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  1. Now for the real funny part: The mainstream news media pretending to be news. ABC, CBS Omit Trump Accuser Describing Rape as 'Sexy' to Anderson Cooper Michael
  2. Woah! Two libs, Justices Breyer, and Sotomayor, and one wishy-wash semi-lib on the conservative side, Justice Roberts, were not amused at a FUCT legal protection. They voted against it. What the hell is happening to the progressives? Do some of them really want to censor foul language? Did they go all Puritan all of a sudden? I guess so. Tsk tsk tsk... Michael
  3. It looks like the Google censorship ain't working. The grilling below is in direct response to the Project Veritas report. The Google lady didn't do well in her attempt to respond like a politician. She started out way too arrogant, saying she didn't review the Veritas report in preparation for the hearing because she's too busy. After all, she has a day job. Then Senator Cruz said he's sorry the hearing in Congress is impending on her day job and things went downhill from there. But her arrogance went away. As soon as Senator Cruz started getting under her skin by quoting directly from the Veritas video about Google wanting to skew the 2020 election against Trump, she started answering each question with a preface, "Thank you, Senator." She then said what she wanted to say. In other words, she said, "Thank you, Senator," before each answer even in relatively rapid-fire questions. That made her sound like a goddam robot. Seriously. It was weird. Total PR fail. You would think a Google person would not be such an amateur and so awkward at speaking in public. I wonder if Google will now censor the videos and search results of Senator Ted Cruz. Good luck, if so. Michael
  4. The anti-Trump left, in other words, the gang that can't shoot straight, can't even get accusing President Trump of rape right. I swear, you couldn't script the video below better for comedy. LOL... Here's a BitChute link in case that goes down from YouTube (which is happening a lot these days when the establishment cronies get busted and/or embarrassed). https://www.bitchute.com/video/JDWxtUbIGj9t/ First she complains that Trump didn't ravish her. Instead, it hurt. Then Anderson Cooper mentioned that most people think of rape as violence anyway. Crazy lady said, no, most people think rape is sexy. Cooper, we gotta go, like nooooooow... Crazy lady, I mean, think of the fantasies... Cooper, we're going for real... stick around and we'll talk on the other side... Crazy lady then hits on Cooper. That is some fine screenwriting. Pure mastery. And all in 37 seconds. Except it was real. Dayaamm! LOL... Michael
  5. Fly Air Canada, But Only If You Are Woke Seriously. Woke is the only safe way. ‘This is a nightmare’: A woman fell asleep mid-flight and woke up trapped in a dark plane alone From the article: Michael
  6. A knitting site with 8 million subscribers just banned all Trump support (including apparently Trump-themed knitting projects) from its site because it claims this is white supremacy. Tim Pool covered it. Tim said, as a person who comes from a family that has suffered from real bigotry (he is part Korean and a mix of other stuff--a mongrel after my own heart ), and as one who doesn't particularly care for President Trump, he thinks these people who run the knitting site are the actual bigots. He said they are evil people. That's the actual term he used. Evil people. And that's one of the reasons I really like this guy. Michael
  7. On Infowars: Blacklist: MSM Ignores Project Veritas Bombshell Google Exposé And there follows screenshot evidence. It's quite a show. Another quote from the end. I believe it correctly states what most Trump supporters--and even some anti-Trumpers--think about all this. But there is someone who did notice. The Google lady busted in the video: This is not how I expected Monday to go! by Jen Gennai She doesn't like it when the crap lands on her. She cried foul because people decided to do this covertly. But when you listen to the video, she likes it when it lands on others, especially when Google does it covertly. At least she said this: Imprecise language? Heh... Well done? She should know... Michael
  8. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is probably toast. I'm posting the link from Rush Limbaugh, but it's all over the news. Mayor Pete Didn’t Look Good Over the Weekend Here's what happened. A white officer shot and killed a black man in Mayor Pete's little town of South Bend, Indiana, and now many people are calling him racist, especially since he took so many black employees off the police force. And he looked like a useless confused dork trying to respond to face-to-face outrage from South Bend citizens. There are videos all over the Interwebs. Here is just one: The comments going around are that he cannot govern a small town competently, so how on earth could he govern the US? Maybe he can recover, but in a crowded field like the current one, I don't believe this is likely. Michael
  9. Since Tim Pool was mentioned in the Veritas video above, here is his response. At face value, it looks like he is undermining the insider's claims by saying his own views are not suffering. But I think he is actually making them stronger by saying he believes that the insider's stuff against Google is credible (based on his own sources inside YouTube) and recommends people set their platforms up (or make backups) on alt sites, especially Minds. Tim did not deal with Google Search, which is where the Google insider worked, but instead with YouTube, which is a separate wing. So that could confuse the audience. Still, Tim did a good and balanced report, both pro and con. Ultimately, he wants Google out of the elections and thinks Google actually is doing nefarious stuff against Trump's reelection. He's grateful for his platform on YouTube and does not agree that his own project has been damaged since it has grown instead, but is preparing for the day when they kick him off. And he tells everyone else who does political videos to do the same. Michael
  10. Tony, Despite a spate of dark heroes like Tony Soprano and Walter White, the underdog "David and Goliath" story is still the most common template for action movies and novels in the US when writers choose their hero and villain, even when this template gets mixed with a rags to riches template like in The Pursuit of Happiness. The reason is that this form of story is inspiring by its very nature. People feel that a hero is not much of a hero if he stomps ants. But if he beats a monster or a bunch of badass baddies or a system rigged against him, etc., people feel they can have a shot, too. I agree with you. Pure inspiration. And it feels good. Even in kid movies, notice that most of the classics start with the kid protagonist being an orphan in a big world that is either bad or indifferent to them. Michael
  11. Ellen, I've seen Jon do that a lot (it's his most used rhetorical trick, not counting simple name-calling), but doing that to the same person over and over is like when someone tells a joke, then keeps telling the same joke over and over. So you are right that I wasn't enjoying it. But to be clear, since this might imply that I was feeling bothered by it, I wasn't. Emotionally speaking, indifferent would be more accurate. Granted, I get irritated when I see the forum get damaged, meaning when readers get chased away by escalating and repeated condemnations that do nothing but escalate and repeat in the same manner nonstop (remember Phil Coates?), but that's a separate issue. And granted, a brawl calls an audience. But when a brawl turns into nagging and it doesn't stop, people leave. To give an idea about the kind of emotional state I feel with overused rhetorical devices, it's like when I hear someone say, "at the end of the day." Do I find that to be a clever metaphor? Do I enjoy it? Does it bother me? Does it do those things to you? Nah... It's a cliché. I don't feel anything about it. It's commonplace. If there's any substantive meaning or any importance to be garnered, it lies elsewhere, not in the cliché. Not even in what the cliché is intended to mean. I know you said not having a high opinion of Peter is not the reason you enjoyed Jon's rhetoric, but I can't not see things. When I see verbal cues like "receiving end," and "give you a taste," I begin to hear echoes like "give him a taste of his own medicine." To get down to brass tacks, that sounds like there may be a bee in your bonnet, though, when all is said and done, I wouldn't take that to the bank. But let's call off the dogs and bury the hatchet, shall we? At the end of the day, nobody has to face the music and, besides, a rolling stone gathers no moss. So I don't think we should cry over spilled milk, do you? I mean, you just can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. Michael
  12. Tony, For the record, you saw one wheel reality behind the drawing and decided that was it. You didn't see the other wheel reality even when they showed you videos of actual real wheels working as they said. I don't think you were play-acting, either. It's a blind spot. I believe neuroscience ultimately explains this (the fractal from the grid cell thing). Michael
  13. Project Veritas and Persuasion I keep coming across Project Veritas and James O'Keefe doing amazing work in exposing the misbehavior of the powerful. And this has become an increasingly effective form or persuasion. There is nothing like seeing insiders brag about their power and how they intentionally deploy unfair or illegal practices to promote their agenda. Nothing better, in fact. I've set up several threads on OL to present this work, but now it's time to consolidate all things Veritas. From now on, I will use this thread to present new reports coming from Project Veritas and James O'Keefe, even if I present them elsewhere. On doing a site search, here are some of the places on OL that already present this work. This Is Worth $63,280.00 Per Year... - This 2015 thread is about administrators at Vassar College literally shredding the US Constitution in a paper shredder. A 2015 post about Common Core A 2016 post about the Clinton Campaign and DNC stirring up violence at Trump rallies WikiLeaks and other Whistleblowers - Clinton - The opening post of this 2016 thread presents the four videos in the "Rigging the Election" series. A 2017 post about a group called the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition trying to sabotage with butyric acid stink bombs the pro-Trump Deploraball at the National Press Club  the night before President Trump's inauguration A 2017 post about releasing 100 hours of audio from inside CNN A 2017 post (and the one following it) about a lawyer who helped exonerate a pedophile teacher who raped students A 2017 post dealing with CNN admitting it hyped Trump-Russia bullshit for ratings Veritas Deep State Project - A 2018 thread. Veritas, O'Keefe and the 2018 Midterm Elections - A 2018 thread. There's some more stuff around, but that is the bulk of the past postings. I might add to them if I find anything important. For now, let's do the thing that is exploding today. From Zero Hedge: Google Using AI To Meddle In 2020 Election, Prevent 'Next Trump Situation': Veritas Here it is on the Veritas site (which hit Drudge): Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam There are videos at both links, and documents from Google at the Veritas link, but for convenience, here is a YouTube video of the main issue: (VIDEO DELETED BY YOUTUBE.) Since this could be taken down at any time seeing how Google owns YouTube, here is a BitChute link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/re9Xp6cdkro/ The gist is that an employee of Google is interviewed as a whistleblower (with no clear image of him and with voice altered for the sake of anonymity), an administrator at Google is on tape openly admitting that Google is trying to skew the 2020 election with AI algorithms, and James O'Keefe shows how this works running a few trial searches. This is disgusting. Google wants you to see what it wants you to see, not what you want to see on your own. And it has lots of behavioral science behind its manipulations to make sure what it wants you to see nudges you in the direction of its political agenda. The employee said this was pure 1984 Newspeak and fascist. The most damning thing was that the Google administrator said she loved Elizabeth Warren, but finds her midguided about wanting to break up Alphabet (Google's parent company). Why? Because if Google turns into a bunch of smaller companies, they will not be able to skew the 2020 election. If Google remains large, they will have (and use) the power to do that. Michael
  14. Jon, Goddam! Finally a funny comment! (In the way I've been talking about.) Michael