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  1. Peter, You're starting to see it. Of course a human can “train” another human. Bone up on crowd psychology some time for the easiest example under the sun. Michael
  2. Here is one of the best zingers about Joe Biden (demented pervert who can’t even tie his own shoelaces ) I have seen issued by a person with mainstream culture reach. I quote Sidney Powell from her April 7 interview: The interview on Rumble: Rose Tennent | Sidney Powell Interview Read more here: “A Demented Pervert – Who Can’t Tie His Own Shoelaces or Know Where He Is” – Sidney Powell Goes Off on Imposter President Joe Biden (VIDEO) I also like this part of the phrase, "they crammed them up our nose with a fork of fraud so blatant that it is visible arou
  3. William, I know when I did. It was around 2013 or so. I started writing about DARPA studying storytelling in order to make weapons out of them (the Narrative Networks program), allegedly for conflict reduction, but guess what? There are more sinister uses too (like in propaganda). I focused on one of the scientists in the NN program, Paul Zak, who later wrote a bestseller using his research, The Moral Molecule: The New Science of What Makes Us Good or Evil (this book went through several subtitle changes: (The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works and The Moral Molecule: The Source o
  4. This deserves a place in this thread. Since it is still developing, it will stat a thread post for now. HUGE NEWS: Attorney Matthew DePerno Releases Michigan Elections Forensics Report – 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES Proof of 2020 election fraud in Michigan. Michael
  5. Richard, Great to hear you are well. I infer you have all your site files. (Which is great. I was downloading them from the Wayback Machine so you could have them just in case the site was taken over without your permission and the site was the only place you stored them. Since I am no techie, I no longer have to keep busting my chops trying to get it right. ) Here is a friendly suggestion. Please leave the site as it last was online somewhere as an historical place for posterity. Put a date on when it was active and mention that it is no longer being updated. I don't kno
  6. Here is an odd way the Deep State is unraveling: packing the Supreme Court (which the Deep State would love). This will not happen even though people on all sides think it will. The proof is this. Instead of a member of congress presenting a bill or Biden making executive decisions in between the legal cracks, Biden has appointed a government committee to study the issue. Whew! A new day is here. I agree with Scott Adams. There is no more surefire way of burying a plan while looking like you are promoting it than this. A government committee on a topic like that
  7. This is more for the reader than for Tony. I just hate it when wrong statements are put out as facts, but they are are declared right with sanctimony. That statement quoted is wrong. Just flat-out wrong. It's about as wrong as it can be. There are cases where it is right, but the term instinct would probably not apply (like heartbeat), but the rest is wrong. Even Rand's essay The Comprachicos touches on this. But wait. It gets even worse. If an instinct is behavior that automatically deals with the environment, but the living creature is raised without dealin
  8. I left out a part. argumentum ad nationalgeographicum ad nauseam Michael
  9. For anyone following this, here is a real good example of how the biological fractal works. Breathing. Breathing is mostly involuntary. But you can do it at will. In fact, doing it at will allowed me to become a world class trombonist early in my professional careers (I have had several). But just because I learned to play trombone, that did not stop the involuntary breathing from chugging right along. Also, there are limits to breathing voluntarily. If I exert a great deal of physical effort like running, I can control breathing until I can't, then I have to let the rapid breat
  10. This has turned into a new form of philosophical argument: argumentum ad nationalgeographicum. Michael
  11. The news is I've downloaded the site with a program called wget. The latest WM snapshot is from May, 2019. There are other snapshots after that, but they get weird, then they turn into the new version. There is an odd little thing about my download, though, because of an excessive number of "index.html" files in the coding, so I will have to go through everything carefully to make sure I got it all. I already downloaded this site way back when the hard way, meaning I did it page by page. If anyone wants to know about the process I used this go around, shoot me a message.