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  1. Durham resigns on Feb. 28, but he's still Special Counsel for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. U.S. Attorney For Connecticut John Durham Resigns I wish he would resign as Special Counsel, too. All he's doing is marking time and spending money, thus keeping the Deep State in place. He's probably OK in matters outside the Deep State, but where the Deep State is concerned, he's got a fierce stern mug and that's about all . Good for fooling people. Form without content. Michael
  2. This is only symbolic, but hey. The Deep State is going down. As we watch its leaders submit to accidental anal swabs by the biggest enemy of the US. China Gave Biden Officials Anal COVID Swab Tests “In Error” What's worse, they probably liked it. Michael
  3. Ellen, I received an email about a lady named Catherine Austin Fitts. She voted for Trump and she was the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing under George Bush the senior. She's huge into banking and is a major thorn in the side of the Deep State. The following video of hers from a December 20 interview last year received 2.7 million views before YouTube banned it. The link goes to her site, where there are two copies at different video sites. The copy below the link is at Brighteon, a third video site. Planet Lockdown Interview Catherine
  4. Ellen, I recommend it, too. In several interviews, Patrick Byrne has given his own description of the demoralize, destabilize, prompt crisis and normalize formula. I have discussed Yuri Bezmenov a few times on OL, or at least shown YouTube videos of parts of his interview with Griffin. I looked just now and I couldn't find them, so I probably made a comment without typical keywords and merely embedded the videos. At any rate, here is the full interview (on YouTube). The description by YT user, Wise Wanderer, to this video is fascinating. The crowd psycholo
  5. I've watched a story develop over the last three days or so and I don't yet know what to make of it. President Trump has asked the Oversight Board of Facebook to reinstate his account for posting on both Facebook and Instagram. This board was not involved in Facebook's decision to cancel Trump's account. I don't like this news since it makes Trump look like he's groveling. But, the Oversight Board of Facebook is made up of famous law professors and journalists from the world over and other very famous people, including the former minister of Denmark. From what I've seen so far,
  6. Can you smell the collusion and manipulation? Creepy Bill Gates Announces That He’s Not a Fan of Bitcoin – Warns People Who Aren’t as Rich as Elon Musk from Buying It These assholes think nobody notices. Michael
  7. On the SCOTUS bullshit: “Irrefutable Proof Is Coming Soon – We Are NOT Done” – Sidney Powell Responds to Supreme Court Decision to Ignore Election Fraud People like Sidney and Lin do not give up. And, as Sidney has said, do not mistake her silence for inaction. Then she made a pitch for her Superpac to keep funding the fight. If Sidney needs money, she needs better marketing. For instance, she screwed up on the domain name and the link goes to an offer to buy the name. On Telegram, she said to check back tomorrow. No matter. Her history speaks for itself. Sidney P
  8. Bitcoin dropped a bit. That would have nothing to do with the following, would it? Yellen sounds warning about ‘extremely inefficient’ bitcoin Nah... There is no connection at all, right? Not even this part from the article: These control freaks never stop. There is only one way for Bitcoin to drop like it did. Some people with a lot of money in Bitcoin sold. That's it. There is no other way. Yellen and the government know (and maybe are) people with large amounts of Bitcoin. They would never want to manipulate the price, right? Yeah, r
  9. The Supreme Court really sucks. Fortunately, it is not the last word. It is only the last word for this one case. There will be other challenges based on other legal premises. Michael
  10. Brant, I've heard Trump called many things, but never lazy. This comment is proof of the saying, "Nothing succeeds like success." Nobody would ever have said that about him--not even dreamed it--had the bad guys not stolen the election. Saying Trump sounds lazy is like saying Lincoln sounded lazy about the Civil War because he relied on Gen. McClellan, who kept stalling. Michael
  11. Ellen, I haven't read Patrick's thing yet (only skimmed it), so I will hold off commenting until I do. Except for this. If Rudy and Jenna & Co. had not staged those election fraud hearings for different state legislatures (extra-official and official), the evidence of the election fraud would have been near impossible to spread among people who mostly consume mainstream media and, ultimately, fix. (btw - I will be putting videos of those hearings in the opening post of the thread on election fraud evidence). Rudy and Jenna literally educated several state congresses on
  12. It's been a real pain waiting for crap like the impeachment circus and the SCOTUS schedule, etc., but things are starting to happen. “Never Mistake My Quiet for Inaction” – Sidney Powell Speaks Out After SCOTUS Meetings Friday on Election Fraud — Expects Orders and Opinions Next Week Later, we can write a story about this episode. Maybe call it The Silence of the Kraken... That will be the one right before Kraken Rising... On a serious note, it was damn good to hear Sidney talk about this. Michael
  13. Atlas Hugged - How not to write a novel The headline refers to a poorly-written novel recently released by David Sloan Wilson (the guy who wrote Darwin's Cathedral, a book I like despite it's own pedantic nonfiction style). The article below explains the novel, gives links to where you can get it (you can get the ebook version for free) and a lengthy excerpt, which is the only part I have read of it. Ayn Rand Meets Her Match: David Sloan Wilson Fights Fiction with Fiction A devastating critique of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and its impact on the world. If you are