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  1. Merlin, I don't want to go into the merits of whether Fauci said this or that, but, now that I have studied a lot of propaganda techniques, on skimming over that Snopes article, I can see that it is one nasty piece of work. The propaganda techniques are too well developed for that to be an accident. Those guys trained themselves well and they do this on purpose. I would be interested in finding someone who can discuss this stuff in plain English without all the bullshit piled on top. But until that happens, I have to keep swatting at flies (hat tip to Nietzsche) instead of actually learning anything. Snopes doesn't even hide their call to turn off your brain and trust Big Brother, either. Here is a direct quote at the top of their "debunking" efforts: The liars. Trust the liars. It left out China. Please follow China... Bah... (btw - I am not criticizing you, meaning you, Merlin. I am bashing Snopes.) I don't feel like taking that thing apart. It's like dissecting a turd. You can learn much by doing that, but you have to put up with the stink while you do it. Just so no one has to take me on faith, here is just one item among a whole bunch. A quote from the article: Snopes even quotes fucking CNN as backup. So what's the problem with this statement? Look at the context. Isn't Snopes supposed to be debunking a widespread falsehood? Yet... drumroll... I don't know anybody who is claiming hydroxycloroquine and chloroquine are the same thing and are interchangeable. In fact, in almost all material that is critical of Big Brother China/Gates's version of the pandemic, I have specifically read--over and over--that hydroxycloroquine and chloroquine are NOT the same thing and NOT interchangeable. Let me repeat that. Big Brother China/Gates's critics (the ones I have read and watched) say hydroxycloroquine and chloroquine are NOT the same thing and NOT interchangeable. They always say that when the issue comes up. Now here comes Snopes presenting it as if the critics are saying the opposite so it can debunk them. And why does Snopes think it can get away with this horseshit? Look more carefully through a gotcha filter (which the general public does not use) and you will see Snopes is only talking about Bryan Fischer. It's not even talking about the question it claims to check since nobody is making the implicit follow-up claims it is debunking. I won't get into Bryan Fischer, who looks like an extreme-right fringe person (probably a bigot of the more elementary kind) in this whole dust-up--he seems to me at first blush to be a leftover from the time fringe Christian authoritarians had a lot of power. From looking at his Wikipedia page, I can guarantee that his views are NOT the views I have read and watched by the Big Brother China/Gates's critics, and I stress, NOT the views of Dr. Simone Gold. It's real easy to use this form of reasoning against the left. Just find someone who says that people who oppose the government forcing everyone to get vaccinated are racists. Then debunk that person while pretending the more crazy views of the person represent the thinking of EVERYONE who supports Big Brother China/Gates. That would be so silly, most thinking people don't bother. Yet here is Snopes doing it for it's pet propaganda issues as a normal research routine. I could spend a lot of time going through that piece of Snopes trash item by item in a manner similar to what I just did. In fact, if I took that piece of garbage seriously, I would need to do that to tease out what is relevant and objective from all the bullshit. But who has time for that crap? Snopes is not a good source for fact-checking. Even when its apple looks bright and shiny, there will be at least one big-ass worm in it. Snopes used to be a decent source. Now it is nothing but propagandist garbage. Michael
  2. Here's a happy thought. The federal government has been giving out free money to the American people because of the shutdown. (I know it's not really free, but you know what I mean.) The expiration has recently expired, the end point had ended, the cutoff date has cut off, President Trump he wants to renew the free money for everyone. He's asking Congress for another trillion dollars (for this and other things). Pelosi and Schumer, with their greed muscles tingling like dinging bells, saw their chance and took it. They said, OK, but we want three trillion. No. Make that three and a half trillion. They're not talking too much about their real problem, though. They need to bail out Dem city and state strongholds that have wasted their funds for years and now can't pay their bills. So they decided to play Trump. We're not budging and Trump will be blamed for it, they thought. But what did he do? He gave Pelosi and Schumer plenty of rope to hang themselves with. Boy, did they make one glorious noose. After both had yapped plenty in public about how they are leveraging this situation and they care and they need to force Trump to do the right thing and blah blah blah, Turmp just got up and walked away from the table. He said, fine. He'll give the American people the free money through Executive Order. And that's what he's setting in motion. So now the Democrats are going to watch the Republicans literally buy votes and there is nothing they can do about it. The Dems are in the position of telling the American people that, even though the federal government wants to give them free money, they (Pelosi and Schumer) are not going to let that happen until they get a much bigger piece of the pie for their cronies. Trump is not going to suggest a quid quo pro, of course. That would be political suicide and illegal. But the people receiving the free money will easily look at him and think, wow, he's giving me free money. He made it happen. Especially after the checks and direct deposits come in. Then they will look at Pelosi and Schumer and think, these jerks don't want to give me anything. Not even a measly few hundred dollars. All they think about is hating on Trump and giving millions and billions to their crony friends. In fact, they almost screwed up the free money the government just gave me. Then November 3rd will come around. Why would anyone campaign after that? Oh, they will. But why bother? Michael
  3. If anyone had written the ironies in the following plot twist in a novel or movie, they would have been told to change it and find something more believable. After endorsing the Marxist Black Lives Matter in the middle of a pandemic caused by a bat virus, the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate is bitten by a bat and needs to miss a rally in order to get vaccinated. Poor thing, she's trying to be relevant. But she seems to constantly glom onto the wrong trending issues in the wrong way. Oh well... Keep on trucking... Michael
  4. William, I've tried to watch this dude before (Styx used to talk about him at times), and I even follow him on BitChute, but something in him doesn't do it for me. I tried to watch this video you posted, but I couldn't get past the first few minutes. Listening to him imitate politicians like Mitch McConnell and Bill Clinton just to say silly shit was a turn-off. Maybe that's unfair. When I was younger, that form of humor might have appealed to me. Regardless, this guy is one one wavelength and I'm on another. My receiver doesn't tune to his transmitter's frequency without a lot of interference. (btw - Have you noticed how cute Pakman is when he's sweating... ) Michael
  5. People in the pro-Trump world are starting to complain about the high number of their Twitter followers who are being canceled. I want to be a part of that number, you know, be a part of the club. But Twitter is leaving my followers alone for some reason. It's true that I don't interact on Twitter all that much, and I do not seek followers, but I still managed to get 90. About 90% (probably more) of them are pretty single women who are lonely... I guess they think I'm a hunk, huh? And Twitter doesn't even mind... Michael
  6. D, Since you are looking at power from a human nature standpoint, I suggest looking at the Milgram experiment and the Stanford prison experiment. There are plenty of others, but these are mind-blowing enough to serve as a great introduction if you are not familiar with this line of research. (I'm not providing links on purpose just to see if you are interested enough to look up this stuff. It's easy to find...) Michael
  7. D, Or simply a form where celebrities do exist, but in parallel activities. For example, (btw - I'm not doing this) a fiction school that focuses on writing in a Randian style, and famous bestselling students of said school being the celebs. Ditto for an economic/entrepreneurship school based on Randian ideas where the celebs come from nowhere and become hot-ass gazillionaires through their own start-ups. And so on. Socially speaking, a philosophy celeb is a priest without the robe. And we all know what the cost is for formal churches, right? Tithing... Michael
  8. D, To us he is. Not to them. Michael
  9. btw - I still think it is a very good possibility that Biden dies or becomes incapacitated at some point and Hillary Clinton comes swooping in out of nowhere funded by Bloomberg. How about a Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama ticket? How's that for an October surprise? Michael
  10. Woo hoo! A halftime show! Kanye West Will Appear on Colorado’s Presidential Ballot Now we need to get Kanye on one of the debates. Can you imagine what would happen if Biden refused to show up for a debate, so President Trump and Kanye West debated instead? It would be a classic bash-fest on Biden with the whole world tuning in. If the debates are ultimately cancelled because Biden's people manipulate the system, I think President Trump should schedule a debate of his own with Kanye just for the hell of it. Michael
  11. I just watched this video by Tim Pool because of the title. I wanted to see what he thought of the ominous words from President Trump saying people might not see him for a while, that he has some rich and powerful enemies who are not happy right now. But what a pleasant surprise. Not about Trump's ominous words. Those could mean this or that. We still have to wait and see. (My favorite speculation is that the shit is going to hit the fan big-time with many powerful people and AG Barr is going to have to take the brunt of the initial heat surge, so the best thing Trump can do at the moment to let Barr get the job done (and done right) is get out of his way. I like that image. And that is the way Trump thinks re specific projects once he has a competent person he trusts working for him.) The pleasant surprise is what Tim and his peeps said about President Trump not being part of the swamp and taking on the whole world as a champion of the American people. As soon as it looks like he has pissed off so many powerful people his life is in danger, he goes after more of the elitists. And then more. And more. And he pisses off all of them in an ever-growing number. All his efforts have one theme--they are geared towards defending the American people against being exploited by the elitists, against their different exploitation rackets, including endless war for profit. And the only thing Trump has between him and destruction by the elitists is the massive solid support of the American people. Man, did they gush--even Tim, who always qualifies whenever he says good things about Trump. This time he didn't qualify. Or if he did, I missed it. Michael
  12. TG, President Trump is still on Twitter slugging it out. Later today I will go through the transcripts of Rush Limbaugh's show. He undoubtedly will cover the statement. Michael
  13. This happened, but it has to go in Trump Humor. If he was trying to avoid being seen with President Trump for some reason, how convenient. Michael