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  1. Lookee here. Surprise, surprise, surprise... Ice cream from China contaminated with coronavirus: report Expect to see more and more of this kind of "accident." I guess China believes the normal delivery mechanisms they used for the virus (like contaminated people) isn't working fast enough. They're perfecting the process first, then this will be ready for export. Michael
  2. For people who are calling the idea crackpot that something serious and bad will happen to major US government people before Jan. 20, this tweet kinda says not so fast. All that in Europe at the inauguration time of a US President? Does anyone believe this is mere coincidence? Add that to the massive military buildup in DC for a virtual inauguration, and something doesn't make sense if all is peace and luv... Steve Pieczenik, in particular, has been saying this stuff is coming for quite a while. And he is saying a lot more is coming over the next few days, that this is
  3. Ellen, Right now Dominion is threatening to sue everybody and their siblings to get retractions like this one. I bet money trumps integrity and facts in this case. American Thinker is not that big of a site and I bet the size of the numbers scared the crap out of them. (Dominion is suing Sidney Powell for $1.3 billion.) As an aside, yesterday American Thinker closed down user comments. I don't see much of a future for this site. Users are pissed up the wazoo. Gossip-wise, another post by Bidinotto came up on my Facebook feed yesterday and he was openly gloating about American Th
  4. btw - Here is a common element in all the Deep State crap: immunity from legal consequences. Think about it. Companies that make vaccines are immune from liability. Social media platforms are immune from liability. The FISA courts are immune from scrutiny, much less liability. Whenever you see an entity that gets such immunity, it will grow into an authoritarian monster. And there the Deep State will be, invading it and taking it over. Michael
  5. Facebook and Instagram have restored President Trump's accounts (still with "president" removed, though). I don't think they were expecting to lose tens of billions of dollars overnight. Regardless, fuck Facebook. Fuck Instagram. I want their authoritarian power removed. Michael
  6. Peter, George described what I call a transcendent experience. Howard Bloom calls this experience "imprinting." Others call it a religious or religious-like conversion. This state is one of the things I have been aiming at in my fiction writing studies. Among the experiences in reading or listening to a story, or watching a movie, I always want to include a character who achieves this experience, and I want to do it in a manner that the reader of viewer can experience it along with the character. If that experience is the payoff in a story, for the reader or viewer to connect, t
  7. Here is a discussion of that and of several other similar theories floating around about Biden not being sworn in or being allowed to be sworn in and immediately removed from office. Mike Adams is looking at all this and saying he, himself, does not know what is coming. That it is possible Biden will be sworn in. Like me, he believes if that happens and none of this other stuff does, the administration will collapse under the weight of its own corruption added to the exposure it has received. Sometimes Mike goes too far, but this is one of his better videos. He doesn't go far at all
  8. This kind of stuff keeps popping up more and more. Not necessarily pictures like in this case, but open links between US politicians (and other notable people) and the CCP. Michael
  9. For people who want to keep hanging on to hope until the last moment, and I admit, I am one of them (notice I never say "once Biden is inaugurated," I always say, "if Biden gets sworn in"), here is an Alex Jones video dated yesterday (Jan. 13) interviewing Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Is This Dr. Steve Pieczenik's Last Appearance on Infowars? Pieczenik claims that Biden will not be sworn in, that President Trump will be, and that massive arrests will happen of top political actors. He said openly that we are right now in the middle of a military coup. As I understand it, this mea
  10. TG, The pro-Trump press is spreading this story, but when they feature John Earle Sullivan, call him a domestic terrorist and CNN guest. Michael
  11. Project Veritas strikes hard. It has Jack Dorsey on video. I will post an alt tech copy as soon as I can find one since this one is definitely going down. For now, here is the article on the Veritas site: EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Insider Records CEO Jack Dorsey Laying Out Roadmap for Future Political Censorship … ‘We Are Focused on One Account [President Trump] Right Now, But This is Going to be Much Bigger Than Just One Account’ There is a video of this on that site and it will not go down. EDIT: Silly me. I just looked and there is a video on BitChute on Project Veritas's
  12. Apparently, this is not only a bigass booby trap for the government, but also for big tech. She means Silicon Valley, but we all know what she means. Silicone valley is more about plastic surgery, breast implants and so on. Silicon Valley is the land of dorky big tech authoritarians. Typo humor aside, I read the EO, but I have not connected all the dots about how this slams into big tech. I am sure there are dots galore, though. Sebastion Gorka and other luminaries liked this tweet. If anyone has an idea, ideas are welcome. More later. Michael
  13. TG, I don't blame you a bit. CNN is a combination of a backed up fake news sewer and a garbage dump. Michael
  14. TG, The following article at CNN shows it is accurate, but slanted. Investigators pursuing signs US Capitol riot was planned Since this is a CNN article, I had to hold my nose and try not to vomit to read it just to see if Carmine Sabia's claim was accurate. It is. However, one part is fact with a thing left out, and the other part is a logical inference. CNN has become so epistemologically corrupted amidst its constant tangle of lies, I bet no one there even thought about this. First the fact. The article actually is all about the attack being planned. And the article is p