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  1. It was a one of a kind site. It's too bad that Richard decided not to keep it update. If I recall it was around 2009 that he stopped which was when the biographies came out. There has been a lot since then.
  2. Lawrence still seems active on wikipedia. Years ago I contacted him with links to recent O'ist books and thought that would keep his site current. He never got back to me or it was non-commital.
  3. Valliant also claims (around 14 mins) that Rand quite smoking because she became convinced that the science indicated it was dangerous. Of course she quite smoking because her physician showed her an x-ray of her lungs inidcating that she likely had cancer, She put her cigarette out and never smoked again. This account is not only in Barbara's bio but in 100 Voices (which has an interview with Dr. Dwortezky). Valliant is lying.
  4. According to James, he and Rothbard were "good friends." This seems to be the first he's ever said that.
  5. Michael, I listened to it because I was curious how the dynamic duo would explain why disagreeing with Rand (if they did) was not a version of "open Objectivism." Here is my takeaway: 1. Valliant pretty much admits he's bisexual. Binswanger is mildly critical of homosexuality and says its hard to integrate with Rand's views of masculinity and femininity. 2. They both imply that Rand's comments on homosexuality were limited to her Q and A. I don't think that's true. They mention Branden's early views of the psychology of homosexuality but don't say he presented his theory in The
  7. Dr. Jill Biden's craptastic EDD thesis is even worse.
  8. She says she got access to the ARI's archives after her biography and it didn't change much of anything.
  9. "A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Jill Biden, his wife." Brant, that's "Dr. Jill Biden" to you. You've got to give proper honor to a woman wrote a 55 page thesis about how to keep students in community college.
  10. It's a wonder that Peikoff or whoever thought that Brook should be the spokesman for the ARI. He is such a smug, condescending, abrasive and just unlikeable person. Maybe he is or was good at raising money.
  11. Yeah, I should have said "ex-Scientologist." I just wonder: how bad can things be in Peikoff's mind concerning the ARI to do this at his old age?
  12. I wonder if Peikoff knows how leftist Biddle is and that Barney is a scientologist. He's up there in years and doesn't look like he's in good health.
  13. The new group doesn't have any big names in philosophy yet. And Biddle never seemed all that interested in that. His "journal" consists mostly of feel-good pieces.
  14. Michael, I think Amy's kind of cute, but as a "sexless" person my opinion doesn't count for much. As I worked through Creating Christ, it reminds me of PARC (The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics, for those weren't part of the PARC Wars). Just like in PARC, James doesn't seem to want people to know there's another sider of the story. It's TheBrandens 24/7/365. But in 2005, there were no other biographies, so maybe James thought he could pull a fast one. However, every year there are dozens of new books on the New Testament from various perspectives that show Creating Christ can't be