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  1. Well, there's this, too. Adam Schiff said, in the hearing, he did not know who the whistleblower was. This is the same name he keeps trying to punish others for saying. This is such an in-your-face lie, Carpe Donktum made a meme out of it (the audio is accurate, though). CD is damn good at what he does, but this meme is just not that funny. It's like trying to make fun of a cowpile for being a cowpile. At least it doesn't make Schiff look dignified while he's letting loose a big dripping sloppy one... Michael
  2. The following video is the essence of the impeachment hearing today in a nutshell. I mean, go ahead and watch reruns online if you do not get suicidal from acute boredom and like pissing away the precision minutes and hours of your life over trivialities. At least the video below is short and entertaining and shows exactly how little the Dems have. The following quote by Jordan from this video will probably be my favorite quote from the entire impeachment hearings. What's worse, this is an accurate statement of fact. LOL... Michael
  3. Man, did President Trump dodge a bullet. Former SC Gov. Mark Sanford suspends presidential race bid Whew! That was a close one! How on earth was Trump ever going to beat Sanford? [Insert some quip or other about Argentina...] Michael
  4. Jon, Then the ruling class (the masters of the media giants) killed Epstein so he wouldn't sing once he was cornered, and they squashed the story of that. Michael
  5. Peter, Woah! Welcome to OL! I have read several of your writings--especially the article about metaphors in Rand's fiction, but there are other things I have read over the years. (I even have a folder on my hard disk with your name on it. ) I also have a copy of The Tao of Roark. Really cool. I hope you enjoy it here. You, to me, are one of the good guys. btw - Pleased to meet you. Michael
  6. Just a comment on impeachment over the weekend. The magician's trick is to get you to look at one hand while the other does the magic trick. When you see the result, it's too late to see it doing the trick. The press is screaming about impeachment blah blah blah. Meanwhile Burr and Durham sally forth. When they unload and the indictments fly, people all over the place are going to wonder how the hell that happened. That's even good storytelling. Michael
  7. Trump has hotels and luxury resorts named after him. Whoopie has a cushion. Michael
  8. The following tweet was put up 20 minutes ago and just taken down. I haven't looked into it. But given today's climate where the name Eric Ciaramella is being blocked on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and God knows where else by the Artificial Intelligence censor, it's reasonable to imagine the AI programmers are feeling their oats. Let's see if this is true. Michael
  9. Don Jr is getting my eye for the 2024 election. He discombobulated the ladies on The View, has a new book out, and is killing it on Twitter: Michael
  10. A tale of two headlines: From Oct. 17, 2019: Zuckerberg defends Facebook as bastion of 'free expression' in speech From today (Nov. 8, 2019): Facebook Scrubs All References To Alleged Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Michael
  11. Just a little more: If you want to see what the press looks like in a tinpot dictatorship, look no further than ABC and CBS. Morally, they are bullies and toadies and little more. When they get caught, they use innocent fall guys (and girls) to keep sucking their toady mouths up to their political masters. Michael
  12. From The Gateway Pundit: “I Caught the Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens!” – President Trump Drops a Bombshell and Communications Director Dan Scavino Teases Major Development Here are the two tweets from the article: and What a great time to be alive. Michael
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnddd... It looks like CBS fired the wrong person. LOL... James O’Keefe: Leaker of Epstein Coverup Tape ‘Still Working for ABC News’ and Fired TV Producer Ashley Bianco Says She Didn’t Leak ABC Clip on Epstein Coverup Here's Megyn Kelly interviewing the fired lady. The tears seems a little too coached for my taste, but if they were coached, I chalk it up to Megyn trying to get back into the game and get some audience going, seeing how she gradually eroded hers when she was a regular on two different networks. Michael
  14. Sinatra and Young Rapper Timothy Williams Here's a young rapper who claims he is hearing Frank Sinatra for the first time. With shopping malls, stores, and so on constantly playing background music, I don't know how true that is, but it's reasonable to believe he's listening intently to Sinatra for the first time. His reactions are so interesting and positive, this video is making the rounds in O-Land Facebook. Here is his Facebook page: Timothy Williams. On YouTube, he has a channel of reacting to songs, so I looked at what else he's done. I only skimmed back 3 months or so. Before this Sinatra song, he seems to have stayed with repertoire suited to young rapper culture with some rock and roll thrown in. (There might be other stuff. I didn't look deeper than a superficial skim.) It's kinda funny that this song, "I've Got You Under My Skin," is the first one he tried out of Sinatra's. (He's done several more by Frankie since--the video above is from mid-September.) In normal rap culture, skin color and the social culture that arose from it are defining foundations (even with white rappers and rappers of other races). So black inner city American social culture is part of this young guy's worldview. Then he started doing a deep dive on Sinatra with a song about going beneath the skin to a more universal story where the feeling is just as intense as anything in his experience. And there are many forms to sing about it that anyone can feel and understand. We all groove, baby. We all get hit hard by love. Every damn one of us. It doesn't matter what's on your skin. So when you find folks who do their way well, go with it and flow with it. Williams didn't talk about any of this the way I just did, but I have no doubt this message hit him like a torpedo gliding through the cultural waters and exploding on the critical spot in his subconscious. He loved it. Very cool watching him. Michael