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  1. President Trump made the tweet below, Sol made the meme in response--that is what's embedded. But then he retweeted Sol's meme and now it's in his Twitter feed. Man, with all the violence in the meme, I can't wait to see the anti-Trumper heads explode because he retweeted it. LOL... Sol absolutely lived up to her comment in this one. She is gloriously twisted. Michael
  2. Rudy's cooking. He's already got No. 9 up and I haven't even seen it yet. Common Sense Ep. 9 | The BLOCKBUSTER Report & RAPE of Ukraine | Part 2 In the YouTube comment, Soros is mentioned a lot, so I imagine there is some dirt on Soros in this video. I'll comment later. But don't let me stop you. If you are following this, and God knows why you wouldn't seeing that it is one of the most important political things unfolding at the seed level in current US history, then enjoy. Later when the inevitable earth-shattering kaboom happens, you and I will know what caused it. And maybe, armed with a clear vision, we will be able to shooch out of the way to avoid any fallout that lands in our neighborhoods. Michael
  3. Ellen, I have great affection for Bob. Even at his most Aspie. (He could be trying, though. ) I hope his participation on OL over the years has been a joy to him. He was scorned just about everywhere else he went on the Internet. I'm sorry I never met him in person. And I hope whatever he is going through right now is not awful. It can't be great, but I hope it's bearable and has some upsides. Michael
  4. Another one. Drip, drip, drip... Common Sense Ep. 8 | Inside the Prosecutor's File and Bombshell Documents Rudy is nailing Joe Biden for corruption, bribery, money laundering, etc., when he was the sitting Vice President of the United States. I'm loving it. Michael
  5. Incidentally, "The Bees and the Flowers" was co-written: Frederick Kohner and Albert Mannheimer. Here is the description from Concord Theatricals: THE BEES AND THE FLOWERS If anyone is interested, here is the Wikipedia entry for the 1948 movie: Three Daring Daughters. Since the play made it to movie production (and was turned into a musical at that), the play was not the total flop one might presume from Rand's letter. Both Frederick Kohner and Albert Mannheimer were the screenwriters, but two others were added: Sonya Levien and John Meehan. That's four screenwriters for one movie. Fun fact about Mannheimer, who wrote other plays and screenplays. He wrote a few episodes of the TV show, "Gidget." Michael
  6. Jon, The quote is from a letter Ayn Rand wrote to Albert Mannheimer in 1946 (as published by the book of her letters, which, hopefully, is more or less correct). Here is the entire letter as published, with the editor's comments at the beginning. I bolded the quote. Michael
  7. Which Democrat won the Dem primary debate in Nevada tonight? I say it was Hillary Clinton. Michael
  8. I've released the restriction on Brad. Should he resume posting here, hopefully he will understand the point, which I was unable to communicate through words. Apparently he doesn't grok phrases like, "Knock it off," and I was unable to speak in a language he understood. Should he not resume posting... OK. Michael
  9. Bloomberg hired professional meme makers to take on Trump. He's not going to stand a chance on that front with the sheer amount of talent that makes pro-Trump memes for free. LOL... Michael
  10. I have been reading Loserthink by Scott Adams. He deals with the very topic under discussion here and spells out the scam I have always sensed and tried to describe as best I could. Scott did a much better job. The gist is that in deciding on whether manmade CO2 causes climate change, we not only get information second hand--after all, very few people make the measurements themselves, therefore most people rely on and pass on what someone says, not what they themselves experienced--we only get to see successes, not failures. And that is very similar to a popular "narrowing down" stock scam. This leads to the blind certainty of the gloom-and-doomers. Here are Scott's words from the book (where he also describes the scam). This is why I believe Brad and William run from answering Jonathan's questions. They are in the sweet spot of the scam targets and that, allied to the social proof and peer pressure of those they read and hang out with who agree with them, makes them certain. They don't need to answer simple questions about climate science and the scientific method and couldn't if they tried--unless they said we need to learn a lot more before we can be certain of any large-scale predictions. And that includes whether man-produced CO2 causes major climate change. Granted, the climate change computer models always fail eventually, at least they have up to now, so that might make it seem like the stocks scam isn't relevant. But short term, scientists stake their reputations on these models and everyone on the manmade climate change side touts how correct they are. And they never say, "Oops," when their climate models blow up. So the public perception is that these models are successful. Sometimes they need to be "refined," but this is tweaking success, not fixing failure. That's the perception. The reality is pure failure. Michael
  11. A minimum spend is probably a measure to cut down on fake reviews. If you publish or sell a book on Amazon, you can buy fake reviews to fool buyers into thinking this is a kickass book worth buying because so many people think it's awesome. And it's all baloney. Amazon always has a massive headache with this. Spam--in this case review spam--is a serious problem and it's a hard one to combat to general satisfaction. No platform owner who tries to deal with platform abuse will ever please everyone. At least things are not like they were at the beginning of the Internet when you would type a term like "computer keyboards" into a search engine like Alta Vista and get a bunch of search results related to penis enlargement and college loans. Still, recently on Amazon, I have seen fake text in the descriptions and Questions and Answers sections. The most recent I found, if I remember correctly, was advice about battery recharging and resistance to leaks for the powdered matcha tea I was looking at (I actually like to drink this stuff, after mixing with boiling water, of course). Michael
  12. Blago is out. President Trump commuted his sentence. Yay! (But don't get me wrong. We all know Blago was no saint.) From Breitbart: Donald Trump Commutes Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s Jail Sentence There are so many reasons for President Trump to do this, it's not funny. Here are just a few off the top of my head. 1. All Blago did--essentially--was mouth off on the phone. 2. Blago was really punished, not for mouthing off, but for potentially embarrassing the newly elected President Obama since it was Obama's Senate seat he was crowing about and negotiating. Blago was a sacrificial lamb to show the country that President Obama would be impartial since Blago was a Democrat. 3. It's just plain fun to turn the rationale in Number 3 around and say President Trump is commuting Blago's sentence to prove that he is impartial, given that Blago is a Democrat. 4. Blago has already served 7 years of the 14 year sentence. In any rational universe, that is more than enough for what he was convicted for. In fact, in weighing the context of what other politicians did and do, etc., etc., etc., Blago's conviction was more persecution than justice, so commuting his sentence was simply the right thing to do. This is realigning justice from abuse to reality--in this case, to the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law. 5. The same people who tried to take President Trump down in the Deep State are the same people who took Blago down (see the article). So this is a warning shot to them and the rest of the Deep State that war is now declared by the Trump side. And it's real. 6. By President Trump doing this for Blago, just as he did something similar for Scooter Libby, both from opposing camps, Trump eases with way in public perception into pardoning Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and others in his camp. 7. Most of all, commuting Blago's sentence is a thumb in the eye of former President Obama. One that hurts. There are more reasons, including one more fake news press shitstorm that President Trump likes to cause so he can redirect the attention elsewhere, but that should do it for now. btw - This event is in the Deep State Unraveling thread because it is a clear demonstration of the Deep State's waning power. Michael
  13. And here's the funniest satire I've seen of the Dem primaries. It's from Prntly. State Farm Cancels Bloomberg’s Life Insurance After Hillary VP Announcement Michael