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  1. Ellen, I think this is a direct result of the work of people like Dr. Malone (and others), especially in his recent summit in Italy. Also, the 2 FDA people resigning could have been a wake-up call. Steve Bannon (and a few of his guests) wants Richard Horton fired from The Lancet, and probably tarred and feathered, for allowing that publication to be used as a propaganda tool to spread lies for the CCP. I agree with him. At least The Lancet people are now correcting their mistakes. Michael
  2. One can hope... Is Hillary Attorney Marc Elias in Legal Jeopardy Alongside Attorney Michael Sussmann? Is This Why He Left Perkins Coie? WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Hillary attorney Marc Elias was involved in nearly every 2020 Election court case representing the Democrats. We saw Elias in not one but two cases in Georgia with corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad... Durham? Michael
  3. TG, Peter's a good guy. Seriously, he's one of the good guys. Each person needs their own time to separate from trusted elements in their lives. Peter still trusts the sources he consults. He's said so openly. I believe the idea of them betraying him comes with the emotional charge of thinking about his wife betraying him. It's something inconceivable. So it's hard. But people at large are getting deluged with so many lies and misbehavior by those in charge (including the fake news media), they are coming around. Peter has a good mind, so I have no doubt he will end up seeing many truths even though the narrative of those he trusts say otherwise. That belief in sources is what the oligarchy has been counting on for most people. Rather than argue with people, they simply corrupted the sources. And that's hard to accept for most people. Not intellectually. On a deeper level. But the truth eventually shines through. Remember how long it took for people to realize the good Trump was doing as President? And even so, some still think he's a Russian spy. I would never want Peter, or anyone on OL for that matter, to bear false witness to his mind in order to succumb to peer pressure. It just takes time and patience. And there are no guarantees. But in general, the truth eventually takes root in the minds of most people of good will no matter how hard it is to accept at first. To me, Peter is one such person of good will. Michael
  4. William, Damn right. Eventually charging them doesn't wipe out the months of incarceration without charging them. And some, who would have been granted huge payouts (after a long court battle), like the Buffalo Horn shaman dude, ended up pleading guilty to a trumped up minor charge to get minimum punishment. That was after being held for a long time without being charged. They wore him down. Of those now being charged, have you noticed the plethora of misdemeanors? I can't think of a single misdemeanor that justifies months of incarceration without charges and solitary confinement. Michael
  5. Peter, Guilty or not, which is a matter for the courts, holding people in jail for 6 months and longer--some in solitary confinement--without charging them is not justice in the American sense of the word. That's banana republic stuff. The good news is that Sidney Powell and several other attorneys are going to make those victims of abuse of power extremely wealthy in the end at the expense of the American government. Michael
  6. I want to emphasize with the article below that I am not against vaccines. I am against the lack of professionalism, the incompetence, the politics, etc. etc. etc. in the way vaccines are propagandized and abused by the current oligarchy, especially filtering everything through the prism of crony Big Government profits to crony Big Pharma. Sarah Palin and Dr. Drew are not on board with the vaccine abuses now happening. Sarah already had COVID-19 and is comfortable with her autoimmune system's natural defenses. She has no plans to get the coronavirus vaccine. Dr. Drew backed her up. Sarah Palin Announces That She Is Unvaccinated Because She Believes In “Science,” Dr. Drew Backs Up Her Claims WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Sarah Palin has said that she has not received the COVID-19 vaccination shot because she “believes in science” “Gutfeld!” with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin aired on Fox News on Thursday... Michael
  7. And here's the follow-up to that on The Gateway Pundit. BREAKING: Armed Person Detained at J6 Rally is Undercover Agent, Pulls Out Badge (VIDEO) WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM There was a heavy police presence at the US Capitol on Saturday in anticipation of a rally in support of the January 6 political prisoners. Demonstrators will show support for the January 6 political prisoners... From the article (my bold): LOLOLOLOL... I know I already laughed about this in an earlier post, but as I was preparing this one, a belly laugh came up and I just couldn't contain it. Michael xxx
  8. And here comes the mocking. I hope the MAGA people are as merciless as Catturd and keep this going for a while. Michael
  9. They can do the following, like fall off the turnip truck in front of everybody. No sooner did I post my last post then this popped up. It's on video. Like I said, pathetic fools... Michael
  10. The MAGA movement people have gotten savvy about being set up. Police Overestimated Security Force for Peaceful 'Justice for J6' Rally Why so many police? Here's a better question. How many of the police were plants to encourage or even manufacture violence so the oligarchy machine could get sound bites and clips to blame it on the hoards of "out-of-control white power racists"? Well, all the opportunity they got was pure fizzle. After all, what can they do with a few dozen protestors amid gobs of cops? They can do nothing, that's what. But they can look like pathetic fools, like the 12 FBI agents they felt they needed to set up the 6 militia guys in the Whitmer kidnapping plot. The trouble with the bad guys being too brazen in a set-up is they can't do it again with the same result. So the MAGA people, instead of making a large fun party, which is what they do when they gather in large numbers, are now focusing on election audits, lawsuits, filling local power positions at school boards and election committees and the like, and, hell, even buying more pillows and towels than they need to fund a passionate hero who has the people behind the election machine hackers by the balls. And here's a prediction. The people who are now deploying massive police and military presence against MAGA people over their propaganda fiction will soon see many of those same career cops and law enforcement agents come for them for real crimes. By "career cops and law enforcement agents," I mean the good guys who work there. I'm excluding the Deep State assholes and plants, of course. Michael
  11. According to Wendy Rodgers, CyberNinjas will have full access to the routers and spunk logs. Since a jointly approved intermediary (Special Master) is being used for the hands-on part, I guess it boils down to what "full access" means. I think the following--or something similar--is what will be used in court. Full access to information from the routers and spunk logs that the questioners to the intermediaries will find reliable and the answers from the intermediaries will be accepted as true in court. I am sure if there is monkey-business by Shadegg or his team, CyberNinjas will throw a fit and the Senate legal-eagles will move in. Does anyone really doubt that, at this stage of the tug-of-war, they already have strategies in place for all contingencies? Michael
  12. Marc, After a while of boiling, the numbers don't matter. This is Melbourne yesterday. Melbourne protesters charge police lines, violent clashes at Qld Freedom Rally WWW.SKYNEWS.COM.AU Viral footage has been posted on social media of Melbourne protesters charging through police lines as thousands of Queenslanders gathered in Brisbane for a Freedom Day rally. Here's an easier video (from the article): That makes me feel good for the Aussies. They may get problems indiviudally from this, but this is the only thing that is going to stop the Marxist takeover. Whodda thunk this kind of protesting would kick off over a health issue? Michael
  13. I couldn't figure out where to put this meme, so I searched the forum a bit and this older thread seemed like a good place. The cop in the video in the opening post to this thread was not as patient, but was equally satisfying. Michael
  14. I got the following in an email newsletter from Sidney Powell. How to beat the virus with early treatment - by Steven E. Greer, MD - The Greer Journal GREERJOURNAL.SUBSTACK.COM July 22, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD I woke up yesterday with a slight malaise and I sneezed once. I knew I had come down with a virus of some sort. It was very mild and in the early stages, but I got ahead of... Here is the part Sidney included in the newsletter: That looks like pretty sound advice. People are doing similar things all over the world now and getting similar results. Incidentally, I had a nasty case of the flue about 3 or 4 years ago. It knocked me on my ass for a week and Kat was ready to take me to the hospital. We went to the pharmacy first, and the lady there suggested Tamiflu. I took it and the virus cleared right up. I don't know if this was due to the pill (I think I only took 3 or 4 doses), or that the flu had run its course, or both. But I survived and that's the important part for me. Michael
  15. William, Read it better. That's not the oligarchy. That's not even close to the oligarchy or what the oligarchy wants. In case it's not obvious to you, the oligarchy wants to shut down the audit. They've only been saying that to everybody and their families, including shouting it to the four winds since the audit got serious. But I realize you are busy and may have missed this, so now you are informed. But if the oligarchy is somehow involved, their next task will be to do what they do best, that is corrupt or blackmail Shaddeg. I looked into Shadegg (more about him below). I find this possibility remote. Possible, but really remote. And granted, this issue is not over until it's over, but this go around doesn't look good for the election fraudsters. If it were a football game, it would be like getting the two minute warning with a score of 68 to 3. Just to be clear, the fraudsters have the 3 points. Money talks and bullshit walks In my view, this agreement is one more validation of the adage: Money talks and bullshit walks. The county was about to lose a crapload of money. So it caved. And since the county caved big-time, the Shaddeg Special Master provision was put in for face-saving more than anything else. It provides an out for some of the rationalizations they gave for not complying with the Senate subpoenas at the time. (That nonsense about exposing law enforcement info, etc.) Notice that Shaddeg will hire his own team. So this arrangement will go beyond him regardless. The bad guys can corrupt a team member or more, but Shadegg can also hire people friendly to CyberNinjas if he likes. He has sole discretion. In the way this will play out, I expect to see leaks and possibly some resistance here and there (I bet Shaddeg--or those hired by him--is getting offered a pretty penny from those about to go to jail ), but I don't expect to see the gross fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. Shaddeg doesn't have to submit a report, but he does have to put his name to the answers he provides to the Senate and counsel backstage. My first impression of John Shadegg I looked him up. He seems to be an old conservative hard-ass with a squish. Granted, he supported McCain and Romney, but hell, back during the elections, so did I (with misgivings, but I did). He was involved with the Tea Party starting back in 2009. And, from everything I have seen so far, he left politics about a decade ago by choice. Was it because of migrating to a money-lined sinecure or was it because he was disgusted? He says he was disgusted. Maybe. But I wasn't up to spending hours digging into his life after politics to verify. Shadegg came down on the right side of the main issues (i.e., the Trump side) during Trump's first term of office, but he sometimes added typical non-damaging admissions (he thought Trump went overboard with aggressiveness at times, or Trump did some things that were ill advised, etc.--I didn't see him say anything about the following on my quick scan, but from the image I've gotten of him, I bet he complained lightly about Trump's tweeting. ) Some on the left are calling him a huge Trump supporter and some on the right are calling him a RINO never-Trumper. I don't think he's either. I saw him on a 2019 Fox video and he seemed to be a reasonable person. To my knowledge, he hasn't been involved as a bad guy in a major scandal and he doesn't appear to want to be. And he seems to have a good strong bullshit meter. Will the dark side corrupt him? After all, the county requested him and will pay his fees. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's a toady to them. The county was backed into a corner as it was close to losing millions. I believe Shadegg came in as a compromise just so the county could save face and, possibly and inadvertently prompt some vulnerability to arise that they could possibly exploit. An attempt to set up a Hail Mary pass, so to speak. Tomorrow, no doubt Bannon will address this. So I will know more about Shadegg then. Michael