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  1. When Tucker rocks, he rocks hard. In this video he came for business, not bullshit. I agree with 100% of everything he said just now. Michael
  2. Ellen, Here is a follow-up. Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings not biased against blacks The lefties will be taking out all non-aligned professors they can get away with by using crowd-sourced mobs to uncover online and published material by the target going back years and decades that offends them, and, if offense can't be found, presents scholarly cases by the target against their lefty agendas. Then they will spin that. Before, at staff meetings, was the nudge--for professors to hire. Now that the left has some power in the universities, here comes the shove--on the professors themselves and right out the door. This is a more sophisticated form of witch trial and burning at the stake. But it's just as evil as that was. Michael
  3. Hahahahahahaha... Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters Threaten Mayor's $7 Million House Mayor Jenny Durkan is a total idiot. When the heat came to her house, now she's scared and her principles were the first thing she sacrificed as she sent in the guns. I guess her summer of love came to an untimely end. LOLOL... Michael
  4. This has to go in Trump Humor. Dream on, you anti-Trumper idiots. When you start doing things like this and hope to win an election, your own senility is in question... LOL... btw - On a not-so-funny level, I am starting to believe someone told Matt Drudge something like the following: "We took out your bud Andrew Breitbart in his prime. If you don't stop, you may get an early heart attack of your own." And Drudge said, "Well, fuck it, then." Michael
  5. Facebook just did this to Tim Pool's sidekick because he's not well known, but his video was going viral. All he said was he was now going to vote for Trump whereas before he was not. The video took off. Facebook deleted it. Facebook is really asking for it. Michael
  6. Tread lightly. That's the second warning. Michael
  7. T, I don't think that is important to the humor (although I appreciate the info ). Exaggeration is one of the main ways humor works. And that photo (for those who are not technically aware) is really funny when contrasted to a bandana. Michael
  8. Mark, LOL... I see it was the Scientology thing. I didn't remember because of the big-ass "MrSwig" rather than William Swig. Also, I didn't engage because I have no wish to debate about someone turning Objectivism into Scientology through ARI or how there is nothing useful at all in Scientology and things like that. This is how I understood his appearance. It was probably not the intention, but it was how I perceived it back then. It reminded me of the climate change dudes William brought over to teach us OL Neanderthals about the true truthy science of it all. And it reminded me of the days when people claimed there was nothing but evil in Islam because Mohammad was a pedophile and so on--and it's all in the Qu'ran at that. I don't get intellectual stimulation from that level of discourse btw - William Swig responded to me on Facebook, where I commented on his meme about Rand and Nixon. (And, we "liked" each other and became Facebook friends, of course. Group hug. ) Here is what he said: Like I said, I think I'm going to like this guy. I hope he comes around OL. But that's up to him. Michael
  9. D, You're not tracking correctly what I wrote. I'm done. Michael
  10. D, Tread lightly. Are you a fucking mindreader now? I said I'm going to read his stuff, that it's on my list of things to get to, and you call me dishonest? What's wrong with you? Stop it. btw - I will speculate publicly on any goddam thing I want to speculate on. It's my forum. Once again, what is wrong with you? Don't you have a clue? Just a thought. After I get to something by him (other than skimming his blog), I am certainly not going to discuss anything about it with you. Michael
  11. William, President Trump certainly knows how to read the hell out of contracts and laws. Michael
  12. Here's some really weird news about O-Land. There is a Facebook group called Ayn Rand. It leans hard ARI, which means it leans anti-Trump. A guy I never knew before named William Swig posted the following meme there. He created it. They banned him from the group. He posted a quote by Ayn Rand and did not take it out of context, yet they banned him for it. Actually, it's a shortened and paraphrased quote from a Q&A from Rand's Ford Hall Forum Lecture: "Censorship: Local and Express." It is in Ayn Rand Answers. Here is the direct quote from Rand as published in that book: "... even though Nixon’s behavior has been contemptible—he’s not the most corrupt president, but he’s probably the most contemptible—I’d still vote for him over George McGovern or Ted Kennedy." btw - I think I'm going to like this Swig guy. He pisses off the right people. Here is his Facebook account. And here is another meme by him. Michael