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  1. I tried a test donation just now and it seemed to be going well and it was loading my info as I clicked on each window box. For example it would give me the last four digits of my credit card and if I clicked on it then the whole number was uploaded. But suddenly as I was nearing the end of the process, it started back at the beginning with the amount screen except it now had a comma instead of a decimal point where the amount goes. Peter 

    1. Peter


      And the new screen has the country of Moldova as my place of residence. Weird. I just tried it again. Maybe I will try it without letting the system prefill my info. Peter

    2. Peter


      I tiredly tried again and it flipped back to the screen with Moldova as my country but I plowed on and suddenly the amount with a comma switched over to an amount with a decimal point. I deliberated did not prefill the info boxes though hints were offered and my donation went through. Peter    

    3. Michael Stuart Kelly

      Michael Stuart Kelly

      Thank you, Peter.