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  1. Why am I not surprised? A group that advertises itself as a go-to place for Republicans to get elected is really a a go-to place for Democrats (or those who hold the same values) to get elected as Republicans. This article at the Gateway Pundit talks about Landmark Communications in Georgia, but wanna bet there are similar organizations in all 50 states? BREAKING HUGE: Georgia’s Raffensperger, Sterling and Fuchs All Connected to Firm that Helps Georgia Democrats Run as Republicans And here is the article in The Georgia Record that broke the story. Landmark Communications – The ‘republican’ Political Consulting Firm In Atlanta That Runs Democrats As Republicans, Some With Ties To Chinese Communist Party No time to comment further, but the headlines say it all. The articles give the details on who was propped up by Landmark and how they got busted. Michael
  2. Guardian Angel Gone Wild I was just watching Peter Navarro talking to Steve Bannon. He made a comment in such plain language, it shed light on a dark part of what is going on. The clarity was refreshing. I wont give the exact quote because I don't want to spend time hunting for the text on the video and transcribing it (but you can if you want--see here ). But I will paraphrase. Navarro said that Fauci never imagined in a million years that the virus would escape the Wuhan Lab. What he really wanted to do over there was create a deadly virus, then create a vaccine for it. That nails it. In addition to being an evil fuck whose greed for government money knows no bounds, he's a basket case with a guardian angel complex. His type usually appear in hospitals where they (trying hard to not get caught) make helpless patients suddenly sick so when the alarms go off, they can show up out of nowhere and save the day. Some arsonists are like this. They set fire to buildings with people in them so they can show up and rescue those people. Actually, anybody who causes accidents or illness so they can save the day are like this. The Death Con By acting in such manners, Fauci has been responsible for countless deaths over the years. His favorite trick is to withhold medication while telling dying people that a vaccine is on the way. Then ignoring the issue as people drop like flies and he sucks money from the government. That is exactly what he did with AIDS. (See the movie, The Dallas Buyer's Club, for a film version of how this process played out.) This is what happens when the government and private sector get too entangled. A monster like Anthony Fauci gets in charge of vast sums of research money for things that can cause an enormous amount of damage. The rest is history all throughout organized civilization. Floyd Ferris Fauci's Atlas Shrugged counterpart is Floyd Ferris, who was in charge of vast sums of government money, cultivated and intimidated scientists with funding, and came up with that damn Project X. If you want a great mental image for Floyd Ferris, look at Anthony Fauci. Michael
  3. btw - Kevin Haggerty is a sweetheart of a guy. We sometimes exchange pleasantries on Facebook. He's totally woo-woo now (I mean, really woo-woo ) and I wish him all the best. I am not on that wavelength, but I will not scoff at human beings when they find gentle happiness. In fact I celebrate it. Michael
  4. William, Er... VP? Really? I thought you had better taste than that. (sigh) You can dress them up, but you can't take them anywhere... Michael
  5. Wanna see a tell? One that signals just how bad the Deep State is unraveling? Let's not forget that Chuck Schumer is one of the Congressional happy faces the Deep State puts on for the public. And let's not forget that the intelligence community is a fundamental part of the Deep State, Remember when Schumer said the following to Rachel Maddow (see here)? Remember how smug he was? Well, in the video below, he no longer seems so smug. When he made that comment to Rachel Maddow, he was in the minority and as smug as a bug in a rug. Now he's on top of the world and he lost his smugness. In fact, he looks worried, despite his attempt to keep up a happy face. What happened, Chucky? Dem Senator Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters: ‘How Could 74 Million People Vote For a Despicable, Racist, Vile Man?’ (VIDEO) And here's the video: Take a pause and introspect a second. That sudden kinetic feeling you have in your chest is your heart warming. I know mine is. Michael
  6. It's only Jimmy Dore satire (and some of it is quite funny ), but these assholes--Hunter and Joe--deserve this. If anyone knows how to launder money, they do. Michael
  7. A couple of oddball moments in the Coronavirus saga. The first is a comment I heard from somewhere or other. COVID-19 is the first virus in history that needed a publicity and propaganda machine to keep reminding folks that it exists. That's true. Notice that the news is never about what medicine to take if you get it, measures to take to keep from dying from it, etc., etc., etc. It's all about pointing fingers at people, ramming the vaccines down the public's throats, politicians defending or resisting lockdowns, masks and so on. And on and on and on. It's never about being sick and what to do. It's only about how much government control can be dressed up in fear mongering. If the publicity and propaganda machine shut down their fear mongering to sell government control and only focused on the facts about the virus, what to do if you get sick, the medicines available, etc. nobody would talk about COVID-19 anymore. It's pretty easy to cure if you get it. The second is an analysis of the nonverbal signals during the clash in the Senate. The body language lady further took Fauci apart. BODY LANGUAGE - FAUCI VS RAND PAUL IN CONGRESS One of my favorite parts, though was her observation about the two ladies sitting next to Fauci. When Rand started speaking, one of the ladies got a smug sanctimonious smile on her face. Then when Rand said it was a crime to lie to Congress, stress appeared. I'm not sure these stills give it justice, but the effect pops on video, albeit the moment is quick. Another lady literally looked down her nose at Rand. One of the things Bombard kept pointing out was how much Fauci kept looking at another person up beside Rand, especially in moments when Fauci needed help. He was definitely signaling the person. And, of course, there was his contained anger that he couldn't let go after the exchange while a friendly Senator sucked up to him. Rand got to him. Now, hopefully after the criminal referral, law enforcement will, too. But I don't think much will happen in that direction so long as the Biden junta is in office. There's later, though, and the criminal referral is on record. Michael
  8. Daily travails of the writer's life. Finding just the right word: Michael
  9. In President Trump's speech, he had more of a potty mouth than normal. But my absolute favorite was this one: Michael
  10. President Trump's “Rally to Protect Our Elections” speech tonight in Phoenix, AZ, put on by Turning Point USA. Here's an article if you want to read about some of the details. The video is at President Trump's own video account at Rumble. You need to scroll the video to about 38:34 to get to the beginning (with a small bit of introductory music). President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point Action Michael
  11. William, The people behind this audit are not playing around. In the beginning, they made people working within and around the audit agree to not share data with anyone. Anyone. They meant it. It's not a hard concept. btw - Bennet was not a director even though the headline said he was a director. He was a liaison between the audit and the Arizona Senate. A messenger boy, so to speak. Just as the Biden supporters want to spin that Bennet could not enter the building because he showed data that Biden won, I could also spin and say Bennet probably took a bribe or something to betray his oath. That's why he shared a small portion of the data in exchange for money (or to keep from being blackmailed by pedophilia or something). Of course, I wouldn't say that. I would insinuate it with weasel words. Does that change anyone's life? yawn... Fake news is as fake news does... Michael
  12. At least the Coronavirus debacle taught people to get creative. Even religious people. Here's a fine way to sprinkle Holy Water on a baby. Michael
  13. I'm stupid. I don't have a clue what this means and I have no wish to look things up. I wish it were funny since it is in the humor thread. Michael
  14. Here's an article on it. BOOM! Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines — Govt. Suppressing Information! (VIDEO) The truth has no agenda. People have agendas. So should one seek truth or seek people who say things we like? The answer seems obvious, but look around. Tons of examples of the error exist on all sides. Since the government and establishment are so committed to stamping out the voices of people who disagree with their agenda, it's easy to conclude that they are not telling the truth about anything. Don't fall for that trap. The government and establishment are acting hideously, so they should be blamed for that. Which means it behooves a person interested in truth to look to other sources of information. One of the inventors of the vaccine technology being used is a pretty good source. I think the chances of him being wrong are miniscule in comparison with the chances of CNN being wrong. Michael
  15. T, Isn't it odd that so many people want to keep the public from access to medicine in order to corral them into vaccine lines? It reminds me of Temple Grandin's system on how to kill cows without them getting anxiety. The whole concept is to gradually remove movement options from the cow while keeping it in a good mood, and gradually restrict its perception. In Grandin's process, a cow gradually sees less and less of what happens to the cow in front of it (which is the reason for the gradual tightening of the path into a single file, all the curves and the sudden appearance of a solid wall), it does not get to see the person who will kill it, and it does not get to see how it will be killed and disposed of. From the cow's perspective, one minute it is, then instantly it is not. I am not saying the people at the top who promoted vaccines are metaphorically doing this, but I don't rule it out, either. People who think of other human beings as human livestock (in other words, elitists) are well aware of this process. It's not a large leap to imagine one of them adapting this template, or at least the reasoning behind it, for their plans. The way the propaganda machine moves in lockstep, and what the propagandists are doing in lockstep, sure looks like a plan of gradually removing movement options from the public while keeping people in a good mood (feeling more or less safe from danger), and gradually restricting their perception. Michael