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  1. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake Social Media

    Here's a young guy who worked as a kind of news lobbyist for Facebook. He's on a left-wing site, but notice how his message is almost identical to Styx (who is mostly right wing)? The issues are control and corporate money. Since massive audiences, especially young people, are gravitating toward the alt media and independent content creators, the big crony corporations think the best way to keep them is destroy the alt media and indoctrinate the young. This will ultimately fail, but it's going to be a long, ugly fight. For those doing startups in social media and related businesses right now, though, it's a golden opportunity. Michael
  2. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    This is absolutely hilarious. LOL... Whoever did that video needs to be studied. There's a lot to learn there. As Jimmy Dore said after he showed the video, that is the definition of awesome. (And, just to be clear, I hold the opposite of Jimmy's politics. But I like the way he tries to keep it real about the folks on his side.) Michael
  3. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Jon, I like that vid. And not just the production values. Michael
  4. Michael Stuart Kelly

    What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    William, You are finally starting to understand. That book by Jonah Sachs was where I first got really, really interested in story and propaganda. In fact, I named The Story Wars of Hot Political Issues thread here on OL as a hidden homage to Sachs (although we are polar opposites on politics). Speaking of which, I just looked at that first page and, my God. How many broken links to videos and other stuff! I only started that thread in 2013. It seems like the lefties were not amused when they kept crowing how smart they were (this was the Obama years after all) and the other side came along, learned the techniques the lefties so glibly showed off, taught, and bragged about, and started using them. I'm not saying all these broken links were due to OL's influence, although I bet that OL thread had some input. Anyway, I'm going to see about fixing some of that stuff. More stuff to do... sigh... But I gotta do it. Later I want to use that thread as the framework--or start of a framework--for a book. Michael
  5. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Trump humor

    This is humor, but I honestly would not object. I think it would shake thing up in the right way. We need more of this, not less. Michael
  6. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    On another issue, I said after the midterms, Alex Jones would gradually be restored on the fake social media sites. Here's a dramatic example of this process starting on YouTube. It's dramatic because it starts with a Homeric rant by Alex against pedophilia. But it is one video among many cropping up recently over many different accounts. Before too long, I imagine he will be fully reinstated on YouTube, probably with some kind of "adult content" warning or whatever to appease corporate sponsors. Time will tell. Michael
  7. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Credit Where Due

    Jon, That is right on point. The true issue is never Democrats versus Republicans. It's the elitist powermongering "endless war for profit" assholes versus the rest of us. Michael
  8. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Credit Where Due

    William, That makes me wonder... Paid by whom? I certainly have no interest in paying for them. For that matter, I'm mostly not interested in why those who pay for them pay for them. Well, when it's propaganda, I'm interested in why they pay... Otherwise, even when these hired brain surrogates are not openly doing propaganda, they are generally paid to promote one agenda or other. I don't trust them. And neither should you. If anyone wishes to have someone think for him, or at least, research for him, he better use strong rigid criteria in choosing such a person--and with caveats. There is a lot of schlock out there dressed up and intellectual product. And it's not intellectual. It's not honest inquiry. It's just posturing with cherry-picked data. You can see a lot of these folks on the mainstream fake news media--the vast majority of the pundits on the mainstream fake news media, in fact, are pure schlock... And, now, most of the reporters are, too. Michael
  9. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    William, It depends on who you look at. If you look at leftwing hacks like Elizabeth Nolan Brown, you are not going to get much better than Liz Crokin, who she mocks. I, personally, consult the following Twitter feed for pedophile stuff. I have found it to be the most accurate so far. An Open Secret Michael
  10. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    I'm putting this video right here in the Conspiracy Theory thread for the time being, but not because it is a conspiracy theory. Some people call it a conspiracy theory, so here is as good a place as any at this stage. But I have a deeper interest. I want to see how far this DNC-Ukraine issue goes. And, I have a personal "Story Wars" angle I want to explore. To explain: 1. The DNC-Ukraine link itself: Every time the Ukraine and American politics gets mentioned in the press and catches my eye, I can never make any real sense out of it. All I see from the 30,000 foot view is a bunch of people yelling at each other. And these people tend to be serious. Now think about it. If a fact exists, you cannot have one serious person saying it exists and another serious person saying it does not exist and take that seriously yourself. If you know little to nothing about the issue, serious people yelling at each other doesn't mean anything to you information-wise. Contradictions usually indicate lying somewhere, but where there is a lot of yelling, it's really hard to get anything straight. So, in my experience, if there is a hot issue in the press and I want to see where the faults and truths are, I have to stop every damn thing in my life and start looking at it from the beginning while ignoring the hostility, snark, peer pressure, yelling, accusations, data dumps, etc. And that's where Lee Stranahan comes in. He's an independent journalist who used to work for Breitbart, but now has a radio show on Sputnik Radio (a Russian outfit). He's been in several controversies, but I've never seen people howling that he made stuff up and proved it. They have howled about him, but I have never seen it go beyond name-calling. Stranahan touts his own horn about how accurate his facts are and I tend to believe him so far. For this reason, I want to start with his information on the DNC-Ukraine connection. At least he points to documented information for his allegations. But even deeper for me, there is something else catching my attention. Whenever I see a guy like that go wild with excitement, my first impression is that the story must have some teeth to it. Stranahan is super-excited that Michael Avenatti is representing one of the parties because Avenatti tends to get a lot of press. Stranahan is sure that his involvement will throw a spotlight on this issue, thus a spotlight on a story he has been trying to bring to the mainstream for several years. That makes me want to keep an eye on it. 2. The Story Wars angle. If you watch the video above, you realize Stranahan knows a crap-load of information. But if you are like me and know little about the issue, his presentation is awful. It's all over the friggin' place. Just as soon has he tries to make a point, he interrupts himself to show some causality with a related issue. Except before he makes that clear, he jumps to a different issue. And so on, all the while asking, "Does that make sense?" From what I see, while Stranahan might be a great researcher, he does not know how to tell a story. I can't keep any of his throughlines straight from the way he talks until I start putting them together on my own. How can he fix this? Easy. He has to keep his main story centered on the intentions of a single protagonist and a single antagonist, whether the opponents are single persons or collectives (single countries, institutions, political parties, etc.). That is, he has to do that if he wants to keep his audience's interest. Without this frame, he might get some people to go with him (he usually does), but his story doesn't get any legs to spread to the mainstream. And that is Stranahan's Number One complaint. He blames it all on the mainstream media trying to bury the issue. He's not wrong in one aspect. I fully believe the fake news mainstream media does that. But ever since I have sporadically started watching him, he never got better at his storytelling technique. It's a chore to watch him. So what I am going to try to do, sort of like on a hobby level, is see if I can absorb the information in this DNC-Ukraine connection issue, then present it as a story from the perspective of one main protagonist and one main antagonist. Then see what happens. From my distant perspective, this looks like great practice for my own storytelling chops. I have one caveat, though. If this thing is so convoluted that I can't get a handle on what each of the several main players want so I can distill that down into a "protagonist versus antagonist" frame, I might not pursue it. After all, yelling in the media is long, complex, and my own life is simple, not eternal. But I have a feeling this will turn out to be a nice little exercise. And, who knows? I might even get to understand it. That means, if you are as confused about this issue as I am right now and my storytelling is at least competent, you might end up with a story-like frame you can easily grok to organize the facts, issues and contradictory yelling with and peg the different controversies to. I'm not going to make this a high priority since there is so much stuff to plow through. But if it explodes in the mainstream like Stranahan's enthusiasm implies it might, I will move it up in my interests hierarchy. Because that will mean you will be more interested, too. (I aim to please. ) Michael
  11. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    The media loves to say President Trump's rhetoric incites violence. When that becomes the talking point of the day, the fake news media can become insufferable. And there's this. The St. Thomas Law Review (on Dec. 10) and the Sixth United States Circuit Court of Appeals (in September) vehemently disagrees (and disagree) with them. Sixth United States Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds First Amendment by its Ruling on President Trump’s Alleged Incitement of a Riot From the article: In compensation, we get the following from the fake news media: Tsk tsk tsk... What do you think? Are the fake news media people dorks or boneheads? Choices choices choices... Michael
  12. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Credit Where Due

    Brant, This is the ONLY way to frame the USA's dealings with the Middle East and have a semblance of rationality. When people go into that place and start slinging around good and evil (with them always being the good, of course), and worse, designating who is good and who is evil over there, they always get bit hard by Middle Easterners. Those suckers never seem to act like they are supposed to. And the do-gooders always end up wondering in the end what the hell happened. But what happened is that they did not identify correctly who they were dealing with. This goes for pro-Islamic and anti-Islamic Westerners. Pro-Iran, Pro Saudi, pro-Western, pro-peace and love. All of them. Even the anti-Islamic folks who try to understand the culture by reading Islamic literature do a lousy job of it. They think that just because a verse or other exists in the Qu'ran, that people will strap on suicide belts. President Trump is one of the few people I have seen who deal with Islamic Middle Easterners on their own terms. For example, he said no gassing. It doesn't matter who. No gassing. Someone gassed, then the US went boom over the heads of where the gassers were. Not this state or that rebel movement. He went to the airports and gas factories. And then he did not invade. He went boom right there. Notice that there is no more gassing? (At least for now.) President Trump said no more ISIS chopping off heads of victims, burning them alive, etc. And guess what? That stopped practically everywhere. As to local politics, Middle Easterners have been bickering and killing each other for centuries. President Trump says don't kill Americans, the rest is up to you. (And don't kill Jews since the US has committed to protecting them.) The only people who seem to think this is awful are Westerners with oil greed or political agendas that have nothing to do with Middle Eastern culture. I guarantee that Middle Easterners are far more willing to behave due to US fracking and natural gas production within the US than they are by any military interventions. The truth is, very few people in the US understand the Middle East. And they are all in love with their own misconceptions. We are lucky that our President does understand them. He respects them without condescension, unlike just about all other Presidents going back to Calvin Coolidge or so... Michael
  13. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Credit Where Due

    Jules, I heard the gun violence in Canada was all due to some radio stations playing "Baby, It's Cold Outside." They were told to stop and they wouldn't. So boom boom boom... Rape culture no more... Michael EDIT: I'm going to risk my reputation, my livelihood, my very life. Yes! I shall post the video! OL readers deserve to see the rapists! Long live the social justice warriors! They protect us all against these monsters...
  14. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    A tale of two headlines, both from the fake news mainstream media outlet, CNN. From 3 days ago: The foundation of Trump's coalition is cracking From today: The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine critical of Trump, to shutter after 23 years Does anyone see a problem here? Friggin' fake news people can't even see themselves. Michael
  15. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Credit Where Due

    I stand in awe... Michael