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  1. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    William, The next 100% reliable measurement will be in November, Until then, if you really need precise measurements, may I suggest Nate Silver? Michael
  2. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Jon, A lot of people have a lot of shit hidden and President Trump is kicking the hornet's nest. I like Newt, but he's a politician. So I love it when even he squeals a bit from fear of being stung. The thing is, President Trump's base is gigantic and growing every day and they love it, too. Michael
  3. Michael Stuart Kelly

    What would Ayn Rand think of the MeToo Movement?

    Bob, That actually happens in show business. I don't know about a tradition of yesteryear since the MeToo movement blew up, but I suspect it is still as popular as before. Maybe in a changed form. The longstanding tradition is about actresses sending photos to directors when networking for roles. Many included "DRR" written in a bottom corner. This meant, "Director's Rights Respected." That meant sex. Michael
  4. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Peter, It would also be required to be in the same book. I don't know how to make that one work for the reader with two different books. Michael
  5. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, If that is swinging for the rafters, you need a little more practice... Go on. Try again. I believe in you. Knock it out of the park... Michael
  6. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Jonathan, Or worse, a cliché so overused, it has lost all its juice? I mean, who would self-reference as intelligent, then communicate over and over on a philosophy board using the same trivial cliché as a punch line? Michael
  7. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, And it seems like what I wrote didn't sink in--twice. How many times do you want me to explain it? Please read very slowly: President... Trump... was... taunting... elitists... There is no definition for super-elitist except producer and moral person. Something elitists are not. Simply put, your gotcha fizzled. It's like a joke. Once it fizzles, the punchline will not come off anymore. So there's no way to revive your gotcha. It fizzled. But all is not lost. Why not go for another? You're intelligent and I imagine you can come up with a new one. Try harder, this time. As President Trump would say, "Swing for the rafters..." Michael
  8. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, Why on earth would that disappoint me? I don't mind when people try to set up a bang and it goes fizzle, especially because, in their rush to pull it off, they didn't pay attention. As to Trump imagining his supporters are a form of Nietzschean supermen, nah... Anyone who thinks that and is serious is hallucinating. President Trump, like I, does imagine the elitists are immoral, though. He thinks cheap vanity and power lust are poor excuses for living the good life when one can be producing. And when the elitists, those vain little creatures, poor things, keep pretending they are superior to everybody else, he simply looks down on them and tells his followers they should, too. His followers produce. The elitists are parasites who want to rule over everybody. There's nothing there to respect. But producers don't wallow in hatred like elitists tend to do. (Think "muh Russians.") So Trump followers express their contempt for elitists temporarily and in good fun. The contempt is real. The intensity, though, is light. Elitists are simply not worth more when a person has a family to care for, a profession to love, dreams to turn into reality, and so on. Who the hell needs to think about master wannabees when one is not a slave and never will be? As to cheerleading, I get the impression you know very little about it. Taunting the other side is quite common as a cheerleading activity. Example: Na na Na na na na Hey hey-ee-yay Goo-hood-bye. It's in this spirit President Trump calls his followers "superlites." He knows elitists are so vain, this gets under their skins and stings. And his followers, knowing that, have a a lot of fun with it at, say, rallies. Then it's over and they go back to their productive lives--to the important things in life--and stop thinking of silly elitists and elitism. Michael
  9. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    This is one of the best analyses of the Trump-Putin press conference I've seen so far. It's worth every minute. (btw - In the thumbnail, he's imitating the hysteria of CNN. ) Michael
  10. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Jon, If I recall right, Putin clarified at the end of his comment that the contribution might have been legal, but the means of getting the money to contribute was illegal. That's what he wants to grill the US Deep State folks about since they helped generate that illegal money. Just to check, I looked it up. Here's an exact quote from the transcript (from here). Putin is speaking. What I read in between the lines is that US Deep State spooks helped one of the Russian white collar mobs (run at the time by an American, of all things) to generate $1.5 billion in Russia alone and, as gratitude, the Russian mob sent Hillary Clinton a $400 million present to help her get elected. Here is the Wikipedia entry of Bill Browder. He's a beaut... He's from Chicago, of course... In the 1930's, his grandfather was the leader of Communist Party USA, of course... He's in like Flynn with Obama and Clinton, of course... He gave up his US citizenship, of course... And so on. Michael
  11. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    One of the most idiotic things I've seen in the press all day is the charge--including by establishment-leaning Republican politicians and pundits--that President Trump did not humiliate Putin during the press conference by telling him to stop interfering in our election process. That President Trump had a "missed opportunity." Humbug... There is so much wrong with this, it's not funny, but the wrongest thing is the ability of these people to suck reality out of the stories they tell themselves and start believing their own bullshit. About hacking, President Obama told Putin to "knock it off." Those were his words. As far as his deeds go, even if we believe everything the "muh Russians" folks say, all the hacking happened under Obama. Think about it. Obama let it happen. Yet these idiots were satisfied. Obama told Putin, he sure did. Obama told him... so there. President Trump did not go that route, at least not in public. Not with words. But with deeds, I haven't heard about Russians hacking anything. They probably are since everyone is, but it's way in the shadows and dialed down. I predict there will be nowhere near the number of covert operations coming from Russia in the US during the upcoming elections. So think about it. One President (Obama), who does not have the reputation of talking trash, talked trash to Putin. But he did not do anything effective about it. Another President (Trump), who does have the reputation of talking trash, did not talk trash to Putin. But he does what needs to be done. Now look at which form the idiots in the fake news prefer. Michael
  12. Michael Stuart Kelly

    What would Ayn Rand think of the MeToo Movement?

    Deanna, I've wracked my brain for something pithy to respond with, or at least a quip, but all my subconscious keeps serving up is a pun on god complex. And that's just so lame... But... I'm workin' on it... Michael
  13. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Fake News

    LOL... From News Busters: Video Montage: Cable News Sees the Apocalypse in Trump/Putin Summit Michael
  14. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    Merlin, That's the page I got. Except the article said: I was able to access Amazon's homepage just fine and even do an Amazon search to get Blacklisted by History. It was only when I tried to search Amazon about anything to do with Diana West, especially American Betrayal, that I got the dogs. Michael
  15. Michael Stuart Kelly

    Donald Trump

    btw - The oddest thing is happening on Amazon with Diana West. When I go to Amazon and type in "American Betrayal" or "Diana West" into its search field, an error page pops up. This even happens with her other book about death of the grown up. This doesn't happen with any other product I searched for on Amazon. And I did it several times and ways just to make sure. I was able to get to the book's Amazon page to provide a link by doing a Google search, then following that to the Amazon's page. This is really weird. Man, does it have my inner conspiracy theorist buzzing in my ear. There is something way too odd about way too many things with this Trump-Putin meeting. And I don't believe the nefarious stuff is with our President. Or even Putin, for that matter, although trust is a serious issue with him. I think a lot of swamp creatures are wide awake and nervous right now. Michael NOTE: I just tried the Amazon search again and it worked. So the glitch might have happened from too many people doing this search at the same time (given the relevance of this book) or some other technical reason. That's not shutting up my inner conspiracy theorist , but I have to mention it to be objective.