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  1. When I want to follow a topic I click “A notification when new content is posted.” That is not happening today. I am getting nothing from OL.

    And I never received your private email to me. I went to OL and logged on and then it said I had a notification from you and did I want to read it. But usually it would have gone to my inbox. I am getting other email from other sites including junk email so it is not something on my end that has changed.


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    2. Peter


      OK. For instance I just checked my email and I have no problems. Yet I have received no new email from OL other than one from you. AND I did not receive your most recent message in my inbox. I am reading it onsite. There were a bunch of messages on the Aesthetics thread and I got none of them.


    3. Peter


      I should have gotten dozens of emails but none arrived to my inbox as of 1:47 on Sunday afternoon. I did receive your thank you saying I rock!


    4. Michael Stuart Kelly

      Michael Stuart Kelly


      According to the internal controls on the OL backend, everything is in order. You should be getting emails.

      Did you check your spam folder? Do you know what a spam folder is? How do you receive your emails, directly online at Hotmail or downloaded to your computer through Outlook or Thunderbird or some email client like that?

      (btw - You do rock. :) )