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  1. Yup. Bernie withdrew his endorsement. Cenk, through Justice Democrats, managed to field AOC to primary a Dem dinosaur in NYC and remove him, then help her get elected (right before he got thrown out of Justice Democrats), but with a past like Cenk's, I doubt he himself is getting elected anytime soon for anything. Sex with animals is just too much, even for goofy Californians. And here is Jimmy Dore's view just in case you want more details about Cenk and Bernie (Jimmy used to be part of The Young Turks). Funny how Jimmy doesn't mention the sex with animals thing, though... I like Jimmy, but man does he have a soft underbelly, even as he blasts other progressives for constantly caving. (Not that I ever want any progressive not to cave. ) Michael
  2. Here's a quote from that article: Number goddamn 2? How rational. But wait! There's more! Because of that oh-so rational "number goddamn 2" on the oh-so rational Rational Wiki dot Org, I got intrigued and bought a copy. Kindle is having a sale on it for a couple of bucks, so I just now got it. Hot dayaamm! Michael EDIT: I just read that Rational Wiki article a little more carefully. The people who contributed to that sound batshit irrationally scared as all rational hell.
  3. While AOC is in scrambling mode during the House impeachment clown show, here's a cute tangent. I didn't think the reason was this bad, though... That's good ole Cenk when he was a bit younger. I wonder if he has refined his pedigree... Michael
  4. Two articles of impeachment were just passed on partisan lines by the House Judiciary Committee. Now they will go to the floor. As a Trump supporter, I don't feel any threat at all. I feel a kinda cringe, the kind when you see a loudmouthed pipsqueak make a charge against a gigantic steamroller. These Dems are poking a lion with a really short stick. (The lion being American voters.) When I look to the future of the Dems, I want to duck and skedaddle for them. Michael
  5. You know what's going around the Internet? Hillary Clinton thinks Boris Johnson is a Russian asset. And that's not a joke. When I looked in the search engines, sure enough. There are quite a few links saying that or implying it, including NYT. Many are from last month, but many are recent. I'm too lazy to read them to find a goodie to post, so you will have to do your own digging on this. But I've seen enough to be able to say: Muh Russians across the pond. That's got such a je ne sais pas ring to it. Will it fly? Go for it, Clinton... Go for it... Michael
  6. To look at the other side, here is a discussion between Steven Hassan (a cult expert) and a guy named Travis View, who has an anti-Q podcast called "QAnon Anonymous." I have followed Hassan for years due to my interest in cults. He's done his deepest dive on Scientology and Jehovah's Witnesses, and, of course, the Moonies, of which he was a part. More recently, he's gone off the deep end. He thinks half of America is in a cult, the Trump cult. He wrote an entire book about it: The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control. I was sad to see that since his credibility got shot with half the country, but I'll have some deeper comments later. Also, I want to read his book before digging in on him. At least, Hassan is not a troll or an idiot. Ditto for View. But, man, are they misguided. They live in an elite-type bubble and expound progressive views as if they were the only true universal reality. At least CNN likes them. Michael
  7. My Take on Q There are only a few threads on OL where Q is discussed and a lot of what goes on is misleading. As people on OL speak for themselves and not in the name of any group-think, here is my own take on Q. I speak as Michael. And, as usual, I start with trying to identify correctly so I can judge correctly. Later, after this opening post, I might remember things that have been posted on OL about Q that are illuminating, so as I find them, I will post them. Also, I don't want to restrict anyone from posting, so be advised that people who demean Q tend to find the least representative fringe proponents with odd ideas and set them up as typical. Those who do this tend to post a lot, and then some more, in order to shut down discussions through the sheer number of posts (generally with mockery as subtext). This manner of thinking is reminiscent of bigotry--for example, thugs represent what blacks really are, greedy bastards represent what Jews really are, terrorists represent what Muslims really are, etc. If a person posted strings of posts showing only thugs, greedy bastards and terrorists to represent blacks, Jews and Muslims, and never mentioned average blacks, Jews and Muslims, a reasonable person will conclude that this is how that person sees blacks, Jews and Muslims, i.e., through a bigoted lens. If this happens here, I will point it out and, if you are like me and want to evaluate the Q issue as reasonably as you can--with your own mind--amidst all the yelling, you are invited to jump over that material. I, for one, will keep posting what I think. So just ignore the excessive crap. Anywho, here goes my take, which I have presented before. Peter asked a very good questions a few days ago. I responded with this: Here are some links Jon provided to more serious folks who discuss Q online: Also, below is one of the most criticized videos about Q I have come across. The critics call it recruiting propaganda. And I guess it is in a certain sense, but recruiting for what? There is no Q movement. There are only individuals who read and watch and listen and sometimes comment on the Internet. Individuals, all. I'm giving the self-proclaimed "old version" of the video, although the original must have been long deleted since that is how YouTube rolls to cut down view stats. Still, this version currently logs 1.4 million views or so. (btw - There are several versions of this same video in this same account, each with a million or more views, not to mention copies posted by other people and all those other video sites out there, resulting in millions and millions of views all over YouTube and the rest of the Internet.) I don't mean this video is criticized in the manner of a snarky know-it-all bashing a screwball with 7 followers who talks about how he ran words in a Q message backwards, applied a cipher, then pegged this to specific verses from the Book of Ezra in the Bible to show how Satan manifested in Hollywood. Instead, it is criticized by some of the top intellectuals and pundits who defend ruling class elitist cronyism (and just as often progressivism). They consider the video below to be a top-notch piece of propaganda. I, for one, like it. If it's propaganda, then it's only propaganda due to its single focus and rhetorical emphasis, not to lies. Ah... and to its effectiveness. There's that... I especially like the emphasis on the message that the surveillance state doesn't just spy on you and me, it spies on Deep State criminals, too. This is Q as I understand the phenomenon in essential terms. There are many variations, but the legitimate ones all boil down to these fundaments. Michael
  8. Looks like Brexit is finally going to happen and happen hard. Boris Johnson is killing it in the election. See the Daily Mail below: The making of an unlikely political hero: Boris Johnson had more skeletons in his closet than Tutankhamen - but now he's handed the Tories their biggest victory since Margaret Thatcher (The Daily Mail is having fun with Johnson's steamy sex life in that article as a booby prize for the landslide, but that's the article I chose to illustrate the win. Pointing at steamy sex is all they've got left, poor things. Besides, I like gossip. ) As for Corbyn... Well... Ouch... Michael
  9. Non-PC Millennial Gun Joke Q. What’s the difference between a gun and a Millennial? A. Guns have only one trigger. Michael
  10. Brant, The best novel about Vietnam I ever read was one I just read. Up Country by Nelson DeMille As a thriller, it's a bit of a slog because DeMille stops and looks and remembers too much in between chases and other danger. But for those who were there, I bet this is quite a ride. I wasn't there. Still, I forced myself to slow down and look along with this bittersweet story (and I'm glad I did). Your Puff the Magic Dragon as all you got quip put a bow tie on it. Michael
  11. This ain't much, but at least it's there. Let's see if it leads to anything. Michael
  12. Jon, I've looked at a lot of Praying Medic's tweets over time, but I would go on and off because I never followed him. I just followed him. Michael
  13. sigh... I'm going to separate this thread into two threads: Deep State Unraveling and Abortion. I just have to think of a jazzy title for the Abortion thread. I'll probably do this tomorrow. Busy work. Friggin' pain in the butt... Michael
  14. The big issue in the IG report: Was the FBI investigation resulting in the FISA warrants properly predicated? The IG Report (given above): Hell yes! mumble... mumble... mumble... FBI Director Christopher Wray's Response to Inspector General Report Whew! Thanks, IG, for saying, "Hell yes!" That was a close one. We are humbled and promise not to do it again. mumble... mumble... mumble... Statement of U.S. Attorney John H. Durham Hell no! Guess which one will count in the end? Michael
  15. We did some thread drift here, but back to the Deep State unraveling: The IG FISA report dropped just now. This is all the news will talk about for a week or so, maybe in competition with impeachment. So for those who want to read it, have at it--it's only 476 pages. From the Office of the Inspector General (see under December 9, 2019): Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation This is a PDF, so you might want to download it and read it on your computer. For me, this report is still not the real deal. It's just a harbinger. Besides, Horowitz has a swamp pedigree. Barr and Durham are waiting patiently in line. Then, when it's their turn, it will be jail time for the bad guys (or some of them). Michael