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  1. She says she got access to the ARI's archives after her biography and it didn't change much of anything.
  2. "A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Jill Biden, his wife." Brant, that's "Dr. Jill Biden" to you. You've got to give proper honor to a woman wrote a 55 page thesis about how to keep students in community college.
  3. It's a wonder that Peikoff or whoever thought that Brook should be the spokesman for the ARI. He is such a smug, condescending, abrasive and just unlikeable person. Maybe he is or was good at raising money.
  4. Yeah, I should have said "ex-Scientologist." I just wonder: how bad can things be in Peikoff's mind concerning the ARI to do this at his old age?
  5. I wonder if Peikoff knows how leftist Biddle is and that Barney is a scientologist. He's up there in years and doesn't look like he's in good health.
  6. The new group doesn't have any big names in philosophy yet. And Biddle never seemed all that interested in that. His "journal" consists mostly of feel-good pieces.
  7. Michael, I think Amy's kind of cute, but as a "sexless" person my opinion doesn't count for much. As I worked through Creating Christ, it reminds me of PARC (The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics, for those weren't part of the PARC Wars). Just like in PARC, James doesn't seem to want people to know there's another sider of the story. It's TheBrandens 24/7/365. But in 2005, there were no other biographies, so maybe James thought he could pull a fast one. However, every year there are dozens of new books on the New Testament from various perspectives that show Creating Christ can't be
  8. "Barney continues to support ARI’s affiliate The Objective Standard and ARI continues to promote Barney’s Prometheus Foundation" The Objective Standard was once an affiliate of the ARI, but there was a split after Peikoff excommunicated Dr. Diana and Biddle. They have to some extent made up, but TOS isn't an affiliate. (The ARI has its own journal, New Ideal).
  9. I've just update Creating History. It's still a little unpolished but it's probably in completed form:
  10. Yep. He doesn't know I'm transitioning, am pansexual, post-sexual, bisexual, bi-curious, intra-sexional, etc. I started the sex-plus movement before it was cool.
  11. Michael, Glad you liked it. I just Microsoft office which comes with OneDrive. I'm finding the file system confusing and the copy I uploaded was an older version. I sent a copy to our frenemy. He responded that among other things that "You are a miserable and sexless wretch taking it out on anyone who actual does love life." And that was just for starters.
  12. Here's the final version of my critique of Creating Christ. It's kind of rough but I don't think the book deserves more.
  13. Ayn Rand once remarked to me that an event doesn’t become part of history until 50 years have passed. It’s now been 50 years since the Workshops on Objectivist Epistemology were held. The Workshop comprised five meetings from 1969 through 1970 during which professionals in philosophy and related fields had the extraordinary opportunity to question Ayn Rand in great detail on her Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. The tape recordings of those sessions, which were hosted by the Foundation for the New Int
  14. The Hickman stuff in Rand's Journals was just stupid stuff. Although given that the Journals have been bowdlerized, maybe the original was worse.