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  1. Jon, Let's put the first two tweets in there, also. First this: Then this: And, finally, to repeat the one you posted: I kinda like it when President Trump not only says "bullshit," but says "total bullshit." And, like you mentioned, the bad guys are now going to discover on their own hides what happens when they strike at a king and don't kill him... Michael
  2. Refugees Fleeing Oppressive Governments This is a serious problem here in the USA. For instance: Chicago is still losing population But don't think this is just about the kingdom of Chicago. There are many more refugees fleeing oppressive governments in several dictatorships and war zones throughout the country... Michael
  3. Ellen, People being quoted only get notified about it if they decide to be. Go to your name on the upper right and click on it --> Click on Account Settings --> Over to the right will be Other Settings --> Underneath click on Notification Settings --> Scroll down to Notification List --> Keep scrolling until Someone quotes a comment or post I made. Then choose whether and/or how you want to be notified. That's why some people get notified and others don't. Michael
  4. Ellen, I see some. The Notre Dame Cathedral is definitely a human species thing. It was not built by one man or woman. It was a group effort over generations--the best of mankind--from the 1100's (with history continuing to be added over the centuries). The ancient building was in a form--a concrete, not abstract, form--anyone could walk into today. Walking into it (before the fire) was not like looking at artifacts from an archaeological dig, but was walking into a fully functional building in use in today's society. When you do that, all you can do is marvel about the human species (and about God for the religious) that it was built about 900 years or so ago. Knowing that things like that exist gives most people comfort on a deep "I came from that" level. That's what I feel. I think that is a species-related emotion although I don't recall Bloom talking about this particular emotion. But, to me, seeing that building go up in flames left me feeling like my great grandfather, who was in perfect health yesterday, just died. (That's a hypothetical to demonstrate the emotion.) The comfort of belonging to a historical lineage is something so much a part of me and underground in my mind, I never verbalized it properly. And hanging around Rand-world drove it further underground except as banter about coming from hillbillies and things like that. Now, one physical proof of my inner certainty of belonging to a long line of humans who strive for greatness has gone away. No wonder it's bothersome. It makes me sad and melancholy and really pissed off when I think it may have been arson. As an aside, Bloom says people who wither away and die of depression are suffering from a species emotion (my paraphrase since I'm going by memory--I think his words were different, but the concept is the same). Super-depressed people don't feel like they are worth anything to the species, to anyone else, or even to themselves anymore. Bloom says this self-destructive shutting-down emotion is built into all of us, meaning it can manifest under the right conditions in anyone, so the species can be culled of useless members like cells of a body organ die. The dead get replaced by the new. I find this thought fascinating and--for now at least--it sure seems like this mental mechanism (including for other emotions as well) is one of the core components of human values. For a fiction writer, this opens up a whole world of compelling nuance in big picture events and character motivations--nuance that will resonate universally in others as it does in me. Like I said, I don't believe this species thinking is either-or with individualism. Humans are both individuals and members of the human species. Good and evil exist for both the individual and the species. Ditto for illness and health. If some of Rand's scope excesses can be reduced to a size where their validation can be checked by observation of anyone, and room made for the stuff pertaining to individual human nature she left out, I think this kind of species thinking aligns perfectly with her kind of thinking. At least, I intend to pursue this path until it leads somewhere good or bad (or both ) in my writing and my own thinking. Michael
  5. Here's the context for the tweet below. The press conference by AG Bill Barr on the Mueller Report just happened. He was emphatic and fact-based about there being no collusion with Russians and no obstruction of justice by President Trump. Geoffrey Miller is an evolutionary psychologist who has written some of the best works for laypeople in the field. He's not much of a Trump fan, but neither is he an anti-Trumper. That's what makes his comment below so delicious and hilarious. Michael
  6. Paul Joseph Watson just said it more succinctly than I did: If you do not see the relationship between PJW's comment and mine (the one I quoted), then you are suffering from cognitive blindness. That's not an accusation. That's an epistemological statement of fact. And I believe the root involves the power of the core stories we accept and tell ourselves. Notice that AG Bill Barr just finished his press conference about the Mueller Report and, even after a two-year $30 million investigation using some of the country's A-team hostile-to-Trump legal talent, the Russian collusion hoax could not turn into reality and the fake news media could not pull off an effective gaslighting campaign of the country. Their gaslights finally ran out of gas. Yet the true believers will keep on believing and never see how poorly they look by comparison with their worse caricature of Alex Jones. But the nasty toxic part is that these cognitively impaired people all have the full covert support of the top management of the social media giants to not accept reality, but punish those who present reality instead. The next time you use mainstream social media, please keep that in mind. Go ahead and use the giant social media platforms since they do offer features that are useful, but, unless you like being covertly engineered to lie to yourself and live in a propaganda-laced fantasy, realize the nature of the people who own the platforms and operate them. Gaslighting only works on people who don't realize they are being gaslighted. Once they realize it, they stop being duped--that is, unless they have an aggressive core story cognitive impairment. As to these last, the true believers, now that their credibility with the public at large is shot to smithereens, I expect to see them move out of the mainstream and on to the fringe where they belong before too long. And I expect to see several who committed serious crimes eventually be prosecuted and land behind bars. Thank God. A two year run of a hoax by most of the mainstream media (the fake news media) and backed up by the mainstream social media was two years too many. Michael
  7. AG Barr just finished his press conference, so let's get this out of the way right off the bat. Michael
  8. William, I went ahead and saw the video you posted that I didn't see the other day. At the time, I imagined you were trying to present the idea that manipulation of results by the social media giants doesn't exist, it only exists by malicious viewers. If all you are talking about is spammers, though, yeah, the bots do exist and they do the things in the video. I even know where to buy some bots like that. And artificial views and all that. The process shown in the video of pumping out a large number of different videos with essentially the same content is called "video spinning," which came from article spinning, which was invented by a guy on the Warrior Forum about a decade ago. He invented a code to replace words at random within an article based on synonyms. Once you coded an article the right way, you would put it in his program, click and an article came out. Click again and a different article came out. Click again and a different one and so on. The idea was to trick Google into not thinking this was duplicate content (thus get better search engine rankings). Or, if you didn't want to write an article, you could get one off the Internet somewhere, spin it, then run it through Copyscape to make sure not enough was equal to the original to constitute plagiarism. This article spinning process is a common part of the arsenal these days in OMG's (one man gangs). The kind of video you showed above is an advance version of this. Instead of articles, you have different ways to manipulate different video outcomes. Also, the large viewership is not really that large--mostly bots or the followers of some celeb who got tricked into recommending one of these videos. The fact is, nobody watches more than once or twice. All the rest is artificially inflated. I just looked on Google and there is a free, low quality article spinner here. (There exist very high quality ones, too.) You don't have to code anything in this freebie since so many articles have been spun over the years, they already have an automatic bank of synonyms. Here is what the first five paragraphs of this post looks like spun once. (This way you will get an idea of what I am talking about.) I could spin it as many times as I want and it would be different every time. The idea in using these things is to clean up the ridiculous-sounding stuff before posting a particular version to a blog or site, but many people don't even bother. For the record, here's the sales page for a rather low quality video spinning software. So I don't agree with the guy in your video about the psychological manipulation of users with these kinds of tools. The different users are attracted to these things based on polarities, which are engineered by keywords and the like, but they are not persuaded by anything. In other words, the same people who do a pro-Trump channel also do everything the same, but with an anti-Trump channel to pick up that part of the audience. They want you to click on ads and only that. They're not into "changing the narrative." The social media giants are, though. They do the real nasty behavior engineering. These same social media giants have to fight spammers at the same time. Those are two completely different issues. Just because bots exist, that does not mean, for example, the despicable collusion by the social media giants to deplatform Alex Jones because they did not like his popularity on pushing an agenda they do not share was justified. It was not justified, it was done by humans on purpose for political reasons, and it was despicable Bots also do not mean "muh Russians" elected Donald Trump. To be fair, I mostly take back my negativity about the first video ("Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm..."). It's not bad. If you are interested in seeing a bit behind the scenes re spambots, it's OK. However, and here's the rub... If you think this has any political influence or covert psychological manipulation (like the guy says at times) to make people vote differently, etc. it's quite misleading. Use common sense. (I say this to the reader, too.) Would anyone change their vote based on the robotic voiced video you posted? How many people do you know would even watch it to the end? Michael
  9. LOL... btw - Cher is getting roasted by her own peeps all over the Internet for this tweet. Michael
  10. I forgot to mention that, while Howard is great at the big picture from an evolutionary angle, he's a disaster at politics. Not just a small disaster, either. Like everything in his life, he does it in a big way. I forgive him, though. His political influence is nil (and his arguments are surprisingly shallow) while his influence regarding the big picture on the evolution of life is breathtaking and upending a lot of entrenched dogma across multiple disciplines, endeavors and schools of thought. Also, he was intimately part of the A-Team pop music universe, so it makes sense his politics would be just as scrambled as the brains of the top pop stars. I'm not mentioning this to discuss current partisan politics in this thread (and please don't--this is about writing), but merely to show that I am aware of an enormous political divide between him and me even as I sing his praises. A person does not have to be great at everything to be great at something. This applies to Ayn Rand, too. Michael
  11. Appearance versus Reality This is a good title for a bunch of funny stuff. Here's the kickoff: That's just too messed up to analyze... Michael
  12. Moving Illegal Alien Overflow to Sanctuary Cities This is a hoot. Here is what is happening from what I both read and infer. (We can add articles and links in the discussion.) Certain anti-Trump forces (crony establishment ruling class types) are trying to overwhelm the immigration system to create chaos and are funding massive quantities of immigrants to the US in a sudden surge. These ruling class idiots want to stop the wall and keep the borders open thinking this favors their ill-gotten globalism games and keeps them running things. So they are using a Cloward–Piven strategy. This means you overwhelm a government program (several at the same time is better), or any aid distribution system for that matter, with so many claimants and petitioners that the system collapses from lack of resources. Then you use this collapse as an excuse to completely take over and centralize the problem under the government. Essentially, it's a power-grab. Don't forget the cost of the new centralization will need to be paid for with new taxes and require new regulations, licenses, and God knows what all. That is what they are trying to do with President Trump right now. The Washington Post, obviously in on it, started the buzz with an article a couple of days ago saying that Trump was thinking of sending the overflow of immigrants at the border to sanctuary cities. Their intent was to stir up public opinion against Trump and his supporters by showing what horrible people they are. But the cigar turned out to be a trick cigar and it blew up in their faces. President Trump liked the idea and said let's do it. Suddenly, most of the local leaders of sanctuary cities are having a shit fit. Why? Because their own resources and system--not the federal government's--are going to be blown sky high paying for these newcomers and their own constituents are going to get irritated as all get-out when everything goes to shit in their neighborhoods trying to assimilate all these poor people who don't speak English. The number of illegal aliens needed to wreck local budgets and systems (especially of sanctuary cities) will not substantially aggravate the already horrible illegal alien problem of the US, so there's no real downside for President Trump to do this. Besides, according to the current law, the Federal Government can only hold immigrants for 20 days before they have to be released. President Trump's idea is that instead of releasing them in border cities and towns, he wants to ship them to sanctuary cities all over the US. This is a kind of Cloward-Piven boomerang. Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Nancy Pelosi called illegal aliens "Gifts of Love." Essentially, President Trump wants to ship a whole bunch of Gifts of Love to Democratic neighborhoods (including affluent ones like where Pelosi lives) and sanctuary cities to show them how much he cares. So why all the howling from Dems all of a sudden? Don't they want some love? Michael
  13. If anybody wants a crash course in Howard Bloom as an introduction, here are two recent interviews, one with Jordan Peterson and the other with Joe Rogan. I don't agree with everything Howard says (which is par for the course with me ), and sometimes Howard is hyping himself just a bit too hard, but man, does he make you think. With Jordan Peterson (end of 2017): With Joe Rogan (May 2018): These are long videos, I know, but get a cup of coffee and settle in. You are in for a wild ride. And if you suffer, like I did for years, from a toxic case of hardening of fluky categories as a fiction writer (caused by gullibly relying on cocksure teachers with pet methods to grind), a case so bad you can't seem to get anything decent out without pain comparable to a root canal, this will help blow the garbage out of the tubes. At least in my case, getting a grip on the big picture for all of life, thinking way outside the box, and letting loose of arbitrary rules has worked wonders. And I haven't even started on the left brain versus right brain stuff. (See The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist for a glimpse at what I mean. I know it seems like I'm trying to sell books, but that's not anywhere near my main purpose. I give the names of these books and links for easy reference and sporadically get pennies for the effort. I really do recommend this stuff because it's important to my current approach. Buying a new book is merely one option. The library works just fine as do used book stores.) Michael