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  1. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Nike fun, doing it

    Would be funny if not so true: Michael
  2. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    LOL... Perfect: Michael
  3. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Trump humor

    A little dark humor: No smiley for that one... Michael
  4. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Trump humor

    Jonathan, The people who like SNL in its current evolution will not see something far more toxic, but it's there. And it's an "official signal" (I like that term ). This week's opening skit was about Jeff Sessions cleaning out his office (see here). But it really wasn't about that. It was about how stupid and inferior White Southerners are. A typical joke from the skit is Sessions holding up a framed picture and saying this was his family tree. But the picture is of a barren tree. He points to a branch and says, "This was my room." As a standalone joke, I suppose it's OK and even funny in the right context, but in a series of things like that, the message is: Yuk yuk yuk. Look at how stupid and godawful them hillbillies are. Note, this is different than redneck humor, which is generally good-natured. This is spiteful mockery of a stereotype. Frankly, I didn't watch more than two minutes of that skit. I felt dirty watching it It's the same level of humor as old vaudeville skits about poor blacks eating watermelon and chitlin's as they drawl and shuffle with a shit-eating grin on their faces. A similar sketch to the Sessions one would be Ben Carson (or Don Lemon) doing those poor black stereotype things, but SNL doesn't have the balls to do that these days. It's not because they don't want to. It's because "muh racists" is poison in the culture at this point in time and they need to virtue signal (to the public and to themselves), so they tell themselves that black bigotry is fundamentally different than white bigotry. But make no mistake about it. Elitist intellectuals like this kind of bigoted humor--and don't think they don't laugh at poor black trash stereotypes in addition to Southern white trash... they do in private. I've seen it up close. I'm not crazy about the emotional tone one has to develop in to enjoy this kind of humor. It totally lacks benevolence. You need to believe for real you are a superior human life form above the human livestock out there even though your belief is tinged with hidden shame and guilt. I just can't live like that and concentrate on the things I love. Michael
  5. AH, That's OK. I didn't understand your answer. Michael
  6. That's an amazing statement. I stand in awe... AH. Serious question. Are you autistic or something similar? Not mockery. Not pity. Just curiosity and goodwill. Michael
  7. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    One of the best layman's explanations I have seen so far of the current election fraud in Florida was by Rush Limbaugh today. I don't just mean opinion. I mean explaining how the darn thing works. It's a bit long--and yes, it contains Rush's slant--but information-wise, it is well worth the effort to read it. Democrat Mobs Stealing Elections in Florida and Arizona I'll highlight a few things, but I don't have time to do a great job of it, but I think you can get a gist of the important points. That's pretty clear. Provisional ballots need checking. Anyone can cast a provisional ballot just by showing up. Lots of people, the homeless, the poor, people from other counties and states, etc., are bused in by Democrats to cast a provisional ballot (including, of course, illegal aliens). Some even vote multiple times. Some hop from one polling place to another all day long. When these are not enough, the corrupt folks who want to steal the election get boxes of blank provisional ballots and simply fill them in themselves. And local authorities like Snipes extend the cutoff date for recording the number of provisional ballots that exist, even though this is against the law. And in Snipes's case, she had them burned last time after the tallies were entered. That ain't gonna happen this time. Michael
  8. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Trump humor

    I can't help it... I love these things: LOL... Michael
  9. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    It had to be Jonathan Chait. Enjoy your fake news with the spin on top. Meanwhile, it looks like the pahtee is ovah, mah lad... Judge rules in Gov. Scott's favor, orders Snipes to allow ballot inspections immediately This Snipes lady has a real issue with following simple law. I don't think it's going to work out well for her this go around. btw - Someone asked out on the Interwebs a very good question. Can anyone remember any case where thousands and tens of thousand of new votes for any Republican candidate suddenly appeared during recounts? Any? It sure happens with Democrats a lot when they have lost... Michael
  10. William, Since no one else even hints at this, you just said it, and everyone on OL speaks for himself or herself (did you miss that memo, hmmmm? ), I have to say I am very surprised you admit to posturing as a savior of mankind and trying to save the world against widespread evil from OL. But I admire the ambition. It reminds me of an old joke from Brazil. Michael
  11. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    This is not going to end well for the corrupt this go around. Michael
  12. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    20 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said: For those interested and have no idea who Matt Whitaker is, here is the Acting AG. Michael
  13. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Great news: This thing will now go to the Supreme Court and get resolved for real, saying what is constitutional and what is not. No weasel word like "likely." Then all those little bitty judges who like to grandstand against President Trump will no longer be able to steal a national audience they did not create and do not deserve. At least no longer on this issue. Michael
  14. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    William, The crony corporatist media of course. And it's manipulating everyone who is not crony corporatist media or at least an elitist. They don't care much about Acosta. They care a shit load more about the fact that an Infowars video was used by Sarah Sanders. Infowars cuts into their bottom line and their gatekeeping power. As to truth, Acosta's misbehavior, exaggerations, free speech, respecting the office of the presidency, etc. etc. etc., those are all minor details to them. (Apropos, Rush Limbaugh believes CNN--for a long time--has been trying to get someone like Acosta banned from the White House press as that will give CNN a victimization story to run forever.) The real problem right now for the crony corporatist media is the proof that they have not eradicated the relevance of Infowars as the symbol of alt media success. The fake news mainstream media wants a monopoly or cartel and it pisses them to the gills they can't get it, especially when they get some small wins. So they manipulate public perception as much as they can get away with. And good people, bad people, some smart people and outright gullible fools fall for it. And when that happens: Ka Ching! More unearned money and power flows to the insider top... As the public gets screwed once again... Michael
  15. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Now Come the Leftist Goons

    Now Come the Leftist Goons An Antifa mob showed up at Tucker Carlson's house demanding he leave town or else. He has a wife and four kids who live with him in that house. And the goons threatened that this was just the beginning. DC Antifa Publishes Home Addresses of Tucker Carlson and His Brother — As Well As Ann Coulter, Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity This isn't the only leftie violent reaction to the elections. I'll put up more as we go along. If you see something, please post it. Michael