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  1. What would Ayn Rand think of the MeToo Movement? Everybody knows what the MeToo movement is. It started not too long ago after some high profile celebrity cases of sexual abuse against women resulted in penalties for the accused (except for Bill Clinton, of course). I got to thinking... the rape scene in The Fountainhead has always caused a lot of cognitive dissonance in O-Land, especially Rand's "rape by engraved invitation" quip. I've also been reading Rand's Journals (as part of my fiction writing studies). As I was reading, suddenly I blinked my eyes. I couldn't believe what I just read. Does anyone know what Rand's original image of Dominique Francon was? A priestess... That's right... A priestess... Rand said it several times. But the last time made me think of the MeToo movement. Here are Rand's words for this last time. She is talking about Howard Roark and this quote is in her notes to herself before she wrote the book. Hmmmm... "Were it necessary, he could rape her and feel perfectly justified." He did! He did! "Without great concern for the question of whether she wants it," at that. Well... There we have it, then... I guess Ayn Rand would not have been good material for the MeToo movement. Michael
  2. Michael Stuart Kelly

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    Carol, You wouldn't be referring to when I compared the corrupt epistemology of the modern progressive mob mentality when they make a zealous attack on innocent people to the mob mentality of the KKK holding a trial before hanging a black man, or the mob mentality of Islamist fanatics judging a homosexual before throwing him off a building, would you? I mean, come on. The analogies work. The mob mentality, the savage attack on innocents, the pretense at rational judgment, the covering of heads with masks of the henchmen, and the corrupt epistemology are pretty much the same in all cases. What could possibly be there to object to? (smiling innocently ) I appreciate the offer, but I'm not competing and, besides, I don't chew Bubble gum. Michael
  3. Michael Stuart Kelly

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    Carol, And to pretend that this is the only use of analogy and metaphor is, well, surfing without a wave. btw - Does overuse of trivial gotchas as validation of one-sided agreed upon fact within a bubble? I never see you complain about them. Anyhoo, if you ever get around to reading ITOE, look up the part about "abstracting from abstractions." When you do that, what do you think you are doing if not using metaphors? Thinking outside the box or donning a mental straight-jacket or something? Also, I suggest at least looking online at a book like Lakoff's before trying to blank out his ideas from existence. He's a flaming leftie, but this is a good book. This book, in fact, is one of the classics of modern understanding of how the mind works. Just a suggestion. But I understand if you don't take it. I wouldn't want to interrupt your awe of yourself session. That's a sacred moment. Michael
  4. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    For the record, the elites of the European Union are elitists and globalists of the sort I talk about above. Michael
  5. Michael Stuart Kelly

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    I noticed that William just reacted to this old post with a "confused" icon. I know these days he is worried about debunking all forms of argument by analogy. I don't quite understand why, but we all have our personal quests. For anyone interested in a symbolic line of abstract reasoning, try this book: Metaphors We Live By, by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. From the book (first paragraph of first chapter): They continue a few paragraphs later to give one illustration (of many that come later in the book): That's just the beginning of the rabbit hole. It goes way deeper. As it turns out, metaphors are the building blocks of not only most higher level abstractions, but lower level as well. It's an interesting book with interesting ideas. Also, as this was written by a neuroscientist who is a flaming leftie (Lakoff), it might be more palatable to some folks than an argument coming from the hoi polloi of the libertarian right. Michael
  6. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Another qualification. Most, if not all, globalists are elitists and vice-versa when they think about politics. Globalism does not mean free trade between nations with more or less equal tariffs and subsidies. Globalism means insider crony corporatism between nations, ultimately leading to a one world government of some sort. Organizations like the WTO (World Trade Organization), which are shot through and through with globalist elitists, are the seeds. Michael
  7. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Oddly enough, many elitists think that President Trump belongs to the livestock species. It galls them to no end that he is President and one of their kind is not. I get tickled by this until I start feeling sorry for them. Michael
  8. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, In trying to set up your gotcha, you didn't read a word I said, did you? That's OK, though. If you ever want to think about it, there is a difference between an identification and a taunt. President Trump was taunting the elitists while making his base feel good in his comment about "super-elites." It's kinda like a cheerleader does in a sports game or a pro wrestler trash talking his opponent. But if you don't want to think about it and hold firm to a gotcha, I don't mind. Michael
  9. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, Elitism is a collectivist mindset. A form of bigotry. An elitist believes he is innately superior to the bulk of humanity and belongs to an informal club--a kind of superior species--where the rest of humanity is like livestock in relation. He may say the contrary, but deep down inside, this is his promise to himself and his deepest conviction (even when this causes him anxiety). As an example, a southern white slave owner from centuries past were elitists in the way they thought about blacks. They literally thought blacks were an inferior form of subhuman. Modern elitists believe something similar about most working class Americans who strive for self-reliance. And they are irritated with the self-reliance part. (Who the hell do these people think they are? And so on...) President Trump is an individualist. He believes every individual can strive for greatness and deserves all the fruits of his endeavor. President Trump's critics always try to characterize his excellence at leadership and wealth with elitism and his love of America as a collectivism of sorts. These things are fundamentally different. Wealth is not character. If you don't know what leadership means, I can suggest a slew of books from the business and self-help literature. And if you think loving America is collectivist, Ayn Rand herself was such a collectivist. President Trump loves America in the same manner Ayn Rand loved America. Michael
  10. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    btw - That's to induce cognitive dissonance. Michael
  11. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Aaaaaannnnd... here's my reaction. (I want to embed it without the tweet, but I haven't yet figured out how to extract the gif.) Michael
  12. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Carol, The no-man's-land is outside the bubble. Scary... Michael
  13. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Carol, LOL... Cute. Michael
  14. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    Here's an example of fakes news blindness answered perfectly by Donald Trump Jr.. It won't get Cillizza to see, but he does see others say they see the same thing as Donald Trump Jr. If Cillizza is a toady and political hack, there is no help for him and the answer is a perfect brush-off. His issue is power and doesn't deserve respect. But if he is sincere, if he truly thinks he is virtuous, the response to the answer from people he respects will cause cognitive dissonance in his head. That cognitive dissonance is the crack through which one day he might see. (I think Cillizza's a toady, though. ) Michael
  15. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, William got bugged because I compared the collectivist mob mentality of progressives and elitists to the KKK lynching a black man or fanatical Islamists throwing a homosexual off the roof of a building.. That kind of analogy stings. Michael