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  1. According to George Papadopoulos, the Durham investigation into the Clinton Foundation is now a criminal investigation. Drip drip drip... Tik tok tik tok... Michael
  2. Bill Maher is not funny at all in this monologue. His bitterness is on the surface and he often gets to the point of pouting and bitchiness. I normally don't get off on someone in that much pain, but the sheer number of bald-faced lies he told, just in that monologue alone, added to the nasty malice coming through with each word (even aimed at the Green Party), made me sit back like Jackie Gleason and say, "Ahhh... How sweet it is." Michael
  3. Peter, That's easy. Register as a Democrat. If you do it right, your dog can vote for Trump and nobody will even notice. Among the people overseeing the tallies, the Trump people will see a Trump vote and say, "Legitimate, next..." and the Biden people will see that a dog voted and quickly put the next ballot on top of it. They will want to hide it before someone notices the voter was a dog. They will automatically assume the dog voted for Biden and chortle softly to themselves in congratulations that they got away with it. Michael
  4. This is how to do an eye for an eye. President Trump is one of the most compassionate forgiving people, in addition to his eye for an eye policy. To disentangle this, the way I understand his beliefs and actions, he does eye for an eye with bullies. And he is compassionate with people totally broken (like sick or mentally ill), or struggling to rise. That describes exactly the way I believe. I see President Trump's archetype as The Protector. I also see The Producer. Michael
  5. I don't know if this is the reason for the Nadler shuffle, but I bet the following is part. We are finally starting to talk about air-tight jailable offenses for members of the Deep State. This might even take down Nadler, too. Here are some additional goodies. And this: Read the full Twitter thread here. And this article by Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway in The Federalist, which is really nice: ‘Trump Was Right’: Explosive New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation I don't have time to quote and d
  6. It looks like Mail In Voting is a path to the suicide of the Democratic Party, at least for this election. Let's start with Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Democrats Flip-Flop on In-Person Voting It has finally dawned on them that President Trump is a litigious bastard and has plenty of personal money for lawyers if the government doesn't pick up the tab. They are starting to see this with the feedback from their half-assed performance on sending out unsolicited ballots and looking at what comes back. It's not looking good for them. But this is not just Rush's opini
  7. Here is a fantastic metaphor for the Deep State right now using one of the Deep State's main poster boys. That might seem a bit tasteless, but when you see the Nadler shuffle, well, there's no other way to interpret it. Michael
  8. Peter, And bugs. I don't like a lot of bugs. In fact, I hate bugs. Michael
  9. Peter, Or, if you get unsolicited ballots for your dog, your dead neighbor and your wife's maiden name, you could send those in. Michael
  10. Jules, I'm 100% with you. I don't fight well with fists (although I have great street survival skills from being there and surviving ) and I don't have any martial arts training, so I would not go for direct confrontation. But I would do something and it would hurt. (As countless people have found out over the years. I mean, this is macho shit-posting, but it's true. ) Some people are happy to obey any old law just because an idiot proclaimed it to be law. Other people don't give up their freedom so easily. I'm one of those, except I don't give it up. Whoever constr
  11. I'm glad to be in Ohio. Merlin, It doesn't matter what I say, you are going to say the opposite and create a competition where none exists. (btw - I am not glad to live in Illinois. It sucks here. Kat and I are making plans on moving within a year or so, maybe next spring.) But knowing how committed you are of saying the opposite, I have one for you. Be glad Merilin is the world's greatest genius. I'm not interested in your opinion on that. So you don't need to comment. Michael
  12. For those who think all the COVID-19 fuss might be more than about a pandemic, be glad you don't live in Ohio. This lady was tazed and arrested while watching an outdoor football practice because she was not wearing a mask. This is about compliance and submission. Michael
  13. As long as we are in tear-jerker mode, here's another. I think everybody agrees that emotion is more important during elections than facts. All the dirty tricks are about trying to elicit an emotional response in voters. One of the most powerful emotions is outrage. But this has been hammered nonstop so much by the left, and people are getting sick and tired and profoundly irritated by the riots, I think they blew main weapon. To counter, President Trump pushes a feel good about America emotion, with related emotions, that generates huge crowds. Now a new one appeared (to
  14. Ellen, Maybe. I think the Dems are terrified that a landslide is coming, but in a weird way, I don't think they connect this landslide to actual people. Humans, to them, are people like them. Or racists like Trump, who's popularity to them is a fluke. I think this is a case where they hold contradictory ideas in their heads and they're fine with doing that. They're not fine about the landslide, but they are fine about feeling that people like that guy are so rare they are negligible: something from the past, maybe from the 1950s, and slightly icky at that. Parentheses
  15. With all those BLM and Antifa people screaming and inciting riots right now, President Trump just tweeted this. What a contrast. I got choked up watching it. Then I wondered who this guy was and why he made this video. So I looked. He made this video as a thank you to Tim Pool, of all things. He said Tim "unlocked" him. His name is Gary Lamb. He put this video up two days ago on YouTube. It already has over 430 thousand views. And after watching the full thing there on YouTube, I got even more choked up than before. btw - Lots of anti-Trump id
  16. Wray has a point. Democrats would never lie or cheat. Only Russians do that. (China not so much.) Michael
  17. Speaking of James O'Keefe, here is a bold tease he tweeted a couple of minutes ago. Michael
  18. Incidentally, during the lead-up phase to voting day, has anyone noticed that I rarely talk about the political opinions of anti-Trump luminaries in the Objectivist subcommunity? I just noticed this myself and wondered why. Then it hit me. Their opinions are irrelevant to the election. If there were something they say or do that would affect voting, I would be agreeing with them or rebutting them, but I forgot they existed when I have thought about the election. I'm not ignoring them. I literally forgot they existed. Seriously. Michael
  19. Heh, heh, heh... It's like a gigantic ship slowly arriving at land... And you know what the doofuses at the tech giant firms are doing as their way to face this threat to them? More political censorship. It's like a guy who keeps spitting on the floor of a restaurant. And when you ask him to stop, he throws garbage on the floor. There comes a moment when you have to do something about him. Michael
  20. Speaking of duplicates, this post from another thread has to go here: I'm going to throw this post in the section about learning how to write fiction like Ayn Rand. Why? Recognize this? Michael
  21. I'm going to throw this post in the section about learning how to write fiction like Ayn Rand. Why? Recognize this? Michael
  22. Merlin, Keep trying... That one didn't come off. In fact, that one was lamer than most. (psssst... Your're copycatting me saying I betcha you can't write a story. But worse, you forgot the friggin' setup. That is, your setup had nothing to do with the payoff.) But keep trying... Imagine how wonderful life will be once the coin drops and you break free. Michael
  23. William, I only have The Transparency Fix (2017) And even then, that's through Scribd. btw - If you have $8.99 per month so spare, I cannot recommend Scribd more highly. Especially if you start listening to audiobooks. In political books, both left and right, the selection is awesome. It even includes some bestsellers released recently. Michael
  24. Holy crap. Say what you want, there is no way for the world or his enemies inside the US to ignore President Trump. I can't think of anyone else who would have delivered this speech to the UN. Michael
  25. Here is one of the most inspirational videos Scott Adams ever made. He says about a million or so people are responsible for almost everything the press talks about, yet there are well over 300 million people in the US. The feeling he is getting from the well over 300 million people is that they have made a decision. They decided they want America to stay America as it has been throughout the ages. They don't want a "fundamentally transformed" America as per former President Obama's old campaign term. Based on that decision, he expects them to turn out in large masses to ma