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  1. Ellen, What do you think he was before being a boxer? The streets, baby. That's where his worldview comes from. Even though he later went far both physically and spiritually, the streets will still be in him. Michael
  2. Ellen, !!#@x-%^*& Drat and damnation! No wigging out of that one. I fixed it in my original post at least... But, you know... Skill kinda works... Michael
  3. TG, Wanna quick laugh? Imagine Mitt Romney watching this video right now. LOL... Michael
  4. T, Damn, I miss the laugh reaction. That one deserved it. Michael
  5. TG, That is until he isn't. I bet he got a nice backroom payoff, though. So I'm not too worried. Michael
  6. Ellen, I don't follow sports, but I keep hearing about Tyson wanting to fight in public again. Retired sports celebrities tend to do publicity stunts in that situation. If he was doing the political thing, I would say he was pandering, but I think his gesture was more personal. After all, he went to jail when he was on top of the world. That tends to piss people off. Tyson still loves President Trump, though. So the public is just going to have to deal with the cognitive dissonance. So long as Merlin is keeping it all about Merlin On another point, y
  7. Merlin, I don't know what humor has to do with what we were talking about, but quoting Wikipedia doesn't make you funny. In this one, the bad guy would have wasted you. Michael
  8. Merlin, That's better than I thought you would come up with. Lame, but much better than I imagined you could do. Why lame? Your protagonist doesn't have agency. His obstacle is an accident (a Deus ex Machina), not anything where he can make a choice. The technical storytelling term is "passive protagonist" and it is a reason screenplays and novels are not accepted. Stories that are accepted have an active protagonist who has volition and acts or not act by choice in relation to the obstacle. (This is taught in countless books on writing.) The gist of your story is two
  9. Peter, Here ya' go. Read it and smile. Senator Lindsey Graham: “We’ve Got the Votes to Confirm the Justice on the Floor of the Senate BEFORE the Election” (VIDEO) My favorite tit-for-tat comment I read somewhere out there went something like this: If they can impeach a president in an election year, surely the President can appoint a Supreme Court Justice in an election year. Michael
  10. Just think. We have well over a month of this stuff left. And it's gonna grow more and more as the election gets near. RSB gets it. Michael
  11. Here is how stupid the left is right now. First this happens. Boy did they all chortle and snark. Gay slurs and everything. Man did they have fun. Then this happened. I have a feeling there is more than bark here. You can't always tell with Lindsay Graham because he loves to bluster, then do nothing. But this time I would bet on it being real. I think Lindsay is pissed and actually put some of his own political capital into this to help Mitch McConnell. And the left? Aren't they the geniuses? I mean why not piss on the guy y
  12. There are a few others on the way. Click here to see the whole Twitter thread. There are about 11 tweets or so in it. Michael
  13. This cartoon is 100% morally correct. Take the same crap to the people who are covering it up. Michael
  14. This is one of the reasons I don't give Merlin much of a chance to create a story that makes sense. A margay is just a little bit bigger than a pussy cat. How on earth does that make sense in the story I told? It doesn't. Only a big wildcat does. (Big scary predator is the image.) Like a leopard or jaguar or tiger or lion or something like that. Leopard Jaguar Ellen was right about Merlin doing lame-ass copycat parody flops. If one is to copycat, at least one should get the cat's size right. Especially if the story calls for it. Michael