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  1. President Trump was supposed to declassify a foot high pile of documents and he did not do that. God knows what is going on backstage, but very likely he was thwarted. Mike Adams is saying that since this didn't happen, he (Mike) is no longer optimistic Biden will not be sworn in. I agree with him. Nobody knows anything, so something still might happen, but I'm not holding out for it. The stolen election, however, is a wound that will not heal. Expect fireworks on an ongoing basis. Michael
  2. Just look how this, which was laughed at and mocked as a conspiracy theory (especially on CNN and MSNBC and other fake news medial outlets) when it first came out, results in good things when it gets to people who can effect official action: I have a feeling a whole lot more is coming, even if Biden gets sworn in. When people look at the evidence of a crime, they see the crime. When they refuse to look or can't look for whatever reason, they don't see the crime. A hell of a lot of people are looking now. Michael
  3. Peter, The mainstream is not talking much about this, but Ratcliffe confirmed that there was Chinese interference in the 2020 election and the CIA squelched this information. Here's an article in the Epoch Times dated Jan 17. China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses Senior CIA officials pressured analysts to withdraw assessment And on it goes. That's the foreign thing (or better, one of them). Not foreigners talking to people to get them to vote one way or another. You can't fix a problem if you refuse to look a
  4. Here's a visual for you. Imagine if President Trump's landslide victory had somehow overcome all the election fraud, including the "drop and roll" of the voting machines. Thus he was the one scheduled to be inaugurated on Jan. 20. Now imagine him calling out the same massive military presence for DC as now, with countless barricades, armored vehicles and soldiers sleeping on the floor of the Capitol. How do you think the left and anti-Trumpers would react? Instant shitstorm anyone? Michael
  5. Peter, Ditto for election fraud, whether it's Democrat or Republican or other. In fact, ditto for foreign terrorism. In further fact, ditto for foreign interference in US elections, whether Chinese or Canadian or other. Michael
  6. Peter, Rich parents with their own issues. No time for the kids... Michael
  7. Another from Lin Wood since it is Martin Luther King day. https://t.me/LinWoodChannel/66 Michael
  8. From Lin Wood on Telegram just now. https://t.me/LinWoodChannel/71 Seems like I'm good at picking them. I don't ever recall Lin mentioning Mike before. Michael
  9. On a personal note, I'm no longer worried. Even if Biden gets sworn in, Brant mentioned a writ of quo warranto the other day (see here to read an article about it and now there are other more recent articles about it--source from Brant, too). Just knowing this exists and the military stuff is out there, just knowing responsible people are involved in all this, makes me more serene than I have felt for some time. Out here in the public, the only people we have seen 100% in President Trump's corner coming directly from Trump is Rudy and Jenna, and it has looked like they have been flou
  10. This has to be a sign. Biden, if sworn in, could overturn this in a heartbeat. And even if he doesn't, he could sit on it or filter it through the 1619 project or any number of shitty things. Trump signs executive order to build National Garden of American Heroes to combat 'dangerous anti-American extremism' I wonder what makes President Trump believe this will be implemented by the Marxist Biden people, I wonder, I wonder... Or is he thinking the Biden people will be unable to stop it? Michael
  11. Here's a pleasant thought. All those troops at the White House and those sleeping on the Capitol floor are presumably there to keep people out. But the way they are deployed, they work better at keeping people in. Wishful thinking, I know, but hey... Michael
  12. It looks like all is not lost re President Trump being sworn in for another 4 years. I have to go out right now, so I will write about this later. For now, Mike Adams is sounding joyful in this video. Don't forget, two days ago, he was in "all is lost" mode. Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 - Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY Mike says he now knows what Lin Wood knows and he now understands why Lin keeps saying every lie will be revealed. The gist is according to the 14th Amendment, a person cannot hold office if they have actively worked with a
  13. I am going to set up an election fraud section here on OL. I want an archive of the crime that will not be taken down by big tech. I may add a list of President Trump's achievements. At least this will be a good place for those who want to write about this or research it for whatever they are building. I'm working on getting the material to link to posted to places that will stay up. Michael