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  1. Chris, I don't mean this to be critical of you. It's just the way I try to see things at first. Enough preface and here goes. Why take any side in a breakup? From what I've seen, people on both sides offer great advice and information--and some mediocre to bad, for that matter. I doubt any of them could pass any ideological purity test. So what is the standard for choosing a side? The tribe? One particular issue or event? Whim? (At least I could see it if you were paid good money to take a side... ) My unsolicited advice is for you to take Chris's side. Always. And if anybody doesn't like that, fuck 'em. Michael
  2. Part 3--without comment so far. I haven't even seen it yet. But I know it's good. I've seen Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham comment on it this morning. That means it is going to get a bigger splash audience than normal. Michael
  3. Chris, Long time. Good to see you again. I don't know that much about these people except for Stefan Molyneux, who I like in general. I don't agree with him on a few things, though, and I don't find much interest when he plays Dear Abby. I seriously dislike his form of presentation where he makes a sarcastic remark every two or three sentences in a frantic tone--he doesn't do this with interviews, only when he's by himself. But, overall, he is clear in his meanings, is mostly reasonable and rational, and has one hell of a work ethic. I admire all of those qualities. I bopped around for a couple of moments looking into these other people and, from the impression I got and the persuasion techniques I saw being discussed, this movement is an outgrowth of the PUA (pick-up-artist) movement from around the time of The Game by Neil Strauss. Some of that shit is powerful, too. There's a guy name Oren Klaff who took their principles and techniques and, instead of using them on women, applied them to making pitches to venture capitalist companies with great success. I have a feeling these conventions are staged to take advantage of the current backlash to the MeToo movement and super-radical feminism. In my view, all this shall pass. Is this part of the MGTOW (men-going-their-own-way) movement? Also, a guy showed up a couple of years ago here on OL who runs a male empowerment thing out in California. I can't remember his name, though. It's probably because I come from a different generation, which has other forms of indoctrination that did not involve gender, but I don't resonate with these things. I'm not against them. I just don't feel anything inside when I try to analyze the issues they fight over. Probably, at root, they are mostly about political power and the issues are merely hooks to justify their noise. Kinda like with the female-oriented folks they oppose. And, on all sides, it's about getting laid, of course. Michael
  4. President Trump just locked down the youth vote for his legacy in the next generation. Trump Admin Announces Rollback of Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program — on Her Birthday Michael
  5. Jon, No he isn't. Who has he convinced so far? Or who has he silenced? People who already agree with him? That's being inept at propaganda. I like the pretty pictures, though. Michael
  6. Peter, I know Marc well. He was not being snide. He loves President Trump and he's actually like the way he posted. Here in O-Land, people aren't used to his kind of dogs-with-muddy-paws enthusiasm, but I love it. Long live hyperbole if that is the standard. By the way, he was serious about the Dagny thing. He has two daughters, one named Kira and the other named Dominique. We became friends in the beginning because I have two sons, one named Roark and the other Ragnar. And we both loved Barbara Branden. Michael
  7. Now for the important Congressional news or the day. The Senate just passed the USMCA bill. All that's left is President Trump's signature and Canada's approval. This is the event that will reverberate down the decades. Michael
  8. This silliness is now in the Congressional records as silliness--at a critical point for easy reference by posterity--thanks to Mitch McConnell. Michael
  9. Well, the House finally presented the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. The House used zero crimes and misdemeanors, two Articles of Impeachment, seven Managers to present the case to the Senate, and 30 gold pens served on silver platters for Pelosi to sign the House's articles. At least I think there were 30 pens. No one in the news is saying what the number was, but they did give a picture. So I counted the pens and there are 30. As Pelosi signed, she gave the pens away to her cronies as swag souvenirs. And the result? President Trump is still President. Generalissimo Franco is still dead. More updates as we go along. Michael
  10. In case anybody cares, there was another Dem primary debate last night. yawn... A bit of nastiness between Pocahontas and Bernie. Not much else. Except maybe this. Perception-wise, people are starting to move in the direction below of Sleepy Joe. Michael
  11. I predict that tomorrow, President Trump will be just as much President as he is today, and that Generalissimo Franco will be just as dead. Let's see what happens. More updates as we go along. Michael
  12. Here's an update in case anyone has not noticed. Donald Trump is still President of the United States of America. Michael