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  1. Oh my God! A rich woman spends money. Call the police! Michael
  2. I don't believe this. The Sandy Hook litigation against Alex Jones has taken a very strange turn. Chris Mattei (an Obama dude) represents some families of kids killed at Sandy Hook in suing Alex because they allege he went on a two year campaign to claim the killing was a hoax. (From what I can tell, I believe they are going to lose this case because it is forensically weak, meaning Alex is not on tape or print doing what they claimed--a huge stretch of the imagination is needed to complete their case.) Earlier this year, Mattei was given a win in the Connecticut court about sifting through the emails of Alex Jones. Alex didn't want him to (after all, there are well over nine million that were being targeted) and Mattei wanted to. The judge said Mattei could. So, as I understand it, Mattei hired a company to do this. And if I got the facts correct, in the first batch the company analyzed, or near the first batch, it uncovered child pornography. If Mattei, or the company he hired, tried to set up Alex, they screwed up big time since neither Alex, nor anybody with access to his servers opened the child porn attachments. Alex turned everything over to the FBI, who is treating him like the victim, not like a suspect, and has now offered a one million dollar reward for the conviction of the culprit who did this. Some of the story is here from the Hartford Courant: Alex Jones offers $1M reward as FBI investigates child pornography planted on his Infowars server And, there's this. Alex would not be Alex if there were no profanity-laced video on Infowars to go along with the show. (You have to go to the link to see it and, for those who like these things, it is well worth seeing--Alex ranting and his lawyer telling him to calm down, although the lawyer made a point to say he is backing Alex 100%.) FBI Says Alex Jones Setup With Child Porn In Sandy Hook Case To me, it looks like the foot-soldiers for the Deep State screwed this one up to the pooch and back, stomped on their dong, then shot themselves in the foot. They make the Watergate plumbers under John Dean look like seasoned espionage pros. Stay tuned for jail time coming and a huge embarrassment to the establishment. Michael
  3. Cool. Here are the 11 steps in the article that are designed to induce one of the conversationalists to "do something different": That looks more like comedy to me than anything else. Talk about bait and switch. The bait: Let's have a "useful conversation" about climate change. (Useful to whom? As Rand says, blank-out.) The switch: Here is an indoctrination funnel we have set up for you to go through. What's worse, that indoctrination funnel qua persuasion is not very good. Pure amateur posturing. The comedy part gets funnier if you imagine the Big Bad Wolf using this funnel on Little Red Riding Hood. Michael
  4. Now that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is stepping down as Press Secretary, time to revive a great idea. From the Babylon Bee, dated June 20th, 2017: Trump Picks Alex Jones As New Press Secretary Michael
  5. I rolled over my name and saw some info about me. When I rolled over your name it said viewing forums index. Glad to know we can keep track of where you are hiding~Peter
    oops. I didn't realize this would be public. edit No it's not. When I logged out the message disappeared from "activity." 

  6. Here is a tip for supporters of President Trump and friendly travelers (or even Trump haters ). There is a Twitter replacement that was made in 2018 where many of the stars in the pro-Trump universe reside. The big names. I imagine if Twitter keeps doing monkeyshines, that where President Trump will migrate. The name of the site is Parler. I just signed up and the link is below if you want to, also. Parler I found out about it from a video by Tim Pool, of all things. This site is growing, but it has an all-star cast of top users (Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Laura Loomer, Milo, Breitbart, Katrina Pierson, Info Wars Unofficial, Paul Joseph Watson, Jack Posobiek, and on and on and on). If I were to guess, I imagine there is a fingerprint of Peter Thiel to be found in this undertaking, but, so far, that is pure speculation on my part. I will look into it, but I pulled that one out of my pocket. The point is, this site seems to be not as rough as other alt media sites, so someone sure as hell knows what he or she is doing. Glad I found this. I wanted to use Gab regularly, but there are too many gross people constantly posting there (intense bigots and racists the like). I support the freedom of speech, so I don't deny them their say, but I wanted the site to level off on the gross stuff before I started using it regularly (and nothing says I might not in the future). But Parler, right out of the box, is one of the things I have been looking for. In my daily visit bookmarks, I just now put Parler right beside Twitter for daily checking, just like I put BitChute right beside YouTube and Minds right beside Facebook. Of the three alt sites I am looking at daily, Minds is the weakest, but it looks to be growing strong. Michael
  7. Tim Pool made a video about this Pinterest thing and YouTube pulled it without a peep. At least we can see it on Twitter (so far). Before too long, I suspect Tim will mostly do things on Minds and other alt media. Direct link to Bitchute video copy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Pol4iqeF4mE/ Michael
  8. This is a great thread from September 2018: 1 and 2 of 16: 3 and 4 of 16: 5 and 6 of 16: 7 and 8 of 16: 9 and 10 of 16: 11 and 12 of 16: 13 and 14 of 16: 15 and 16 of 16: Also, this shows how to post an article on Twitter. But the current futility of the "divide and conquer" censorship message is holding. Just look around and it's happening the way given in the tweet thread. Michael
  9. Jimmy Wales has done all right for himself sucking up to establishment authoritarians, especially those on the left. The Wikipedia thing was a great idea, though. (That last line is true, but I only threw it in to be civil. ) Michael
  10. As the story unfolds... From Zero Hedge: US Releases "Smoking Gun" Video Of Iran's Navy Handling Mine On Tanker Hull Michael
  11. Wolf, Welcome to the party. I won't say Obama is the mastermind, but he is certainly in on almost everything. He has the the normal deniability measures of sending out his peeps instead of doing things himself, but I contend his peeps do not go out unless he gives his blessing behind closed doors... Michael
  12. I want to say Iran did it, especially because President Trump's people said they did, but once the oil people get involved, God knows what happens. I mean, how many friggin' wars do we have to fight--wars involving a lot of oil--where we go "oops" when people take a second look at the causes? Besides, oil aside, remember the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin... (I support President Trump, but not all his people. This one makes me want more verification than normal...) Michael