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  1. This gets close to the edge, but stays benevolent. It's so damn funny, I don't even mind the snipe at President Trump. Michael
  2. Jon, That would be great. It still doesn't make me any happier about how the press is ginning up massive panic in society with stories that fizzle in the end. Michael
  3. This is more awwwww than humor. Look at the kitty cat. (Screenshot of Facebook post.) Michael
  4. I know President Trump doesn't accept that premise. But still, one can have fun. What other President would have done something like this--something that feels so good to his base? Here is the text for easier reading: I love it. Michael
  5. I posted this on the wrong thread, but what the hell. As to the double post, I got tripped up by the double-posting of a single link as content. (Some discussion, huh? Come on, Merlin...) So I'll just leave it up over there. Double post on the same forum is discussion, right? There are situations where this is valid, but as a habit, some might call it spam... Michael
  6. I don't know if there is anything else behind this, but if true... Are you friggin' kidding me?!!! BROKEN MODELS: The CDC Doctors Screwed Up Bigly! USNS Comfort in NY Harbor Sits Idle with 3 Patients -- USNS Mercy in LA has Only 15 Patients These are big-ass ships. Ask yourself the following if you are in a panic: If I allow evil people to destroy the society around me, will that help my panic? Get rational, people. There are things--effective things--that can be done about COVID-19, but they start with correctly identifying reality. If Objectivism means anything, it means identifying reality to the best of one's ability. And one big honking part of reality is that the media sucks right now. It promotes panic on purpose with lies--with INCORRECTLY identifying reality. There is a widespread medical situation that requires diligence, but panic is making people do all the wrong things. Michael
  7. To add to my comments in that post, the following by Polly is really, really disturbing. It looks like they duped President Trump, at least about the Elmhurst hospital conditions in New York. Long lines of sick-looking people at the hospital were filmed and the video narrated by a lady specialized in simulation, Colleen Smith--and the press ran with it like wildfire. I would not want to be them when President Trump discovers he was duped. And notice how many high-ranking Democrats are involved in dubious reporting on the coronavirus hysteria. People who work politically with former presidential primary candidates Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Senator Schumer for good measure. Polly also asked about the celebrities and specific people getting infected with the coronavirus, like Chris Cuomo (a CNN anchor and the brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo), the lady who made the Elmhurst hospital video that is probably a simulation (Colleen Smith), etc. Apropos, citizen journalism is filming the hysteria in hospitals. They look awfully calm and empty compared to the mainstream news. Here's a lady Polly mentioned who made a compilation. Then there's this little issue Polly brought up. The doctors in NY are being told to decide who lives and dies re treatment for coronavirus. But there are people who ask the doctors and they hear practically all the time from every doctor they ask that the doctors would never do such a thing, it's against everything they swore to do as doctors. They could not personally stomach the idea of doing that. Yet the mainstream news keep doing what they are doing. And it's wrong. Let me repeat. Bastards! Michael
  8. Especially do not believe the "death from coronavirus" stuff. Of course there are people dying of the coronavirus. But the media is starting to be busted over and over about recording the cause of a death as coronavirus, then it turns out the person died of something else. Here is an article Rush Limbaugh mentioned today: How deadly is the coronavirus? It’s still far from clear There is room for different interpretations of the data by Dr. John Lee The Spectator Issue 28 MAR 2020 Here's the problem from a systemic lens (my bold): That's innocent. That's not the icky part. That's an understandable problem that can be fixed by fixing the system. Stories like the following are the icky part. But there's something even more ickier. Social media, mainstream news, search engines, and so on are scrubbing these stories from public access just as soon at the "control the narrative" goons detect them. For instance, in the tweet above (which is a screenshot because I don't trust Twitter to leave it up), I don't know the tweeter, but he is tweeting in response to someone else. And that someone else's tweet is no longer available. What's worse, the article from The Guardian mentioned in his tweet and linked to has been removed from The Guardian site. I've read about several cases here in the US of debunked reporting of coronaviurs deaths, but for the life of me, I can't find them anymore. I was just now searching to present the ones I remembered in this post. But it's magic, folks. Poof. They are gone. The press is doing this on purpose. They don't want you to be rational and take correct precautions. They want you to panic. If you want to keep up with the fake reporting on coronavirus deaths that are later debunked and deleted, you have to be sneaky. Doing a normal search shows you just how worthless the search engines are right now. All you get is curated mainstream controlled narrative. So don't use the word "coronavirus" or "COVID-19" in your search queries. Use phrases like the following: wrongly reported death ... and sort the list in chronological order, with newest coming first. You should see the latest one or two since people talk about these things. If something catches your eye and you want to save it for later, take screenshots. If it is about a real case where a person was reported as dead because of the coronavirus, but later it was discovered that this was wrong, that article, tweet or whatever will soon be deleted or hidden in some manner. Bastards! Michael
  9. Boy, the Bill Kristol crowd (meaning The Bulwark, which is nothing but leftovers from The Weekly Standard that Krystol ran into the ground) is not amused at Rush Limbaugh, especially for his influence in stopping the power grab of the elitists during this coronavirus thing. These idiots need to scare the shit out of everyone so the population will clamor for a savior (which will be supplied by their old-boys network, or so they plan). Rush is helping his audience, which is huge, to keep from being scared shitless, at least that's what these inept bad guys think, so they are going hard after him right now. The Malicious Irresponsibility of Rush Limbaugh This vile, foolish man has blood on his hands. by Jonathan V. Last The Bulwark April 2, 2020 I don't accept the premise of elitist time-travel. I don't believe Last, Krystol or any of those cronies in the present can transport themselves back in time and make an entire civilization do something different about a medical emergency by warning them of specific conservative voices. And then time-travel back to the present, claim that outcome as fact, then berate specific people for not allowing it to come to pass. To be clear, the premise of Last's article is that the coronavirus pandemic is going to be really really really awful right now and in the near future because, a few months ago, certain conservatives (like Rush Limbaugh) lulled Americans into not thinking the threat was serious. To quote Jonathan Last about Rush: he has, "... blood on his hands." But supposing I were to accept that premise, that Americans were so distracted by certain conservatives a few months ago, they let a pandemic into America and, because of that, people will die!!!!! If I were to accept that, I would say that their constant bombardment of President Trump and his supporters--to the exclusion of practically anything else--during the impeachment flop was such a distraction. I don't recall Last or Krystol talking about the coronavirus at the time they are now claiming Rush hypnotized America. I do recall them yapping nonstop about impeaching President Trump. But the virus was there. So, using the premise Last used to judge Rush, that would mean Last himself has blood on his hands. But I don't accept that premise. What is really going on is that Rush has a loyal audience just like President Trump has a loyal support base. And these bases are growing. The bond between these men and their followers is made of human nature stuff, the hearts and the minds of independent individuals who see themselves reflected in these men, not the covert manipulation the Last and Krystol crowd constantly prefer. What's more, that whole gang that can't shoot straight has been leaking audience like a sieve, not to mention the power and influence they once held. Rush thinks bad guys (the elitist establishment, especially the Democrats) are using everything in their power to gin up this coronavirus situation for a power grab, then use it to destroy Trump, the free market and the American way of life (to replace it all with globalism). Ironically, Last's article is a perfect example that validates Rush's premise. This article is one more effort to influence people to ignore their strengths and, thus, destroy their way of life. Now here's what's going to happen, or so I predict. Jonathan Last, Bill Krystol & Co. will have the same result going after Rush Limbaugh they did going after Donald Trump. That is, they are going to fall flat on their faces. And they will lose even more audience and influence than they imagine possible. They are the essence of fake news on the conservative side. And people see it. Michael
  10. Here is Polly just trashing the "trusted voices" in the mainstream for being so contradictory. Her thesis is that when people keep getting a barrage of contradictory stories from the same people all the time--people they've trusted before--this throws them off balance. And they know full well that people off-balance are properly prepared for being led to places they may not otherwise want to go. These off-balance people want to restore some sense of balance so much, they make the tradeoff and go where they are led. Especially to places where crony elitists stand to make a killing by offering solutions to their fear. This means Silicon Valley related companies that offer home medical treatment through proprietary apps, to those involved in vaccines, home entertainment, even to those who offer work at home opportunities on a mass scale. Everything. Imagine how much money can be made by cronies with plenty of cash flow during a time when the entire country resets economically to the citizens staying at home more. There's a lot to be gained by bad guys from this virus. Not to mention the left and the items on the leftie agenda. Abortion. Gun control. Universal basic income. Single-payer medical system. And on and on and on. Fortunately, citizen journalists are too numerous right now to let all this go without challenge. As Polly shows, some of the "trusted voices" propped up by the media who tell people to stay home, etc., have financial ties to companies who stand to rake in the moolah from this situation. In other words, in the end, scaring people to death is great for their pockets. And, of course, they try to hide their monetary connections and interests. Polly's facts, as usual, are devastating. From what she said, she only scratched the surface in this video. At least you get a sense of clarity when she talks and puts things side by side. At least I do. I think her perspective here is so important in the current context, I'm giving the BitChute version in addition to the YouTube one since I believe it entirely possible the YouTube video gets banned. Here's the YouTube video: As Polly said near the end (my bold--and the big names she referred to were the "trusted voices" the media prop up): Michael
  11. Not One April Fool's Joke This Year? Wow. Nobody is making an April Fool's joke on OL this year. Why? Does anyone think it's because people are insecure? Maybe because they do not resonate with practical jokes when they feel like society is going upside down all around them? Something to think about. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I'm going to close down OL. I have to. I've had it. Frankly it will be a relief. April Fool! Michael
  12. Jon, The mice will play... I took a screenshot of the Obama girl's tweet just in case the tweet goes away. Michael
  13. Jon, I couldn't find it. I gave up looking after it got irritating (after about 6 o 7 minutes of scrolling, opening secondary comments, etc.). Michael
  14. Wanna see how bad off the testing facilities are in one of the COVID-19 epicenters in the US? You know... The battle zones the media are yapping nonstop about? James O'Keefe took a coronavirus test and filmed what happened. Come to your own conclusions. For me, the horror story fizzled. So why watch this yawner? At least if you need to get tested, know it will probably be Army personnel doing it and your nose will tingle. And the people you will deal with will be upbeat. Michael
  15. Prepare for some rip-righteous spin on death numbers in the press. President Trump said the peak is coming, so they are gearing up with stories about the corpse wagons and mass graves. But before you start quaking in your books and bury your head in the sand, let Candace set the table about how the press operates with death numbers. Since we are talking about Candace, she's looking into what is really happening in hospitals in NY. Be a little scared. That's OK with outbreaks of disease. And be prepared. It's wise to do the common sense things like washing your hands, covering your sneezes and so on. But do not trust anything coming out of the press. Fear and panic increase their ratings. That's all they care about. They don't care about you. They don't even care about you if your eyeballs increase their ratings. They only care about their ratings. Fear works for that, so they sell fear. I never thought I would quote FDR, but he was right on this: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Michael