOL... Michael
  12. Brant, Well, you just got my happy birthday here! I rarely post over there anyway. May you live another 76 years minimum. Michael
  13. Merlin, LOL... Duckbill respirator masks? Whoever needs one of these things has to pay a pretty penny for it, too: 140 smackaroonies. Dayaamm! Here's a picture from the site for the reader: That shore looks like it'll do 'er for those who need it. btw - I found the perfect accompaniment for people who are such dog lovers, they can't live without their dog, even when they go out in public, and want to protect it from the coronavirus. You have to buy two of the duckbill respirator masks you mentioned (in the first picture above), one for you and one for your dog, but for your dog, you use it in conjunction with the following Anti Bite Duck Mouth Shape Dog Mouth Cover. I'm having fun, of course, but this item is a real thing. It's sold on Amazon here. Wanna see what something like that looks like when it's on? I could waste a lot of time and try to Photoshop the duckbill respirator mask over that, but I'll leave that to your imagination. Michael
  14. TF, Reminds me of an old joke. Why did the Long Ranger kill Tonto in the end? He discovered that Kemo Sabe meant chickenshit. Michael
  15. btw - Here's a coronavirus groaner: Why didn’t the sick guy get the joke? It flu over his head. Michael
  16. Ellen, LOL... I forgot about Brant making other people sick... (How's that for bad taste? ) Michael EDIT: To avoid any misunderstanding from the banter, Brant actually makes people well. If I remember correctly, he worked on medical teams in the armed service.
  17. Brant, Happy birthday. I sent you a happy birthday over on Facebook. It popped up. I thought of making a fuss here, but something in the back of my mind kept telling me you didn't want a fuss made. But I'm happy to make a fuss, if you like. As to the two reasons to stay the fuck at home, let me give it a shot. Based on the media... Uhmmmm... 1. Somebody said so. 2. The monster will eat you. That's about all I've got... Michael
  18. This one is one of my recent favorites from the interwebs: Michael
  19. Coronavirus - The Light Side I've been thinking of ways to keep morale up during this massive shut-down of the country (talk about productive people shrugging... they're being made to shrug! ) and I've wanted to put up a thread for something humorous about what is going on. I've been reluctant because I wanted to respect the pain of people who have been touched by COVID-19. Yet we have to get through this thing and shutting down spiritually will not lead to a good place. I just can't untangle this, so what the hell. Here's the thread. If you are one in pain, this is not meant to make light of your situation. It's to make light of ours. People can post what they will, but please, keep it on the nice side. Try to stay away from humor that is too dark or too filled with hatred. My intent is to raise morale. I hope you join me in that intent. Here's the first (hat tip to Sarah Palin of all people ): Michael
  20. TG, I used to watch Anonymous, starting back from when it attacked Scientology and going up through the 2016 Trump campaign. Man has it changed. The fire is missing from this video. Where's the anger? It almost sounds like a political ad. Like a disinformation thing. (There is nothing better to cover for Gates than a half-assed attack that can be called a fringe conspiracy theory, right?) I hope the hackers full of piss and vinegar have not moved on. They made a difference. I'm not so sure about the current incarnation. Michael
  21. Ellen, Two biggest bastards of them all. Michael