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  1. I saw that the other day. I listened to a few of his the videos. Lovely music. I don't think his career is destroyed. He just has to knock on new doors. Maybe more than normal in today's context, but there are plenty of doors to knock on. A spate of composers from Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia came over to the US during the early-to-mid 20th century ideological purges there. Many of them landed in Hollywood and became both wealthy and well-known. Today some of them enjoy classic status. Erich Korngold, Max Steiner, Dimitri Tiomkin and Miklos Rosza come to mind, but there are lots of them. From another lens, I believe this experience was good for Elder. Imagine writing beautiful music for spiritually ugly people to perform and publish... Yuck. If he seeks, he will find beautiful people to make beautiful music with. As to the ugly people who targeted him, a reckoning is coming for their power... I expect them to scurry like cockroaches when it lands. Michael
  2. I found it. A meme Chris Sciabarra posted elsewhere. Michael
  3. I could have sworn I put something in this thread a few days ago and now it's missing. The forum had a glitch during an upgrade, so that must be the problem. If I remember what I posted, I will post it again. For now, there's this meme I found. Michael
  4. Two updates on audits. 1. It looks like the Arizona report will come in the middle of August. I guess they found and are finding lots of problems with the ballots. International Auditor: Maricopa County Audit Report Not Expected for 8 Weeks – A Potential Sign There Are Numerous Issues to Inventory and Report 2. I got this from Steve Bannon at the War Room. In Georgia, dork Raffensperger had hired an omnibudsman-like person (Carter Jones, generally called a "contractor") to report on the election as it went along. This was obviously for show and not meant to be taken seriously. But the Secretary of State published the report on its site, granted in a hard to find place, and there it has stayed until recently. Here are the detailed notes (hosted on the site of Just The News): State Election Board Report – November 13, 2020 - Unabridged Notes Detailing Everything Witnessed Nov 2-Nov 7, 2020. And here is an article by John Solomon at Just The News that explains the story. Georgia investigator's notes reveal 'massive' election integrity problems in Atlanta I think most people are no longer following the details of this stuff. I know I am not (Not for lack of interest, but because we are in the boring part of a war where work is being done rather than fighting.) If you have noticed some panic and overemphasized denials in the mainstream press about Georgia in the 2020 election, along with wildly inconsistent positions by Raffensperger, this report is the reason. Carter Jones is not a thrid-party auditor or someone looking into the election after the fact. He's a dude hired by Raffensperger to witness the election as it happened and detail the events and judgments in real time. There is no way the Georgia executive branch can bash this one since they themselves hired it and published it ever since last November. btw - Bannon talks about this more in the context of a Revolver news report than one by Jon Solomon. But the Revolver report is tied in with the emerging proof that a larger number of federal agents were "infiltrated" in the crowd at the Jan 6 capitol event and they were egging the people on to enter the capitol. And that's a different story, one worth telling in its own right. There's a lot more happening right now and a lot more coming in the near future, but these two items (three actually) stand out. This is serious progress in the right direction. The good news is that the establishment fake news media is melting down about all of this. Michael
  5. William, Don Winslow is a thriller writer. He wrote Satori, the prequel to Trevanian (Rodney Whitaker)'s Shibumi. The protagonist is an snooty elitist James Bond figure with quirks. This form of character follows Whitaker's idea of wedding the "superior man" with commercial fiction like spy thrillers. As I read several Trevanian books when I was younger and liked them, I followed Winslow on Twitter. Man, does he hate Trump. This dude has a serious case of TDS. What a disappointment. Several years ago I tried to read and get into The Power of the Dog (one of the novels Winslow is most known for). I tried several times, but I couldn't resonate with his characters. He has been on my list of authors to force myself to read enough to get into since he is obviously an important thriller writer, but now that I've discovered his TDS last year, I no longer feel burdened by that task. I have not yet read Satori, so I might force myself through it at one point. Also, I reread Shibumi last year. Although the book is brilliantly written, I got sick of the USA bashing and the constant looking down the nose on others by his protagonist, Nicholai Hel. I might write about Trevanian at some point because he is great for illustrating creative writing techniques that resonate with the public. He wrote in several genres, including one lovelorn Romance novel, and made bestsellers with all of them. I think he understood basic universal appeals, despite his snootiness. I wish I could write something about Winslow as an author, but I have yet to complete reading one of his books. As a Trump critic, he's pretty boneheaded. I don't remember if he ever let go of the idea that Trump was a Putin puppet and all the other debunked anti-Trump crap out there. Michael
  6. Here is a fantastic meme I stumbled across out thar on the Interwebs. Of course, those are establishment and go-along-to-get-along Republicans. Not the new kind who support Trump. Bill Kristol, ya' never looked so good. And neither did Pocahontas... Michael
  7. I believe that--right now--people in our subcommunity need to look at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency through the lens of first principles. This is so they can understand what is going on with this new technology. After all, learning Objectivism is learning to think in principles more than details. People already know I'm big into Max Keiser for this. But damned if Michael Saylor isn't better, at least from a normal-person Objectivist mindset. Max Keiser is a bit of a wild man and he is as quirky as all get out (which is my attraction to him ). Michael Saylor is a billionaire who moves billionaires to get out of their comfort zones and get into a more libertarian mindset without calling it that. The video below is an education in economic first principles in a manner that makes cryptocurrencies make sense. I wish the title reflected this, but probably, the title focuses on investment because this gets more clicks. It's a long video, but it is not boring or full of eye-glazing numbers and stats. There are some, but the meat is given over principles and analogies in order to make this new world understandable. I intend to watch this video more than once. Enjoy for those who will. Michael
  8. Aldo, There are a couple of young guys who are doing a new YouTube podcast called "Ayn Rand Fan Club." MisterSwig, one of them, posts on OL and shares their videos. The latest was an interview with Stephen Hicks. I haven't had the time to see it or comment on it yet. But here is the link if you are interested. I bet it's a good interview. As to Hicks's book, I've started it several times, but for some reason I can't get into it. I don't know what the problem is, either, so I'm not criticizing Stephen for this. I like Jordan Peterson's criticism of postmodernism, though, and I even saw him do an interview of Stephen. I think part of my particular problem is with art and overgeneralizations. I'm not satisfied with anything I have read about the nature of art up to now. By art, I mean more than fine arts, painting, or any other category of art. I mean art as a form of human activity that covers decoration, works of art, music, story, all of it. I used to be happy with Rand's definition, but the more I learned about neuroscience and modern psychology, the more I fell out of love with her idea of sense of life as the basis of art. I haven't learned enough about postmodernism yet to be able to keep the good and discard the bad, but I can point to some things I think are completely silly like the constant self-referencing of form in the middle of art works. And some of the deconstruction I have seen reminds me of the 12 tone system of composing I learned in college (which I consider to be one of the major movement starts to postmodernism). Leonard Peikoff has an interesting way of categorizing things with his DIM Hypothesis and one of the categories is misintegration (the Frankenstein monster). Except some of the postmodern deconstruction I have seen take it one step further. It not only finds random patterns and assembles parts from those patterns into something that looks like wholes, it also transposes them into systems that are not made to process them. In the dodecaphonic system of composing I mentioned, it takes tones, assigns a mathematical number to each of the 12 chromatic tones, then plays with the math of the numbers as form principles while ignoring how the human mind processes sound. When I look at the mess postmodernism has made with history (for example the feminist way of seeing everything through the lens of the patriarchy), I think the root of it is to remove the human from human nature, then remove nature. I will get around to Stephen's book, though. I want to find out what my inner resistance to it is. (I suspect it is the writing style, but don't tell Stephen. ) Anyway, food for thought. And I hope you look at the Ayn Rand Fan Club/Hicks interview I mentioned. These guys are just starting out and I would like to see them grow. Michael
  9. Peter, Software update. This is one of the bad things of online life (not just on OL). You get used to one thing, then the people who own the software you use update it, not just for security and adapting to new technology, but they also feel themselves wise enough to change everything you do without thinking about already-existing content. I think there is a Big Brother tendency in all geeks. Michael
  10. Aldo, Welcome to OL. I hope you will like it here. I lived in Brazil for 32 years, so this is a South American-friendly place. Michael
  11. TG, Your response puzzled me, so I reread what I wrote and I saw I had written a really really really inartful passage This is the culprit: "Now it looks like he caved and was punished for it.." When I wrote that, it did not occur to me that it could be interpreted as me bashing him for caving. That was the last thing I was thinking about. I meant that now it will be perceived as if he caved (as opposed to holding himself to high standard) and was punished for it. (btw - I do not approve of such "punishment.") By extension, I also meant his enemies will exploit his gesture that way.. Dayaamm! I was bashing YouTube and trying to say that Tennaple cannot extend his own standards to woke assholes as if they play by the same standards. They do not. They play dirty. He cannot lower his guard by apology before people who will use the opportunity to waste him. (That reminds me of an old Red Foxx skit where he gave is son a black check as a birthday present and his son bankrupted him. ) The rules for war are different than the rules for peace. That's what I meant. Reread what I wrote through that lens and you will see a whole new meaning emerge that was not there before. One that has a lot more humor to it, humor that laughs at the woke folks, not at him. So fuck me, anyway. Sometimes I express myself poorly, especially when I get tired or try to get too cute. (Apropos, I think that's what happened with Ellen recently.) But that's part of being a one-man-band and trying to get enough fresh content out to keep interest going when things are slow, to keep as much as possible tied to Ayn Rand in some form or other, and to keep the MAGA flame burning. Speaking of slow, I should probably slow down to let my text "cook" a bit and revise it before I post. I sometimes think about it. But what the hell. This is forum posting. People understand that inartful and unintended shit happens on forums or they don't. On the other hand, I am preparing a few things for publication and, for those,. I am as ruthless as all hell on myself re rewrites. One of the characteristics I like about you is that you do not pounce immediately if you read something and it breaks the intellectual and/or personality patterns of what you have read before. Kneejerk is a bad habit here in O-Land: i.e., judge immediately, then try to identify what one judged (mostly to justify the judgment, not to understand). In short, it is true that I'm not a fan of Tennaple, but that's simply because I don't watch his videos much. The problem is time, not his content. In fact, I was liking that you were periodically posting his videos (just like Tony is periodically posts videos by another dude, James Lindsay, who looks interesting.) But, despite it taking time the Tennaples and Lindsays (and others) to becomes everyday names around here, I am aware that they are on the side of the angels, which is where you and I are. I would never bash them for that. Michael
  12. If one must apologize within a political context, this is how you do it. I bet that one stays up on YouTube, too. Michael
  13. Here is the story and you get to meet Hecker in a little more depth. The link goes to the Project Veritas site. BREAKING: Fox 26 Reporter Releases tape of ‘Corruption,’ ‘Censorship.’ Fox Corp Boss told Hecker “cease & desist” posting on Hydroxychloroquine & ‘Poor African-Americans’ don’t care about Bitcoin. “Viewers being Deceived” The video is in the article and at a place where it will not be taken down by the censorship gang. The stories she refers to are a bit older, but the important point is that Fox's throttling of the Hydroxychloriquine story (in addition to the throttling by other news agencies) probably cost a lot of people their lives. Real live, not just stats. Human beings dead. And why? To cater to the pharmaceutical industry's sponsorship of TV news. And let's not forget, the pharmaceutical industry is in like Flynn with the globalist oligarchy trying to turn the world into a technocratic dictatorship enforced by nanoparticles (and altered DNA and God knows what else) inside the bodies of the people it rules. As to Ivory Hecker's future in the news industry, I have a feeling she will land on her feet with the nascent and emerging media giants. I think she's done as far as the old guard is concerned. They live and die by the pharmaceutical ad. But the newcomers are hungry. She looks like a great fit. Michael
  14. I don't know the nuances behind the replacement, but here it is. BREAKING: President Trump Announces His New Spokesperson Will Be Liz Harrington But I do know a few things. President Trump had nothing but good things to say about Jason Miller, who is being replaced. He said Jason is going back into the private sector. In fact, from what I read, Jason is the CEO of a tech startup that will become the online presence of President Trump, much as Twitter was before. I also read that Jason used to be co-host with Steve Bannon at the War Room (a MAGA podcast with huge audience, not just in the USA, but around the world). Liz Harrington is not much different Bannon-wise. She used to be editor-in-chief of the War Room. She also was national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee and she writes for the Washington Free Beacon. I believe the Trump-Bannon partnership (which is currently de facto, not formal) will go down in history as one of the greatest political-media partnerships in US history. Michael
  15. TG, Tennaple should never have apologized. Now it looks like he caved and was punished for it. Making a correction is one thing. But that tad bit of virtue signaling about it Tennaple did at the end of his correction video probably pissed off the wokes at Google. They don't like it when people in the human livestock corral virtue signal outside the Official Narrative. Not about something important. Michael