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  1. D, This is a long topic and it is interspersed all over the forum. I tried to look up some of my previous discussion and something weird is happening with the search function. (IPB integrates with Google at some point, so this is probably Google mucking around and playing political games.) So I will give you some things off the top of my head for you to look up on your own if you so desire. 1. DARPA. About eight years ago, DARPA did a project on storytelling (called Narrative Networks). It was trying to develop story weapons for soldiers landing in environments where the culture was vastly different (like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.). It did not use the term propaganda, but this was obviously a huge interest. If you can influence the enemy with predictable results through story, you don't have to use as many bullets. I have gathered some of this research, but most of it is hellishly difficult to obtain as a layman. At least it was when I was doing a deep dive for it. Two excellent published books came from this research by two of the scientists DARPA hired, though. Paul Zak: The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works. An introduction (a very brief and superficial one) to Zak's DARPA work on story can be seen seen in the following video. Another excellent work that came out of DARPA's project is: Kendall Haven: Story Smart: Using the Science of Story to Persuade, Influence, Inspire, and Teach. 2. I am merely going to embed part of a post (with video) on the work of David JP Phillips. 3. In terms of evolutionary biology and story (and some more neuroscience and psychology), here are some excellent resources: Jonathan Gottschall: The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human. A bestseller that kicked it all off in the mainstream. Brian Boyd: On the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition, and Fiction. A modern classic. William Flesch: Comeuppance: Costly Signaling, Altruistic Punishment, and Other Biological Components of Fiction. This one is hellishly difficult to read since it is written in one of the worst academic styles I have ever encountered. But the information is great once you understand it. But, goddamit, the cost in effort just to read a friggin' page! It make you want to throw the damn thing agaisnt the wall. This book is where I became aware of the fundamental cognitive function of tracking and how this runs through stories. Also, why comeuppance is so important to social cohesion and story. Alex Rosenberg: How History Gets Things Wrong: The Neuroscience of Our Addiction to Stories. This one is somewhat flawed, but there is lots of fascinating and solid information you don't get at one place anywhere else. I highly recommend it, flaws and all. (Rosenberg sometimes gets too infatuated with his own brilliance and tries to make something that is specific and restricted universal just because he is so awesome. ) Will Storr: The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Make Us Human and How to Tell Them Better. This is lighter and less complete in its scope, but still has a lot of solid information in it. Paul Joseph Gulino and Connie Shears: The Science of Screenwriting: The Neuroscience Behind Storytelling Strategies. This has important information about schemas in it, whereas most of the other works I am giving here don't cover this. Gulino is a screenwriting guru in Hollywood and Shears is a neuroscientist. Hugh Crago: Entranced by Story: Brain, Tale and Teller, from Infancy to Old Age. This made me aware of how age was super-important for the kind of story that can generate a story trance. As a bonus, I became aware of why poetry is with us and is so powerful (it stems from the way babies start learning language). Jonah Sachs: Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future. This is lighter fare than the others, and is horribly progressive politically, but it is still a kick-ass book. I read this when it first came out in 2012. I was already doing a lot of research into story, but when I read this book, I ramped up my approach to focus on story and epistemology, that is, story as a manner of thinking, processing information, recording information in memory, making the narrative the base of neural pathways and networks, influencing others with story on a broad scale through mirror neurons (although I don't believe Sachs covers mirror neurons--if I remember correctly, this was a connection I started making at the same time I was reading this), etc. I believe this is enough to get you started. It only scratches the surface of what I have studied so far. And there is still so much more I need to get through--for example, the work of Uri Hasson, a neuroscientist who studies the brain and story through fMRI scans. I didn't even get to right and left brain stuff. If you ever want to get you mind blown, look up neuroscientist, Michael Gazzaniga, and his identification of the left-brain interpreter. This is the part of the brain where almost all stories come from. Gazzaniga discovered this working with people who had literally had their corpus callosum severed by surgery to help with epileptic seizures. The corpus callosum is a thick set of nerves that connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain. And speaking of left-right brain, each manages to see and interpret the world from vastly different worldviews, which is probably what gave rise to the need for the left-brain interpreter, thus the need for story. I have started a cinder-block of a book about this, The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist. (Holy crap! Looking up this book to provide a link, I just saw that there is an Audible version of the second edition that just came out. I have an Audible credit I haven't used, so now I will have none. I use audiobooks a lot along with my reading. They are great to keep me from being bored when I want to get familiar with something.) Also, there's the animal and neurochemical stuff of Robert Sapolsky, who is thorough, long and interesting (more cinder-block books), but always looks like he came in from a Woodstock rock concert in the 60's--on a rainy day at that. Check out a video of his on YouTube and you will see what I mean. There are several. This stuff is the foundation of story epistemology. OK, no more. There is still a ton of stuff I haven't mentioned. Good luck and I hope you go down this path. Man, will it straighten out a lot of your thinking. I mean that in a good sense, not as a put-down. (I used to think a lot like you do now, so I am saying this from that perspective.) I suggest you take it slow, though. Shifting gears like this can be disorienting until the pieces start falling in place. But once you see how easily things can be replicated from story to human behavior, a strange hunger for knowledge rises up. Here's how it felt to me when it installed: Finally! Things make sense! And I can know them with certainty without fudging! I don't have to guess anymore if a person is bullshitting... Michael
  2. The following video is fantastic. It's on BitChute, so click on the image below and the video will open in a new window. I have to use the BitChute version because this video is being deleted and banned by Big Tech (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) I don't know how factual it is (I see it as malarkey mixed with fact ), but man does it stomp all over the mainstream narrative much in the same manner the video by Candace Owens did (which was completely factual). Remember, at this point, it doesn't matter whether the video is mostly false or mostly true. Didn't the mainstream news turn into a nonstop public lying machine over the last few years? They are the ones who made it OK to delete facts from news and just keep to made-up stories. They are the ones who set these new rules. So there is no point in judging this video above by one standard and the mainstream news by another. Truth doesn't matter any more in that arena. What matters is if this video will help dilute and counteract the ruling class establishment fake news narrative with normal people. And it does. Which is pissing off mightily the ruling class elitist establishment. We already know Big Tech thinks this video is dangerous. If they didn't, if they thought it is nothing but inconsequential nonsense, they would not have banned it and run the risk of the Streisand Effect kicking in. What's worse for them, the Streisand Effect did kick in and this video is spreading virally all over the Internet, even where it is banned. People keep putting up new copies as fast as the old ones are taken down. What's more, the lady, Winnie Heartstrong, does have bonafide credentials that sound awfully good to the lay person. For those who study propaganda, you probably know that the purpose of this video is not to debunk the mainstream narrative. On the surface it claims to be, but that is the story for show. Underneath, the water runs deep. Is George Floyd alive or dead? Who cares? The purpose of that video to make people laugh at the mainstream narrative and puppetmasters, to get people to not take any of it seriously. The authoritarians really hate this stuff when it is effective. That's why this video is fantastic. I will be keeping an eye on Ms. Winnie Heartstrong. I have a feeling she is not going to go away anytime soon. From this first contact I have had with her, I say she is not a stupid woman, that she knows full well how the game is played and is playing it like a virtuoso. She hit all the flash points in this George Floyd story, one right after another, without a pause. In my experience, that is not an accident. And I love it. Michael
  3. D, You don't read carefully. That's not what I said. I said that's how wars happen. But even so, I'll take it. That is how wars are started. No core story. No war starts. The following remark is for the reader in case this sparked anyone's interest. The difference between "start" and "happen" when talking about war is huge. This is not just hair-splitting. We can start something one way, continue it another, and end it another. When we say "happen," we are including the beginning, middle and end. A war needs a core story in place in the society of each side to start, to continue and to end. This is a long discussion and those who have read me for a while know basically what I mean. Let's just say, Ayn Rand understood this. That's why she wrote Atlas Shrugged in mythological form and not, say, using Lenin or Stalin in her story along with historical events. Atlas Shrugged might be modern in its setting, but it is still mythological. That's one of the reasons it persists in the mainstream whereas many good books have fallen into the footnotes of history. It is also why she wrote about Howard Roark and reverence, worship and other religious emotions, using the story of Roark to elicit those emotions in the reading public. (See the Introduction to the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition of The Fountainhead for her discussion of this--you can read it online here.) She is providing a core story for people to use to guide the decades of their very lives in their professions. On the story wars level, a core myth that is used as a widespread frame for social organization and action cannot be destroyed. It can only be replaced by another core myth. There is no way to eliminate storytelling--especially this kind of storytelling--from human nature. A story is the only way to access the future and make it seem like the present so it can be examined. Stories bring the past, present and future into a form of awareness that humans can use to exchange ideas and share knowledge. Storytelling is what allows humans to think long-term. Horses and chickens don't think long term. Why? They can't tell stories. Michael
  4. D, That's easy. Storytelling. btw - That's also how all wars happen. Michael
  5. Imagine this debating President Trump. The ladies on The View look like they are thinking, "Oh my God. The Democratic party is getting ready to nominate a ham sandwich for president." I am keeping to my prediction that Biden will be dead or totally incapacitated when the point of no return comes and Hillary Clinton is going to walk away with the nomination in a brokered convention, all paid for by Bloomberg. btw - I hear George Bush is going to support Biden against Trump. I don't know if that's true, but this is what is making the rounds. It sounds perfectly in character. Michael
  6. Michael Hurd just posted this over on Facebook (see here). This is exactly what I see and have been bitching about. What's worse, more is to come. I don't know the form, but something bad is ready to be sprung on society. And after that, something else. Then something else. And so on until the inauguration. I also know that these assholes are going down. Hard. Michael
  7. Ellen, Basically Beck thought Trump was immoral. Beck backed Ted Cruz in the primaries with everything he had. After Trump won the nomination, Beck went on a campaign against Trump that was similar to Rachel Maddow's preaching, "Muh Russians!" every night, except Beck talked about Trump being a con man, Godless, not fit to be president, a buffoon, and things like that. He was in-like-Flynn with the Republican never-Trumpers and wrote one of the biggest articles in the National Review anti-Trump edition. He had public feuds with people like Hannity over Trump. Then he started saying that anyone who supported Trump was immoral, stupid, naive, and so on. I don't remember if he supported Hillary Clinton at some point. I don't think he did. But he was engaged heart, mind, body and soul against Trump. He also lost about 80% of his audience back then over this. Then one magic day, he sat in front of the camera and said (I paraphrase), "You're not going to believe this." He pulled out a red MAGA hat and put it on. "I am now on the Trump train. Make America great again." Then he went off into a discussion of why, but I don't think anyone remembers the reasons. That's because everyone thought he got his ass kicked and cried, "Uncle!" Nothing more. The weird thing is that Trump espoused all the fundamental values Beck espoused from Day 1 and Trump actually implemented them as he went along. Beck's behavior to me--and to many others--was self-serving in a really gauche manner. Trump was getting the crowds and influence Beck thought he would get for himself and bring to Ted Cruz. Beck lost, but went down kicking and screaming like a baby. Then to stay in the game, he capitulated. Along the way, he betrayed everything he believed in for power and influence. That's the distrust I feel for him. But there is a core to Beck where he actually believes his values--and these are values that are welcome to any Trump supporter. This is the part I hope is reawakening in his soul as he stops sleeping with the enemies of America and of people like us. Like I said, even if this attitude of his stays hot only for the duration of the take-down of the Deep State, I'll take it. Beck is super talented and when he is on, he knows how to mobilize crowds. Trump doesn't need him for that, but on the scale Beck can pull it off, it would help cement things for Trump's reelection and taking back the House. Michael
  8. The following video is why I admired Glenn Beck so much a few years ago. It's a hell of an inspiring rant. I have a caveat, though. Glenn broke my trust once before. Maybe he just now saw the true nature of the people he got in bed with on his little boneheaded adventure to become an Old Testament prophet. If he keeps the fire in this video up, I may start liking him again for real. But it's hard to forget that Glenn Beck fought Donald Trump tooth and nail as America was coming out of the collectivism death-spiral of the Obama administration. There's a saying about power that people who fight in a revolution are not the same who can govern a country in peace. Maybe Glenn is one of these folks. He's a great fighter in a war. And then when peace, or the illusion of peace comes, and he just wimps out and turns into mush and bullshit. Right now, we need public voices like the one in this video, though. And, in the hopes he keeps this style up, at least during the take-down of the Deep State (after which, he can go back to being mush and bullshit for all I care), I say bravo to his words in this video. May those words of his be mine. Michael
  9. Here's a longer answer from Rush Limbaugh today: Unity Isn’t Possible with People Against Making America Great. It's time for Mattis to go back to a cocktail party or something and look down his nose at normal Americans. He embarrasses himself when he comes out for a walk. Michael
  10. LOL... I just caught a quote from Rush Limbaugh today. Michael
  11. Ellen, When I wrote that, I was so tired, I didn't complete what was on my mind--I had to look up some things to be sure and I think my subconscious closed it all down out of laziness. I meant that I doubt it because her hubby, George Farmer, is the son of Lord Farmer, a peer in the British House of Lords. I imagine this comes with some kind of protection detail. Also, George runs a huge hedge fund, Red Kite. That probably pays for some rip-righteous body guards. But, of course, you are right to be concerned. There is no doubt in my mind there are many who would be willing to assassinate her if they could manage it. She's stepping all over their power. Michael
  12. Peter, Or he just may be a social-climbing swamp creature who got disgruntled because how dare that inferior commoner thing from the American livestock, Donald Trump, fire him? Good God! A thing like that... Fire HIM?!!! Chaos? Mad Dog? The legend? And he needed to stroke his petty vanity because it was making him crazy like a toothache... Michael
  13. T, I doubt it. I think it's quite plausible she will be the first female President of the USA in a couple of decades or more.. Michael