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  1. Neil Parille

    Binswanger is at it again

    The logical conclusion of Binswanger's view is that Israel could repel an invading Islamic army but is morally obligated to allow in millions of immigrants even if they would vote Israel out of existence. However Binswanger, for some reason, doesn't apply his open borders nonsense to Israel.
  2. Neil Parille

    Why Nobody Takes PARC Seriously Anymore

    Shoshana Milgram, who is (or was), the authorized biographer of Rand appeared 7/29 on the Strive Face Book group (Strive is an ARI-associated student group). The recording isn't up yet. She did discuss PARC starting at 1 hour. Unfortunately I got booted off when I (perhaps foolishly) mentioned that people should read my rebuttal. Hopefully the full recording will be up soon.
  3. Neil Parille

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    9th Doctor, I've read some writings by Mythers. It's hard to take seriously. There is more evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus than most people in the ancient world.
  4. Neil Parille

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    Larry Hurtado and Richard Carrier have had some back and forth on Hurtado's blog.
  5. Neil Parille

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    Michael, Thanks for your kind words. Baal and 9th Doctor, I'm not interested in the writings of a potty mouth like Carrier,
  6. I reviewed the book on Amazon. For some reason I can't insert a link. Anyway it's one star review. Check out my comments.
  7. Neil Parille

    Ayn Rand Institute Having Financial Problems

    The donor would have to be Barney, Koch brother or Barney. My guess is Allison. Apparently even Britting, the archivist, got axed. He was one of the few productive people there.
  8. Neil Parille

    Ayn Rand Institute Having Financial Problems

    It's at one hour 3 minutes. I'm having a hard time pasting the you tube. It's the May 29 about racism, blacks and Hispanics.
  9. Neil Parille

    Ayn Rand Institute Having Financial Problems

    I have no information other than what I said. Idon' have much information on TAS. Jennifer Grosman is sympathetic to Christianity, I'm a Christian.
  10. According to Brook they lost a big donor. Rumor is they axes 15 of 50 employees a couple weeks ago.
  11. Neil Parille

    What About Bill Cosby?

    I didn't follow the trial, but apparently he was accused of raping one woman, but 5 other women were allowed to testify of similar conduct. I know that isn't necessarily against the rules of evidence, but it seems unfair.
  12. We haven't wreaked enough havoc in the Middle East? - Iraq, Libya and now Syria? What goes on in Syria is none of our business. It's either Assad or Al Qaeda.
  13. Neil Parille

    Book Review: Scott Adams's "Win Bigly"

    Speaking of Yaron Brook, did anyone see that he is now raising money on Patreon to support his show on the Blaze (Glenn Beck's network)? He must be in need of a lot of money because if you contribute a large amount per month (I forget how much) you can speak to him for 15 minutes a month. Did the ARI enter into a contract with the Blaze to air the show?
  14. Neil Parille

    What's Up With Harvey?

    9th Doctor, Valliant thinks that the Apostle Paul was a Roman agent. Paul was executed mid to late 60s. This would mean that the Christianity was created by the time of Paul's first letter (1 Thessalonians - c. 50), during the Julio-Claudians (which ended in AD68) . He also thinks the Gospels were written by the Flavians (68-96AD). It strikes me as odd that the Flavians would have any interest in continuing a scheme of previous emperors such as Nero.
  15. Neil Parille

    What's Up With Harvey?

    Michael, I have no problem with nutty books like Valliant's, but judging from Air Head Amy's interview with him, there are people who will get all their info on the New Testament from him. There are plenty of good books on the historical Jesus one can read.