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  1. Carol, Anonymous sources and talking points? Just wonderful. We were doing well for a while. After this weasel answer, I'm losing interest again. I was going in a direction in our interaction. I don't think I want to go there now. Back to studying cryptocurrency and blockchain... Michael
  2. I just moved this thread from "Meet and Greet" to "Persuasion Techniques" since Wikipedia has turned into a Stalinesque History Rewriting project. That's one form of persuasion--gross oligarchy-controlled censorship on oligarchy-controlled platforms. Now to another issue. Here is a fascinating discussion about how Wikipedia started and what it evolved into with Larry Sanger, even though the title is about current events at the time of this post. Larry talks about his early relationship with Jimmy Wales. TIMCAST IRL - JAMES O'KEEFE BANNED ON TWITTER, WILL SUE
  3. Carol, Where do you see Matt Gaetz do and say things? Once again, serious question. btw - I'm not defending Gaetz right now. I'm defending correct identification. Michael
  4. Carol, How about thinking there might something deeper and extremely valuable about Matt Gaetz? Do you have any curiosity about that? (By now, you probably know this is leading somewhere other than Gaetz, the person, don't you? ) btw - This may sound odd coming from me, but I don't think church is a place where you conform on the kind of autopilot I am talking about. I am quite happy for you that you like it. Michael
  5. Carol, So in what specialized areas have you killed curiosity inside yourself in order to go along with the crowd? Michael
  6. Twitter has had enough truth. It just banned James O'Keefe. Why? Because this time James put out enough stuff to trigger lawsuits against CNN by many people. And, of course, James himself is now suing Twitter -- remember that James has yet to lose a lawsuit. See here. So why did Twitter really ban James? First, James put out the following video. Then the following videos. The transcript is at the linked headline. PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency … ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I
  7. William, That is not in the wild. That is recent and in the mainstream. That video is engineered, mostly staged. Pure propaganda. In fact, it is a perfect example of what I wrote about: The video even gave its hand away at the end. That meme is kicking the SJW movement's ass, that's for sure. What's worse, the "need for the meme" is an ugly truth for the left. And it's not white privilege like the video tries to preach. Here's the ugly truth the video really tries to kill. The people in the Indoctrinated Generation are now adults. Many are in their 30's
  8. Carol, I'm going to straighten this out for the reader. There's a weird misunderstanding here. Settling out of court does NOT mean not going to court. It means HALTING what was started in court with the court agreeing to the halt. You are right that it means--lawsuit-wise--neither winning nor losing. But not for the reason you gave. Michael
  9. Carol, Aw gee... I thought you were having fun... (Don't mind me. I'm just bantering... ) A wokebot? (I mean, how could I resist that one?... ) Michael
  10. Carol, Woah. A big reveal. Banter aside, that's interesting. From the fundies I have seen and known, I would not wish that on any woman. I speak from experience, but as a man. And this is nothing against Rand or her ideas. It's just that nowadays, I don't believe in self-inflicted guilt. Reality provides enough as it is. btw - Are you a conformist by nature? (Serious question.) Michael
  11. Karen... er Carol, As a meme, a Karen is a white female adult who scolds others in public about woke crap. I use that term with you in a tongue-in-cheek manner because you are not really the stereotype, at least not on the outside. Karens are generally emotionally overblown, especially expressing outrage. (You get emotionally overblown at times, but I don't recall it ever being outrage or negative emotions. It's mostly on the positive side, like when you are gushing about William's socialist heroism. ) A Karen (did I mention Karens are white? ) tend to come from m
  12. Peter, Read the article. It's not saying people who took the vaccine are going to die. As concerns you, the problem will be the top-up booster vaccines. There is still time to learn about them. So read the article. On another point, did Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc. exist? Or is that just myth? And if they were real, how did the human race cure itself of evil people like that? Spiritual enlightenment? A vaccine? Michael
  13. From the lens of persuasion and propaganda (which I know a lot about), rather than science (which I know little about), the following passages from the Yeadon article jumped out at me. The persuasion message that needs to be hammered home over and over is that winning a few wars last century did not eliminate evil people from the human race, not even those who get their hands on massive power like the Soviets, Hitler, Mao, etc. did a few short decades ago. Victories against those monsters did not cure evil. Why would we think that? Evil people are still among us. And they now
  14. Ellen (and Mark), To further entice reader to take a look-see, here is the first paragraph of the article: So this is NOT just part of the yelling out in the culture. This is from a technical and scientific authority of the highest level as presented and accredited by the vaccine industry itself. Michael