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  1. I need to get this story up and I haven't had time to read it, yet, since it is long. The gist is that the January 6 capitol invasion was a setup to characterize Trump supporters as terrorists. I saw Darren Beatie being interviewed by Steve Bannon and he said the only person filmed at the Jan. 6 rally who was actively agitating for people to enter the capitol building was Ray Epps, who, along with Steve Rhodes (both leaders of the Oath Keepers) are now being uncovered as Deep State operatives. What's more, Ray Epps does not stay in one spot in the videos. He is filmed all over the friggin' place telling people to go into the capitol. He was like a butterfly, flitting here and there. And 20 seconds before the first person broke in, he is seen whispering in the guy's ear. (Incidentally, according to Beatie, this first person to enter the capitol is a confused person who is now watching his life be ruined. The second person to enter, also in contact with Epps, has not been charged since he is a Deep State operative.) No wonder the FBI won't release the massive number of videos of the event. They don't want their undercover agents to be identified, as they will undoubtedly become. First, as warm-up, a story at The Gateway Pundit. McMURRAY EXCLUSIVE: Likely Fed Operative Ray Epps Filmed Hurling Massive Trump Sign at Capitol Police -- Likely Set Up Jan. 6 Protester Ryan Samsel Who Rots in Prison to This Day [VIDEO] WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Has America been scammed? Have Trump supporters been framed to look like domestic terrorists, while Democrats walk away from the biggest voter fraud scam in American history? Speaking of... Next, Darren Beatie's article at Revolver. Even though it is long, I believe it is well worth reading since it gives a massive amount of proof of the Deep State involvement on January 6. I know I will read it (and I wish there were more hours in a day ). If you do read it, thus armed, when confronted by the propaganda machine, you will have some knowledge facts to counter and frame things with. Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol - Revolver WWW.REVOLVER.NEWS In order to protect the country from fictional right-wing "patriot" groups, did the FBI become an insurrectionist "patriot" movement? The new way the Bannon people are characterizing the January 6th event is "An Intelligence Operation Failure." Why failure? Obviously, the terrorist label didn't stick to Trump supporters. And now the exposure is coming. And it's coming for more than just the FBI operatives. There were a lot of people colluding in this false flag event, including major politicians and the mainstream press. If Durham weren't so damn slow, I could see his next gig. Michael EDIT: As a bit of gravy, this just came from Mike Cernovich:
  2. In case there is any doubt... China's Military Declares Biotechnology Warfare as its Fundamental Guiding Principle WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Guest post by Lawrence Sellin and Anna Chen China’s People’s Liberation Army believes that biological weapons, not nuclear weapons, are the key to global military dominance. In our recent Gateway Pundit... This isn't recent. It's been around awhile. Maybe someone should tell the US military. And maybe do something about the fucking US traitors who help fund it, starting with Fauci. Michael
  3. Mark, Brook's thing is hedge fund stuff, right? How many Big Pharma stocks is he involved in? That would be interesting to know, including front company schemes and so on. I believe that would explain everything about his positions on vaccines. Everything. In other words, in this case, in practice, money talks and bullshit is for Objectivists. Incidentally, I heard today that the modern vaccines are the top selling products in the history of the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, governments are the ones paying for them... Michael
  4. Ellen, Boris Johnson just came out and said that. He was talking about the booster shot, but you only need a booster if the original vaccine doesn't do the job, right? So whatever he says about the booster not working automatically applies to the vaccine. I saw this discussed on Bannon today. Raheem (who was involved in Brexit) said that Boris Johnson's reputation is one who eventually spills the beans in public. Raheem was mocking Boris saying if a vaccine doesn't protect you against getting an illness, nor does it keep you from spreading it, what is a vaccine for? I went looking for a article for you since you have difficulty with video. I'm not familiar with the site below, but using search engines these days is near impossible. The site below came up and gives the correct information, so this one it is. Here is an article with a 14 second video of Boris spilling the beans. Boris Admits the Vaccine "Doesn't Protect You Against Catching the Disease, and It Doesn't Protect You Against Passing it On" – The Daily Sceptic DAILYSCEPTIC.ORG The Prime Minister has admitted that the vaccines don't prevent infection or transmission. Will he now join the dots and accept vaccines don't protect others, and thus abandon all vaccine coercion? Michael
  5. Deanna, Are there any cliffs you can fall off? In my story, the protagonist discovers the kid after being a crotchety jerk (with inner doubts) and publicly supporting a position that if he came across a child in the wilderness, he had the moral right to pass it by and let it starve even if he had plenty on him at the time. The antagonist (his girlfriend) is a sociopath who actually believes this and has been slowly getting disillusioned with his gradually developing squishiness on being a hardass sociopath (she calls it being true to his principles). He has become more interested in human nature as it is without any ideology. Her view of selfishness and a Randian-like philosophy is not his. In other words, they have grown in different directions. She has developed a need to prove to the world its hypocrisy wherever she finds it. That is a big component of what drives her. One example is that she seduces the local preacher after listening to him preach about honesty. (She and Stretch are at Devil's Courthouse for a reason I'm not clear about yet. But they do interact with a local preacher.) And it's his baby she abducts and leaves on the path when she knows Stretch (her boyfriend) will go by it. Obviously, this will have to be at a time nobody but Stretch is going out there. In fact, at evening before night. (Ah... details... details... ) She wants to see if he will walk on by or be just one more hypocrite in the world. Of course, when he sees the child, he can't leave it there. As he starts to help the child, she shows herself. A huge argument ensues where she threatens to throw the child off the side of the mountain. And she does. Stretch follows grasping for the basket the baby is in and, as she tries to detain him, she falls off, too. They land on a ledge on the side of the cliff. Stretch and the baby almost fall off, but she falls to her death. Stretch has broken his leg. Out there on the ledge as night envelops him, he himself has become a child in the wilderness. He protects the baby as best he can realizing that he and she will probably die. He can't move too much due to his broken leg. As the dawn comes up, he sees it differently than he has ever seen it. He lets go of all his previous thinking and just lives in that moment, using his own mind to see and think and feel. For the first time, he looks and knows with certainty he belongs in the universe, even though he will probably die soon. And he fusses over the baby. He feels that he is part of all that, and has a transcendental experience of total serenity. Then he gets rescued (the preacher with some of his peeps, who has his own emotional issues with this situation ) and eventually becomes the godfather of Melody (the child). But he stays crotchety, does not convert to Christianity, but becomes good friends with the preacher. There's more, a lot more, in fact. For example, he's a whittler who is trying to make a small wood sculpture wedding a flame, an angel and a dollar sign and having one hell of a time with it. And more stuff. But one of the reasons I did not write it at the time was simple. I could not create a character who would leave a child on a path in the wilderness without being a cardboard cutout of a Snidely Whiplash kind of villain. And I did not want to create a two-dimensional character. Also, for the life of me, I could not find a compelling desire for Stretch to get out on that damn path all by himself at evening. Most of these questions are now answered and I am working out the final outline. I believe the actual writing will not be all that difficult since I have learned a hell of a lot about style, reader emotions, metaphors, wedding the familiar with the new, surprise, anticipation, and so on over the years. Anyway, do you know of some little trodden path around there? Some offshoot? One with a cliff where a person can throw a baby off of, but with a ledge on the side to catch it? I'm not adverse to making something up, but it would be nice if it were real. (btw - Thanks for your interest. I normally don't put my brainstorming out in public.) Michael
  6. Steve Bannon in Pima County, Arizona, last Saturday night. He was at the Pima County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. Bannon Keynote Pima County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner RUMBLE.COM Did you fight to make America great ggain? In addition to the normal political stuff of today (getting to the bottom of the 2020 election, taking over the government from the bottom up, Trump's upcoming reelection, the spending bill now in Congress, etc.) , Steve told some great Civil War stories, including one about the founding of Arizona as a state (Abraham Lincoln did that). For those who like MAGA stuff, as I do, you will like this lecture. Michael
  7. T, The main problem for me is saying 2+2=4 for counting blue dolls and 2+2=56 for counting red dolls. Why? Because one system is for blue and another is for red. Duh... The sad fact is we live in a postmodern world. The same site, considered as authoritative the world over, uses one system to show grid patterns for quakes. Nowhere else does it show grid patterns. And there are quakes galore on that site. Yet the geniuses think the grid patterns appeared on that site, but only in that one place, by magic or coincidence. Why? Because they know science and no one else does. Duh... And bat-fucking soup infected the entire world, huh? The experts told us so. Man, with experts like these, who needs cavemen? I used to respect experts. Now I think most of them are about as superior to Holy Rollers as worms are superior to snails. I hope that idiot in his bedroom does not live in the East Coast if shit goes down. I think he's an idiot, but I still feel a little empathy since he is a living creature of some sort. Michael
  8. Peter, There is a story to go along with this thread (which is one in a series of threads). Back then (but without looking it up, I don't remember where on these threads), in an interaction with Roger and Ellen, I said I was going to write a short story to illustrate issues involved with the baby in the wilderness. Both Roger and Ellen back then were (and are) my prompts for this story. I am now at a point in my fiction writing where I feel I can finally finish this damn thing. The story is called "Melody's Edge" and I have accumulated a crap-load of information, outlines, notes, and so on. In fact, I found a perfect setting called The Devil's Courthouse in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. (Just think of the symbolism! ) Once in a blue moon, I keep Ellen apprised of my progress. I rarely communicate with Roger these days. Here are some pictures from an offline communication I had with Ellen from a while back. Before I finish writing this story, I really should go there and see with my own eyes. But I feel mature enough to write the story without that. Still... Let's see... I know I want to go... As self-discipline, I have refused to write and publish any other fiction until I got "Melody's Edge" right. I realized it was going to be a long trek when I started, but I didn't realize it was going to be this long. Well over a decade. Good grief! But from what I have learned about story, neuroscience, modern psychology, trance, tracking, and a whole lot of other things, I am glad I set this out for myself the way I did. Anyway, I am now comfortable discussing this project in public because I know it will not be too long before I finish it. Michael
  9. Here is a Reddit thread on the potential for a Tsunami from the La Palma volcano. Cumbre Vieja Volcano on La Palma - Potential Tsunami Source for the North Atlantic On another Reddit thread, here is another person who looked around the site for other grid patterns and did not find any. One thing is for sure. There is a reason that grid pattern exists and it is not because "superior people" understand science and can say the word "artifact." Michael
  10. William, ALL graphic measurements are artifacts. Including the rest of the "artifacts" on that site (and, from what I have seen, no other grid patterns). The word "artifact" does not make you a "superior one." And the world "artifact" does not make the grid pattern go away. There's a reason the grid pattern appeared. People with brains want to know why. In fact, that's how science works! It always starts that way. Michael
  11. The grid pattern doesn't exist. Yeah, right. Blah blah blah. The "superior ones" keep getting busted over and over in all kinds of areas and it never ends. Michael
  12. William, In order to be fair, I went to his channel to see. As of last April, here is what he looks like: That's your expert in all his glory. Going by the titles of the earlier videos on his YouTube Channel, I think it remote that he is a paid toady of the bad guys. That means he's just plain stupid. Michael
  13. William, Frankly, no. I appreciate the attempt to simplify the worry in the first video. But your second video, to me, is just one more expert trying to tell people that common sense doesn't work in this particular case because heartland people are too fucking stupid to understand science. But this case is even worse than the coronavirus traveled by itself over hundreds of miles through bats to a lab in Wuhan that had nothing to do with it. Your so-called expert doesn't mention why this grid pattern doesn't appear at other volcano clusters on the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre site where random patterns appear. And there are a lot of volcano clusters on that site. Duh... Fuck him. I get it that he doesn't like the exaggerated urgency and hysterical thing conspiracy theorists engage in. I'm not crazy about that either. But to snark about one dude as he makes a gross error that any 6 year old can see makes him just plain stupid or a paid toady of the bad guys. I'm willing to entertain the idea that this grid pattern didn't occur due to malice. I'm open to seeing what is out there. But not that this grid pattern doesn't exist at all. Not when I can see it with my own eyes. And I'm especially not willing to be instructed by assholes like this guy when they can't even walk and chew gum at the same time because they are too busy congratulating themselves at how smarter they are then heartland people. They can control the fucking narrative. But they can't control fucking reality. Enough of this shit. Enough of this shit in the name of science. Enough of this shit, period. Michael
  14. Just to get the joke out of the way... Come to think of it, getting rid of Washington doesn't sound like a bad idea... Michael