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  1. If you want a quick idea of how thundering the crowd was at President Trump's rally (without going through the whole thing), here's a short video of his homage to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Meanwhile, back at the Funny Farm, here is what leftwing activists are doing re Sarah (from Rush Limbaugh here😞 Those fanatical idiots would do well to take a good hard look at that rally clip and listen to how loud and long the applause was. If they try their anti-Sarah crap on the wrong person, they could get hurt. Michael
  2. President Trump shined and surpassed everything anyone imagined in his reelection announcement rally in Tampa, FL tonight. Go to about 1:35:30 for the entrance of the President and First Lady, that is unless you like speeches by Don Jr., VP Mike Pence, etc. Melania said a few words before President Trump did, but she was very short. Enjoy. I love thinking about the Dems looking at this as they try to plan for 2020. Michael
  3. I have seen many, many Trump rallies. I have never heard the public as thundering as I did in his reelection announcement rally tonight when the people boomed out, "CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!" It was a friggin' rock concert goosed all the way up. It happened at \about six minutes in and this one really was a humiliation. There was no way for CNN to ignore it or downplay it. Not when it was that loud. btw - CNN cut away from the rally after receiving such a drenching bath of repudiation. (Go to the link below and see the video. I have to embed a crapload of ads and spam or pay to subscribe to embed it here.) CNN Cuts Away From Trump Speech After Crowd Shouts ‘CNN Sucks!’ Michael
  4. Morsi Died Dead in Court Morsi collapsed in court and croaked. Egypt's Former President, Mohamed Morsi, Has Died In Court If you don't remember much about him, here's an image from the article to refresh your memory. That's Hillary Clinton for those who think it's Barbara Streisand. I shouldn't make light of the death of anyone. But there it is. Michael
  5. Jules, Take it to Parler and maybe Minds. Maybe even Steemit. These three are not nearly as big, but they are growing daily like the dickens. So you have a chance to create your public and watch it grow as the platform grows. I am not suggesting any of the the other alt social media platforms I sometimes talk about for beautiful photography like yours because they are 100% devoted to free speech and, as early proponents of free speech, got all the bigots and fringe people that were thrown off the major platforms (in addition to others not so bigoted and fringe like Infowars). I have accounts at these other places, but I rarely post to them because I have to look at some really goofball shit on the feeds. If you don't mind putting your beautiful photos in environments like that (Gab, Bitchute for video and so on), go for it. Believe it or not, many of these goofballs appreciate fine things, they spend money, and almost all of them have family members who do not share their extreme views. The logic of many people who are migrating to the alt social media sites is that they will keep using the mainstream platforms so long as they are not censored, but they are setting up a backup at the alt sites and growing them in a way to eventually become their principal social media presence. Once I start posting a steady stream of commercial content in a project I am setting up at places outside of OL, I, personally, will post that stuff to all of them. And if a bigot buys my stuff, I will say, "Howdy" and "Thank you." I won't do politics or discuss his crazy stuff with him, though. Even if he does Ayn Rand (as quite a few of them do). Michael
  6. I was almost not going to comment on this, but, the way I currently think, to not comment would be cowardice. I'm not even going to try to parse President Trump's words. Let them mean what he implies. As to my thoughts on the substance: I can't stand people burning the American flag. I know what it means. I can't stand the idea of living in a place where one could be punished by the government for burning its flag. I know what that means, too. Also, I'm fine with the current legal status even if it means I have to be fine with a contradiction in my deeper emotions. And as long as I am in this mood, let me go on record. President Trump is wrong--as wrong as wrong can be--to support legal punishment for flag burning. If I were ever to talk to him about it, I would tell him to knock it off. But... I clicked like on his tweet anyway. I'm fine with the contradiction. Michael
  7. This following item is going to get drowned out in the mainstream media and elsewhere else, but it sure as hell will not get drowned out in AG Barr's different legal teams investigating the gross official misconduct at the intelligence agencies. In fact, this is one of those items that is going to sink all the bad guys. It is so egregious, in my opinion, it may set up the means for the investigation to to implicate Clinton and Obama. US Govt's Entire Russia-DNC Hacking Narrative Based On Redacted Draft Of Crowdstrike Report The gist is this. 1. Crowdstrike is a private firm that investigated the DNC server hack. 2. Rather than the DNC turn its servers over to the FBI, it paid Crowdstrike one million dollars to do a forensic analysis. 3. The version of Crowdstrike's findings that served as grounds for a joint FBI/DHS report that claimed Russia did it all, muh Russians!, was not a complete report. Instead it was a draft report with redactions. 4. The DOJ never had and never used an unredacted Crowdstrike report on the DNC server hack. Instead, a redacted draft of the report served as grounds for all later official DOJ business where the Russian hack was taken as a certain fact and official position, including in court and in the Mueller Report. There has been no other primary source the DOJ used that claimed the Russians hacked the DNC server--all such claims ultimately derived from the Crowdstrike draft. 5. (Quoting the article): "... the Crowdstrike analyst who led forensics on the DNC servers is a former FBI employee who Robert Mueller promoted while head of the agency." 6. Crowdstrike has previously put out false information about Russian hacking. In one case as given in the article, it had to officially correct a report where it falsely claimed Russia hacked the Ukrainian military. In other words, Crowdstrike is known to make stuff up about Russian hacking. This is so inept it's breathtaking. But legally, it's a death blow to the defense of any of the future-indicted turkeys who abused their power. Guess who uncovered this thing? Roger Stone through a request in court for the full Crowdstrike analysis. It looks like Mueller's idea of nailing Roger was a real bad idea. And if this goes to where it legally has to go, Roger is going to be a very wealthy man after he sues. Michael
  8. Peter, To William he's mainstream Christian. I didn't even watch the video. I did look on YouTube, though. He has 2,254 views, down-voted by a massive majority and most all of the comments are negative. And knowing YT, this video will be toast before too long. Wow, what a threat... Michael
  9. Oh my God! A rich woman spends money. Call the police! Michael
  10. I don't believe this. The Sandy Hook litigation against Alex Jones has taken a very strange turn. Chris Mattei (an Obama dude) represents some families of kids killed at Sandy Hook in suing Alex because they allege he went on a two year campaign to claim the killing was a hoax. (From what I can tell, I believe they are going to lose this case because it is forensically weak, meaning Alex is not on tape or print doing what they claimed--a huge stretch of the imagination is needed to complete their case.) Earlier this year, Mattei was given a win in the Connecticut court about sifting through the emails of Alex Jones. Alex didn't want him to (after all, there are well over nine million that were being targeted) and Mattei wanted to. The judge said Mattei could. So, as I understand it, Mattei hired a company to do this. And if I got the facts correct, in the first batch the company analyzed, or near the first batch, it uncovered child pornography. If Mattei, or the company he hired, tried to set up Alex, they screwed up big time since neither Alex, nor anybody with access to his servers opened the child porn attachments. Alex turned everything over to the FBI, who is treating him like the victim, not like a suspect. Alex has now offered a one million dollar reward for the conviction of the culprit who did this. Some of the story is here from the Hartford Courant: Alex Jones offers $1M reward as FBI investigates child pornography planted on his Infowars server And, there's this. Alex would not be Alex if there were no profanity-laced video on Infowars to go along with the show. (You have to go to the link to see it and, for those who like these things, it is well worth seeing--Alex ranting and his lawyer telling him to calm down, although the lawyer made a point to say he is backing Alex 100%.) FBI Says Alex Jones Setup With Child Porn In Sandy Hook Case Here is the BitChute link for the video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Rf7xO70j6Jpe/ To me, it looks like the foot-soldiers for the Deep State screwed this one up to the pooch and back, stomped on their dong, then shot themselves in the foot. They make the Watergate plumbers under John Dean look like seasoned espionage pros. Stay tuned for jail time coming and a huge embarrassment to the establishment. Michael
  11. Cool. Here are the 11 steps in the article that are designed to induce one of the conversationalists to "do something different": That looks more like comedy to me than anything else. Talk about bait and switch. The bait: Let's have a "useful conversation" about climate change. (Useful to whom? As Rand says, blank-out.) The switch: Here is an indoctrination funnel we have set up for you to go through. What's worse, that indoctrination funnel qua persuasion is not very good. Pure amateur posturing. The comedy part gets funnier if you imagine the Big Bad Wolf using this funnel on Little Red Riding Hood. Michael
  12. Now that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is stepping down as Press Secretary, time to revive a great idea. From the Babylon Bee, dated June 20th, 2017: Trump Picks Alex Jones As New Press Secretary Michael
  13. I rolled over my name and saw some info about me. When I rolled over your name it said viewing forums index. Glad to know we can keep track of where you are hiding~Peter
    oops. I didn't realize this would be public. edit No it's not. When I logged out the message disappeared from "activity."